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Should Vendors Start Adding Physical On/Off Switches To Devices That Can Spy On Us?

Larry Sanger, American internet project developer and co-founder of Wikipedia, argues in a blog post that vendors must start adding physical on/off switches to webcams, smartphone cameras/mics, and other devices that spy on us. He writes: Have you ever noticed that your webcam doesn't have an "off" switch? I looked on Amazon, and I couldn't find any webcams for sale that had a simple on/off switch. When I thought I found one, but it turned out just to have a light that turns on when the camera i...

Video conferencing company Zoom soared 81% in its first day of public trading — now its CEO and CFO are focusing on these 3 goals (ZM)

Zoom went public on Thursday, and shares soared 81% on its first day of trading. Zoom now has three goals: obtaining more enterprise customers, expanding to international markets, and promoting its new Zoom Phone product. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan and CFO Kelly Steckelberg talked with Business Insider about how Zoom's viral nature and a frugal company philosophy helped the $9.2 billion company become profitable. When video conferencing company Zoom went public on Thursday, shares skyrocketed 81% ...
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A Tech Company That Actually Makes Money Just IPO'd

Zoom is a conference platform business people use to do business. It’s just like Skype, or Lifesize, or Google Hangouts, UberConference, or Bluejeans, but different! Read more...
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4 dream trips in Northern Europe

4 dream trips in Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia By: Jacqueline Kehoe Iceland Norway Denmark Estonia Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland. Photo: Shutterstock/Kotenko Oleksandr #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') }@media(min-width:560px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('')...
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Skype for Mac

A fully-featured Internet Telephoning soft.
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Firefox arrives for Snapdragon Windows and Slack sidles up to Office 365

Also: Azure goes big in Britain, Bletchley Park to teach tech and Skype shares some more Roundup As the twin horsemen of the PC apocalypse, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update and Chromium Edge, saddled up to charge at users (in preview form), there were a few other emissions last week from Microsoft.…
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Skype screen sharing for mobile will let you ‘share your swipes on dating apps’

Skype is prepping the launch of screen sharing for mobile so you can share your swipes on dating apps, shop with buddies, or, perhaps, show a PowerPoint presentation to coworkers. It's in beta just now, but anyone can try it. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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8 Awesome Tools Every Modern-Day Traveler Needs to Know

Imagine that you’re traveling for business and you lose your luggage. Or, your smartphone dies. You’re stuck at the airport and the meeting is at 3:00 p.m. In addition to an external battery pack and tracking gadgets, these are some of the most essential tech tools that every traveler needs. External Battery Pack Most of the major airports have been providing charging stations at some of their gates and terminals. Having an external battery pack can save you from looking around for...
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10 Great Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners on a Budget

Small business owners now have more productivity tools at their disposal than ever before. This has allowed owners to organize, streamline, and automate many of the processes of their daily operations. The problem is, navigating the seemingly endless sea of business applications has become a job in itself. A new infographic from Smarter Business has complied affordable apps for budget conscious business owners. Titled, “Top 10 Apps For Business Owners On A Budget,” the infographic has affordabl...
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10 Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2019

According to information released by Apple at the WWDC in June 2018, there are more than 550,000 podcasts out there for people to listen to and it continues to grow. The growth of podcasts has given anybody a medium to tell their stories, build a community and connect with other people with similar interests in ways that traditional radio never could. If you have an interest in starting a podcast or even a YouTube channel, you are obviously going to need some equipment to get started. The first ...
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Skype's Latest Feature Will Help You Show Your Parents How to Use Their New Phone

Apps like VNC or Window’s Remote Desktop Connection have long been an invaluable tool for kids tasked with remotely solving their parents’ computer woes. But Skype might soon be the new secret weapon when it comes to helping baby boomer’s figure out how to use their new-fangled smartphones, as it’s soon rolling out a…Read more...
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Choosing The Right Rewards For Your Patronage, Crowdfunding Campaigns

For any crowdfunding campaign to be successful, it's important to have the kind of enticing rewards that will actually motivate fans to donate or become patrons. In this piece we look at some key tips for choosing rewards that will maximize your crowdfunding revenue. ______________________________ Guest post by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan of Discmakers Maximizing the amount of money musicians bring in from patronage and crowdfunding campaigns is all about setting up enticing re...
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[ADV] A System Worth Investing Within A Business Network

When sending information within a network interface it is vital to look at security within the network. The flow of information should be free and not creating traffic at any time from the servers to the end user. Business entrepreneurs need to ensure that they employ the latest technology which has wide network coverage and fixed security to prevent loss of data. They also need to ensure they have working mobile service and clients are also protected. This is where they decide to use a session...
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How to Get It Done: Project Management Tips for Content Marketing Managers

When I was in high school, we had a science class project in which we were grouped into teams, and tasked with building a catapult. Whichever contraption could launch a tennis ball the farthest would win the contest. We quickly learned that the hardest part wasn’t constructing the actual catapult. It was wrangling all the team members, divvying up assignments, and keeping a collective group of energetic teenagers on track. In hindsight, maybe that was the point. Managing Content Marketi...
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More Jails Replace In-Person Visits With Awful Video Chat Products

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: After April 15, inmates at the Adult Detention Center in Lowndes County, Mississippi will no longer be allowed to visit with family members face to face. Newton County, Missouri, implemented an in-person visitor ban last month. The Allen County Jail in Indiana phased out in-person visits earlier this year. All three changes are part of a nationwide trend toward "video visitation" services. Instead of seeing their loved ones face to face, inm...
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4 Top Affiliate Marketing Tips, How to Create Successful Social Media Campaigns, How to Write a Business-Winning Proposal and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

19 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know By Rieva Lesonsky   1—Private Sector Small Business Employment Increases By now you’ve all seen the jobs report. But what about small businesses and their contributions? According to the ADP Small Business Job Report in March very small businesses (1-19 employees lost) 9,000 jobs, small businesses with 20-49 employees gained 14,000 jobs, for a net gain of 6,000 small business jobs. Take a look at the infographic from ADP below for more stats.   2—...
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Viber users can now get local numbers in the US, UK and Canada for inbound voice and SMS

Viber, the messaging app owned by Rakuten that a year ago said it had 1 billion registered users, has added another feature in its longer-term efforts to add more stickiness to its service, while also bringing in a little more revenue to the business: users now have the option of subscribing to have “local numbers” that can receive phone calls and SMS messages as if those calls and messages are being sent to mobile numbers in specific regions. Viber Local Number, as the service is called, is ...
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‘The Tick’ Star Griffin Newman on How Season 2 Expands the Show’s Universe (and Those Cool Practical Costumes) [Interview]

Amazon’s revival of The Tick returns for a ten-episode second season today, boasting the charming return of a new take on the eponymous blue hero (played now by Peter Serafinowicz) and his nebbishy sidekick Arthur, played by comedian and actor Griffin Newman. Outside of The Tick , Newman has had small roles in films like Draft Day and the HBO drama Vinyl , but he’s best known to a subset of cinephiles as one of the hosts of the popular podcast Blank Check With Griffin and David...
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Skype now supports up to 50 group call participants, topping rivals

Skype is capitalizing on Apple’s struggles with Group FaceTime to attract attention to its own group calling features. Today, the company announced it’s doubling the number of people who can simultaneously participate in a group audio or video call. It now supports as many as 50 people at once, up from 25, previously. With the expanded support for more participants, Skype tops the abilities of other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Instagram, and instead competes more di...
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Skype doubles its group video chat limit to 50 participants

Skype now allows for up to 50 people in video and audio chats, double that of before. And instead of ringing everyone as a way to get a group call started, you can now send unobtrusive notifications to get everyone’s attention. The post Skype doubles its group video chat limit to 50 participants appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Microsoft and Canonical Launch Visual Studio Code Snap For Linux

Following the release of Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac platforms, Microsoft today is releasing a snap version of Visual Studio Code. A report adds: No, the source-code editor is not the Windows-maker's first snap -- it also released one for Skype, for instance. "As of today, Visual Studio Code is available for Linux as a snap, providing seamless auto-updates for its users. Visual Studio Code, a free, lightweight code editor, has redefined editors for building modern web and cloud applic...
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Early-stage VC byFounders closes €100M fund to back Nordics and Baltics startups

ByFounders, a relatively new early-stage venture capital firm targeting the Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe, is officially launching its first fund today. The debut fund has closed at €100 million and will be used to back tech startups at pre-seed, seed and in some instances Series A. ByFounders will also do follow on investments to maintain pro-rata ownership in its most promising portfolio companies. However, what perhaps makes byFounders stand out from the crowd is its LP structure. Along...
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Can We Stop AI Outsmarting Humanity?

The spectre of superintelligent machines doing us harm is not just science fiction, technologists say -- so how can we ensure AI remains 'friendly' to its makers? From a story: Jaan Tallinn (co-founder of Skype) warns that any approach to AI safety will be hard to get right. If an AI is sufficiently smart, it might have a better understanding of the constraints than its creators do. Imagine, he said, "waking up in a prison built by a bunch of blind five-year-olds." That is what it might be like ...
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Daily News Roundup: Toshiba Returns to the Laptop Business with a New Name

Logitech dropped its first iPad Pro keyboard, Toshiba rebranded and is making a comeback, and in news that has nothing to do with April Fools’ Day, Google says the Play Store is more secure than ever. Let’s get to it! Apple News: Logitech’s New iPad Pro Keyboard Looks Pretty Hot Also, the iPad Mini 5 got the official iFixit teardown treatment, and its innards are all new. Logitech’s new iPad Pro keyboard avoids the smart connector and opts for Bluetooth LE. But it’s pretty and cheaper than A...
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This ancient sea creature had 18 tentacles that funneled food into its gaping mouth — and it may be the ancestor of an even creepier ocean animal

Scientists have discovered a 518-million-year-old fossil found in South China that looks like a monster from Star Wars. They describe it in a new study. The creature, called Daihua sanqiong, sat on the ocean floor like a sea anemone, pulling in unsuspecting prey with 18 long tentacles covered in cilia. The animal could be an ancestor of  comb jellies: carnivorous, predatory blobs that zigzag through the ocean. Upon first glance, this fossilized sea creature looks more like the Sarlacc f...
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Buy Real Registered passport,Express passport,Drivers license

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Jeff Bezos' investigator thinks Saudi Arabia hacked his cell phone — here's how it could have happened (AMZN)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' personal security consultant Gavin de Becker believes Saudi Arabia had access to Bezos' phone, according to an op-ed published by de Becker on Saturday in The Daily Beast. While de Becker didn't say how the Saudis gained access to his phone, the country has been accused in the past of using advanced spyware to track its adversaries. Some of that spyware comes from NSO Group, an Israeli company valued at $1 billion that sells technology that can track texts, emails, calls...
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Interview with Steve Hassan on Dominionism

Several weeks I did a Skype interview with Steve Hassan on dominionism for an upcoming book he is working on. Today, he brought it out as a blog post on his Freedom of Mind website. Steve is an internationally known expert on mind control groups. He was formerly in the Unification Church. I use his BITE Model when teaching persuasion in social psychology. It was a pleasure being interviewed and spending some time with Steve.
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Podcast: How to Reduce the Stress of Social Media

 Social media sites have become a huge part of our lives, enabling us to easily stay in touch with countless friends and family members all over the world. But there’s a dark side to social media, as it also enables negative things like bullying to proliferate. Many people have found that social media creates a huge amount of anxiety in their lives, but don’t feel they can live without it. In this episode, learn some ways to reduce the anxieties associated with social media. ...
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