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"The online publication Slate has suspended a well-known podcast host after he debated with colleagues over whether people who are not Black should be able to quote a racial slur..."

"... in some contexts. Mike Pesca, the host of 'The Gist,' a podcast on news and culture... made his argument during a conversation last week with colleagues on the interoffice messaging platform Slack. In a lengthy thread of messages, Slate staff members were discussing the resignation of Donald G. McNeil Jr., a reporter who said this month that he was resigning from The New York Times after he had used the slur during a discussion of racism while working as a guide on a student trip in 2019....
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The Resident Evil Reboot Teases an Iconic Game Location

Scott Cawthon has high hopes for the film adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Margot Robbie confirms her Tank Girl movie is on hold. Thor: Love and Thunder could feel like the next Avengers movie thanks to its cast. China-Anne McClain discusses the end of Black Lightning. Plus, what’s to come on the Walking Dead…Read more...
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White Actors Leaving Nonwhite Roles at ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’

Mike Henry said he would no longer voice the ‘Family Guy’ character Cleveland Brown, while the producers of ‘The Simpsons’ said they would stop using white actors to play nonwhite characters.
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Skadden Said to Have Paid $11 Million to Settle Ukraine Dispute

The law firm paid a former Ukrainian prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, and an associate to avert a suit over its role in a report justifying her imprisonment by a political rival.
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Newsom’s beach order makes clear the limits of his wisdom

Like a disapproving father, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered Orange County beaches closed. He says it was for our own good. “My job as governor is to keep you safe,” Newsom said Thursday, adding: “It’s not an indictment of the people who want to go to the beach.” Taking away the right to go to the beach certainly sounds like an indictment. And clearly many people think they’ve done a pretty good keeping themselves safe. Newsom had been annoyed by photos in news reports last weekend that showed a bunch ...
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Kitchen of the Week: An Unexpected Palette in a Custom Kitchen Designed by Inglis Hall

Recently, our Remodelista friend Megan Wilson tipped us off to Inglis Hall, a new-to-us kitchen maker based in East Sussex, England. The company was founded in 2013 by woodworker Toby Hall, who over the course of a two-year residential project that involved 10 carpenters building the frame, the kitchen, and all the wardrobes (basically every woodworking element in the house), discovered that he had a knack for combining traditional cabinet-making with contemporary design. Today, Inglis Hall cont...
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"Extremely pale people tend to have visible veins. No foundation is going to be able to cover a bruise effectively while allowing those blue-tinged lines to show through..."

"... which leaves the pasty among us kind of screwed unless we’re going to go get serious special effects makeup training. Try having your husband bite the nape of your neck in or just on your hairline.... Ask your doctor about arnica. It’s an herb that can be applied topically, and some circus people, BDSM aficionados, and sex workers swear by it for speeding up the healing of bruises...."Advice from Slate's sex columnist, How to Do It, responding to a question that begins "I love being bitten....
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Modern Love Podcast: Jenny Slate Reads ‘Need to Find Me? Ask My Ham Man’

The actress and comedian reads an essay about community found through food.
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How the Original ‘Star Wars’ Cinematographer Defined the Saga’s Iconic Look

(Welcome to The Movies That Made Star Wars , a series where we explore the films and television properties that inspired George Lucas’s iconic universe. In this edition: The documentary film stylings of cinematographer Gilbert Taylor, including Dr. Strangelove, A Hard Day’s Night, and The Omen. ) George Lucas is a big fan of documentary filmmaking. It’s really how he’s approached film from the beginning and it’s no surprise. From some of his earliest film credits, Lucas proved adept ...
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Jenny Slate Wrote a Book-Shaped Thing. What Is It?

“Little Weirds,” a new collection by the actress and comedian, isn’t the funny memoir you might have expected.
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The Best New Comedy Specials to Stream Right Now

Jenny Slate, Nikki Glaser, Bill Burr and Jaboukie Young-White have new shows that will make you chuckle, sigh or laugh out loud.
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Construction services firms RME and PE-backed PLM merge

Rocky Mountain Excavating Inc has merged with PLM Asphalt & Concrete LLC, a portfolio company of Peninsula Capital Partners LLC and Silver Peak Partners LLC. No financial terms were disclosed. SLATE Partners advised RME on the merger while Sherman & Howard LLC provided legal representation. Headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado, RME is a provider of civil design and specialty construction services while Aurora, Colorado-based PLM provides commercial asphalt paving and concrete construction serv...
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Gregory Craig, Ex-Obama Aide, Is Indicted on Charges of Lying to Justice Dept.

The charges grew out of the investigation led by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and involve work steered to Mr. Craig by Paul Manafort.
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Gregory Craig, Former Obama Aide, Indicted on Charges of Lying to Justice Department

The charges grew out of the investigation led by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and involve work steered to Mr. Craig by Paul Manafort.
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Ex-Obama Counsel Expects to Be Charged Soon in Mueller-Related Case

Gregory B. Craig would become the first top Democrat to be charged in a case developed by the special counsel.
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BuzzFeed News PR Vet Katie Rayford Exits to Join Slate

After five years on the public-relations team at BuzzFeed News, Katie Rayford is leaving to join Slate as the digital publisher’s first director of media relations. Rayford starts at Slate on April 22, and she will be based in the company’s Brooklyn office. She reports to Slate president and chief revenue officer Charlie Kammerer. Slate […]
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I will read one and only one of articles on the "Popular in Slate" list, which I think stands on it's own as something worth reading.

I'll update soon with something about the one I want to read.ADDED: The article I chose — could you guess? — was "It’s Time for the Heroic Male Paleontologist Trope to Go Extinct" by Riley Black (subheadline: "The New Yorker’s story on the day the dinosaurs died brings up more questions than it answers, but it does make the staleness of this genre clear").Under the sweltering desert sun, a man painstakingly scrapes away at ancient stone. A weathered fedora offers what passes for shade in these h...
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Writer questions if Pete Buttigieg is “gay enough” to be the first gay president. Cue the outrage.

"So, is Buttigieg a run-of-the-mill white male candidate, or does his sexuality set him apart?" Christina Cauterucci wonders.
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Lobbying Case Against Democrat With Ties to Manafort Reaches Key Stage

The investigation of Gregory B. Craig, who served as White House counsel in the Obama administration, comes amid a growing crackdown by the Justice Department on illegal foreign lobbying.
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Retailers Turn to Analytics, 3D Tech to Promote Fit, Reduce Returns

One size fits most (at best), and a women’s sizing system created during the Depression doesn’t gibe in an e-commerce business that prizes personalization.That’s why startups are turning to new technologies like 3D scanning and machine learning software to produce customized clothing that can be made for the masses.“People want to buy a size,” says Patrick Donnelly, director of marketing at Fit3D, a San Mateo, CA-based maker of e-commerce software. “But we have the technology to make clothes fi...
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Firms Recruited by Paul Manafort Investigated Over Foreign Payments

Among those under scrutiny are Gregory Craig, President Obama’s White House counsel, as well as the lobbyists Tony Podesta, a Democrat, and Vin Weber, a Republican.
Tags: News, Obama, White House, Ukraine, United States, Pinchuk, Gates, Craig, Slate, Tony, Podesta, Skadden, Sanger, Yanukovych, Vin Weber, Lobbying and Lobbyists

Firms Recruited by Paul Manafort Are Investigated Over Foreign Payments

Among those under scrutiny are Gregory Craig, President Obama’s White House counsel, as well as the lobbyists Tony Podesta, a Democrat, and Vin Weber, a Republican.
Tags: News, Obama, White House, Ukraine, United States, Pinchuk, Gates, Craig, Slate, Tony, Podesta, Skadden, Sanger, Yanukovych, Vin Weber, Lobbying and Lobbyists

Skadden Arps Agrees to $4.6 Million Settlement in Ukraine Lobbying Case

The Justice Department investigation stemmed from work the law firm, which also agreed to register retroactively as a foreign agent for Ukraine, did with Paul Manafort.
Tags: News, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Justice Department, Craig, Slate, Tony, Mueller, Podesta, Skadden, Yanukovych, Lobbying and Lobbyists, Tymoshenko, Mercury Public Affairs, Manafort

Law Firm to Pay $4.6 Million in Case Tied to Manafort and Ukraine

The Justice Department investigation stemmed from work that the law firm Skadden Arps did with Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman.
Tags: News, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Justice Department, Craig, Trump, Slate, Tony, Mueller, Podesta, Skadden, Yanukovych, Skadden Arps, Lobbying and Lobbyists, Tymoshenko

I’m sometimes amazed at how mean, petty and arrogant some people can be...

P resident Bush had been dead only a few days when a moron named Ruth Graham, a writer at Slate magazine, decided that the service dog Sully was getting too much attention. She took it on herself to enlighten us to realities in an article titled  “Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush.” He’s a service dog, she tells us, a servant who has only been with the president for six months. He is not his lifelong companion—just in case anyone thought that Sully was 657 in dog years. So w...
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Twitter Users Bite Slate Hard Over Barking Mad Story On Sully H.W. Bush

An article by Slate magazine has been savaged by Twitter users after urging
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Professional Cultures and Professional Ethics

When we think about lawyers’ ethics we think about individual lawyers and their choices. Our codes of conduct apply to lawyers as individuals. We consider whether an individual violated his ethical obligations. We sanction individual lawyers. But beyond that limited regulatory focus (which Adam Dodek has persuasively questioned, and which some regulators are moving beyond), our general conversations about lawyers’ ethics tend to focus on the individual. We talk about the good lawyer and the bad ...
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Manafort Plea Deal Casts New Scrutiny on Lobbyists He Recruited

New evidence laid out by the special counsel exposed the sometimes surreptitious ways in which foreign interests try to buy influence.
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"Why is Slate acting like the suppression of this ThinkProgress article is a shocking aberration that’s all the Weekly Standard’s fault?"

"Facebook should give up on the inevitably subjective task of policing 'fake news,' and simply let us, the users, decide for ourselves what news is credible."Writes John, at Facebook, linking to "When Fact-Checking Becomes Censorship/Facebook has empowered a conservative magazine to suppress liberal viewpoints" (Slate). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Mueller Passes 3 Cases Focused on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in New York

The special counsel has referred investigations into lobbying by Washington insiders to the federal prosecutors in New York handling the case against Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer.
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