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Kandao uses AI to turn 30fps 360-degree videos into 300fps super-slow-motion

Kandao has just released software that lets you take a video at 30fps, and slow it down to 300fps while still having smooth results. If you’re using the company’s QooCam or Vuze XR, now you can turn your regular 360˚ footage into super-slow-mo. If you’ve ever tried to slow down a 30fps video, you know […] The post Kandao uses AI to turn 30fps 360-degree videos into 300fps super-slow-motion appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Baking with Pop-Pop Sourdough storage and revival

Baking with Pop-Pop Sourdough storage and revival Submitted by The Roadside Pi... on April 20, 2019 - 5:53am. On today's installment of cooking with Pop-Pop, we will take you through the steps for reviving Slo-Mo from his golden, albeit chilly refrigerated slumber, and prepare for a bake. For this exercise, we will need the following. 60 g of sleeping wild yeast @ 100% Hydration 1- 4 cup Pyrex glass storage container with a lid 1- 1/2 Pint Ball canning jar with a lid 1- slende...
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Researchers Found a Way to Extract Detailed Slo-Mo Videos From a Single Blurry Photo

The Phantom high-speed cameras used by YouTube channels like The Slow Mo Guys to capture mesmerizing slow-motion footage are obscenely expensive. But soon, thanks to a new technique that can extract slo-mo videos from a single photo, the smartphone in your pocket could outperform even a high-speed camera that costs…Read more...
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One of Solo: A Star Wars Story's Giant Explosions Was Inspired By the Slow Mo Guys on YouTube

Digital tools like 3D animation and motion capture helped revolutionize the visual effects industry, but there’s still plenty of room for practical effects to help bring the impossible to the big screen. Solo: A Star Wars Story’s VFX supervisor Julian Foddy revealed to the BBC that one of the film’s most memorable…Read more...
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This Ridiculous Slow-Motion Racing Game Penalizes the Speedy

Even awkwardly tripping and stumbling on a throw rug would look super cool when played back in slow motion, as YouTube channels like The Slow Mo Guys have shown us time and time again. But with Hasbro’s new The Slow-Motion Race Game players don’t need a $100,000 high-speed camera to create a slow-motion effect; just…Read more...
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Slo-Mo Footage Of a Magnet on a Trampoline Reveals its Invisible Forces

You might recall that grade-school experiment where an iron filing-covered sheet of paper draped over a magnet reveals the invisible lines of its magnetic forces. But with a strong enough magnet (the kind they won’t let you play with in school) and a miniature trampoline, you can actually see those invisible magnetic…Read more...
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A High-Speed Camera Mounted to a Lawnmower Blade Gives You a Front-Row Seat to Gadget Carnage

There’s no shortage of slow-motion footage out there on the internet, but there is a shortage of original ideas. Slo-mo explosions just don’t hold our attention like they used to, but by attaching his high-speed camera to a spinning lawnmower blade, YouTube’s tesla500 gives us a fantastic front-row seat as old…Read more...
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Rainbow Jell-O being smashed through a tennis racket, captured in slo-mo

The Slow Mo Guys whacked some rainbow Jell-O (aka "jelly") through a tennis racket for their latest video. As they're known to do, they captured it all in its slo-mo glory using a Phantom v2640 high-speed camera. (Tastefully Offensive)
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Photographer captures hummingbirds in slo-mo with only an iPhone and a Moment lens

I can never get enough of hummingbird videos. These fast little birds can be difficult to capture, but nowadays, only a smartphone is enough for a pretty awesome slow-motion video. Phil Torres of The Jungle Diaries has captured wonderful video of colorful hummingbirds using nothing but an iPhone X’s slo-mo feature and a wide-angle Moment […] The post Photographer captures hummingbirds in slo-mo with only an iPhone and a Moment lens appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Slo-Mo Footage of Fireworks Blowing Up a BBQ Is the Best Way to Spend the Fourth of July

You’re doing the Fourth of July wrong if you’re not spending it with lots of food, lots of fireworks, and lots of tiny flags. But if you’d rather just stare at your phone all day, director David Ma has combined all the requisite Fourth of July traditions into a slo-mo extravaganza of patriotic destruction.Read more...
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Some of the Best Reads for Casual Friday: Artificial Intelligence

Fridays can be the most productive work day, as you look to shore up everything before the weekend starts. Or, maybe instead, it’s a day filled with long lunches and listless Internet surfing, as you seek out all the interesting articles you missed during the week. Fear not: Xconomy has done the work for you, bringing a smattering of some of the most interesting reads out there. This week, we’re focusing on artificial intelligence, one of the buzziest fields in tech. From Facebook to Micr...
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Nvidia uses AI to transform standard videos into slow motion

If you’ve ever tried slowing down a video shot at 30 fps, you know that it becomes choppy and unusable. Nvidia has an AI-based solution for that which can turn your standard videos into watchable slow motion. The algorithm predicts what should come between two frames and fills in the space between them. As a […] The post Nvidia uses AI to transform standard videos into slow motion appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Watch a Delivery Truck Get Peeled Open Like a Can of Sardines in Super Slow Motion

In Durham, North Carolina, there’s an internet famous train trestle bridge that’s been shearing the roofs off of tall trucks for years now. There’s lots of footage of the 11-foot-8-inch bridge eating trucks, but none as spectacular as this recreation the Slow Mo Guys created, which was captured in super-satisfying,…Read more...
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Gratuitous Fruit-on-Fruit Violence in Slow Motion Is Like an Edible Fireworks Show

A real fireworks show requires trained professionals to handle the explosive materials, and a location that’s safe for fiery debris to rain down onto. But as The Slow Mo Guys discovered, you can get a similarly satisfying explosive experience with a high-speed camera and a couple of fruit-blasting cannons.Read more...
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A Shaolin Monk Piercing a Pane of Glass With a Needle Is Why You Need Slow-Mo

There’s a lot of mythology around what a martial arts master is capable of, from leaping between buildings to turning invisible. But The Slow Mo Guys and their slow-mo camera spent some time with three Shaolin monks who demonstrated an amazing ability to throw a needle through a sheet of glass.Read more...
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Super Slo-Mo Footage Reveals the Shockwaves When 1,000 Pounds of Sumo Wrestlers Collide

Everything is cooler in slow motion, and when the Slow Mo Guys’ point their high-speed cameras at a pair of massive sumo wrestlers with a combined weight of over 1,000-pounds, you can actually see the shockwaves rippling through their bodies as the two near-immovable competitors collide in the ring.Read more...
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Watch the Slow Mo Guys Get Blown Up Like Action Heroes in Their Fancy New YouTube Show

Tired of waiting weeks for the Slow Mo Guys’ latest experiment with their high-speed cameras? Over the next 12 weeks, the duo’s new Super Slow Show is going to deliver an almost daily dose of slo-mo goodness with bigger explosions, celebrity guests, and bigger risks, all recorded at thousands of frames per second.Read more...
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Understanding How TVs Work Is a Lot Easier When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second

Despite feeling like ancient, antique technology at this point, the monstrously-heavy CRT television you grew up with was an engineering marvel, as the Slow Mo Guys reveal by filming an old-school TV at an astonishing 380,000 frames per second.Read more...
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A Kookaburra Bird Laughing in Slow Motion Is Your New Nightmare Fuel

All it takes is a few minutes of scrolling through Twitter to make it nearly impossible to fall asleep at night. But if it’s a genuine, horror-inspired nightmare you’re seeking to end your chances of restful slumber, just watch this video of a kookaburra laughing in extreme slow motion.Read more...
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How to record slow-motion sound for a tomato exploding at 60,000fps

Have you ever wondered how ultra slow motion videos get their sound recorded? They don’t just record the real sound and slow it down along with the footage. In this video, Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day walks you through the process of recording sounds for slow-motion videos. Particularly, for a tomato exploding at 60,000 […] The post How to record slow-motion sound for a tomato exploding at 60,000fps appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Explosive Charge Inside an Airbag Is Terrifying

I realize that airbags have saved countless lives since they were introduced in the early ‘70s, but that doesn’t make the idea of having a giant pillow explode in your face any less terrifying. Especially after watching the explosive mechanism that fills an airbag in just 0.03 seconds detonate in super slow motion.Read more...
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Smashing a Lego Star Destroyer With a 67 MPH Rocket Sled Is Even More Satisfying Than Building One

As tragic as it is to accidentally drop an elaborate Lego creation, it can also occasionally be quite cathartic to watch thousands of plastic bricks shatter in all directions. But I’m glad it was David Windestal and his crew who went to all the trouble of building this 3,152-piece Lego Super Star Destroyer before…Read more...
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iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

The Back Story If you’ve ever wondered how pro photographers capture great photos with their phone, I have something for you. Since getting the iPhone X, I’ve been working on condensing my best-learned lessons in mobile photography into my first ever class on CreativeLive.   What You’ll Learn Using natural light to capture indoor and outdoor portraits Simple posing and light considerations for kids, adults, families or group photos Techniques for capturing those fleeting, candid moments Simple t...
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Tossing Toys Into a Fire Tornado Looks Epic In Slo-Mo

Strategically place a ring of fans around a roaring fire and you can turn a relaxing way to toast marshmallows into a terrifying tornado of flames. The effect is even more fascinating in super-slow motion, and when you toss a tiny plastic ATV into the flames, it ends up looking like a stunt from a Hollywood…Read more...
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The Shockwaves On a Rain-Soaked Window Screen Are Wonderfully Unique

Throw a pebble into a still pond, and the shockwaves from the disturbance will ripple out in all directions in nearly perfect concentric circles. But disturb the fine mesh of a window screen that’s soaked with rain or morning dew, and the shockwave will ripple out with a unique, four-pointed star pattern.Read more...
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Storm Chaser Captures Slo-Mo Lightning Footage Like You've Never Seen Before

There’s no denying that a massive bolt of electricity streaking hundreds of miles across the sky is one of Mother Nature’s most impressive demos. But when seen through the lens of Dustin Farrell’s high-speed camera, lightning becomes even more phenomenal as it slowly zig-zags its way from the clouds to the earth…Read more...
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Super Slo-Mo Footage of Swords Slicing Water Bottles Will Satisfy Your Ninja Fantasies

When people fantasize about being ninjas, they’re not day-dreaming about sneaking up on their enemies; it’s all about the sword play. The Slow Mo Guys are no exception, and realized that playing around with a katana sword would result in some spectacular slo-mo footage.Read more...
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Slo-mo Footage of a Giant Knife Splitting a Projectile in Mid-Air

Can you really split a bullet with a sword? The Slow Mo Guys tested the logistics of such a feat, but using a safer approach that involved a giant super-sharp knife and a pellet gun firing tiny projectiles to minimize any undesired results—like one of them getting hit, or their incredibly expensive slo-mo camera…Read more...
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Blowing Up a Rainbow Probably Looks a Lot Like Dropping an Anvil on Spray Paint Cans

When you get exclusive access to a 150-foot-tall tower, you’re going to want to do more than just take in the view. So when the team from How Ridiculous got just such an opportunity, they made the most of it, hauling a heavy anvil to the top and then dropping it on a stack of spray paint cans on the ground below.Read more...
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Slo-Mo Footage of Impossible Mid-Air Paintball Collisions Is Better Than Fireworks

The odds of two paintball projectiles colliding in mid-air during a match are incredibly slim. And even if they did, the resulting explosion would happen so fast your eyes would barely see it. But with some clever timing, even more luck, and a Phantom V2511 high-speed camera recording at 28,500 frames per second, you…Read more...
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