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The giant ancestors of today's sloths stood 10 feet tall and ate meat, a new study found

An artistic reconstruction of the South American giant ground sloth feeding on the carcass of a prehistoric herbivore related to modern llamas. Jorge Blanco Ground sloths occupied South America during the last ice age before going extinct 10,000 years ago. Scientists thought these giant creatures ate plants like their modern, tree-climbing counterparts. But a study found one ground sloth species also ate meat, scavenging from carcasses when it could. We think of sloths as slow-moving, gent...
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Woman arrested at US border for smuggling 18 crocodile skulls and a single sloth

According to the Bangor Daily News, a Montreal woman was arrested at the US-Canada border in Highgate Springs, Vermont, after trying to smuggle the following items into the country: 1 three-toed sloth18 crocodile skulls and heads7 crocodile feet2 horseshoe crabs30 sea stars23 raccoon feet8 African antelope horns1 human skull "with mounted butterflies" 4 puffer fish6 six shark jaws The woman, Vanessa Rondeau, owns a retail store in Montreal called Old Cavern Boutique, which "offers for sale...
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SlothBot slowly monitors the environment, adorably

Gennaro Notomista, a PhD student in the Robotics and InTelligent Systems Laboratory at Georgia Tech, has created a unique alternative to drone monitoring, now commonly used in land management. Drones are not very energy efficient and can't remain in the air for very long. Notomista decided to look to nature for inspiration. Low-powered nature. The…
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The Slothbot is a slow-moving, energy-efficient observation robot that's also an adorable sloth

The critters at the Atlanta Botanical Garden look oddly … metallic? From the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Their newly developed SlothBot is built to study animals, plants and the overall environment below them by moving as little as possible. It inches along overhead cables only when necessary, charging itself with solar panels to monitor factors like carbon dioxide levels and weather for as long as possible — possibly for years. It even crawls toward th...
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Mass Grave of Elephant-Sized Sloths Poses Murky Mystery

Death might have taken weeks; it might have been days. But when it struck, it struck ruthlessly.Read more...
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“Game Of Sloths”: Artist Turned “Game Of Thrones” Characters Into Sloths With Their Best Quotes

The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives. Based on the belief that every single person has the ability to make a positive difference, we are focused on inspiring individuals to care about sloths, to protect the rainforest ecosystem and to safeguard a future for the planet... Source
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Sloth very clear on importance of chewing food slowly

“Tell tha chef it's excellent.” Definitely thought this was just a looped clip, but hold on. Nope. This slow eating sloth is very serious about eating slowly. Tell tha chef it's excellent [via]
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Retirement home for sloths in Wales

It’s fair to wonder why sloths, notorious for their laziness, would ever need to be in a retirement home. But for two-toed sloths Lightcap, 34, and Tuppee, 24, it was high time to get out of the zoo to enjoy their golden years in Begelly, Wales, where the Folly Farm zoo has opened an old-sloths home. Sloths reach old age in their mid-20s. In the wild, sloths have a life expectancy of just 20 years, but they can live up to 50 in captivity. Tim Morphew, zoo curator, said of the older sloth res...
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The environmental costs of "safari selfies"

Everyone loves sloths, and that has led to a huge black market in their capture for use in "safari selfies," where eco-tourists travel to exotic locales and pose for social media posts with local fauna. (more…)
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Sloths, Sloths, Sloths...I Love Sloths #Giveaway

  I have had a soft spot for sloths ever since I was a little kid.  I grew up in Winnipeg and one of my favorite places to visit was (and still is) the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  Next to hanging out with Peppy The Pot Bellied pig, visiting the tropical house and watching the sloths brought me pure joy.  I find them so fascinating and just damn adorable.  Here are a few super cool facts about sloths, from the website Science Kids.   Sloths are a medium-sized mammal. There are two types of sloth th...
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Here’s why sloths are so slow

TED-Ed host Kenny Coogan and animator Anton Bogaty offer a crash course on sloth evolution. Interestingly, it turns out we might not have avocados without them.
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