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Hispanic entrepreneurs more optimistic in business survey, and they’re hiring

Hispanic entrepreneurs are feeling better about their businesses and the nation’s economy than other business owners, a new report reveals. Bank of America’s 2019 Hispanic Small Business Owner Spotlight survey says 51 percent of Hispanic-owned businesses plan to hire more workers this year compared with 26 percent of non-Hispanic owned companies. Moreover, 87 percent of Hispanic businesses plan to expand their operations compared with 67 percent of all other businesses. ESCO Aerospace Manufactur...
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Building a safer internet, one secure domain at a time

Do you lock your doors when you're not home or when you’re sleeping at night? Your home protects everything and everyone that lies within it—whether that’s your family, pets or belongings—and a door is the most direct way for a criminal to access your home. Locking your door is the simplest thing you can do to keep safe. Similarly, when you’re browsing the web, there’s one key thing that helps keep you and your information safe and “locked” up.HTTPS is a certificate that works just like the lock...
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Skedulo raises $28M for its mobile workforce management service

Skedulo, a service that helps businesses manage their mobile employees, today announced that it has raised a $28 million Series B funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund. Existing investors Blackbird and Castanoa Ventures also participated in this round. The company’s service offers businesses all fo the necessary tools to manage their mobile employees, including their schedules. A lot of small businesses still use basic spreadsheets and email to do this, but that’s obviously not the ...
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3 Tips For Improving Your Success At Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a great environment for you to meet face-to-face with your customers or clients, spread the word about your business to those who might be unfamiliar with you, and learn more about your own industry. But because these events can be expensive to participate in, it’s important that you know whether or not you’ll have a positive return on your investment when you go to a trade show. Because part of this success depends on how each individual trade show plays out, it’s a good idea...
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4 Tips For Small Business Online Marketing

Not sure how to launch or improve your small business’s online marketing? Should your business include social media buzzwords in your communication strategy? What type of content is the most alluring? Let’s delve into the top four tips that all small businesses can use to improve their online presence. Expand Your Local SEO. Every brick-and-mortar business on the planet wants more customers. A steady stream of loyal patrons, plus a frequent influx of new ones, is an owner’s ideal situation. O...
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Jumping In with Modern Business Marketing

If you plan on existing in the modern business world, then you have to understand the essence of modern business marketing. So much has changed about professional, creative, and industrial landscapes even in the last few years, it can feel very overwhelming to try to keep up. If you feel like you are in this boat of uncertainty, that means you should spend some more time considering what the best modern business marketing techniques suggest to you. Prioritizing marketing is going to come from se...
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Now Is the Time for Spring Cleaning Your Business

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. – William Morris Winter has been a difficult one for many across the U.S. this year. Spring can’t come soon enough. These tough weather months decrease our vitamin D intake and often reduce our energy. In fact, “winter slump” is a real thing, and while it can affect our energy and personal joy levels, it can affect our business as well. That first few days of warmer weather and sunshine, even if there’s sti...
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Twitter Link Roundup #359 – Terrific Reads for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? If you had to stop and count, it’s probably too many. An overcrowded browser is like a cluttered home. It is overwhelming and excessive, and it provokes a genuine stress response. If you suffer from spending precious mental energy searching through all 42 tabs in your browser to find the one you need, consider looking into some tools to help you regain that lost time and attention. Medium recommends several good ones to try out. You may ...
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How to Start a Real Estate Business: The Complete 11 Step Guide (2019)

If you’re interested in starting a real estate business to help buyers and sellers navigate the stressful and complicated process of working through one of the biggest transactions of their lives, you’ll need to make sure your business is well prepared. People looking to start a real estate business often ask: How much does it cost to open a real estate business? How do you start your own real estate company? How much do real estate business owners make? How successful is a real estate busines...
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Are You Too Old to Start a New Business?

Spoiler alert: It’s never too late to start over in life. If you’re at the mid-point of your career — and your life — you have a lot of advantages, my friend. You’re not a newbie in your field. You’ve acquired deep expertise. You’ve got experience and wisdom to spare. And you’ve probably been knocked around by life, at least a little. All of the above makes you a great candidate to start a business. Your knowledge, coupled with your experience overcoming challenges, will serve you well on this j...
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4 Ways To Improve Your Chances for Making More Money In the Real Estate Industry

If you’re planning on trying to make money in the real estate industry, you’re putting yourself in a very competitive market. That’s why you have to take every advantage that you can get, and make sure that you understand your place within various aspects of the industry. There are plenty of different opportunities to earn extra income, but there also are lots of ways that you can lose money by not being smart about how you set your options up. Ideally, you’ll be looking for concrete ways right ...
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Meanwhile: Powerful Floods Are Wrecking Businesses. Including Mine.

Many local companies, including our historic movie theater, are facing recovery with no flood insurance.
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The Ideas Of Muay Thai in Thailand and Business

Starting a business and running it successfully requires a good amount of energy. Entrepreneur understands this very well and they do their best to keep the business on the top. However, not everyone has that much patience to keep doing what they willing to do. We all might be agree on the thought that Business can make your rich if it thrives. But the problem with doing business is the growing competition and demand for your product. As the competition is growing the customers who are seeking f...
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Attention Small Business Owners: Protect Customers and Your Cash

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post, provided by Authority Builder in San Diego. Taking your business to the next level means being smart about which services to invest in. You want to be strategic and choose products and services that will have the most overall impact for the least amount of money. This doesn’t mean to choose the […] The post Attention Small Business Owners: Protect Customers and Your Cash appeared first on Adpulp.
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How to Start an Etsy Shop: Your Comprehensive, No-Stress Guide to Starting an Etsy Shop in 2019

You’re creative. And you love to craft! Not to mention, you’ve gotten pretty darn good at it. Or, you have an amazing eye for vintage finds but your closets are overflowing. “You should start an Etsy shop!” your friends say. And, you’ve secretly shared that very same thought. Etsy is a booming online marketplace full of amazing hand-made items and vintage goods. The platform brought in revenues of over $400 million in just the first three quarters of 2018! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such...
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All the Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business is a deceptively complicated process. It’s not as simple as “coming up with a great business idea” and “putting that idea into action.” Read more...
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How to use the new Offers view on your Business Profile

From discounts to deals, everyone loves a good offer. Whether they’re shopping at a favorite clothing boutique or trying a local coffee shop for the first time, an offer can attract people to businesses. To help people find these promotions, we’re making offers more prominent on Business Profiles on Google. The new layout introduces a dedicated space for business owners to feature their most recent offers—making a quick decision for their potential customers even easier. For businesse...
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Technological Expert ASAP

by Robert Clough Work overload decreases productivity by 68% in employees who feel they don't have enough hours in the day to complete their tasks. If your business does not have a technological expert on staff, this statistic may apply to your employees. Many businesses without tech support end up putting their time and energy into the wrong areas. Hiring a technological expert can actually increase productivity, as well as benefit your company in several other ways. Read on for the five...
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How my passion for ice cream became "More Than A Business"

Editor’s Note: This Friday, March 8 is International Women’s Day. We’re commemorating the day early by hearing from Natasha Case, Founder & CEO Of Coolhaus from Los Angeles, California. She’s sharing her story of how her business idea grew from one Google Search to a product that’s sold in thousands of stores across the U.S. Check out the stories of other women around the world who have built #MoreThanABusiness here.Ice cream has always been a lifelong passion of mine, and when I went to archite...
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The 5 Mortal Sins of Entrepreneurship

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jenn Labin. I’ve spent more than half of the last 20 years working as an entrepreneur and consultant. I was very happy with all of the amazing benefits of that work. But I am now starting a new adventure, one of going back to employment for someone else. The decision is a very good thing for me and my family. However, I know enough about the impact of transition ( see the research here ) to expect the change to have an emotional side. To prepare myself for...
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How to Start a Successful Photography Business: The Complete 10 Step Guide (2019)

As the price of high-quality cameras has continued to fall, the art and craft of photography have flourished. For many people, photography isn’t just a way of capturing a memory. Photography is a fulfilling way to express yourself. It’s a way to interpret the world and make the invisible visible. And for many, it’s a way to make a living. Navigating the transition between photography as a hobby and creating a photography business can be tricky. People often ask: How much money does it take to ...
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5 Online Marketing Funnels You Probably Aren’t Using (But Should)

An online marketing funnel is a marketing strategy to get a consistent stream of new leads or sales from your site. Online entrepreneurs are very familiar with funnels already, as they’ve been a buzzword for years.  Most already have at least some type of lead funnels or sales funnels in place. However, there are several types of marketing funnels that most online entrepreneurs and business owners are not using. Here are 5 online marketing funnels you probably aren’t using…but should. ...
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Why Your Company NEEDS a Business Law Attorney

Starting or owning a small business is hard, and money is often tight, especially at the beginning. Hiring a lawyer may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can really be a costly mistake. Business law attorneys are experts in many crucial aspects of the successful functions of a company. Here are a few of the ways they can be helpful. Buying Selling, or Incorporating The Business Let’s start at the very beginning and say you’re ready to buy a business. Unfortunately, it’s much more complica...
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Top 8 Expert Tips on How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation for Small Business

Writing a PowerPoint presentation has always been something that only creative ones are condemned for. At least that is what you used to hear. They used to say that people with poor vision and depth perception, non-artistic and non-creative ones are hardly able to deal with the task, especially if it covers a small business topic. However, we believe that is not quite true. There are some vital thoughts to be shared on how to design not just a plain or ordinary presentation but an awesome one. H...
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How to Handle Tough Clients (And Not Want to Punch Everything)

Business can be stressful, especially when you add agitated or angry customers to the mix. Every once in a while, you’ll come across someone who is particularly vile. Maybe they call you names, refuse to treat you with respect, make lofty claims or refuse to pay for goods and services. It’s not an easy situation to deal with, but we’ve all been there. The most important thing is to keep your cool in the moment so that you don’t lose yourself and damage the brand’s reputation. It’s almost always...
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How to Make Restaurant Scheduling Easy

If you’re running a restaurant, you know how many things there are to juggle and how difficult it can all be. The pressure is high and margins are thin. One time-consuming source of frustration can be scheduling. The time it takes to sort out costs money: it’s not only a pain in the neck. It’s important to have a system in place to make scheduling easier for everybody. Here’s some advice for how to make a restaurant work schedule easy, as well as things to keep in mind when you do. Get the Right...
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Mixmax brings LinkedIn integration and better task automation to its Gmail tool

Mixmax today introduced version 2.0 of its Gmail-based tool and plugin for Chrome that promises to make your daily communications chores a bit easier to handle. With version 2.0, Mixmax gets an updated editor that better integrates with the current Gmail interface and that gets out of the way of popular extensions like Grammarly. That’s table stakes, of course, but I’ve tested it for a bit and the new version does indeed do a better job of integrating itself into the current Gmail interface a...
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Wanted - Cyber Security Guard: Improve Your Business Network Security with These Easy Tips

by Robert Clough Looking for ways to improve business network security? Is your small business safe from cyber threats? While technology has improved business in many ways, there are also more cyber threats out there than ever before. Contrary to popular belief, both small businesses and large corporations can be potential targets of hackers and cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many small businesses aren't prepared to protect themselves against serious security threats.  Luckily, we're here...
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Hello, .dev!

Developers, designers, writers and architects: you built the web. You make it possible for the billions of people online today to do what they do. Have you ever tried to register your preferred domain name, only to find out it's not available? Today, Google Registry is announcing .dev, a brand new top-level domain (TLD) that's dedicated to developers and technology. We hope .dev will be a new home for you to build your communities, learn the latest tech and showcase your projects—all with a perf...
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How Will Brexit Affect UK Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs?

With an ever-changing political landscape, and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it can seem difficult to plan ahead. Following the defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the outlook is arguably even more… Read more » The post How Will Brexit Affect UK Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs? appeared first on
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