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50 Etsy Seller Apps to Manage and Grow Your Online Business

The key to making the most of Etsy lies in apps, add-ons and integrations that offer features and functionality above and beyond the basic Etsy setup. From inventory management to social media marketing and sales tax calculation, you’ll find tools here to help you both manage and grow your Etsy business. Etsy Seller App List Below, you’ll find a hand-picked list of the 50 most useful Etsy apps. 1. Sell On Etsy Etsy’s new mobile app for sellers is currently available only on iOS devices (i...
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How to Make Changes in B2B Sales – by Going Back to Basics

Sales remain the number one thing small business owners struggle with in their companies. Many don’t like to do it. Because they feel afraid. Or they think they don’t have the skills. Or they believe they must become the pushy used car salesman. Popular culture has depicted this figure so negatively. On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, Andy Paul of The Sales House discusses how B2B sales is changing, but not the way most people think.  He explains that we are going back to the way sales u...
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Budding Entrepreneurs: 3 Tips For Growing Your Small Business Start-up

Every entrepreneur starts his business with the hopes of becoming the next big thing. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you need to know that competition is something you cannot… Read more » The post Budding Entrepreneurs: 3 Tips For Growing Your Small Business Start-up appeared first on
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Apply These 15 Secret Techniques to Improve your Outside Sales

An outside sales agent goes to where the prospect is. They make appointments and travel to the client’s locations to meet face-to-face. They don’t have set hours and fixed schedules even if their companies do. On the other side of the coin, inside sales agents can best be defined as people who work from the office or home base remotely. Inside sales can trace its roots back to what we used to call telemarketing. Digital Technologies Although digital technologies like email and videoconferenci...
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How to Turn your Sales Commission Rates from Blah to Fantastic

A sales commission rate is a percentage of the sales your small business pays to the employee who made them. Here’s an example. If your small business sets a commission rate of 5% and an individual on the sales team makes $70,000 in net sales, the formula works like this: $70,000 (net sales) x 5% (commission rate) = $3500 (payable to salesperson) Why You Need Sales Commission Rates There are a few different reasons why it’s a good idea to have sales commission rates for your small business. A...
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How to Compete for Employees When Unemployment is Low

Small business owners are now facing the lowest unemployment rate in a 50 years. Many of them are worried about how they can compete for the best employees for they need desperately for their company. How to Recruit when Unemployment Is Low On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, Himanshu ‘Sue’ Bhatia, who was named one of Fast Company’s “Top 25 Women Business Builders in North America”, talks about how every small business owner can find the best people. In the interview, her advice includ...
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10 Tips for Improving Your Results as a Small Business Owner

The effort you put into your small business is important. But you still need to concern yourself with the results. If you want to improve the results your small business gets, you have to focus on the right tasks and constantly make realistic improvements. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community to help you get better results going forward. Strive for Continuous Improvement You can’t hope to accomplish all of your business goals in a single day. Instead, you nee...
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How to Increase Social Media Engagement for your Brand with Animated Videos

Today’s Internet users are posting, watching and sharing video with greater frequency. This trend has led business to use video as a tool for connecting and engaging with their audience on websites, blogs, and social media. And one of these tools is animation. An infographic by Prismart titled, “Standing Out on Social Media with Animated Videos” looks at the benefit using animation to engage with users. Compared to the high cost of live video production, animation provides an affordable solutio...
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You’re Probably Wasting 13 Days a Year in Pointless Meetings

Even though there are more tools than ever to schedule and carry out meetings, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of wasted time. A recent multinational research from Doodle came to the same conclusion as it revealed the average professional spends 13 days a year in pointless meetings. The amount of time which will be lost in the coming year comes out to a total of 24 billion hours. In terms of monetary value, the report said these meetings will waste more than $541 billion of resources around...
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U.S. Wages Grew 2.8% in 2018, Should You Increase Staff Compensation?

Unemployment numbers have been at historic lows recently, and this is having a positive effect on the stagnant wages of the past decade. According to the ADP Research Institute Workforce Vitality Report (WVR), the fourth quarter of 2018 delivered year-over-year wage growth of 3.4% to end the year. 2018 Wage Growth Statistics Overall, 2018 provided wage growth of 2.8% compared to 2.6% in 2017. The steady wage growth is being driven by a tight labor market as businesses are competing with a few...
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Reasons Working Too Hard at Your Business is a Waste of Time

As the leader of a small business, you’re bent on driving growth. You are willing to put in the work that’s needed to achieve that, but paradoxically, working too hard could create unexpected obstacles to your business growth. If you’re working hard and putting in long hours but your business has hit a plateau, it’s possible that your hard work is the problem. Here are some of the ways that working too hard could be holding your business back from realizing its growth potential. Working Too Ha...
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10 Tips for Using Google My Business, Voice Search and More to Grow Your Business

There’s more to a successful SEO strategy than adding a few keywords to your website. Tools like Google My Business and voice search are constantly evolving. And that means your strategy needs to evolve too. Here are tips for making use of these tools and improving your small business in other ways as well. Choose the Right Google My Business Category for Your Business Google My Business is one of the most important platforms for any local business to know, particularly when it comes to SEO. ...
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10 Secrets about Shopper Behavior Eye Tracking Reveals

Simply put, eye tracking is mapping what consumers are looking at. There’s hardware that actually tracks the eye’s movements and software that analyzes the data. Small Business Trends asked Mike Bartels, senior research director at Tobii Pro Insight, to explain how and why this technology is important to small business and to supply 10 behavior secrets it uncovers. Bartels started by walking us through the process. While there are a million different variations, he says,  they all follow the sa...
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Oracle NetSuite Debuts New Enhancements to Help Businesses Grow

Oracle Corp. (NYSE:ORCL) recently announced a series of new enhancements to its cloud computing platform NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N). The new enhancements are designed to help businesses across industries grow revenues, expand internationally and empower business users, the company says. Oracle NetSuite, which provides software services to help manage business finances, operations and customer relations, will now provide new commerce, global tax management and analytics capabilities to help organiz...
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Growing Your Small Business – Tips and Ideas to Get to The next Level

Running a small business can often feel like you’re just treading water. You’re trying to keep customers flowing in, but also trying to keep on top of your services, costs,… Read more » The post Growing Your Small Business – Tips and Ideas to Get to The next Level appeared first on
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Valuable Strategies to Generate Business Referrals and Increase Sales

If you don’t have a referral marketing strategy in place, you’re giving up a substantial amount of revenue. Referrals from happy customers represent your best opportunity to grow revenue and profits in your business. In fact, customers referred to a product are more valuable. A   found that referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value and are more loyal. Yet many small businesses and startups leave referrals to chance. This is a mistake. The same Wharton School study found that 83% of cu...
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Hot Startups that are Growing and Hiring

Dockless bicycle companies have several big players in the US right now. Executive positions can be discovered via hidden job markets like these! Motivate International: Positions in marketing, engineering, and data analysis open now. JUMP Bikes: Their recent acquisition has increased hiring. LimeBike: Hiring in San Francisco and New York. Bird Rides: Positions available in […]
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4 Benefits of CRM for Growing a Small Business

A growth-oriented small business is possible with robust and automated systems providing better insight into it. Growing a business does mean that the customers are increasing in numbers and this… Read more » The post 4 Benefits of CRM for Growing a Small Business appeared first on
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Growth Hacking: How To Grow Your Small Business Faster

Growth is vital if your business is going to survive. But sometimes you get so deep in the trenches and one day find yourself wondering how your business became stagnant – or worse – failed. Small business guru Michael Gerber offers business owners this piece of wisdom: Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business. So, let’s avoid that pitfall. Let’s spend the next eight minutes exploring ways you can grow your business faster. You probably have ...
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Companies that are Growing, Launching … and Hiring!

AmazonFresh and Instacart are growing, well-funded … and hiring! Coinbase and Skydio are both part of AngelList’s Launches of the Week list. Get the full list here. 90% of positions are never formally advertised. Are you an executive who wants to know more about how to approach companies in the hidden job market? Learn how to […]
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5 Industries with a Promising Future for Small Business Startups

What do healthcare, medical marijuana and e-commerce have in common? They are all listed as one of the best industries in which to start a small business. For more, read The 5 Best Industries for Starting a Business.
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How Small Businesses and Startups Can Use SEO to Fuel Growth

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.—James Cash Penney, founder of JCPenney The path to growth for startups and small businesses is not due to a singular business process or function. Instead, businesses grow as a result of strong processes and functions working together to create an integrated, dynamic company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that startups and small businesses should invest in as a staple of their growth models. A strong ...
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Believing These 3 Myths About Duplicate Content will Keep Your Business From Growing

You run a website and you are worried about duplicate content. Hey, everyone is. The rules are pretty clearly written in Google’s policy on the matter, yet the way those rules are enforced isn’t. No one is ever quite sure how far those guidelines go and how exactly the system for rule breaking is run. On this issue you have to look a bit more at precedent to understand what are myths and what are realities in the world of duplicate content. Duplicate Content Myths These are probably the most ...
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The A to Z of Recruiting with Your Brand

Admit it. You’ve often wondered why it’s so hard to find excellent employees. You have probably spent a lot of time making sure that you’re hiring the best talent available. It can be frustrating, right? It doesn’t have to be. Part of attracting the best talent is building an attractive employer brand. Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that branding is about getting more customers. However, it is so much more than that. Sure, your company should have a unique brand that makes cu...
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What are White Label Services and How Do You Use Them to Grow Your Business?

White label refers to a marketing or manufacturing process whereby one company creates a product or service, which is then rebranded by another business to make the product or service look like it is their own. For businesses, particularly small businesses with limited time, money and resources, white label services offer great opportunities to compete with bigger players in their field. This is due to the fact that white labeling enables businesses to expand their service offerings to clients ...
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30 Percent of Small Business Owners Don’t Take a Salary

Running your own small business is the life, right? Being in control of your day and your destiny sounds great. That’s the goal and the reason you decide to venture into business on your own, but a new Fundera survey of small business owners reveals small business ownership isn’t for the weak-willed or faint of heart. The life certainly comes with its hardships. Salary of a Small Business Owner And most notable is the lack of pay. The Fundera survey reveals that 30 percent of small business o...
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5 Ways to Grow Your Personal Brand in One Week

Do you want to grow your name and your business online? If so, you need to build your personal brand first. Start thinking of your name — and yourself — as a brand and everything else will fall into place. Take a look at these five ways of building a personal brand in a week or less. Building a Personal Brand — Fast Do Your Research Before you can begin to build an online personal profile, you need to see what is already out there. Do you have any unpleasant photos out in cyberspace? Set up...
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What Small Business Owners Can Learn from NFL Superstar Tom Brady

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champions. They are also projected as the favorite to win the Super Bowl again this season. Playing now in his 17th year as a professional quarterback, Brady’s career arc has been nothing short of spectacular. He went from a lightly-regarded prospect in college to arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. As a five-time Super Bowl champion, he has demonstrated winning traits throughout his journey that would help put an...
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Spotlight: Rad Season Focuses on Action Sports Traveler Market

There are plenty of opportunities for fans of action sports to travel around for various events. But there isn’t a lot of information and assistance available for those travelers. That’s where comes in. The company provides an online resource and platform specifically for fans of action sports. Read more about the business below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What the Business Does Provides a platform for action sports travelers. Founder Oli Russell-Cowan told Small Business Trend...
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9 Creative Ways You Can Encourage Impulse Buying in Your Retail Business

Are you ignoring a potentially profitable type of product in your retail store? I’m talking about impulse buying. More than three-fourths of Americans have made an impulse buy in the past three months; of those, more than half have spent over $100 on an impulse buy, according to a survey by How to Encourage Impulse Buying Target, H&M, Sephora and even Home Depot are among the retail masters of the impulse buy, and you can learn a lot just by cruising their aisles. However, if...
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