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When Presenting To A Finder Of Fact, Avoid The Scenic Route

It can be easy to confuse a juror when you go into extraneous detail.
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An Angry Millennial Is A Litigious Millennial

They need more than a hashtag to take on the Fyre Festival.
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Older Attorneys And Younger Lawyers Practice Law Very Differently

Veteran attorneys are usually more rigid in how they approach the practice of law, while younger attorneys typically embrace flexibility.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Small Law Firms, Jordan Rothman

Saying ‘I Do!’: Prenuptial Agreements For Student Couples

Do you need a prenuptial agreement if there are few assets at the time of marriage? You better believe it.
Tags: Law, Weddings, Small Law Firms, Trusts and Estates, Romance and Dating, Prenuptial Agreements, Cori A. Robinson

Can You Teach An Old Lawyer New Tricks? A Longtime Attorney Takes A Weeklong Mediation Training

Anyone feeling a bit too comfortable in their lawyer job should take the risk and try something different — like mediation.
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Lawyer Sends Around Racist Pictures Of Beer, NAACP Gets Involved

After facing consequences for posting an offensive image online, a lawyer complains that it's everyone's fault but his.
Tags: Facebook, Law, Racism, Civil Rights, Small Law Firms, Norm Pattis

Lawyer Sues Ticketmaster Over ‘Hamilton’ Tickets He Purchased For Wrong Day

He's young(ish), scrappy, and hungry -- and he's not throwing away his shot.
Tags: Law, Broadway, Hamilton, Ticketmaster, Joshua Davis, Small Law Firms, Stupid Lawyer Tricks, Davis Law Group

Estate Planning Resolutions For 2019: How To Be A Grown-Up In The New Year

From an estate planning perspective, here is a punch list that every adult should look to achieve in the new year.
Tags: Law, Estate Planning, Small Law Firms, Trusts and Estates, Cori A. Robinson

Lawyer Charged In String Of Sexual Attacks On Women

From in-house to the big house? He's the suspect in as many as five attacks on women.
Tags: Crime, Law, Sexual Assault, Legal Ethics, In-House Counsel, Small Law Firms, Attorney Misconduct, Ra’Shaun Kelley

Law Firm Partner Shot To Death In Murder-Suicide

Police say there was no previous history of domestic violence.
Tags: Murder, Law, Suicide, Deaths, Small Law Firms, Partner Issues, Danny Kilgore Jr, Laura Crowley

The $100K Paralegal: Lawyer Winds Up Paying Six Figures Over $300 Dispute With Former Employee

This lawyer represented himself into a gigantic financial hole.
Tags: Law, California, Courts, Small Law Firms, Paralegals, Thomas Beck, Anthony Stratton

If You Made 2019 The Year You Started A Firm, Here’s A Video Series For You

Learning the ropes of starting your own firm.
Tags: Law, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms

Reboot Your Law Firm: An Interactive Day Of Learning [Sponsored]

Ready to get more tech-enabled in 2019? Tickets are on sale now. Space is limited. Purchase your ticket today!
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Don’t Expect 2019 To Be A Perfect Year

Let’s remember that life isn’t perfect and we shouldn’t expect everything to happen the way we want it to.
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Underpaying Associates Can Be Costly To Law Firms (Part II)

Some law firms might realize substantial benefits in the long run if they simply paid attorneys more money.
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What Are You Getting Yourself Or Your Team In The New Year? [Sponsored]

Share appreciation for your team by thanking them for their contributions this year.
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The 4 Agreements For Business

If you are positive and putting in the best effort, that will translate to your work and your ultimate customers.
Tags: Law, Advice, Small Law Firms, Mary E. Juetten

Underpaying Associates Can Be Costly For Law Firms

Underpaying associates means that a firm likely has less-experienced attorneys who are more prone to messing matters up.
Tags: Money, Law, Biglaw, Small Law Firms, Associate Compensation, Jordan Rothman

Solo And Small Firms: 2018 In Review And What’s Next

Some of the year’s trends and events and how they impacted solo and small law firms.
Tags: Technology, Law, Practice Management, Legal Ethics, Avvo, Carolyn Elefant, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms

Who’s Your Daddy: Fighting For The Estate Of Charles Manson

Manson’s 2002 last will -- whether valid or not -- notably states the following phrase: 'I'm not in the best spot to rest in peace.'
Tags: Law, Charles Manson, Manson, Small Law Firms, Trusts and Estates, Jason Freeman, Michael Channels, Cori A. Robinson, Will Contests

Do New Lawyers Need To Be Scared Into Being Perfect And Devoted To Their Job?

Every law firm should demand perfection and loyalty from its attorneys -- but not in a way that will scare and demoralize them.
Tags: Law, Uncategorized, Success, Perfection, Work/Life Balance, Small Law Firms, Steven Chung

Office Politics Make Law Firm Holiday Parties Incredibly Stressful

Get ready to act interested in old war stories and laugh at jokes no matter how horrible they are.
Tags: Law, Holiday Parties, Biglaw, Office Politics, Small Law Firms, Holidays and Seasons, Jordan Rothman

New Year’s Resolutions For Legal Tech

Learning from mistakes and moving forward.
Tags: Technology, Law, Biglaw, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms

Jerk Videotaped Attacking And Shouting Racist Slurs At Subway Passenger Is Obviously A Lawyer

The criminal charges she racked up as a result of this incident will probably get her in some trouble with the bar.
Tags: Law, Racism, Small Law Firms, Attorney Misconduct, Anna Lushchinskaya, Anna Lushchinsky

How To Make A Great First Impression With Clients [Sponsored]

First meetings are all about laying a foundation to build on.
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How Does Your Law Firm’s NPS Stack Up? [Sponsored]

It’s important to see how your firm is serving clients, but it’s also important to see how you compare to the legal industry as a whole.
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The Lonely Solo On Christmas

How does a solo celebrate the holidays in December?
Tags: Law, Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms, Holidays and Seasons, Cori A. Robinson