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The Smart Home May Finally Be Unified Under One CHIP

The tech industry loves a coalition. Sometimes those coalitions lead absolutely nowhere, but in one particular case, the big companies working together is actually beneficial for consumers.Read more...
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The best speaker deals - save $120 on Vizio's flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Vizio Speakers with good performance can be pricey, but they often go on sale. We've compiled all the best speaker deals for April 2021. Right now, you can get Vizio's 5.1.4 Elevate Soundbar for $879 - that's $121 off its full price. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Great speakers can make listening to music far more enjoyable, and there are plenty of deals to be found. These days, even r...
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Bang & Olufsen’s latest speaker is as thin as a book

If you prefer speakers that are heard and not seen, Bang & Olufsen's $699 Beosound Emerge will be music to your ears. At just 2.6 inches, it's incredibly thin.
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Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: Alexa’s new small budget ball

Smart speaker ditches puck shape but keeps solid sound and function with or without LED clock displayAmazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot has evolved from its predecessors’ puck-like appearance into a small ball, shaking up the idea of what a small smart speaker can look like.The new Echo Dot is priced the same as the last one, costing from £50, although it will be frequently available at a discount at various retailers, and looks like the full-sized £80 Echo hit with a shrink ray. Continue readi...
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Blaze It, Siri Leaks the Next Apple Event Date is 4/20

Siri, you beautiful, dumb disaster bot. In what appears to be a goof, the voice assistant has leaked that the next Apple event will be next week on April 20. Read more...
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Sonos Roam review: the portable speaker you’ll want to use at home too

Cheaper wifi speaker has Bluetooth plus Google or Alexa for great indoor and outdoor musicSonos’s new smaller and cheaper Roam portable speaker is one that won’t end up relegated to a drawer collecting dust as it sounds great at home too.The £159 Roam joins the much bigger and heavier £399 Move as the second of firm’s battery-powered models and proves itself as one of the best options in a saturated market. Continue reading...
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Apple, Combining a TV Box and Smart Speakers Isn't Going to Fix Your Smart Home Woes

Listen, Apple’s great at a lot of things, but building smart home gadgets ain’t one of them. In fact, its dismal offerings in that space are a glaring weakness—especially when you look at the strides Google and Amazon have made in recent years. Apple is well aware of that, and it looks like it might try to change its…Read more...
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Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review: wearable-free sleep tracking smart display

Radar-based gesture and sleep tracking turns top smart assistant into a great alarm clock tooGoogle’s second-generation Nest Hub smart display now comes with radar-based sleep tracking as it attempts to keep Amazon’s Alexa at bay.The new Nest Hub costs £89.99 on launch, which makes it cheaper than its predecessor and slightly undercuts competitors of a similar size. Continue reading...
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The 4 best speakers in 2021 from floorstanding models to compact Bluetooth speakers

Great speakers don't just look good - they bring your audio experience to a new level. Speakers are available in a variety of sizes to suit different listening and budget needs. For big sound perfect for music and movies, the Klipsch RP-8000F tower speakers are our top pick. A great speaker or speaker system can enhance your listening experience for music, movies, and TV. There are many types of speakers to choose from and different models will be better suited for different situations. For...
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Sonos delivers a near-perfect portable speaker with the new Sonos Roam

Sonos has a new speaker that starts shipping later this month, and it’s a significant departure from the company’s usual offerings in a number of ways. The all-new Sonos Roam is a compact, portable speaker with a built-in battery and Bluetooth connectivity — but still very much a Sonos system team player, with wifi streaming, multi-room feature, voice assistant support and surprisingly great sound quality. The basics Priced at $179, the Sonos Roam is truly diminutive, at just over 6 inches, by...
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Sonos Roam review: Tiny speaker, huge value

With an incredible array of features and ultra-portability, the Roam is going to win Sonos a lot of new fans.
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Amazon Fixed the Echo Show 10's Biggest Feature Failure

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is a neat gadget for its ability to move with you while you stream videos and make calls to friends and family. But for a smart display whose entire reason for being its support for these uses, the Echo Show lacked one major app used universally during the pandemic: Zoom.Read more...
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Bluetooth speakers vs. smart speakers - the differences, pros and cons, explained

What you need out of your speaker will determine whether you should get a Smart or Bluetooth speaker. Insider Intelligence Smart speakers and Bluetooth speakers are both typically portable, and rely on wireless connections to play music. Regular bluetooth speakers just connect to your phone or computer to play audio, and don't do much else. The biggest difference is that smart speakers have built-in internet assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Visit Insider's Tech Re...
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Google's New Nest Hub Is the Perfect Alarm Clock

Most of us have long since replaced a standalone alarm clock with a phone, but the new Google Nest Hub is the first smart display that justifies its placement on your nightstand. Its new sleep-tracking capabilities are impressive, and it finally offers an easy sleep-tracking solution for those of us who hate wearing a…Read more...
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The HomePod Mini Has a Secret Sensor, but Apple's Smart Home Future Is Still Meh

When the HomePod mini launched a few months back, it appears Apple was holding out on everyone in the form of a secret temperature and humidity sensor.Read more...
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The best Google Assistant-compatible devices for 2021

Google Assistant is an unbelievable smart-home brain that can be used to control every item on this list.
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Amazon's Motion-Tracking Smart Display Is Kinda Creepy, but Damn Is It Useful

Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 will track you as you move across its line of sight, which feels strange at first. That’s just one of the device’s many unique features, and its other abilities make it a handy sous-chef while you’re preparing meals. But its limited app support is a disappointing shortcoming of an otherwise…Read more...
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The new Google Nest Hub is a smart display that's designed to help you sleep better - you can preorder it now for $100

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Google Google announced a second generation model of its Nest Hub on March 16.The smart display includes improved bass and a new feature designed to monitor your sleep.The new Nest Hub will be available starting March 30, and you can preorder it now for $100. Nest Hub (2nd gen) (small) Just over two years since Google introduced its first Home Hub device, the company has announced its latest smart displ...
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Google's New Nest Hub Tracks Your Sleep From Your Nightstand, No Wearables Required

Google hasn’t updated its smart display, the Google Home Hub, in more than two years, but today the company announced a brand new Nest Hub. While the updated version may look identical to its predecessor, Google makes up for it a fresh feature: the ability to track your sleep without requiring you to strap a band to…Read more...
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Apple is killing off its $350 HomePod smart speaker, the second high-end product it's discontinued this month

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Apple is discontinuing the original HomePod smart speaker. It will focus instead on the $99 HomePod Mini, which launched last fall. The $350 HomePod never became a consumer hit, likely due to its limited capabilities and high price. See more stories on Insider's business page. Apple is killing off its $350 HomePod smart speaker, the latest high-end device Apple has discontinued this month. The company told TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino earlier in Mar...
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Put a Tiger on It! Pretty Much Every Amazon Echo Device Is on Sale

Save up to 50% on Echo Devices | Amazon
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Apple: RIP HomePod. Long Live the HomePod Mini

Apple is reportedly discontinuing its original HomePod smart speaker as the company pivots focus to the HomePod mini, its smaller and more affordable baby brother.Read more...
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Apple discontinues original HomePod, will focus on mini

After 4 years on the market, Apple has discontinued its original HomePod. It says that it will continue to produce and focus on the HomePod mini, introduced last year. The larger HomePod offered a beefier sound space but the mini has been very well received and clearly accomplishes many of the duties that the larger version was tasked with. The sound is super solid (especially for the size) and it offers access to Siri, Apple’s assistant feature. The original HomePod was a feat of audio engineer...
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Sonos' new compact portable speaker features a waterproof design and built-in voice control for $169

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Sonos The Sonos Roam is the company's new portable, waterproof speaker.The compact speaker features up to 10 hours of playback and includes voice assistant support.You can preorder the Sonos Roam now for $169, and first shipments are set to arrive by April 20. Roam (small) After giving portable speakers a go with the impressive but rather hefty Sonos Move in 2019, Sonos is back with a lighter, waterp...
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The Sonos Roam just put all other portable speakers on notice

Sonos' second portable speaker, the surprisingly affordable $169 Sonos Roam, is a fully waterproof, very lightweight smart speaker that's packed with features.
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Nanoleaf's New Smart Bulb Is the One to Beat for HomePod Mini Owners

There are two kinds of smart bulbs in this world—those that work well, and those doomed to languish in drawers with all of your other bitter regrets. If you haven’t done your research, or just failed hard a lot, you have probably come to the same conclusion many of us have: Just buy the friggin’ Philips Hue bulbs.…Read more...
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How to Get an Amazon Echo to Tell You a Room's Temperature

Little thermometers you can buy and hang anywhere are fairly cheap, but there’s no need to get one if you own an Amazon Echo. That is, if you own one of two kinds of Echos: a fourth-generation Echo or a second-generation Echo Plus. Both of these have temperature sensors built into the smart speakers; you just have to…Read more...
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The best speaker deals - save $100 on Vizio's flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Vizio Speakers with good performance can be pricey, but they often go on sale.We've compiled all the best speaker deals for March 2021.Right now, you can get Vizio's 5.1.4 Elevate Soundbar for $900 - that's $100 off its full price. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Great speakers can make listening to music far more enjoyable - and speakers have been getting a whole lot better over the past few years. T...
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The best Alexa speakers for 2021

The best Alexa speaker is surprisingly affordable, but we've picked an option at a variety of price points.
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