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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

What happens when you compare the Google Home vs the Amazon Echo? Both smart speakers have good qualities, but what happens when you compare they're features side-by-side? We think one of these smart gadgets wins over the other. The post Google Home vs. Amazon Echo appeared first on Digital Trends.
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You can now stream to your Sonos devices via AirPlay 2

Newer Sonos devices and “rooms” now appear as AirPlay 2-compatible devices, allowing you to stream audio to them via Apple devices. The solution is a long time coming for Sonos which promised AirPlay 2 support in October. You can stream to Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Playbase, and Play:5 speakers and ask Siri to play music on various speakers (“Hey Siri, play some hip-hop in the kitchen.”) The feature should roll out to current speakers today. I tried a beta version and it worked as advertised....
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Digging deeper into smart speakers reveals two clear paths

In a truly fascinating exploration into two smart speakers – the Sonos One and the Amazon Echo – BoltVC’s Ben Einstein has found some interesting differences in the way a traditional speaker company and an infrastructure juggernaut look at their flagship devices. The post is well worth a a full read but the gist is this: Sonos, a very traditional speaker company, has produced a good speaker and modified its current hardware to support smart home features like Alexa and Google Assistant. The Son...
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Amazon India adds smart home cameras and voice remotes to Echo portfolio

Amazon Echo can now control home cameras by EZVIZ and D-Link in India. These devices, which are essentially inside-the-home CCTV cameras with a WiFi connection, will now ship with support for Amazon Echo smart speakers, essentially letting themselves be controlled by voice commands. “All... ...
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Sonos Beam Is a Great Smart Soundbar for Not Too Much Money

People who own Sonos speakers love their Sonos speakers. I’m one of them. In the three to four years that I’ve been living in the Sonos ecosystem, however, one big complaint was that I couldn’t use Sonos for my TV unless I barfed up $700 for the Sonos Playbase or Playbar. Now, with the $400 Sonos Beam, I can run a 5.1…Read more...
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Sonos Beam review: a great, compact, jack-of-all-trades upgrade for your TV

The new, cheaper, more compact Sonos soundbar has full-range, room-filling sound, wifi and smart speaker functionality with built-in AlexaThe Beam is the new, more compact and cheaper soundbar from multi-room audio specialists Sonos, which promises to be a great one-box upgrade for your TV sound, with Alexa and smart speaker functionality built in.On the surface the Beam appears to be a relatively simple product. It’s an all-in-one soundbar that connects to your TV via HDMI or optical cable and ...
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Meet people around the world with games on Alexa and Google Assistant

Board games are joining us in the future as artificial intelligence gets ready to start playing games with us and even enhancing them with interactive experiences. AI’s are in almost every household now whether they’re in your pocket on a phone or managing your home in a Smart speaker. Data from earlier this year shows that smart speakers are in 20% of households now and soon they’ll be playing games with you – the fun kind not the world domination kind. London-based company Sensible Object ...
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Jibo Lays Off Staff Several Months After Launch of “Social Robot”

Less than a year after Jibo began shipping its long-awaited “social robot” to consumers, the startup has reportedly laid off almost all of its employees. A Jibo spokesperson told BostInno that the company recently carried out a “significant reduction” in its workforce and cut other costs to give the startup “additional time to secure additional funding or pursue an exit.” An unidentified former Jibo employee reportedly told BostInno that the company is down to five to 10 employees in Bost...
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Durable speakers you can buy without overspending

Editor’s note: This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and TechCrunch earn affiliate commissions. There are few scenarios where enjoyable music pumping out of a good speaker is an annoyance. Outdoor gatherings, casual cleaning sessions at home, and parties (big and small) call for entertainment that can be provided through sound. While speakers and systems are known to be pricey, there are a varie...
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Apple’s Smart Speaker Almost Feels Competitive Now

Do you own a HomePod, Apple’s needlessly expensive smart speaker? Have you ever wished you could connect your multiple HomePods, the ones that sit lovingly in your magnificent house, so they could all play the exact same song at the exact same time? Does that kind of technology sound like it should’ve already been…Read more...
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Russia’s Yandex unveils Plus, a Prime-style service for $2.75/month, ‘Station’ smart speaker and Alice skills

Russian search giant Yandex is sometimes described as the “Google of Russia”, but maybe it should be described as the Amazon of Russia, too. The company today took the wraps off Yandex.Plus, a service modelled on Amazon Prime that gives users a number of perks for a monthly fee — 169 roubles/month, or about $2.75. On top of that, the company is making its first foray into hardware with a new, $160 smart speaker, Yandex.Station, and a new skills platform, called Yandex.Dialogues, for the Russi...
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Google Home speakers outsell Amazon Echo in first quarter of 2018

For the first time since 2017, Google shipped more Home devices than Amazon did Echo devices. While Amazon still holds a respectable share of the market, Google is slowly catching up thanks to its success in emerging markets. The post Google Home speakers outsell Amazon Echo in first quarter of 2018 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google Just Turned a Huge Corner in the Smart Speaker Game

When Amazon launched the Echo back in late 2014, it kicked off one of the biggest trends in tech. Almost overnight, it seemed like every company wanted to get in on that sweet smart speaker action. However, largely because Amazon was first to market, the Echo has consistently been the top-selling smart speaker for the…Read more...
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Microsoft Bought an AI Startup to Help Cortana Sound Less Robotic

At Google I/O 2018, Google announced that its digital assistant was getting upgraded with more natural-sounding speech in addition to six new alternate voices. Then, Google promptly scared the hell out of everyone by using the Google Assistant’s new skills to mimic a real voice so well, people on the other end of a…Read more...
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Kathrin Bussmann Offers Tips and Advice on Global Podcasting

Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D. is someone that everyone should know. She is Founder and Principal of Verbaccino and has been hosting the famous Worldly Marketer Podcast for as long as I can remember, more than 100 episodes, and she doesn’t just host it well, she hosts it magnificently. Each podcast features a different expert in the […]
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Amazon Echo smart speaker feels squeeze as Google and Apple make gains

Amazon has dominated the smart-speaker market since the launch of the Echo in 2014, but with Google, Apple, and other players beginning to make gains, its grip is beginning to slip. The post Amazon Echo smart speaker feels squeeze as Google and Apple make gains appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Echo smart speaker: Amazon feels squeeze as Google and Apple make gains

Amazon has dominated the smart-speaker market since the launch of the Echo in 2014, but with Google, Apple, and other players beginning to make gains, its grip is beginning to slip. The post Echo smart speaker: Amazon feels squeeze as Google and Apple make gains appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Amazon Echo helps push digital radio audience past FM

Smart speakers influence debate about switching off analogue signal in UKThe popularity of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers has helped push the audience for digital radio past that of FM and AM in the UK for the first time. The milestone, which was reached in the first quarter of this year, could prompt the government to launch a review to evaluate whether it should switch off the FM signal.Digital, which covers listening via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) sets in homes and cars, televisions and t...
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Facebook’s smart speakers will launch overseas before they hit the U.S.

As expected, Facebook did not debut its highly anticipated smart speakers at its F8 Developer Conference. Now, we're learning that they may make their debut overseas before they come to the U.S. The post Facebook’s smart speakers will launch overseas before they hit the U.S. appeared first on Digital Trends.
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From vaping to drones, 8 tech trends we may look back on and cringe

Folks used to insulate their homes with asbestos and smoke on airplanes. What are the modern tech trends which may prompt similar 'what were they thinking?' reactions in the future? Here are eight. The post From vaping to drones, 8 tech trends we may look back on and cringe appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Study shows Google Assistant is smarter than its rivals

Which is the smartest smart speaker of them all? A recent study concluded that Google Assistant still leads the way, but its rivals from Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are catching up. The post Study shows Google Assistant is smarter than its rivals appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Techstars Alexa Firms Address Settings Where Voice Is ‘Most Natural’

Smart speakers are becoming increasingly common in our homes. Users can instruct these devices to order takeout, give the weather forecast, or turn on or off various IoT-connected devices. The Consumer Technology Association estimates that nearly 44 million of the voice-enabled assistants will be sold this year in the United States. Unit sales rose 279 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to the association. “We have entered the era of voice,” Jim Harris, a management consultant writes on...
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Smart Speakers Are a Great Tool for the Visually Impaired 

Touchscreens have become the primary way many of us interact with the digital world, but they aren’t great options for the visually impaired. Smartphones have small displays and require precise controls, and their screens shut off after a few moments of inactivity, which makes them difficult to use if your vision…Read more...
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Looks Like Nobody Wants to Buy Apple’s HomePod

Surprise, surprise, turns out Apple’s debut foray into the world of voice assistant-enabled speakers isn’t quite living up to the company’s initial expectations. According to a Bloomberg report, the company has lowered the number of Homepods being manufactured by one of its partners, Inventec Corporation, and is…Read more...
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Apple poaches Google's AI chief in push to save Siri

Scottish-born John Giannandrea joined search firm in 2010 and helped it become market leader Apple has poached Google’s AI chief, John Giannandrea, to run its machine learning and AI operations, in the clearest sign yet that the iPhone creator is attempting to fix the problems that saw its early lead in the field crumble.Scottish-born Giannandrea, who joined Google in 2010 after his startup, Metaweb, was acquired, has led the search firm’s push to become market leader in AI and machine learning....
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IoT devices could be next customer data frontier

At the Adobe Summit this week in Las Vegas, the company introduced what could be the ultimate customer experience construct, a customer experience system of record that pulls in information, not just from Adobe tools, but wherever it lives. In many ways it marked a new period in the notion of customer experience management, putting it front and center of the marketing strategy. Adobe was not alone, of course. Salesforce, with its three-headed monster, the sales, marketing and service clouds, was...
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Google Mercifully Now Lets You Pair the Home Mini With Better Bluetooth Speakers

Loving your new Google Home Mini? Hating its tinny sound and lack of auxiliary output options? Well Google appears to have heard your lo-fi cries of anguish, and responded by adding a way to control your third-party Bluetooth speakers using your Google Home device. Nice work! It only took a whole year.Read more...
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Facebook: Yeah, Maybe Now Isn't the Best Time to Launch Our New Speaker Designed to Spy on You

Facebook “has decided not to unveil” its line of connected home speakers, which boast digital assistant and video-chat capabilities, at its developer conference in May because too many people have wised up to the fact said products will probably turn their homes into Mark Zuckerberg-surveilled Panopticons, Bloomberg…Read more...
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Google's Smart Speakers Are Ready to Sell You a Bunch of Crap

Devices like the Google Home are billed as AI-powered assistants that can help make your life easier, but that doesn’t mean Google’s intentions are entirely altruistic. That little speaker sitting in the corner is listening to you, and sending at least some of that data back to Google, which is now using that info to…Read more...
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Spotify is testing its own voice assistant to control your music

Streaming service’s voice recognition system seeks to free it from reliance on Siri and Alexa, paving way to launch its own smart speakerSpotify is experimenting with a voice-control interface, looking to free itself from reliance on Siri and Alexa and pave the way for the company’s forthcoming smart speaker.Users of the service have spotted the new feature hiding in the search bar of Spotify’s iOS app. After tapping the magnifying glass to search for a track or playlist , testers see a micropho...
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