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Fate/Grand Order Summer Event Swimsuits Already Generating Steamy Art

The developers of Fate/Grand Order intend to maintain the gacha-laden smartphone game’s immense renown and have introduced plenty of new swimsuit variants as a result, prompting artists into sketching their own illustrations of the girls wearing the bikinis. The summer event will unleash swimsuits for Sesshouin Kiara, Illyasviel von Einzbern, and Brynhildr (males such as […]
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56-Year-Old Man Arrested for Assaulting Friend over Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has continued to maintain its popularity in more ways than one as the game has served as a catalyst for another act of violence, this time spurring a 56-year-old into an altercation with a friend over an in-game Gym. The male company employee was arrested by Hokkaido police on suspicion of assault and […]
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Fate/Grand Order Waltz Bug Exposes Mashu’s Pantsu

Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM has given the smartphone game’s more perverse demographic exactly what they wanted as a bug has been found that tears off Mashu’s skirt and exposes her penchant for unique pantsu. A Twitter denizen noted that they were using an outdated iPhone to play and encountered the bug, naturally sharing […]
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Samsung's Super High Variable Refresh Rate Screens Will Soon Come to More Smartphones, and I Can't Wait

Following the debut of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Display has officially announced commercial availability of its new mobile screens with support for variable refresh rates which offer both improved smoothness and lower power consumption. Read more...
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NJ Court Says the Fifth Amendment Doesn't Protect Your Phone From the Police

In a tale of an allegedly crooked sheriff caught abusing his power, the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that forcing a suspect to unlock their iPhones doesn’t run afoul of the Fifth Amendment. Read more...
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This Case Gives Your Phone Robotic Legs So It Can Crawl to a Wireless Charging Pad

By now our brains are all wired with smartphone battery anxiety, and panic starts to set in when power drops below 50%. In one of the more bizarre ways to keep those stresses at bay, a team of researchers have developed a new smartphone case with a set of tiny robotic legs that allow a phone to crawl to a wireless…Read more...
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Thank God Microsoft Is Actually Trying New Things

Last fall, Microsoft surprised everyone when it announced the Surface Duo. Following months of development, Microsoft is finally ready to release the Surface Duo for real, and after learning more about it, I feel like the Surface Duo is so much more than just a dual-screen gadget or even Microsoft’s first Android…Read more...
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Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo arrives September 10 for $1,399

I can’t recall the last time people were this intrigued by a (non-Xbox) piece of Microsoft hardware. Announced a little under a year ago amid a deluge of new devices, the Surface Duo turned a lot of heads, leaving many wondering whether the product amounted to more than a concept device. Today, however, the dual-screen mobile device takes an important step closer to reality, with a release date and price. As a matter of fact, the Duo actually goes up for pre-order starting today. It’s set to ...
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Dance Passionately With Mashu Kyrielite in Fate/Grand Order Waltz

The special project previously teased for Fate/Grand Order’s 5th anniversary has been unveiled to be a passionate music game called Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM, where players have the pleasure of dancing alongside beloved Shielder Mashu Kyrielite, as well as dressing her up in all sorts of costumes. Initially teased as “FGOW”, the title […]
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Report: wireless phone charging is an ecological disaster waiting to happen

If you've bought a premium smartphone handset over the past few years,  it's a safe bet that it came equipped with wireless charging technology baked into it. Wireless charging is wicked cool! In the Long, Long Ago, we had to carry one of the many USB cables most of us had kicking around our home if we wanted to charge our phone. Said cable needed to be plugged into a USB port and damn, they were really hard to find.  Such a nightmare. Today, praise the gods, we have the privilege of having to r...
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Google is turning Android Phones into seismometers

Google is launching a handful of new Android features today that don’t really have a lot in common but that are all interesting in their own right. There are updates to Android Auto and Android’s emergency location service, new accessibility features thanks to an updated Lookout app, and the promise of better sleep thanks to the bedtime tools in the Android Clock app now rolling out to all Android devices running version 6.0 or later (this was a Pixel-only feature before). But the highligh...
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Google, Nokia, Qualcomm are investors in $230M Series A2 for Finnish phone maker, HMD Global

Mobile device maker HMD Global has announced a $230M Series A2 — its first tranche of external funding since a $100M round back in 2018 when it tipped over into a unicorn valuation. Since late 2016 the startup has exclusively licensed Nokia’s brand for mobile devices, going on to ship some 240M devices to date. Its latest cash injection is notable both for its size (HMD claims it as the third largest funding round in Europe this year); and the profile of the strategic investors ploughing in ca...
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Android Auto gets Google Calendar integration

Google today announced a number of updates to Android Auto (which runs on the user’s phone) and Android Automotive (which car manufacturers can natively build into their cars) that will affect both users and developers on these platforms. In addition, Google today announced that it expects Android Auto to be available in more than 100 million cars in the coming months. The most obvious user-facing update is the integration of Google Calendar into Android Auto thanks to the new calendar app...
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Fate/Grand Order’s 5th Anniversary Promising New Project

Fate/Grand Order, a gacha game based upon the Fate franchise and cherished around the globe, is celebrating its fifth anniversary and has distributed a promising PV teasing a special project, which will hopefully only lead to bigger and better things for the highly profitable game. A PV teasing a special 5th anniversary project, which may […]
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More Surface Duo Leaks Hint at Imminent Launch and Upcoming Carrier Support

Officially, Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen Android phone—the Surface Duo—remains slated for a holiday release. However, following a new round of leaks and rumors, there’s a growing pile of evidence indicating that the Surface Duo’s launch could happen a lot sooner. Read more...
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Apple goes to war with the gaming industry

Most gamers may not view Apple as a games company to the same degree that they see Sony with PlayStation or Microsoft with Xbox, but the iPhone-maker continues to uniformly drive the industry with decisions made in the Apple App Store. The company made the news a couple times late this week for App Store approvals. Once for denying a gaming app, and the other for approving one. The denial was Microsoft’s xCloud gaming app, something the Xbox folks weren’t too psyched about. Microsoft xC...
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Millions of Android Phones Are at Risk Due to "Achilles" Flaw in Qualcomm Chips

When you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone, it’s likely that you’re focused on price, design, and features first—and probably not the silicon inside powering it. However, researchers have found that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, one of the most widely used in Android phones, has hundreds of bits of vulnerable code…Read more...
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Google launches the final beta of Android 11

With the launch of Android 11 getting closer, Google today launched the third and final beta of its mobile operating system ahead of its general availability. Google had previously delayed the beta program by about a month because of the coronavirus pandemic. Image Credits: Google Since Android 11 had already reached platform stability with Beta 2, most of the changes here are fixes and optimizations. As a Google spokesperson noted, “this beta is focused on helping developers put the fi...
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Leaked Document Suggests Google Is Still Tinkering With a Foldable Pixel

Foldable smartphones don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. A leaked document obtained by 9to5 Google hints that not only is Google developing Android builds for a Pixel 5a, it’s also futzing around with a foldable Pixel and possibly two other devices.Read more...
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The Pixel 4 and 4XL Have Already Been Discontinued

It was less than a year ago that Google introduced the Pixel 4 and 4XL. In fact, it’s been just a little over 10 months. However, it appears that Google has already decided to discontinue its current flagship phones, with both devices out of stock in the U.S., per the Verge.Read more...
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Idola Phantasy Star Saga Smartphone Game Spinoff Coming West

Developer Sega and publisher Boltrend Games have announced the Phantasy Star spinoff in mobile game form Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be making its way to the West. On top of the announcement, Boltrend Games also revealed Idola Phantasy Star Saga will receive two beta tests in which players will be able to experience a […]
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Twitter says Android security bug gave access to direct messages

Twitter says a security bug may have exposed the direct messages of Android app users, but said that there was no evidence that the vulnerability was ever exploited. The bug could have allowed a malicious Android app running on the same device to siphon off a user’s direct messages stored in the Twitter app by bypassing Android’s in-built data permissions. Twitter said, however, that the bug only worked on Android 8 (Oreo) and Android 9 (Pie), and has since been fixed. A Twitter spokespers...
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Google updates G Suite for mobile with dark mode support, Smart Compose for Docs and more

Google today announced a major update to its mobile G Suite productivity apps. Among these updates are the addition of a dark theme for Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as the addition of Google’s Smart Compose technology to Docs on mobile and the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents without having to covert them. Other updates include a new vertically scrollable slide viewing experience in Slides, link previews and a new user interface for comments and action items. You can now also re...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 ships August 21, starting at $1,000

Samsung promised a lot of gadgets for today’s big Unpacked event — five in all, as a matter of fact. As expected, the big headliners — both figuratively and literally — are the latest additions to the popular Note line. Also unsurprising is the company’s positioning the Note 20 — along with the rest of today’s new hardware — as   “devices […] that seamlessly integrate to empower consumers navigating a rapidly changing world.” It’s mostly a bit of hyperbole as the company looks to position a pai...
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Will Your Phone Still Work After AT&T's 3G Network Shuts Down?

Many AT&T customers received a confusing email from the company saying 3G services are about to end and that they need to upgrade to a new phone if they want to keep using the network. This, of course, was met with scrutiny online. Many users assumed it was a scam, while others were upset by the short notice.Read more...
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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Looks Like a Big Step for Forward for Foldable Phones

With the original Galaxy Fold, Samsung took a major leap into creating an entirely new type of mobile device. However, like a lot of innovative first-gen gadgets, the Fold was just as much of a tech demo as it was a true retail device. But with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, Samsung appears to have addressed many of the…Read more...
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Ryofu Housen Strips Down into a Swimsuit for Ikkitousen Extra Burst

Ikkitousen Extra Burst has continued its summertime extravaganza as yet another new event has arrived, allowing for the acquisition of another bikini-clad girl as the mesmerizing Ryofu Housen obtains her turn. The new event is called “Tokonatsu! Otakara Island” and, like other events, has players gathering up special coins that can be exchanged for items. […]
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Android's Alternative to Apple's AirDrop Is Called 'Nearby Sharing' and It's Rolling Out Today

With the launch of Android 10, Google quietly removed Android’s previous local file sharing feature when it dropped support for Android Beam. But starting today, Google is finally ready to release Android Beam’s replacement: Nearby Sharing. Read more...
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Android's Alternative to Apple's AirDrop Is Called 'Nearby Share' and It's Rolling Out Today

With the launch of Android 10, Google quietly removed Android’s previous local file sharing feature when it dropped support for Android Beam. But starting today, Google is finally ready to release Android Beam’s replacement: Nearby Share. Read more...
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