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MIT develops privacy-preserving COVID-19 contact tracing inspired by Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature

One of the efforts that’s been proposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 is a contact trace and track program, that would allow health officials to keep better tabs on individuals who have been infected, and alert them to potential spread. Contract tracing has already seemingly proven effective in some parts of the world that have managed to curb the coronavirus spread, but privacy advocates have big reservations about any such system’s implementation in the U.S. There are a number of proposals...
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It's Way Too Early to Start Nitpicking the Surface Duo's Camera

The Surface Duo is a dual-screen phone made by Microsoft that runs Android rather than Windows— it’s an unquestionably exciting device. But given that it’s not expected to go on sale until the holidays, it’s way too early to start getting hypercritical about its camera performance.Read more...
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Samsung Is Bringing 5G to Cheaper Phones

Samsung’s S20 flagship lineup is impressive, but the trio of phones is also expensive as hell. In this economy, nobody is gonna spend up to $1,400 on a smartphone. We need more affordable options and Samsung just took the wraps off its budget lineup, with six budget handsets to choose from, each cheaper than the last.…Read more...
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Kicking my cellphone out of bed has improved my sleep

After I brush my teeth I am now putting my iPhone on a charger in another room and going to bed. I find I have stopped waking up at 4am and sleep much better. Sleep is really important. The more sleep I lose, the harder everything else becomes and the easier it becomes to realize I'm fucking up. I have long known that I sleep better if I leave the cellphone out of my bed and just read a book... so of course I've spent the last few weeks reading news and texting friends around the world all hou...
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Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Sexy Cat Girl Rinkah

Casual smartphone title Fire Emblem Heroes has continued to pump out content for gacha addicts to latch onto, such as the addition of four new pretty girls from Fire Emblem If (Fire Emblem: Fates), including the feisty toned Rinkah that will almost irrefutably be the most popular of the bunch. The trailer for the imminent […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes Adds the Muscular Rinkah

Casual smartphone title Fire Emblem Heroes has continued to pump out content for gacha addicts to latch onto, such as the addition of three new pretty girls (and one surprise) from Fire Emblem If (Fire Emblem: Fates), including the feisty toned Rinkah that will almost irrefutably be the most popular of the bunch. The trailer […]
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Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman Gamble $1.8 Billion on Quibi

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman had to cancel a starry Hollywood party for their short-video platform because of the virus. But Quibi is still going live.
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Goblin Slayer The Endless Revenge Murders Goblins While Wearing Bath Towels

The Goblin Slayer smartphone game, Goblin Slayer The Endless Revenge, has continued to capitalize on tantalizing art as a new onsen-themed event has players being rewarded with bath towel versions of High Elf Archer and Majou (Witch). Titled the “Miwaku no Onsen” event, the plot revolves around an onsen said to possess waters that grant […]
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Estimote launches wearables for workplace-level contact tracing for COVID-19

Bluetooth location beacon startup Estimote has adapted its technological expertise to develop a new product designed specifically at curbing the spread of COVID-19. The company created a new range of wearable devices that co-founder Steve Cheney believes can enhance workplace safety for those who have to be colocated at a physical workplace even while social distancing and physical isolation measures are in place. The devices, called simply the “Proof of Health” wearables, aim to provide contact...
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Samsung Wants You to Buy a Galaxy S20 So Bad, It Promises to Buy It Back From You in Two Years

Before the Galaxy S20 even went on sale, I predicted its high price would put a damper on sales, and due to the impact of covid-19, things have only gotten worse. So now to help spur sales, Samsung is instituting a new program that will give new S20 owners a 50 percent buy back guarantee. Read more...
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NHS developing app to trace close contacts of coronavirus carriers

Technology is nearly ready for use and would also tell people when they should self isolateCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe NHS is in talks to roll out a smartphone app that instantly traces close contacts of people carrying the coronavirus and advises them to self-isolate.The app, developed by NHSX – the health service’s digital transformation arm – with academic and industry partners is in advanced stages of evaluation and is weeks away from being ready to be dep...
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The KonoSuba Girls Have a Pajama Party in KonoSuba Fantastic Days

The KonoSuba Fantastic Days smartphone game has begun a brand new event and gacha for players to spend all their money on, the theme of this one being pajamas as various nightwear-clad maidens can be collected for use in battles. A new story event called “Kono Subarashii Geijutsu ni Shukufuku o!” (concludes April 9th) is […]
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It Sure Seems Like Apple Is Going to Announce the iPhone 9 Real Soon

Two weeks ago to little fanfare, Apple somewhat abruptly released refreshed versions of the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. And now, it seems like Apple is prepping for the imminent release of the iPhone 9 (or whatever Apple ends up calling its upcoming mid-range phone). Read more...
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Jashin-chan Dropkick Bringing Demons & Sexy Costumes to Smartphones

Not only is a new anime coming for the perpetually nude Jashin-chan Dropkick but a smartphone game as well in the form of “Jashin-chan Dropkick ~Jinbouchou Houchi Dai Sakusen~“, a title that will hopefully contain the excessive amounts of gore and violence witnessed in the anime. The game is described as an easily-operated casual RPG […]
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Big Leak Reveals the OnePlus 8's Design and Specs Ahead of Launch

Recently, OnePlus has started hyping up its next big phone—the OnePlus 8. And now, a big leak has just revealed a ton of critical info about the design and features of OnePlus’ next flagship handset. Read more...
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This Week in Apps: Apple launches a COVID-19 app, the outbreak’s impact on social and video apps and more

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry saw a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019, according to App Annie’s “State of Mobile” annual report. People are now spending 3 hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies h...
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Samsung's Cheapest Flagship Is a Great Phone in A Weird Time

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is the company’s most affordable flagship, which isn’t saying much: The 6.2-inch smartphone costs $1,000. It is a very good phone with a very good—dare I say the very best—display of almost any phone on the market (the only better panels being the S20's larger siblings, the S20+ and S20 Ultra). In…Read more...
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Azur Lane’s USS Marblehead Possibly References Ero-Manga

The latest shipgirl added to popular smartphone game Azur Lane, USS Marblehead, has surprisingly come with several references recognizable to those experienced with Japanese fan-made ero-manga and memes. Official art of the American Omaha-class cruiser depicts her with a small ID tag featuring a picture of a girl in glasses – commenters have suggested that […]
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Why Your Phone’s Accessibility Options Are Useful for Everyone

Many assume the “accessibility” features on our devices are helpful only to those with visual or hearing impairments, but they’re useful for everyone.
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Trigger Brawls Containing up to 12 Girls in Ikkitousen Extra Burst

The Ikkitousen franchise will be making its way to smartphones in the form of Ikkitousen Extra Burst, a game that allows players to have up to 12 girls fight at once and will undoubtedly possess microtransactions. Divulged via its official website, 45 beautiful fighters will be available for players to recruit come launch; the title […]
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Huawei's Flagship P40 Pro+ Is Pushing the Limits of What a Smartphone Camera Can Do

Huawei typically likes to use its P-Series phones as a vessel to show off its fancy new camera tech. With the loss of Google services, and a growing range of bans on its products in international markets the latest P-Series phone needs to be extraordinary. If the new features on the P40 (particularly the P40 Pro+) are…Read more...
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Old Man Arrested for Playing Pokemon GO Under Quarantine

Police in Spain have arrested and fined an elderly man after he was caught breaking quarantine rules in order to play Pokemon GO. The 77-year-old man ventured outside the safety of his Coronavirus-protecting abode in the Latina district of Madrid so he could play the Pokemon-hunting game, caring little for the fact that Spain is […]
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Marie Rose & Kasumi Arrive in Alice Gear Aegis for Collab

Mecha musume smartphone game Alice Gear Aegis is collaborating with the immensely titillating Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, wrapping its girls in familiar bikinis and even introducing Marie Rose and Kasumi into the game as collectible maidens, their 2D forms bound to make them all the more coveted. Players can look forward to recruiting […]
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IBM and The Weather Channel launch detailed local COVID-19 maps and data tracking

There are already a number of resources available for mapping the spread of confirmed COVID-19 cases both in the U.S. and globally, but IBM and its subsidiary The Weather Company have launched new tools that bring COVID-19 mapping and analysis to more people via their Weather Channel mobile app and Existing tools are useful, but come from fairly specialized sources including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Johns Hopkins University. This new initiative combines data fro...
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Samsung Is Bringing a Bunch of Galaxy S20 Features to the S10 and Note 10

Now that new Galaxy S20 line has been out for a while, it seems Samsung is turning its attention to some of its older phones by adding some of the S20's new features to the Galaxy S10, S10 Lite, and Galaxy Note 10. Read more...
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Re:Zero’s First Smartphone Game Will Explore What-If Scenarios

Publishers Sega and Kadokawa have announced Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World) will be getting its own smartphone adventure/RPG title later this year, a decision that will have fans wondering what took them so long to start profiting off the monetary advantages of gacha. All the seiyuu from the […]
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