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Garmin Forerunner 235 smartwatch down to lowest-ever price — save $175

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a great deal at only $155 right now for a limited time only
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Polar Just Made Its First Affordable, Stylish Smartwatch

Polar smartwatches aren’t exactly chic. Like many fitness-first wearable companies, Polar’s strength has always been its in-depth metrics and platform. When it comes to style, Polar usually relies on that plain, sporty aesthetic, as it did with the M400, M600, A300, and the A360 fitness tracker. But today it’s…Read more...
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Apple Watch coughing out water looks stunning in slow motion

The footage highlights the mechanism used by the Apple Watch to expel water
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Global smartwatch shipments grew 12%, in spite of…everything

Wearables have proven to be a surprisingly resilient category amid the global COVID-19-fueled shutdown. As noted earlier this month, shipment growth slowed — but didn’t stop — in Q1, even as many potential customers have far fewer steps to track. And according to new numbers from Canalys out today, smartwatches in particular continued to grow in spite of it all. Wearable growth slowed — but not stopped — by pandemic Overall, the category grew 12% year-over-year for Q1, up to 14.3 millio...
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Amazon Canada Deals: Save 30% on Mpow Pro Gaming Headset + 37% on Swivel Grill + 36% on 6-Person Dark Room Tent + More Offers

Amazon Canada has awesome deals available now! The Amazon Canada deals include: Get Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset, for $39.99, Save 30% off Get Portable Video Projector, for $119.99, Save 8% off Get Wireless Earbuds 5.0 True Bluetooth, for $54.99 Get AUKEY 4K Dash Cam, for $139.99 Get iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, for $329.99, Save 17% off Get Flat Iron 1 Inch Titanium Hair Straightener, for $31.54, (when you apply 5.00 Coupon),  Save 27% off Get Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + ...
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Hublot’s fabulous Big Bang E smartwatch costs a mighty $5,200

Even at this price, this is the cheapest Hublot watch you can buy
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The $179 Timex Metropolitan R gives WearOS smartwatches reason to worry

Timex's affordable new smartwatch may look familiar, but it ticks off all the boxes and undercuts competitors.
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Moto 360 review: Classic smartwatch, stunning new design

No, this isn't the Moto 360 from 2015. The new model looks like the original, but improves on its execution.
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Fitbit’s Chinese rival Amazfit mulls a transparent, self-disinfecting mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a wave of Chinese companies with manufacturing operations to produce virus-fighting equipment: Shenzhen-based electric vehicle giant BYD quickly moved to launch what it claims to be the world’s largest mask plant; Hangzhou-based voice intelligence startup Rokid is making thermal imaging glasses targeted at the US market; and many more. The latest of such efforts comes from Huami, the NASDAQ-listed wearables startup that makes Xiaomi’s Mi Bands and sells...
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Awesome Alpina AlpinerX Alive smartwatch will satisfy both tech and watch geeks

The Alpina AlpinerX Alive smartwatch will appeal to both Swiss watch, and smartwatch, fans
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The Best Inexpensive Watch Bands for Your Smartwatch

One of my favorite things about smartwatches is their ability to morph their appearance depending on the day. Between all the watch faces on the Play Store, you’re covered for whatever look you want to achieve. You might not realize it, but the same applies to watch bands, too.Read more...
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Garmin Venu Review: Sporty everyday

Garmin's Venu isn't the ultimate fitness tracker, but its beautiful display will help you forgive it.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch blood pressure monitoring app approved by South Korean regulators

Samsung Electronics announced today that its blood pressure monitoring app for Galaxy Watches has been approved by South Korean regulators. Called the Samsung Health Monitor, the app will be available for the Galaxy Watch Active2 during the third quarter, at least in South Korea, and added to upcoming Galaxy Watch devices. TechCrunch has contacted Samsung for more information on when the app, which uses the Galaxy Watch Active2’s advanced sensor technology, will be available in other markets. It...
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Garmin Quatix 6 Review: So much more than a boat watch

Garmin's Quatix 6 was built for life on the water, but its multisport features mean it's no slouch on land.
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Meet the New Suunto 7: Blurring the Lines Between Fashion, Function, and Fitness

If you’re Jeff Bezos, you have the cash to buy yourself eleventy billion watches that serve a myriad of purposes in your life. But since most of us aren’t Bezos and are lucky to snag one fancy GPS watch for the rest of our days, let’s talk about the Suunto 7, the newest addition to the Finnish brand’s lineup.Read more...
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Suunto 7 review: Still a hardcore fitness watch

Can the new Suunto 7 appeal to both hardcore sports fans and those who want a fitness-lifestyle smartwatch?
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Tag Heuer reimagines its beautiful, $1,800 luxury WearOS smartwatch for 2020

The Tag Heuer Connected is expensive, but you get all the luxury you expect from the famous watch brand.
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How to Enable the Hidden Drum Sequencer Bonus Feature in Wear OS

There’s a fun little bonus feature buried away on your Wear OS smartwatch. And while it probably won’t make you the next Deadmau5, it’s a fun way to drop some beats for your friends or entertain yourself during those moments of supreme procrastination before bed or during your daily commute.Read more...
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The Casio G-Shock is a true smartwatch with heart-rate sensor and notifications

For the first time, this G-Shock has all the smart features you need
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This smartwatch takes a feature from the world’s most luxurious watches

Yes, that's a tourbillon on the Lankzet King Harald, a hybrid smartwatch now being launched on Kickstarter.
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A circular Apple Watch seems very unlikely, but it sure looks beautiful!

Short of putting a camera on the Apple Watch, there’s little to nothing Apple can do to make their Watch Series 5 better. It’s a remarkably built wearable with a great battery, a screen that can stay on all the time, a waterproof build that lets you go swimming with it on, an e-sim that lets you call, send messages, and the ability to perform EKG readings to keep you in the pink of health. It’s the perfect cross between consumer tech and medical tech, and there aren’t many smartwatches that ca...
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Meet VOIXATCH, a smartwatch for an alternate world where watches and earphones are one product

It might sound a little dumb now that I’m saying it in 2020 but we may have been duped. Companies have, for too long, made us buy unnecessary products that just about do the same thing but in slightly different ways. Think about it. Your phone, watch, and earbuds all give you notifications (albeit in different ways). They also all let you access your voice assistant, and pretty much most of your data like your calendar, phone book, or other services. Why then, do we need separate devices that ...
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Tory Burch is back with a new ToryTrack smartwatch after more than a year away

The latest designer smartwatch for women from the popular American brand
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Get an Extra $100 for Your Apple Watch Trade-in This Month

Apple is offering extra cash for your old Apple Watch trade-in this month if you’re looking to upgrade to new Apple Watch Series 5. You’ll be able to get up to $100 of trade-in credit when they give Apple your ancient Apple Watch Series 2 or 3 and apply the credit towards an Apple Watch Series 5, which is on-par with…Read more...
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Oppo’s smartwatch gets casually outed, and looks more than a little familiar

Oppo has casually given us an early look at its upcoming smartwatch, which may be ready to launch at MWC 2020.
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Fitbit Really Wants to Be Able to Diagnose Your Sleep Apnea

If you wake up during the night feeling like you can’t breathe, or if you roll out of bed each morning wondering why you slept like shit, you might have sleep apnea. An estimated 22 million American adults have the disorder, and many of them don’t know it. A diagnosis usually requires undergoing a supervised sleep…Read more...
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Honor’s MagicWatch 2 wins at fitness tracking, but fails to set itself apart

If you want a smartwatch that tracks fitness on par with some of the best fitness bands, the new Honor MagicWatch 2 is for you. The fitness features definitely trump the smartwatch aspects.
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Top 5 Fashionable Smartwatches Every Women Must Have

A smartwatch is a device that combines both fitness and smartphone functions. If you are in the market shopping for a fashionable smartwatch, there are plenty of options at your disposal. They are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, features, and size. Here are some of the fashionable smartwatches for women you should consider getting this year.  Samsung Galaxy Watch The Samsung Galaxy watch has a smooth and circular shape. It has come with a very comfortable...
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Amazfit’s T-Rex smartwatch is so tough, it would take dino-mite to break it

Amazfit has made a smartwatch designed to withstand some hard treatment, then named it after a massive dinosaur to hammer the point home. Meet the roaring Amazfit T-Rex, a $140 rugged smartwatch.
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