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Chocolate thins and nut brittle: Rachel Roddy's recipes for sweet Christmas gifts | A kitchen in Rome

These easy walnut and honey brittle biscuits and little chocolate, nut and currant sweets make for glorious festive gifts“Light candles, gather shrubbery, do it, do it now,” was Signe Johansen’s advice the other day: small rituals against dark days. Advice is like plastic: there is just too much of it, and I am like plastic in the face of most advice – stubborn and impermeable. But this advice came at just the right moment, so I took it. Also because I needed bay leaves (which come from bay tree...
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Spicy Vegan Parmesan Walnuts

These spicy walnuts are really tasty. They are a great and healthy vegan alternative to store bough snacks. They are not really a “hot” spicy unless you add extra cayenne. They taste great and are easy to make. Yield: 1½ cupsIngredients: 8 ounces walnuts, shelled4 ounces vegan Parmesan*1 teaspoon dried parsley1-2 teaspoons dried Italian herbs½ teaspoon garlic powder1-2 pinches cayenne powder1 pinch salt4 tablespoons aquafaba Directions: Have your walnut pieces prepared (s...
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How to eat: a tuna melt

This month, the tuna melt gets a grilling. Can it ever be microwaved? Are cranberries and pistachios ingredients too far? Should we look beyond mature cheddar for the topping?The tuna melt has had a busy 2020. In May, Bloomberg reported that Reddit had recorded a 30% surge in mentions for the melt over lockdown, during which the Virginia senator Mark “Two Slice Man” Warner went viral with his Instagram tuna melt tutorial. As Bloomberg put it of the melt’s apparent Stateside work-from-home renais...
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Bored of the Same Old Supermarket Treats? Upgrade Your Indulgence to the Best Snacks on the Internet

Top Product: Lekko Dark Chocolate Spread | $5 | AmazonRead more...
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Trick Your Kids into Eating Meals by Calling Them 'Big Snacks'

My son is a person down to eat dinner basically at any point. It’s just before 10 a.m. as I write these words, and I bet he’d be game to eat dinner right now if I asked him. (He’d be surprised at the offer, but I’m almost certain that surprise would quickly be replaced by excitement.) This isn’t the case for all kids,…Read more...
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Mixing Mayo and Saltines Is Not as Bad as It Should Be

There is no denying the fact that I am very white. Look at me—my face looks like an uncooked roll. And look at how much I write about mayonnaise. The evidence is damning. That’s why, when parenting editor Meghan Walbert dropped the following “snack” suggestion into Slack, I knew I was in a certain kind of trouble. The…Read more...
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Japan has over 400 Kit Kat flavors

Whenever we go to Japan, we stock up on Kit Kat bars with unusual flavors. It turns out there are over 400 different varieties. From Great Big Story: Kit Kat is big in Japan. From cheesecake to wasabi to purple sweet potato, the crispy wafer bar is available in more than 400 varieties, according to… Read More
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Apple Cinnamon Muffins

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Robinhood’s financial news team launches its first video series

Stock trading app Robinhood has seen rapid growth during the pandemic, leading it to raise hundreds of millions more dollars in funding — most recently in a $200 million round that valued the company at $11.2 billion. And the content side of the business has been growing as well. Robinhood  href="">acquired the financial podcast and newsletter MarketSnacks early last year, rebranding it as Robin...
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Pepperoni Rolls

Forget frozen pizza rolls! These Homemade Pepperoni Rolls are made with refrigerated pizza dough, mozzarella cheese sticks and pepperoni for an easy dinner or snack! Made famous in West Virginia, these Pizza Rolls will become a family favorite! Using premade pizza dough from the store makes this recipe a breeze! All you literally have to... Read More The post Pepperoni Rolls appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Allow Yourself the Luxury of Prepackaged Snacks

It’s (kind of, sort of, perhaps) back-to-school season, which this year is even more interesting and stressful than usual. Depending on where you reside, you may be sending your children to school in masks or keeping them home to learn via Chromebook. Maybe it’s a blend of the two. Either way, it probably sucks, which…Read more...
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Using Glucose to Fuel Your Presentation Performance

Have you ever delivered a presentation while feeling like your brain just wasn’t at its peak? It feels like your wheels aren’t spinning or your thought process has to trudge through mud to get anywhere. Some call it brain fog. It could be that you are tired or stressed. But it could also be that a lack of glucose is affecting your ability to perform at your best. You see, your brain needs sugar to function properly. In the article “Sugar and the Brain,” Harvard Medical School says, “Because the ...
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Tempura herbs and hasselback beetroot: eight flavour-packed new veg recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi

After decades of messing about with vegetables, I’m still finding fresh ways to unleash their powers, revealed in this extract from my new book, Ottolenghi FlavourI have never been shy about my love of vegetables. I have been singing the praises of cauliflowers, tomatoes, lemons and the mighty aubergine for years. But while it’s my mission to present vegetables in new and exciting ways, I must confess to a niggling doubt: how many more ways are there to roast a cauliflower, slice a tomato, squee...
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Eat Cheetos With Chopsticks

I pulled my hand from the bag gracefully—the kind where you manage to reach in and pull out without touching the bag itself, or any chip other than the single one you were aiming for. I relished the small rush of pride that comes with any minor accomplishment, and maybe that’s what prompted me to take it a step…Read more...
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The 9 Convenience Foods I Buy Over and Over

Just because I am capable of cooking most things from scratch does not mean I always want to. I am also not immune to the charms of boxed, canned, frozen, or otherwise processed and prepared convenience foods, particularly when they possess certain qualities that just can’t be replicated outside of an industrial…Read more...
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10 Matcha Snacks You Can Get on Amazon

Looking for a sweet but healthier version of regular snacks? Do you want to consume green tea on the go? Take a look at these matcha snacks and see if these treats will satisfy your cravings. Links to find them on Amazon are included. Lotte Choco Pie Green Tea – 12 Individual Packs You will find rich chocolate, cream, and green tea all in one in this snack. These will satisfy and at the same time give ...
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Microwave cakes and old fish: chefs’ seven most controversial cooking tips

We asked the professionals to give us their most unconventional kitchen suggestions, from omelettes cooked in crisp packets to boiled mushroomsIn June, the chef Jim Fuller caused something of a firestorm when he announced that we have all been cooking mushrooms the wrong way. The longstanding convention is that raw mushrooms hate moisture; you are even meant to brush the dirt off rather than washing them before cooking.On Channel 9 in Australia, Fuller professed to always boiling his mushrooms i...
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Our relationship with food locked down

The pandemic could mean collective re-evaluation of healthy and cost-effective eating and also highlights how companies need to be even more connected to the consumer The post Our relationship with food locked down appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How to Make Apple Chips

Apple chips are such a perfect, healthy fall snack! These come out so crispy and they are super easy to make – they’re baked, not fried! We find ourselves snacking on them all day long. We love going apple picking, and we are always looking for something different to do with the apples. My go-tos are apple cupcakes and apple crumble pie, but when I want something healthier, this is my favorite option!Read the full article here
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Crispy Baked Apple Chips

Apple chips are a perfect snack! They are easy, healthy, and delicious, containing just a touch of cinnamon and sugar. There is no need to peel apples before turning them into apple chips. Although peeling them is totally fine, having the peel on the apples doesn’t affect the recipe.Read the full article here
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Using Glucose to Fuel Your Presentation Performance

There’s no magic pill or secret trick to become a better presenter. It takes hard work and practice like anything else. It takes time and intention and research and feedback and failure. But if you did all that and there was still something else that could give you a leg up for your next presentation, you’d want to know about it, right? Well, there is an important ingredient to public speaking success that no one is talking about. It’s called glucose. Presenting is hard work, right? It takes lit...
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You Can Get a 30-Pack Box Of Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies at Costco and I Feel Like a Kid Again!

Nostalgia! I love that feeling! When you see, hear, or smell something and it takes you back in time to better days! I think we could all use a little bit of that right now, don’t you agree? Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies definitely brings me those feelings! Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies takes me allll the... Read On → The post You Can Get a 30-Pack Box Of Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies at Costco and I Feel Like a Kid Again! appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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You Can Get Doughnut Bites And Mini Crullers by Krispy Kreme at Walmart

Everyone loves something from Krispy Kreme, right? I know they have always been known for that perfect glazed doughnut. I know my dad loved them a lot! He always went super early to get the freshest ones and he always bought the glazed! Well, coming soon to a snack aisle near you, you will find... Read On → The post You Can Get Doughnut Bites And Mini Crullers by Krispy Kreme at Walmart appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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17 Simple Recipes and Snacks for Kids to Whip Up On Their Own!

Now that the kids are home for a while, it’s time for them to start creating in the kitchen a bit on their own. These simple recipes and snacks for kids are all easy enough that they can whip them up with minimal help needed! If you’re a bit tired of hearing your child tell... Read On → The post 17 Simple Recipes and Snacks for Kids to Whip Up On Their Own! appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Bring These Snacks to Your Next Protest

Protests and demonstrations can be action-packed events with lots of running and shouting, but the majority of your time at one of them will be spent walking, standing and chanting. These events can last for hours, and hours of walking, standing, chanting and (occasional) running can leave one quite hungry. This is…Read more...
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Use Labels to End the Snack Wars

During this time of social distancing and homebound isolation, the little things have become extra important. A walk through the neighborhood on a sunny day. Connecting with loved ones over video chat. And making sure your damn brother doesn’t eat all the good cereal again.Read more...
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It Is the Age of the Snack Supper

I think I’m starting to hate cooking. Or at least I am starting to hate cooking for myself. (I have become prone to little emotional flare ups, in the throes of which I declare I “hate cooking” in a dramatic fashion before returning to the kitchen.) I was already doing a fair amount of cooking before “all of this,” so…Read more...
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Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Crackers

These peanut butter crackers are so simple to make – just dump all of the ingredients into a food processor! We like to eat them with cheese slices, but they are also really great with Nutella or honey. I based these crackers off of my super popular homemade Ritz cracker recipe. It’s a simple dough made by food processing flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter, and creamy peanut butter. Follow these tips for the best results:Read the full article here
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Singapore Bans Chocolate Shops and Snack Production to Combat Coronavirus

At this point in the global pandemic, most people probably have a rough idea of what is or isn’t considered an essential service. Still, there are differences depending on where you live and today, Singapore’s government released a tightened list of essential services for the country. For the most part, it all makes…Read more...
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Got the Munchies? Here's Some Garbage to Eat

It’s my birthday, I’ll shitpost if I want to. That’s right, I’m the MFing 4/20 baby and we’ve managed to survive an hour past the most epic 4:20 on 4/20/2020 of our lives. In the event that for some reason makes us hungry for savory junk food and/or sweets, somebody needs to make a snack run, and I’m the trash grub…Read more...
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