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Here’s what you need to know

Over the past decade, clickbait headlines have proliferated on all sorts of Web content. They have shown up on blogs with increasing frequency “The 5 social media marketing secrets to drive your business now” and they appear on sponsored content on media sites all the time “7 heart-warming photos of babies that you won’t believe”. Now I’m seeing clickbait headlines on the websites of mainstream media sites including the Washington Post and New York Times, frequently including a phrase ...
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Tech Fix: Facebook Did Not Securely Store Passwords. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Facebook said it had found no evidence of abuse and it was not requiring users to change their passwords, but you should do it anyway.
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How To Integrate Social Media With eCommerce in 2019

Both eCommerce and social media have enjoyed meteoric rises in the last few years. Facebook and Instagram have over a billion active users each month, while the eCommerce sector is positively booming. But while... The post How To Integrate... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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Twitter is officially a teenager now. Are we raising a monster?

On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey sent the first ever tweet. Thirteen years later, Twitter has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. Here are some of the myriad ways it's done that. The post Twitter is officially a teenager now. Are we raising a monster? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook admits it stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of account passwords in plaintext

Flip the “days since last Facebook security incident” back to zero. Facebook confirmed Thursday in a blog post, prompted by a report by cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs, that it stored “hundreds of millions” of account passwords in plaintext for years. The discovery was made in January, said Facebook’s Pedro Canahuati, as part of a routine security review. None of the passwords were visible to anyone outside Facebook, he said. Facebook admitted the security lapse months later, after Krebs s...
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Tech Fix: I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t).

Our personal tech columnist didn’t lose touch with his true friends — but strange things did occur, including Instagram thinking he was a woman.
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Social Media Marketing World 2019 Day 1 Recap

Yesterday marked day 1 of Social Media Marketing World 2019. What were some of the key takeaways? Content marketing strategies from Robert Rose of Content Marketing Institute, a bit of AI, do handles matter on Instagram, and more. Watch the video for full details. Can’t see anything? Watch it on YouTube here. Listen to the […] The post Social Media Marketing World 2019 Day 1 Recap appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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PicsArt hits 130 million MAUs as Chinese flock to its photo editing app

If you’re like me, who isn’t big on social media, you’d think that the image filters that come inside most apps will do the job. But for many others, especially the younger crowd, making their photos stand out is a huge deal. The demand is big enough that PicsArt, a rival to filtering companies VSCO and Snapseed, recently hit 130 million monthly active users worldwide, roughly a year after it amassed 100 million MAUs. Like VSCO, PicsArt now offers video overlays though images are still its fo...
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In Andrew Yang, the Internet Finds a Meme-Worthy Candidate

Mr. Yang’s presidential campaign has catapulted out of obscurity thanks in part to a devoted online following, including some fans he’d rather not have.
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#themooovement: parody Twitter account surpasses Devin Nunes in followers

Devin Nunes’ Cow has a herd of 498,000 followers on Wednesday night, surpassing the California congressman’s 396,000A parody Twitter account that mocks Devin Nunes now has more followers than the California congressman does – all because of media attention brought by a defamation lawsuit Nunes brought against Twitter and users who make fun of him on the platform.Devin Nunes’ Cow had more than 498,000 followers on Wednesday evening. Nunes’ own Twitter account had 396,000.Another account cited in ...
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6 Event Marketing Tips From The Facebook Live Team

As with everything else that takes place live, Facebook Live moments can be an unpredictable beast, and using the tool successfully means being prepared for mishaps and pitfalls. Here we look at six essential tips from the from the Facebook Live team. _______________________________ Guest post by Ronnie Higgins of Eventbrite You’re backstage before the show when you see your headlining band horsing around. “This is a Facebook Live moment,” you think. You whip out your iPhone, queue u...
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8 reasons why Instagram is important in medicine

I started sharing my journey through medicine on Instagram about four years ago after I failed the musculoskeletal block during my first year of medical school. I felt alone in my struggles and didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. So I started talking about it openly. It quickly became a place to nurture […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Facebook Messenger adds quoted replies to better organize group chats

Facebook is rolling out a feature that should help make group chats a whole lot more organized. The feature allows you to reply to specific messages within a group chat, so others will be able to tell what you're replying to. The post Facebook Messenger adds quoted replies to better organize group chats appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Realogy launches ‘Agent X’ voice assistant, Facebook ad tool

The nation's largest real estate company is not about to let other brokerages claim technological supremacy — at least not without a fight.
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Tech We’re Using: Talking to Taffy Is Low Tech. And Intense.

Armed with an Olympus recorder, she’s spent time with Gwyneth Paltrow and Bradley Cooper. Here’s how Taffy Brodesser-Akner of The New York Times Magazine tries to make herself unobtrusive in interviews.
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Instagram’s In-App Checkout Feature

Some 23 brands—including Nike, Adidas and Warby Parker—are testing a closed beta version of Instagram with an in-app point of sale. A big, blue “Checkout on Instagram” button will indicate when a product is available. Pre-stored payment information, done through Facebook, will then allow for much quicker purchasing. It’s the latest shopping feature rolling out from the app, and more developments are expected. Read more …
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Gen Z study: What brands need to know

As Gen Z begin to enter the workforce and surpass millennials in terms of the overall world population, marketers are trying to get a handle on who they really are. With social media being a primary channel of interaction for Gen Z, it’s crucial for us at We Are Social to get under the skin of this audience – what they’re really like, how they form and maintain connections, both online and offline, and understand what is really meaningful to them. We’ve seen the headlines and the studies labelli...
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Astounding Video of Extreme Shoelace Tying Techniques Is Blowing a Lot of Minds Right Now

Only try this at home if you're good with knots
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Facebook axes alleged discriminatory targeting of ads after civil settlements

Facebook advertisers can no longer use targeting for age, gender or zip code when advertising in the housing, jobs, and credit categories. The changes come as part of a civil settlement, following earlier changes to remove racial targeting. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook axes alleged discriminatory ad targeting after civil settlements

Facebook advertisers can no longer use targeting for age, gender or zip code when advertising in the housing, jobs, and credit categories. The changes come as part of a civil settlement, following earlier changes to remove racial targeting. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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“It is unacceptable to treat the internet as an ungoverned space,” Australian PM calls for global tech scrutiny

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a global crackdown on social media after the New Zealand mosque shooting was live-streamed on Facebook last week. “It is unacceptable to treat the internet as an ungoverned space,” Morrison wrote in a letter to Japan’s prime... ...
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5 Common Mistakes of Instagram

If you’re running a business these days, you know how important it is to have a strong social media presence. Whether you’re an influencer trying to get sponsors interested in… Read more » “5 Common Mistakes of Instagram” The post 5 Common Mistakes of Instagram appeared first on
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5 real estate pros who rock social media (and how you can too)

If you're a real estate agent looking to build a respectable, fun, friendly and professional social media reputation, then take a page from the books of these five real estate pros. Find out here what these folks are doing right and how you can mirror their social media success.
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Election Commission urges “voluntary restraint”; asks FB, Twitter, Google, ShareChat, TikTok and BigoTV to lay down code of ethics for elections

Social media platforms Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google, ShareChat, TikTok and BigoTV and the IAMAI will lay down a code of ethics for election-related operational details by today evening. In a meeting, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora “exhorted the Social Media Organizations, who... ...
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The New Social Network That Isn’t New at All

When an inveterate tweeter and social media hound decided to change his ways, what did he turn to? An email newsletter.
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Fake news spikes in Indonesia, weeks ahead of elections

Dozens of posts containing disinformation spread, with fears people may not trust results of a legitimate electionThe spread of fake news and disinformation has spiked in Indonesia in recent months, weeks before millions are scheduled to vote in the country’s elections.Data released in a new report from Mafindo, an organisation focused on combating fake news and improving digital literacy, shows that political fake news and disinformation shot up by 61% between December 2018 and January this yea...
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Facebook Halts Ad Targeting Cited in Bias Complaints

The social-media giant will stop allowing advertising of housing, jobs or credit to be aimed at those of a certain race, gender or age group.
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Much to My Bank Account's Dismay, Instagram Has Launched a Stupid-Easy Checkout Feature

Shopping just got dangerously easy - or, well, easier. Instagram recently announced a new feature that will allow users to purchase items they encounter on their feed without ever leaving the app. (We said it was dangerous!) The checkout feature is prompted by tapping on a brand's shopping post, at which point users will be asked to select their size and any other variables. The last step will ask users to enter their billing and contact information, which will be saved for future purchases. The...
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