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Updated Survey: How Social Media Behaviors Evolved Due to COVID-19

2020 will forever be known as the year that everything changed. A global pandemic, a Presidential election, numerous social justice movements, and more led to a slew of changes to how Americans live their everyday lives… including our social media behaviors. About one month into nationwide lockdowns, our team at Ignite Social Media conducted a survey of over 600 consumers to gauge their opinions on social media marketing tactics and how their social behaviors had changed. Today, we’re announc...
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Social Media Organic Reach 2021: Who Actually Sees Your Content

How much value do you currently place on your organic content strategy? What was once the sole focus of social media marketing has nearly become an afterthought as businesses allocate more and more of their budgets into social media advertising. And who can blame them when the networks have forced everyone into a “pay-to-play” world and regularly adjust their algorithms to downplay organic reach. Within the following post, we’re breaking down insights and best practices based on our recent...
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How Brands Can Effectively Support Their Social Media Managers

This post was originally publish on Forbes on March 15, 2021 It’s been a rough year for pretty much everyone. And social media has become a less friendly place along the way. That’s why it’s important to check in on your team that is working hard to make social media management seem effortless. At Ignite Social Media, we do nothing but social media marketing. My team and I recently discussed the advice we’d give brands and agencies for effectively supporting their social media teams. Af...
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Zentap addresses all your Facebook needs in one place

Consistency in social media marketing is a big challenge for busy agents. Zentap can help those who aren't good at it look like they are.
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The Story of Ignite Social Media, The Original Social Media Agency

This article originally appeared on Starter Story. I’m Jim Tobin, the founder of social media agency Ignite Social Media (2007) and influencer marketing agency Carusele (2015). Ignite Social Media is known as “the original social media agency” because we were the first social media agency created out of whole cloth in the United States. To this day, we’re considered among the very best social media agencies in the world. While other companies have pivoted over the years to add web developm...
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5 Predictions for the Future of Clubhouse

Since November of 2020, the new social-audio app Clubhouse has been gaining more and more attention from audiences. Not only has the network garnered over 10M weekly active users and over 1.5M average monthly searches on Google (as of February), competitors have begun taking notice and looking into recreating the experience themselves. With all that said, is Clubhouse worth all the hype? Will the network live long enough to become a major force in the social space or will it join the...
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7 Ways to Create Scroll-Stopping Visual Content for Social Media

if (typeof BingeIframeRan === "undefined") { window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false); function receiveMessage(event) { try { var parsed = JSON.parse( if (parsed.context === "iframe.resize") { var iframes = document.getElementsByClassName("binge-iframe"); for (let i = 0; i The use of social media for brands is nearly universal. Stat...
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How to Start a Cleaning Business in 2021: The Complete Guide

The definitive guide on how to start a cleaning business, with actionable and proven strategies and insights to help you succeed with your cleaning service.
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2021 Social Media Trends Hoteliers Need To Know About

All the 2021 Social Media Trends Hoteliers Need to Know About. The global pandemic’s restrictions... The post 2021 Social Media Trends Hoteliers Need To Know About appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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6 Ways Social Media Marketing Has Evolved 1 Year into the COVID-19 Lockdown

We’re rapidly approaching the 1-year anniversary of statewide lockdowns across the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, many of us spent a large portion of that time (and some of us still are) working from home, remote learning, Zooming, and more. In addition to the changes we’ve made in our personal lives, many of our professional lives have also changed as different industries cope with the pandemic. The world of marketing is certainly one industry to keep an eye on....
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How to make 2021 your best social media year ever

Social media often becomes something that we bolt onto our business when we have time. Instead, let's be more intentional with our strategy. Here's where to start and how to keep it consistent all year long while growing your reach.
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10 Biggest Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketing is essential to increase your company's exposure and drive revenue. Here are the 10 biggest marketing trends for 2021.
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Section 230: What Your Organization Needs to Know

As some people believe social media companies to be overstepping their bounds, there’s been a lot of talk about Section 230 lately. Unfortunately, not all of this talk has been accurate. What is a platform? What is a publisher? Does any of that have anything to do with Section 230? As the representative of a business, you can’t afford to get caught up in politics, you need to understand the facts of how the law affects you. In this post, we’re going to look at just the facts surrounding Section ...
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Best Practices for Going Dark on Social Media

In a time of continuous ups-and-downs globally, it is more important than ever to pay attention to what your brand is posting on social. As much as we’d like to continue posting and promoting during these times, it’s not business as usual. We often recommend that our clients go dark during these critical times, but there’s more to it than to simply stop posting. Below we outline some best practices when it comes to going dark on social media.  When to Go Dark on Social Media It c...
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2021 Trends: Open-Source Creativity

In November, we launched our annual trends report – Think Forward 2021: The Social Reset. It features the six key trends that we expect to shape social media over the next 12 months. This post looks at the sixth trend covered in the report: Open-Source Creativity. For more, check out the full Think Forward report here. Creativity on social has always thrived through the removal of gatekeepers, the democratisation of tools and the fluidity of remixing what’s already available online. But spe...
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I'm a former Broadway actress who makes over $8,000 a month running a digital marketing company. Here's how I set my prices and find new clients.

Rachel Schur is an actress and digital marketing small business owner. Lauren Desbgerg Rachel Schur Chase, 33, is a Broadway actress and the founder of Schur Thing Media. When Broadway shut down in March due to the pandemic, Schur Chase began to expand her social media management side hustle into a full-time small business. She helps brick-and-mortar retailers launch online shops, mentors fellow stage actors who want to build an online presence, and manages clients' social media accounts a...
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Five 2021 Social Media Predictions That are “So 2020”

Wow. What a decade this past year has been. As 2020 is now in hindsight, it will live in infamy as one of the most perplexing years of the modern era.  With murder hornets, African dust storms blanketing Puerto Rico, and a biblical plague of locusts representing just a small sample, 2020 was the WTF of years. Seriously, contact with aliens would have been too predictable. Since 2020 was such a cornucopia of strange headlines I thought I’d go through the fun horrific exercise of predicting some...
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Top Social Media Listening Tools to Turn Followers into Customers and Brand Ambassadors

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It’s All About The Timing: Efficiency Via Content Calendar Use for Social Media Marketing

What if your social media marketing was missing one key ingredient? You might have amassed many followers and created some awesome content. But your social media presence will never reach its full potential without a good content calendar. A content calendar can boost your efficiency by giving your every post precision timing. Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover our complete guide to using a content calendar! What Is a Content Calendar? Our guide will help you learn the many benefits...
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5 Competitors Of Instagram Reels In 2021

Instagram Reels is a modern way to create and explore short, fun videos on Instagram. Reels is a feature that allows you to make exciting videos and share it with your friends on Instagram. Track and edit multi-clip videos for 15 seconds with audio, effects, and new artistic tools. If you have a public account you can post rolls on Feed with all your followers and make them accessible from a new location in Explore to the larger community on Instagram. Bored making the reels and crying for enga...
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7 Tips to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Hospitality Business

Do you want your hospitality business to thrive? Build an effective Social Media Marketing strategy,... The post 7 Tips to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Hospitality Business appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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2021 Social Media Predictions

In a year where 90% of social media plans were thrown out the window, we’re still trying to predict what major occurrences will happen in the months ahead. Some things might still surprise us (like the FTC lawsuit against Facebook that was issued last week), but there are some things in the social space that we can plan for based on key trends we saw unveil themselves this past year. Below our agency has broken down several 2021 social media predictions, accompanied by valuable resour...
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4 Key Elements of Effective Social Media Videos

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5 Major Differences in Social Media Usage This Year

Every year we see new trends in social media behaviors emerge, but this past year has been a unique experience for all of us. As lockdowns went into effect nationwide in March, consumers began reaching for their phones more and more, searching for a link to the outside world. This past April, our team at Ignite Social Media conducted a survey of over 600 consumers to gauge their opinions on social media marketing tactics and how their behaviors had recently changed in reaction to the pandemic...
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Social Media Trends You Need to Know in 2021

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How to Win at Social Media Marketing in 2021

As the Coronavirus pandemic and the drama surrounding the US Presidential election unfolds, the year 2020 has seen us glued to our screens more than ever. In fact, according to… Read more » The post How to Win at Social Media Marketing in 2021 appeared first on
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Insider Secrets For Organic TikTok Growth

You’ve been on TikTok for a little while now, and you have watched as influencers out there just do better and better with their videos. You have spent a decent amount of time wondering how on earth they manage to do so well and how you can do the same. The good news is that there are many helpful methods that you can apply to your TikTok growth to increase your chances of doing really well and growing it organically, but you’ve got to know what these are and what people on the inside are doing...
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Parler: What Brands Need to Know About the Latest Social Media Network

After topping both Google and Apple download charts this past week, you are probably wondering “What is Parler?” What is Parler? Parler is a twitter-style social media platform that was launched by John Matze and Jared Thomson in 2018. Their biggest differentiator is their concept which is to provide a social media network that is free of judgement, where people can freely express their own thoughts and opinions. The social media network name is derived from the French word “...
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Instagram Marketing Course

In November 2016, HubSpot launched HubSpot Academy, an online training platform that provides various digital marketing training programs for marketing professionals, salespeople, and customer service/support people. Hubspot has recently (in November 2020) launched Instagram Training Course to help you learn how to use Instagram for Marketing. This 145-minute Instagram Marketing Course contains 6 lessons divided into 19 videos: The elements of a successful Instagram marketing...
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Social Media Marketing – Should You Buy Instagram Auto Likes, Followers And Views Online?

Nowadays, to gain more fame or attract more customers to your business, social media presence is very important. You need to be present on all popular social media platforms and Instagram is one of the most famous platforms with over 1 billion active users that allows you to connect and interact with each other through the internet. Attracting more followers towards your page or account means more popularity and trust among the people, but it is not easy to gain more followers or secure the top...
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