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White male artists dominate US gallery collections

Major art museum works do not reflect ethnic or gender diversity, researchers find. Andrew Masterson reports.
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David Bailey: 'Deneuve said it's great we're divorced – now we can be lovers!'

As he powers into his 80s, the photographer recalls shooting everyone from Kate Moss to Andy Warhol, shares his regrets over voting leave – and reveals how Gordon Brown pulled a fast one on him‘You look knackered,” says David Bailey, greeting me at his studio. It’s up a small mews and sprawls so casually across two floors that it still feels like the 60s inside. “Look at you,” he says. “Your buttons aren’t even done up right.” I look down at my jacket: that bit is true. But I tell him: “I’m not ...
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Report calls for reform of 'unhealthy' land ownership in Scotland

Commission set up by Scottish government recommends new powers to split monopoliesScottish land ownership rules must be radically reformed to reverse the concentration of the countryside in the hands of a small number of ultra-wealthy individuals and public bodies, a major review has warned.The study by the Scottish Land Commission, a government quango, says that in extreme cases where landowners abuse their power they could face compulsory purchase or community buyouts. Continue reading...
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Yale: White liberals dumb down speech when talking to minorities

The study examined how Democratic and Republican presidential candidates used language when speaking to black and white audiences.A second study focused on how white people use language in emails to strangers with stereotypically white or black names.The lead researcher called the findings "kind of an unpleasant surprise." None White liberals are more likely to use dumbed-down language in conversations with racial minorities, suggests a study recently published in the Journal of Personality and ...
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No-deal ferry plans to protect NHS supplies to be triggered

Action to safeguard imports of medicines to begin this week despite likely Brexit delayNo-deal contingency plans to safeguard medicine imports are set to be triggered on Wednesday, despite the potential delay to Brexit, with approved suppliers told to book space on the government’s emergency ferry service.Although the prime minister is to request an extension to article 50 which would postpone Britain’s departure from the EU, Whitehall will enact plans to ensure the flow of critical supplies sho...
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Self-interest must not guide UK aid | Letters

Britain’s aid budget must be about altruism, not narrow self-interest say the Rt Rev John Arnold and the Rt Rev Dr Christopher CocksworthYour article (Aid budget: Ex-minister joins calls for shake-up, 18 March) on the report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance offers an opportunity to reflect again on what we want and expect from our government.In the suffering of men, women and children caught up in conflict, dealing with the worst effects of climate change or leaving their homes in search of a safer fu...
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FIFA Foundation Community Programme – in pictures

Star striker Samuel Eto’o represented the UNHCR Sport and Cooperation Network in Cameroon to coach child refugees from neighbouring Central African Republic, part-funded by the Fifa Foundation Continue reading...
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School climate strikes: 1.4 million people took part, say campaigners

Activist Greta Thunberg, 16, says action proved ‘no one is too small to make a difference’More than 1.4 million young people around the world took part in school strikes for climate action, according to environmental campaigners.Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish student whose solo protest last August prompted the global movement, said: “We proved that it does matter what you do and that no one is too small to make a difference.” Continue reading...
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Kim Kardashian Reveals the Reality of Her Psoriasis With Brutally Honest Photo

Kim bravely showed her face during a psoriasis flare-up and people are applauding her honestly.
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Social workers can do so much more than just pick up the pieces

At its best, social work can break cycles of crisis, and help people change their lives and communitiesGuardian Jobs: see the latest vacancies in social care Too often, social services are designed as rotating doors. They focus on individuals in crisis who, when the symptoms of the emergency have eased, are sent directly back to the stressful situation that caused all the damage – a painful, costly and tragic cycle.There is little focus in formal social services on helping people to transform th...
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UK breast cancer death rates falling fastest in ‘big six’ of Europe

Study says women aged 50-69 most likely to benefit, while those aged 70-79 will gain leastDeath rates from breast cancer are falling faster in Britain than in any other of the six most populous countries in Europe, research shows.The rate of death from the disease has fallen by 17.7% since 2010-2014 thanks to screening, earlier diagnosis and better treatment, a Europe-wide study [pdf] has found. Continue reading...
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'Systemic Islamophobia' fuels terror attacks, say Muslim leaders

Letter to Guardian calls for action on ‘bigotry’ as Lady Warsi demands more security funds for UK mosques• Letter: anti-Muslim bigotry must not go uncheckedMuslim leaders from around the world have accused the mainstream media, politicians and academics of contributing to the conditions fuelling terrorist violence against their community such as Friday’s attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, which claimed 50 lives.More than 350 leading Islamic figures from countries including the UK, US and Sout...
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Scientists grow 'mini-brain on the move' that can contract muscle

Cambridge researchers grew ‘organoid’ that spontaneously connected to spinal cordScientists have grown a miniature brain in a dish with a spinal cord and muscles attached, an advance that promises to accelerate the study of conditions such as motor neurone disease.The lentil-sized grey blob of human brain cells were seen to spontaneously send out tendril-like connections to link up with the spinal cord and muscle tissue, which was taken from a mouse. The muscles were then seen to visibly contrac...
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Should alcohol be banned on flights?

The government is reviewing airport licensing laws. But after another drunken brawl on a plane, should passengers be breathalysed before boarding – or even forbidden from boozing?Since commercial airlines took to the air, drinking and flying have tended to go hand in hand, with drink seeming to add to the pleasing sense of disembodiment at 36,000ft. But for how much longer? In the face of a rising tide of drink-fuelled violence and antisocial behaviour, highlighted by a boozy confrontation on a ...
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Rich or poor, the perils of childbirth persist

Studies reveal that in the US and Africa many women are dying from preventable pregnancy complications. Samantha Page reports.
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Nutritional psychiatry: can you eat yourself happier?

‘What we stick in our mouths matters to our mental health,’ says a leading light in this new field. So what should we be eating?Felice Jacka’s work showing that junk food shrinks the brain was motivated by personal experience. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Jacka struggled with anxiety and panic disorders; by the time she enrolled at art school, she was accustomed to regular bouts of depression, too, leaving her “devoid of happy feelings and unable to experience pleasure”.But in her late 20...
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UK Muslim leaders seek funding for mosque security

Christchurch attack prompts call for government support equal to that pledged for Jewish communities Muslim leaders have called on the government to provide funding for mosque security in the wake of the New Zealand shootings.Harun Khan, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, will be writing to the prime minister raising the “palpable sense of fear” felt by Muslim communities after the attack in Christchurch which claimed 50 lives, and warning of the risk of copycat attacks in t...
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'It was our catwalk': the children who gave their town a fashion makeover

How one Welsh town became the backdrop for a remarkable fashion shoot. Words by Paula Cocozza. Photographs by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte JamesAfter their costume workshop at the Gellideg youth centre in Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales, some of the girls who had taken part braved the wind and the rain to parade the streets in their finery. It was soon after Halloween, November 2016. They were dressed in black, in extravagant hats, faces pale as the moon. Ice-cold curls, frozen by gel and ...
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The fork in the road for social media and our society

The horror from Christchurch, New Zealand, that exploded across newspaper pages and television, computer and smartphone screens this weekend captured imaginations in ways that no one could possibly have imagined beforehand. The fact that one individual armed with a semi-automatic rifle could visit such an outrage upon people worshipping in a place of religion isn’t the worst of it, awful and distressing though this event is with at least 50 people shot dead and scores wounded, some in cr...
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Victims of forced sterilisation in Japan to receive compensation and apology

About 16,500 people were targeted by law that aimed to stop the birth of children described as ‘inferior’Thousands of victims of forced sterilisation in Japan will finally be offered compensation for their suffering under a now-defunct eugenics law.About 16,500 people, mostly women with disabilities, were targeted between 1948 and 1996 under a Japanese law that aimed to stop the birth of children described as “inferior”. Continue reading...
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Social media addiction should be seen as a disease, MPs say

Report suggests sites such as Facebook and Instagram could be harming mental healthSocial media addiction should be considered a disease, MPs have said, in a sign of the pressures facing technology companies and the growing concern over the impact social networks are having on users’ mental health.The politicians called for further research on the effects of social media but said a report suggested there was good reason to believe sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – which are constan...
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Facing up to the challenge of violence and gangs | Letters

Readers discuss tackling knife crime in the face of cuts to police and youth servicesSally Weale shines a light on the British Red Cross initiative Life Not Knife (‘It’s about confidence’: pupils learn how to cope with attacks, 15 March). While training teenagers in self-defence and first aid is to be welcomed, much more is needed, and this crisis cannot be left to charity.In education, we need to start younger too. In some areas, there are huge pressures on children to be drawn into gangs. Many...
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Standing up for worker health: fashionable desks bring minimal gains

Sit-stand desks are so hot right now, but benefit claims don’t stack up. Jeff Glorfeld reports.
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Deadly air in our cities: the invisible killer

Traffic pollution is putting our children at risk. We meet campaigners – many of them concerned mothers – fighting backIn the winter you can taste and smell the pollution,” says Kylie ap Garth, drinking coffee in a cafe in Hackney, east London. “My eldest is eight and he has asthma. Being outside, he would have a tight chest and cough. I just assumed it was the cold weather. I didn’t realise there was a link to the cars.”She is not exaggerating. The main road from Bethnal Green tube station is c...
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Paris Jackson Hospitalized for Suicide Attempt

According to TMZ, police and paramedics were called to the scene at 7:30am after Jackson reportedly cut her wrists at her home.
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Nicci Gerrard: ‘Dementia is more scary when you try not to think about it’

The Observer journalist on her father’s dementia, caring for campaigners, and facing her fears in her new book• Read an extract from What Dementia Teaches Us About LoveNicci Gerrard is a journalist and campaigner, who writes bestselling novels with her husband under the name Nicci French. She won the 2016 Orwell prize for exposing Britain’s social evils, for her reporting on the care of dementia patients in the UK.What compelled you to write this book?I didn’t want to write a memoir about my fat...
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Red Nose Day will raise millions, but ‘white saviours’ don’t help Africa | Amanda Khozi Mukwashi

As a leader in the aid sector I accept it has perpetuated problematic myths. Celebrity hugs won’t solve global inequalityTonight will see Comic Relief raise millions, which will go towards poverty alleviation around the world. As the chief executive of Christian Aid, there aren’t many people more in favour of helping the world’s most marginalised groups than me. But as a black African woman, I regularly have to face up to the challenges highlighted in the recent exchange between TV presenter Sta...
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Using our energy as a force for good

Every day I learn something new about the work I do. Today, while staring at the ocean, I realized something that moved me. I help leaders to manage their energy and be a force for good. Society tries to teach us that nature doesn’t exist; because for its survival, it needs us to care more about it than about each other. It is a mutualistic parasite. It hurts us, but we can’t live without it. This is the universal nature of suffering. We’re all in it together. But we individually have the power ...
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Liking death metal doesn’t mean you’re a bad person

Research finds a liking for aggressive music doesn’t desensitise listeners to other violent media. Andrew Masterson reports.
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Doctors in Zimbabwe 'sending patients away to die' as drug shortages bite

Senior doctors go on strike as president is warned that lack of medicine could lead to collapse of emergency servicesA doctors’ strike in Zimbabwe entered its second day on Wednesday with health workers claiming patients in the biggest state hospital are dying due to a lack of drugs and medical supplies.Dozens of doctors picketed outside Parirenyatwa hospital demanding improvements and claiming government promises to improve the health service had come to nothing. Continue reading...
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