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Global Warming Could Unlock Carbon From Tropical Soil

Warming soils in the tropics could cause microbes to release carbon dioxide from storage. One scientist called the finding “another example of why we need to worry more.”
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turning Mom’s garden

On Monday I prepared my mother’s vegetable garden. Last year I set it up as six or eight raised square areas. This year, it’s five raised rows. I like to raise the soil where I’m going to plant so the paths are defined and soil in the beds doesn’t get compressed. Also, so I can...
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'Betrayal of trust': HS2 criticised over removal of woodland soils

Woodland Trust says April is ‘completely wrong time’ for wildlife and contradicts plansHS2 is beginning an operation to remove soils from ancient woodlands at a catastrophic time of year for wildlife, according to the Woodland Trust.Undertaking the controversial “translocation” operation – which also involves felling numerous trees – in six woods in April and not during winter as the high-speed railway originally said it would, was a “betrayal of trust” said the charity’s ecologist. Continue rea...
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China’s Rover Finds Layers of Surprise Under Moon’s Far Side

The Chang’e-4 mission, the first to land on the lunar far side, is demonstrating the promise and peril of using ground-penetrating radar in planetary science.
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The New Frontiers of Farming Come With Huge Climate Risks

Not sure you’ve heard, but the planet is getting hotter. The heat is making farming harder in some places, but it’s also making it possible to bring agriculture into new areas. Farmers are growing food in northern Alberta, Canada. Russia plans to “use the advantages” of global warming to expand its agriculture…Read more...
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Meanwhile: To Combat Climate Change, Start From the Ground Up (With Dirt)

Dirt is dead, but soil is alive — packed with nutrients and boasting properties that keep carbon out of the atmosphere.
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Farmers in the Midwest Face Decades of Recovery as Flooding Strips Away Crucial Soil

The Midwest floods continue to be a slow-moving disaster. Towns, farms, and infrastructure are still underwater in Nebraska, and water will take months to work through the vast network of rivers, creeks, and streams that drain the Upper Midwest into the Gulf of Mexico. Read more...
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Fukushima grapples with toxic soil that no one wants

Eight years after the disaster, not a single location will take the millions of cubic metres of radioactive soil that remainNot even the icy wind blowing in from the coast seems to bother the men in protective masks, helmets and gloves, playing their part in the world’s biggest nuclear cleanup. Related: Eight years after Fukushima, what has made evacuees come home? Continue reading...
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Prosecco production is destroying soil in some Italian vineyards

Many people enjoy a glass of prosecco with their dinner, because it pairs well with everything from seafood to spicy Asian dishes. But the demand for the Italian sparkling wine is starting to cause some problems. According to a new study released earlier this month, the wine is destroying the soil in northeastern Italy’s vineyards. The amount of soil erosion from Italy’s prosecco vineyards is not sustainable, according to Jesus Rodrigo Comino, a geographer at the Institute of Geomorphology and ...
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Grenfell fire survivors demand answers from ministers about toxins

Grenfell United group wants to know why residents were not told of soil contamination fearsSurvivors of the Grenfell fire have demanded urgent meetings with ministers and senior health officials following revelations that significant amounts of toxins were found in soil close to the tower in preliminary findings of a major study.The disclosures have prompted Grenfell United, which represents the families of the 72 people who died, to ask why no one who knew about the early results of the researc...
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Footage shows Indonesian earthquake causing soil liquefaction – video

Liquefaction has caused buildings to collapse in the city of Palu after last Friday's earthquake in Indonesia. Liquefaction is when the earth takes on characteristics of a liquid after a quake. So far the death toll has exceeded 1,200 Continue reading...
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Plastic-eating mushrooms are the new superheroes in combating the growing waste crisis

A new study from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew in London says that fungi are capable of expediting the breakdown of plastic waste. The aspergillus tubingensis fungus was featured in the State of the World’s Fungi 2018 report, which also documented that fungi are optimal in producing sustainable building materials and capable of removing pollutants from soil and wastewater. Whereas plastic generally takes years to degrade, the mushroom, first discovered growing in a Pakistani dump in 2017, could...
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The City’s Buried Treasure Isn’t Under the Dirt. It Is the Dirt.

Construction sites used to send New York’s dirt to landfills upstate. But new research suggests the soil — if you dig deep enough — is a valuable commodity.
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Soil protists: a fertile frontier in biology research

For many years, soil has been considered the ultimate frontier to ecological knowledge. Soils serve many ecosystem functions for humans; for example, they provide the basis for most of our nutrition. Yet, the organisms which act as the catalysts for those services—i.e. the soil microbiota—still remain a relatively unexplored field of research. Leonardo da Vinci stated in the early 16th century that, “we know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underneath our feet”. Wh...
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The hills are alive with the signs of plastic: even Swiss mountains are polluted

Major study finds microplastics in soil across Switzerland and scientists warn urgent research is needed into impacts on food safety as other countries may be worse affectedMicroplastic pollution contaminates soil across Switzerland, even in remote mountains, new research reveals. The scientists said the problem could be worse in other nations with poorer waste management and that research was urgently needed to see if microplastics get into food.In the first major study of microplastics in soil...
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Fruit trees grow on the roofs of this rammed earth home in Hanoi

Vo Trong Nghia Architects puts a fresh spin on the ancient art of rammed earth construction in the Dong Anh house, a modern dwelling with fruit trees growing on the roofs. Taking advantage of the property’s secure and isolated location in Hanoi, the architects applied an “open garden design” that embraces nature in, around, and even on top of the home. The thick earth walls have the advantage of high thermal mass and keep the home cool by storing heat during the day and then dissipating that he...
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Feature: Can Dirt Save the Earth?

Agriculture could pull carbon out of the air and into the soil — but it would mean a whole new way of thinking about how to tend the land.
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Land degradation threatens human wellbeing, major report warns

More than 3.2bn people are already affected and the problem will worsen without rapid action, driving migration and conflictLand degradation is undermining the wellbeing of two-fifths of humanity, raising the risks of migration and conflict, according to the most comprehensive global assessment of the problem to date.The UN-backed report underscores the urgent need for consumers, companies and governments to rein in excessive consumption – particularly of beef – and for farmers to draw back from...
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A Secret Superpower, Right in Your Backyard

Small, urban green spaces provide an unexpected benefit in the fight against climate change, a new study shows.
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There's Life on the Closest Thing We Have to Mars

A new study has documented for the first time how certain microorganisms are able to survive the extreme aridity of Chile’s Atacama Desert—the world’s driest—by going dormant for decades.Read more...
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Opinion: Soil Power! The Dirty Way to a Green Planet

Regenerative agriculture can help mitigate climate change.
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EU on brink of historic decision on pervasive glyphosate weedkiller

Glyphosate is found in 60% of UK bread and environmentalists welcome a ban but industry warn of uproar among farmers if herbicide is phased outA pivotal EU vote this week could revoke the licence for the most widely used herbicide in human history, with fateful consequences for global agriculture and its regulation.Glyphosate is a weedkiller so pervasive that its residues were recently found in 45% of Europe’s topsoil – and in the urine of three quarters of Germans tested, at five times the lega...
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Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens 'survival of human societies'

Landmark study finds toxic air, water, soils and workplaces kill at least 9m people and cost trillions of dollars every yearPollution kills at least nine million people and costs trillions of dollars every year, according to the most comprehensive global analysis to date, which warns the crisis “threatens the continuing survival of human societies”.Toxic air, water, soils and workplaces are responsible for the diseases that kill one in every six people around the world, the landmark report found...
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Global pollution kills millions and threatens 'survival of human societies'

Landmark study finds toxic air, water, soils and workplaces kill at least 9m people and cost trillions of dollars every yearPollution kills at least nine million people and costs trillions of dollars every year, according to the most comprehensive global analysis to date, which warns the crisis “threatens the continuing survival of human societies”.Toxic air, water, soils and workplaces are responsible for the diseases that kill one in every six people around the world, the landmark report found...
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Carbon emissions from warming soils could trigger disastrous feedback loop

26-year study reveals natural biological factors kick in once warming reaches certain point, leading to potentially unstoppable increase in temperaturesWarming soils are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than previously thought, suggesting a potentially disastrous feedback mechanism whereby increases in global temperatures will trigger massive new carbon releases in a cycle that may be impossible to break.The increased production of carbon comes from the microbes within soils, according ...
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Why Our Food Is Becoming Less Nutritious

A 2004 study shows that our food supply has become less nutritious over time. Why? There are a number of ideas, from breeding to soil to atmospheric carbon. The post Why Our Food Is Becoming Less Nutritious appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Third of Earth's soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture

Fertile soil is being lost at rate of 24bn tonnes a year through intensive farming as demand for food increases, says UN-backed studyA third of the planet’s land is severely degraded and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24bn tonnes a year, according to a new United Nations-backed study that calls for a shift away from destructively intensive agriculture. The alarming decline, which is forecast to continue as demand for food and productive land increases, will add to the risks of conflic...
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The Future of Agriculture

To many, the future of agriculture means robot tractors and vertical farming, but coming challenges and resource scarcity mean we need less tech, not more. The post The Future of Agriculture appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Woman's lost engagement ring found rooted to a carrot - 13 years later

Watch while you weed, or you may lose a ring. Gloves can help, not only to prevent contact with soil-borne infections and bacteria, but also to keep prized possessions on your person. Mary Grams of Alberta, Canada learned this the hard way. 13 years ago, Grams, 84, lost her diamond engagement ring, a family heirloom since 1951, whilst working in her garden. “I didn’t tell [my husband], even, because I thought for sure he’d give me heck or something,” said Grams. Fortunately, her lost treasure r...
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