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Reconsidering The Art And Life Of Valerie Solanas

Solanas is most famous for having shot Andy Warhol, of course, but she had an artistic life long before that moment. In the beginning, the writer and Warhol Factory superstar Ultra Violet wrote, “beyond her overheated rhetoric, she had a truly revolutionary vision of a better world run by and for the benefit of women.” – The New York Times
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Overlooked No More: Valerie Solanas, Radical Feminist Who Shot Andy Warhol

She made daring arguments in “SCUM Manifesto,” her case for a world without men. But her legacy as a writer and thinker was overshadowed by one violent act.
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Repudio y justificación: el peronismo frente al asesinato de Aramburu

A 50 años, la operación del grupo Montoneros todavía aparece como un tema espinoso en el PJ"El ajusticiamiento de Aramburu era un viejo sueño nuestro. Debía significar precisamente la aparición pública de la organización". Con esas palabras, Mario Firmenich y Norma Arrostito justificaban el asesinato de Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, militar que había ejercido como presidente de facto luego del golpe de Estado que derrocó a Juan Domingo Perón, en 1955. Fue la presentación en sociedad de la organización...
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"One reason female comics often seem to run afoul of Facebook’s guidelines is that the company’s content moderators fail to recognize the humor in their posts."

"Popular tropes such as 'ban men' are interpreted literally under Facebook’s current set of community standards, and women suffer the consequences for attempting to express themselves. In the past, ironic misandry has been a popular way for women to deal with living in a world where they’re exposed to frequent abuse at the hands of powerful men. Yet, if a woman takes to Facebook to vent about how she 'wants to imprison men and milk them for their male tears,' she could quickly lose access to her...
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