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What Equipment Do You Need For a Solar Power System?

Around the world, homeowners are looking to substitute electrical power costs by using solar power systems. The motivation comes from saving costs and minimizing the carbon footprint. Solar panel systems have components other than solar panels to help them function properly.  Although it seems easy to power connect your devices straight from the solar panel, the energy might not power all the devices you need. For you to set up a functioning solar power system, you need a battery, solar...
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What agents should know about home solar power systems

As a real estate agent, it is beneficial to discuss different types of solar panels and systems with your buyers in order to refer them to the right solar installation professional.
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What Is The Cost of Relocating Solar Panels When You Move?

Bedroom furniture? Check. Entertainment center? Double-check. Boxes? Duh, check. What about those solar panels?   The money you spend to install the solar panels can actually come with you. Solar panels help families save $10,000-$30,000 in their life, making it something you want to take. You might be wondering what’s the cost of relocating solar panels and if it’s worth it. Keep reading to find out.  The Cost of Relocating Solar Panels Prior to moving, you should chec...
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Could the World Ever Run Entirely on Renewable Energy?

This week’s question—could the world ever run entirely on renewable energy?—is shadowed by a much larger one: Namely, will politicians and powerful forces of delay like Big Oil ever allow the world to run entirely on renewable energy? For the most part, we have put that larger question aside for this installment; the…Read more...
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Revealed: UK solar projects using panels from firms linked to Xinjiang forced labour

Investigation finds up to 40% of UK solar farms were built using panels from leading Chinese companiesSolar projects commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, the government’s Coal Authority, United Utilities and some of the UK’s biggest renewable energy developers are using panels made by Chinese solar companies accused of exploiting forced labour camps in Xinjiang province, a Guardian investigation has found.Confidential industry data suggests that up to 40% of the UK’s solar farms were built u...
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China ‘must shut 600 coal-fired plants’ to hit climate target

Move towards renewables to hit net zero by 2060 would also pay off with saving of $1.6tn, analysis findsChina must shut down nearly 600 of its coal-fired power plants in the next 10 years, replacing them with renewable electricity generation, to meet its goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060, a report has said.But replacing the 364GW of coal generation with renewable power would achieve a net saving of $1.6tn (£1.2tn) over the period, since wind and solar power are now much cheaper t...
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Cofounder of blockchain-based solar power company explains what the technology means to the future of energy

Jemma Green, cofounder and executive chairperson of Power Ledger Power Ledger Australia-based Power Ledger is using blockchain to create a peer-to-peer solar energy trading network. The company raised US$26 million from an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017 to encourage 'grassroots' investors Because of her work, Insider named Power Ledger cofounder, Jemma Green, to our annual list of the 10 leaders transforming energy in Asia. Visit Insider's Transforming Busine...
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Renewable Energy Might Be the Future, but Is It Practical for the Average Homeowner Yet?

As you all know, renewable energy is clearly the future of power, but is it practical for the average homeowner yet? Unfortunately, it’s really not that simple. Most of us don’t have a clue about renewable energy and we’re not exactly engineering experts that can wire up solar panels on our own. As such, it’s not the easiest thing to get involved with. However, most people are simply content with following green habits and will neglect the opportunity to take part in renewable energy in...
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10 Tips for Greening Your Backyard Paradise

Today’s post contains a list of “going green” tips written by Jay Chua of Porch Swing Sets. He offers ideas to extend the sustainable focus beyond the vegetable garden and help ensure that the entire landscape is environmentally friendly:Landscapes are changing for the better due to the shift in environmental attitudes, and gardeners are standing up and taking notice of the effects that wasteful, environmentally unfriendly, and energy consuming practices can have on their surroundings.“Going Gre...
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South Africa tops G20 coal-reliance list in 2020, report finds

In 2020, 86% of South Africa’s electricity came from coal, compared to the global average of 34%, Global Electricity Review research shows The post South Africa tops G20 coal-reliance list in 2020, report finds appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Iowa's Former Nuclear Plant Could Soon Be a Solar Farm

Last summer, powerful winds from a derecho took Iowa’s only nuclear power plant out of commission. Because it was already slated for closure just two months later, the facility’s owners decided not to bring it back online, and it’s been sitting idle since last August. But there’s a plan to breathe new life into the…Read more...
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Swell Energy’s new deal in New York shows how the company plans to spend the $450 million it’s raising

Back in December, Swell Energy said it would be raising $450 million to support the development of distributed power projects in three states. Now, with the announcement of a deal between the venture-backed startup and New York City’s utility, ConEd, industry watchers can get a glimpse of what those projects may look like. The Los Angeles-based company has a new residential solar plus energy storage program for homeowners in Queens that’s going to be rolled out in partnership with ConEd. It’s a ...
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Mainspring Energy launches its flexible fuel generator with a $150 million NextEra Energy contract

Mainspring Energy, the developer of a new generator technology that use fuels like biogas and hydrogen, has unveiled its Mainspring Linear Generator, with a $150 million contract with NextEra Energy Resources. The company’s technology represents a significant step in the transition to a zero-carbon power grid given its ability to shift between traditional natural gas sources and alternative fuel sources like biogas and hydrogen. So far, the company’s generators are under contract with a national...
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‘It's radical’: the Ugandan city built on solar, shea butter and people power

Ojok Okello is transforming his destroyed village into a green town where social enterprises responsibly harness the shea treeThe village of Okere Mom-Kok was in ruins by the end of more than a decade of war in northern Uganda.Now, just outside Ojok Okello’s living-room door, final-year pupils at the early childhood centre are noisily breaking for recess and a market is clattering into life, as is the local craft brewery, as what has become Okere City begins a new day. Continue reading...
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Kristal Hansley Wants to Empower Black Baltimore With Solar Energy

Where I live in Baltimore, utility bills can be a crushing burden. That’s especially true for the city’s low-income residents, most of whom are Black. A 2020 study found that a quarter of low-income households here spent more than 21.7% of their 2017 income on energy, which is more than seven times higher than the…Read more...
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Harnessing darkness: The race to solve solar power’s greatest problem

Solar panels can't produce energy when the sun isn't shining. But what if they could? As it turns out, scientists all over the globe are working on the problem.
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Use today’s tech solutions to meet the climate crisis and do it profitably

Bertrand Piccard Contributor Share on Twitter Bertrand Piccard initiated the Solar Impulse Foundation after his history-making flight around the world in a solar-powered plane. Fueled only by the rays of the sun, his flight proved that existing methods and technologies can provide clean energy and solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way. Five years ago I landed the Solar Impulse 2 in Abu Dhabi after flying a...
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Tech for Change

From 3D-printed prostheses to burgers grown in science labs to smarter mobility for the elderly or infirm (or just helping us get more sleep at night), tech improves our lives every day in a million ways beyond simply making things more convenient. Tech can have a meaningful impact — that’s why we call it Tech […]
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SunPower shares drop after Morgan Stanley downgrades solar company to 'underweight'

SunPower's recently acquired SolarWorld Hillsboro manufacturing plant is seen in Hillsboro Reuters SunPower Corporation fell nearly 7% on Thursday after the solar company was downgraded to 'underweight' by Morgan Stanley.  The bank maintained it $27 price target, indicating a nearly 40% downside from current levels.  SunPower on Wednesday unveiled a mobile app that will allow users to review and manage their energy generation, consumption, and battery storage settings. Sign up here fo...
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Chamath Palihapitiya’s SPAC for Sunlight Financial is another sign of a renewables boom

Former Facebook employee and current enfant terrible of high finance Chamath Palihapitiya is making news again with a $1.3 billion twofer SPAC and PIPE deal into the solar energy financing company, Sunlight Financial. Sunlight Financial is essentially a lending company that gives solar installers a way to provide loans to homeowners to finance solar power and battery installations and other home improvement projects. While it may be another indication of the Roaring ’20s come back to haunt globa...
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International Space Station has a major upgrade task coming

The ISS will soon take delivery of new solar arrays after NASA discovered the existing ones are starting to degrade.
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Is the UK about to have liftoff in the global space industry?

With plans for satellite launches and investment in space-based solar, can the UK become a space super power?In 1969, a British engineer was invited to the White House to meet President Nixon. His name was Francis Thomas Bacon and he had developed the fuel cells used on Apollo 11. Known now as Bacon fuel cells, these power sources consume hydrogen and oxygen to produce water, heat and, in theory, a continuous supply of electricity.His invention was considered so integral to the success of the Ap...
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How homeowners can get more from their solar investment

With careful analysis and smart decisions, solar homeowners have the potential to reduce their reliance on nonrenewable energy sources. Here are a few factors to consider.
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Aptera has taken more than 3,000 orders for a new solar-powered EV arriving in 2021 that it says never needs to be charged

Aptera's first batch of 330 special-edition EVs sold out within 24 hours. Aptera Motors Electric-vehicle startup Aptera has taken more than 3,000 orders for the futuristic, three-wheeled EV it launched this month.  Aptera claims it has built the first "never-charge solar vehicle," and says the vehicle's integrated solar panels can deliver thousands of miles of driving range each year.  The startup plans to start production in 2021 and deliver the first vehicles the same year.  Visit Bu...
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These engineers are pushing solar racecars to new levels

Derek Muller of Veritasium hosts this show on an Australian solar-powered vehicle race, with competitors from around the world braving wind, dust and a surprising number of crashes: "They'll race 2,000 miles across the Australian Outback to test their tech and teamwork, risking life and limb to build a better, more sustainable world." — Read the rest
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Residential renewable energy developer Swell is raising $450 million for distributed power projects in three states

Swell Energy, an installer and manager of residential renewable energy, energy efficiency and storage technologies, is raising $450 million to finance the construction of four virtual power plants representing a massive amount of energy storage capacity paired with solar power generation. It’s a sign of the distributed nature of renewable energy development and a transition from large scale power generation projects feeding into utility grids at their edge to smaller, point solutions distributed...
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Solar energy firm Sunseap leads Singapore closer to its 2040 clean energy goal with a focus on photovoltaic farms, data centers, and creative solutions to geographic challenges

ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images Singapore last year announced a seven-fold increase of its solar capacity. Solar energy firm Sunseap, led by Frank Phua, is working on a number of innovative projects, including the world's largest floating coastal photovoltaic (PV) farm. Singapore's energy-guzzling data centers are a target for green energy providers such as Sunseap. A lack of global standards around solar technology is a major obstacle for the sector, but Singapore could ...
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SunCulture wants to turn Africa into the world’s next bread basket, one solar water pump at a time

The world’s food supply must double by the year 2050 to meet the demands from a growing population, according to a report from the United Nations. And as pressure mounts to find new crop land to support the growth, the world’s eyes are increasingly turning to the African continent as the next potential global breadbasket. While Africa has 65% of the world’s remaining uncultivated arable land, according to the African Development Bank, the countries on the continent face significant obstacles as ...
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Redesigned Solar Panels Could One Day Charge Your Gadgets From a Lamp

Despite being excellent tools for harvesting the free energy the sun is blasting towards our planet all day long, the solar panels you see dotting roofs and blanketing fields don’t really work with artificial light. But as researchers sought out new materials to improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaics, they also…Read more...
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Renewable power represents almost 90% of total global power capacity added in 2020

Bucking the slowdown in most of the power sector caused by responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, renewable energy actually grew in 2020, and will represent about 90% of the total power capacity added for the year, according to the International Energy Agency. A surge in new projects from China and the US led the charge for renewable power, which will account for almost 200 gigawatts of additional power generating capacity around the world, according to the  IEA’s Renewables 2020. Big additions cam...
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