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Persona lands $50M for identity verification after seeing 10x YoY revenue growth

The identity verification space has been heating up for a while and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated demand with more people transacting online. Persona , a startup focused on creating a personalized identity verification experience “for any use case,” aims to differentiate itself in an increasingly crowded space. And investors are banking on the San Francisco-based company’s ability to help businesses customize the identity verification process — and beyond — via its no-code platf...
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China is working hard on its 'F-22 killer' and other radars to better track US stealth aircraft

Military radars on display at the 9th World Radar Expo in Nanjing in China's Jiangsu Province, April 23, 2021. Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images Improvements to Chinese radar systems are being highlighted at an industry expo in Nanjing. Developments are coming as many countries boost their defenses with drones and stealth aircraft. See more stories on Insider's business page. China has put the spotlight on its advanced radars, highlighting improvements in its ability to trac...
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What China can learn about using its 'mini-carrier strike groups' from watching US Navy operations

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the South China Sea, April 9, 2021. US Navy/MCS Seaman Nadia Lund A combination of vessel types has military observers speculating about how China can better deploy ships and aircraft. Beijing has launched just two of its six planned aircraft carrier strike groups, but other ships could help fill the gap. See more stories on Insider's business page. As the world's two biggest naval fleets engage in the Indo-Pacific region, China...
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Court rules Torrance can recoup underpaid utility taxes, but can it collect?

Southern California Edison improperly billed customers in Torrance, depriving the South Bay’s largest city – and potentially dozens of others in Southern California – of revenue from special taxes on utility companies, a state appeals court has ruled. Hundreds of millions of dollars could be at stake statewide as well, the attorney representing Torrance said, with 104 cities and counties having similar voter-approved taxes that utilities across California may have also incorrectly calculated. Bu...
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Chinese soldiers are using virtual reality to do cheaper, more frequent training with missile systems

A military vehicle carries DF-21D missile past an image of the Great Wall of China, in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, September 3, 2015. GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images Simulated exercises are part of efforts to improve training across the Chinese military. Technology has transformed drills from "large-scale" to "quiet and highly effective," the military says See more stories on Insider's business page. China's rocket force is using virtual reality to train its soldiers to use mis...
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Huawei to Negotiate Royalties From Apple and Samsung for 5G Technology

Huawei will begin negotiating for royalties from Apple and Samsung for access to its portfolio of patents on 5G technology (via Bloomberg). Huawei is the owner of the world's largest collection of 5G patents and is seeking to charge other large tech companies a "reasonable" fee for access to them, creating a substantial new source of revenue. Huawei's Chief Legal Officer, Song Liuping, explained earlier today that the company will negotiate rates and comprehensive cross-licensing agreements ...
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China's military is keeping a close eye on the US's development of a new, advanced fighter jet

US Air Force F-22 Raptors. USAF US fighters and autonomous drones would fight side by side under a new combat concept. Air Force advances in the US will push Beijing to match American ingenuity and design, analysts say. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The US Air Force's desire to radically reshape and accelerate the way it develops future fighter planes could propel China to ramp up its plans for next-generation aircraft, Chinese experts said.A military insider ...
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The US is training with allies as it looks for ways to make it harder for China to 'wipe out' its air bases

US aircraft and airmen at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. Jason Robertson/US Air Force US drills with Australia and Japan in the Pacific will include air-combat exercises designed to improve their ability to use smaller airfields in case major bases are attacked. US commanders believe there is a growing threat to its military facilities from China's and Russia's missiles and bombers. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The United States is conducting a joint exercise w...
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How ‘Minari’ Director Lee Isaac Chung’s Childhood Memories Influenced the 1980s-Set Film’s Costumes

“Minari” director Lee Isaac Chung’s own experiences inspired costume designer Susanna Song in creating the wardrobe for the semi-autobiographical A24 film, named for the green vegetable that plays a central role in the story. Song says she had just two weeks for costume prep and only one short day for fittings. Here, she breaks down […]
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Hello From The Listing Side!

We’ve highlighted many singing agents over the years (see: ‘Rapping Real Estate – Do You Know Penny?’, ‘Real Estate Meets Taylor Swift (Well Sort of…)‘ and even Tom Ferry has rapped!); this particular video has to be in the top three! Kelsey McKinney, Director of Marketing at Agentology not only has a great voice but also a great sense of humor! Hello! If you like this post you’ll love our other ‘Just For Fun‘ posts!
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China is rolling out new uniforms to make troops on disputed South China Sea islands more comfortable

Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy personnel patrol at Fiery Cross Reef, in the Spratly Islands, February 9, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer China is working to improve soldiers' quality of life on remote stations in disputed areas of the South China Sea. Among those efforts is the roll out of upgraded tropical weather uniforms, as well as better logistics and medical care deemed essential for a strong, modern fighting force. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Chinese soldie...
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"Turning random internet drama into songs," part 1 and 2

This is the best. Montreal-based artist/producer Lubalin takes "random internet drama" and re-enacts it hilariously in song. He's only made two videos so far but they've gone viral, so I'm guessing more are on the way (crossing fingers).  BuzzFeed News interviewed him about his recent success with the songs on TikTok: The artist, who goes by the stage name Lubalin, has been a TikTok user for a while now, but in the last month really began studying what makes things go viral on the platform: "Y...
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A rare joint exercise with Russian planes highlights the limitations of China's bombers

A Chinese H-6 bomber over the Western Pacific Ocean, October 27, 2013 Reuters Shorter range and smaller payloads than Russian and US bombers mean China's aircraft cannot be viewed as long-distance strategic bombers. But China is developing next-generation bombers to extend its military reach and give it an intercontinental capacity. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A joint patrol between China and Russia has underlined shortcomings of Chinese bombers that could hold back...
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Hundreds of thousands of customers brace for power shutoffs because of Santa Ana winds

Hundreds of thousands of customers throughout Southern California are at risk of having their electricity turned off this week as local electric companies brace for what are anticipated to be stronger Santa Ana winds than last week. As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, Southern California Edison notified about 240,000 customers across eight counties that they are under consideration for a public safety power shutoff, said SCE spokesman David Song. Of those notified, 28,089 are in Los Angeles County, 21,053 are...
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The US shooting down a mock ICBM was a warning to China, observers say

US Navy A recent US test of a missile interceptor "could be seen as a response to China launching two aircraft carrier killer missiles into the South China Sea," military expert Zhou Chenming says. The test was the first time a missile interceptor has been launched from a ship at sea hit to destroy a mock ICBM in flight. Previous tests used interceptors launched from underground silos in the US. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The United States was sending a clear mess...
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Whisper announces $35M Series B to change hearing aids with AI and subscription model

A few years ago, Whisper president and co-founder Andrew Song was talking to his grandfather about his hearing aids. Even though he spent thousands of dollars on a medical device designed to improve his hearing, and in the process his quality of life, he wasn’t wearing them. Song’s co-founders had had similar experiences with grandparents, and as engineers and entrepreneurs, they decided to do something about it, to try and build a better, more modern hearing aid. Today, the company emerged from...
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China is telling its military propagandists to steer clear of stories about the US election

Chinese soldiers with targets used for shooting practice at their barracks east of Beijing, July 30, 2007. Guang Niu/Getty Images China's armed forces media outlets have been told to avoid coverage that could lead to accusations of taking sides in the upcoming US presidential election. The military expects "China-bashing" to be a big part of US campaigns in their final weeks, and social and traditional media outlets have been directed "not to give them any more ammunition," a source said. ...
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Strong finish for Meadow in New Jersey

Stephanie Meadow Stephanie Meadow birdied her last two holes to open with a one-under 70 as Leona Maguire shot 71 in the ShopRite LPGA Classic in New Jersey. The touring professional for Galgorm Castle sandwiched birdies at the 14th and 16th between bogeys at the 13th and 18th to turn in level par at Seaview’s Bay Course near Atlantic City. But after ...
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China says US spy planes posing as airliners are a 'serious threat' in the South China Sea

An Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, July 24, 2015. US Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Rasheen Douglas China says the US Air Force has used fake identities for its surveillance aircraft at least 100 times this year, putting civilian flights at risk. The accusation follows a similar claim by a Beijing-based think tank, which used open-source aviation responder records to monitor air traffic. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Beijing ...
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Apple Watch SE First Impressions: Good Price for Surprising Similarity to High-End Models

The Apple Watch SE is set to start shipping Friday, September 18, but the first hands-on reviews of Apple's lower-cost wearable are now appearing online. Several journalists and media outlets were provided with review units, and so far Chris Velazco from Engadget and Victoria Song from Gizmodo have shared their opinions after 24-hours with the wearable. Given that the Apple Watch SE is a lower-cost option that does not introduce any new features, reviews have focused on the balance of feature...
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Armed parachute drills by elite Chinese forces point to a military build-up amid flaring tensions with India

More than 300 Chinese troops parachuted onto the Tibetan plateau during a recent training exercise, according to Chinese state media. CCTV Chinese state media reports that over 300 Chinese troops conducted a jump over the Tibetan Plateau during a recent exercise. Drawing on elite forces from various units for high-altitude airdrops suggests China is preparing for potential conflict, analyst says. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. China appears to be preparing thousands of...
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How children's coronavirus symptoms compare with those of the flu

A girl wears gloves and mask before going to the park after children under 14 years are allowed to leave their homes in Turkey on May 13, 2020. Aykut Unlupinar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images As flu season arrives, researchers are trying to distinguish symptoms to tell the difference between seasonal flu and the novel coronavirus.  Children in particular tend to have irregular or no symptoms of coronavirus, making it possible for them to spread the disease without being sick themselves. A new ...
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Heat wave brings threat of rolling blackouts

The heat wave baking Southern California is expected to last late into the week and could force as many as 3.3 million homes statewide to lose power during rolling blackouts Monday, state officials warned. The heat wave engulfing the West Coast created an energy shortage, according to the operator of the power grid. The California Independent System Operator says it will likely order utility companies to turn off power starting around 4 p.m. as demand for electricity to cool homes soars during t...
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Why was the power cut off?

Was your power cut off sometime Friday evening? If you live in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties, you may have been among the 132,000 SoCal Edison customers who were without power during rotating outages, or rolling blackouts caused by a statewide emergency. What emergency? Sometime before 7 p.m., the California Independent System Operator declared a Stage 3 Electrical Emergency due to increased electricity demand across the state and the intense heat, which reached th...
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Why was the power cut off Friday night?

Was your power cut off sometime Friday evening? If you live in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties, you may have been among the 132,000 SoCal Edison customers who were without power during rotating outages, or rolling blackouts caused by a statewide emergency. What emergency? Sometime before 7 p.m., the California Independent System Operator declared a Stage 3 Electrical Emergency due to increased electricity demand across the state and the intense heat, which reached th...
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I'm a Google intern and TikTok influencer who's living with my parents in Texas for the summer — here's what my days are like

Angelica Song is a rising college senior at UC Berkeley who landed a coveted summer internship at Google earlier this year, as part of the company's US consumer payments marketing team. Due to the pandemic, she's doing her internship virtually while sheltering in place with her family in Austin, Texas.  Internship perks have included livestreams with celebrities, a virtual magic show, digital DJ sets, a bartending class, and industry talks with Google's C-suite executives. Also an avid content...
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How Can You Write A Speech So That It Can Be Spoken?

Speakers need to understand how to get from page to stage Image Credit: Fredrik Rubensson I’m hoping that we can all agree that in this world in which we live in, there are three types of writers out there. There are the writers who are able to write for the spoken word, writers who are able to write for the written word, and writers who are just flat out bad writers. I’m hoping that none of you fall into that later category. However, when it comes to writing your next speech, are yo...
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"I am not throwing away this mask," Hamilton parody song

This "Hamilton" parody song justifiably asks, "Can we maybe just all agree to wear a tiny flipping mask?!" I am not throwing away this mask. I am not throwing away this mask. This really should be bipartisan. Come on now, how hard is it? I am not throwing away this mask. screengrab via The Holderness Family/YouTube
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Direct-to-consumer startup studio Innovation Department raises $3.7M

Innovation Department, a startup building a portfolio of direct-to-consumer brands, is announcing that it has raised its first outside capital in a $3.7 million funding round It’s only launched one of those brands so far — WellPath, which offers customized nutritional supplements. But the next, a pet wellness brand called Finn, is scheduled to launch next month. Innovation Department was actually founded back in 2015. Initially, co-founder and CEO Alex Song said it took a more general “studio” a...
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Bhay Hotey Tobo Abhaya Majhe - New Birth - English Translation of Tagore's Prayerful Song

Collage by Sadiq New Birth ভয় হতে তব অভয়মাঝে নূতন জনম দাও হে॥ Carrying from my fear to Your fearlessness Grant me a new birth, O Lord! দীনতা হতে অক্ষয় ধনে, সংশয় হতে সত্যসদনে, From poverty to the unending abundance From doubt to the abode of truth জড়তা হতে নবীন জীবনে নূতন জনম দাও হে॥ From lifelessness to a fresh life Grant me a new birth, O Lord! আমার ইচ্ছা হইতে, প্রভু, তোমার ইচ্ছামাঝে– From my will O Lord to Yours Within Your Divine Will. আমার স্বার্থ হই...
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