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Sonos Sale: Huge discounts on Sonos Beam, Sonos One, and Sonos One SL

The Sonos One SL, Sonos One Gen 2 smart speaker, and Sonos Beam soundbar are powerful and sleekly designed.
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The best Sonos deals and sales for April 2020

Curious about Sonos speakers? Learn more about the entire line and where the best deals are right now.
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The Never-Ending Death of Smart Home Gadgets

I got my smart TV in early November 2016. It was a 50-inch Samsung—the largest size I could convince my then skeptical roommate to shell out for. We scored a modest deal. At roughly $600 split between two poor millennials, it wasn’t half-bad. (Though, in retrospect, I should have waited until Black Friday.) It was,…Read more...
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Sonos may have its legacy product solution with new app, operating system

The new OS, which adds high-res audio, is slated for a June release
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Sonos to Roll Out Whole New App for Its Next Generation of Speakers

The Sonos saga continues. A few months ago, the company caught some flack for sundowning its older hardware—now dubbed “legacy” products. It then quickly amended that while its oldest products would no longer receive newer features, they would still receive security updates and bug fixes. A big unanswered question,…Read more...
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The best Sonos deals and sales for March 2020

Curious about Sonos speakers? Learn more about the entire line and where the best deals are right now.
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Sonos Decides Bricking Old Stuff Isn't a Winning Move After All

Sonos is reversing course on a plan to brick all trade-in devices, so if someone wants to give or sell you a used speaker, it will still work. For now. Ars Technica reports: Sonos launched its "trade up" program last October. Consumers who owned a handful of older devices would receive a 30 percent discount on newer models if they traded in their old versions -- a fairly typical program for expensive electronics, all things considered. The company drew customers' ire with one important deviation...
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You Don't Have to Brick Your Old Sonos Devices Anymore

Sonos is finally ending its controversial “Recycle Mode” policy that forced users to manually brick their older devices in order to get 30 percent off their next Sonos purchase through the company’s Trade-Up program.Read more...
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Sonos end ‘Recycle Mode’ for old devices that are being replaced

As they phase out support for their older devices Sonos have abandoned their plans for legacy devices. Sonos announced near the start of the year that they would be fully phasing out their older products by ending software updates for them. Their scheme let legacy device owners upgrade to Sonos’s newer offerings but their old devices had to be put into a ‘Recycle Mode’. Sonos are still offering upgrades to owners but they’ve scrapped the ‘Recycle Mode’ which made older devices defunct. ...
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Sonos Won't Brick Your Device Anymore if You Want to Recycle

A few months ago, Sonos drew the ire of some customers and recyclers trying to trade in their old devices. The main issue was that in order to partake in its Trade Up program—which rewards customers with a discount on new Sonos products if they recycle their old ones—you had to essentially brick the device. People…Read more...
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Sonos abandons ‘Recycle Mode’ on old speakers after much backlash

Back in October, Sonos introduced a new ‘trade up‘ program that offers existing Sonos users a 30 percent discount to buy a new speaker if they recycle an eligible older model. Problem was, qualifying for the program required users to put their old devices in a new ‘Recycle Mode’ which would permanently prevent the devices from working. This did not go over well. While it seemed like a fairly innocuous move at first glance, it meant that users were limited in how they could dispose of the device....
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Sonos decides to trash its controversial Recycle Mode

The company's older speakers will no longer become unusable as part of trade-in
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Sonos is ending its controversial 'recycle mode' program that rendered speakers useless following a critical backlash (SONO)

Sonos is getting rid of its controversial "Recycle Mode" amid a backlash, as first reported by The Verge on Thursday and confirmed to Business Insider. The speaker company had pushed a trade-up program that gave customers a discount for upgrading — but only if they put their old speaker into Recycle Mode, making it permanently unusable. Critics said that making working speakers unusable was environmentally unfriendly, while Sonos said it was meant to keep customers from buying subpar used devi...
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The best Alexa-enabled speakers that aren't made by Amazon

Amazon's Echo speakers are some of the most popular Alexa devices on the market, but there are plenty of great Alexa-enabled speakers out there from other manufacturers. Alexa speakers are not all created equal, however, so we did the research to find the best Alexa speakers you can buy that aren't made by Amazon. We think the Sonos One offers the best cross-section of Alexa intelligence and excellent sound quality. For additional smart speaker recommendations, be sure to read our roundup of th...
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The best smart speakers

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, smart speakers can answer any question, control your smart home, play games, and so much more. The best smart speaker is the new Amazon Echo with its tens of thousands of skills, ability to buy items on Amazon, support for dozens of smart home devices, and good audio quality.  Amazon's Echo was the very first smart speaker on the scene with artificial intelligence, and it still dominates the field. Since its launch, Amazon has grown the Echo lineu...
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How to add Spotify to your Sonos speaker system

You can easily add Spotify to your Sonos system by adding a new music service in the Sonos app. To do so, you'll have to access your list of services in the Settings menu first. Adding Spotify to Sonos will allow you to stream Spotify playlists and albums on your speaker system at home. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Sonos speaker system allows you to add all your favorite streaming platforms to the app — where you can log in and play your favorite music at any time....
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Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo Studio

The Sonos One and Amazon Echo Studio offer a lot of similar features, but which speaker is the best for you?
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Brilliant makes your smart home more manageable

Controlling your smart home gadgets from your phone or by voice isn’t exactly a chore, but after setting up a bunch of smart lights, a Wi-Fi lock, thermostat and a few more smart devices, I came to miss the ability to control at least some of them with a physical switch. Add to that the simple fact that your visitors suddenly don’t have a clue how to turn off the lights and you may just want to go back to basic light switches. Thankfully, that’s something the industry has realized, too, and we’r...
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Roku Introduces a Cheap Wireless 5.1 Setup to Rival Sonos

After teasing a 5.1 surround sound solution with the introduction of wireless speakers in 2018 and a soundbar in 2019, Roku is finally doing the thing. If you already own a Roku Soundbar you’ll be able to add additional speakers and a subwoofer for a 5.1 surround sound experience. More importantly, it will actually be…Read more...
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Daily Crunch: Goldman Sachs calls for diverse boards

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Goldman Sachs says it won’t take startups public without at least one ‘diverse’ director; it should go further CEO David Solomon told CNBC that beginning this year, Goldman will no longer take companies public if they don’t have at least one “diverse” member on its board of directors. Some will, perhaps r...
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360i Named MediaPost’s Search Agency of the Year

We’re honored to share that 360i was selected as MediaPost’s 2019 Search Agency of the Year. The MediaPost Agency of the Year Awards celebrate the top work from agencies in the past year. On the heels of our recent recognition as a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Performance Marketing Agencies, this win solidifies 360i’s reputation as the Search partner of choice for modern marketers. Members of the 360i Search Team As part of the assessment, 360i was recognized for using Search data to inf...
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After backlash, Sonos CEO apologizes and says company will no longer prevent newer smart speakers from getting updates if you still owned older models

Sonos announced earlier this week that older Sonos speakers would no longer receive new updates after May 20, and older devices in a Sonos system would also prevent newer models from receiving updates, too. After facing backlash from customers, Sonos's CEO announced on Thursday that it's working to continue support for newer devices, even if older unsupported models are present in a Sonos system.  Older Sonos devices will work as they do today, and they'll continue to get bug patches and secur...
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Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue software support for legacy gear after all

Users can still run old and new kit on same network, for now Sonos has said it will continue to support legacy products, in an apparent reversal of a statement made earlier this week.…
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Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue some software support for legacy kit after all

Punters can still run old and new gear on same network, for now Sonos has said it will continue to support legacy products in an apparent reversal of a statement made earlier this week.…
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Sonos clarifies how unsupported devices will be treated

Smart speaker manufacturer Sonos clarified its stance when it comes to old devices that are no longer supported. The company faced some criticisms after its original announcement. Sonos now says that you’ll be able to create two separate Sonos systems so that your newer devices stay up to date. If you use a Zone Player, Connect, first-generation Play:5, CR200, Bridge or pre-2015 Connect:Amp, Sonos is still going to drop support for those devices. According to the company, those devices have r...
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Sonos Backpedals, Says 'All Products Will Work Past May'

Just a few short days ago, Sonos dropped the bomb that some of its older products would no longer receive software updates starting in May 2020. In the initial announcement, Sonos reasoned that the ‘legacy products’ were all reaching the end of their useful life. It then told users they could either recycle the…Read more...
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Sonos CEO Apologizes For Confusion, Says Legacy Products Will Work 'As Long As Possible'

On Tuesday, Sonos announced that come May 2020, a number of its older products will no longer receive software updates. Naturally, this frustrated many longtime customers, prompting Sonos CEO Patrick Spence to issue a statement to try to clear up the confusion. The Verge reports: "We heard you," is how Spence begins the letter to customers. "We did not get this right from the start." Spence apologizes for any confusion and reiterates that the so-called legacy products will "continue to work as t...
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Sonos sunsets several smart speakers’ software support, spurring storm (ars technica)

Enlarge / The Sonos Connect:Amp in what is soon to be its natural setting: a room filled with old stuff that may or may not work. (credit: Sonos) Sonos has been slinging smart speakers—and tech for connecting them—to dedicated fans since 2005. This week, however, Sonos announced the end of software support for its older product lines, and many of those once-loyal customers are furious. Software support for "legacy" product lines will end in May of this year, Sonos said Tuesday in a corporate b...
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CEO of Sonos, a speaker manufacturer, says company will continue to support older products, despite previous statements

Sonos, a company known for its wireless speakers, announced earlier this week that certain older products would lose software support come this May. On Thursday, amid backlash, the CEO walked back those statements.
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Sonos CEO tries to calm customers, says products will work ‘as long as possible’

Sonos has written an open letter to customers clarifying its plans to end software updates for older products.
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