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Sony Animation Is Picking Up Hair Love After Kickstarter Campaign

Update: Since we first reported on Hair Love, an animated short film about a Black father trying to do his daughter's hair, the project's creators had raised $27,757 of their $75,000 goal and were hoping to partner with a major studio to bring it to the masses. Now, two years and $280,000 in pledges later, that dream is finally becoming a reality.Today, director Mathew A. Cherry,Cherry announced that he has teamed up with Sony Pictures Animation to release the film, which is set to hit theaters...
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The first huge update to 2019's biggest game is worth every penny (EA)

The first major addition has arrived in "Apex Legends," the wildly popular new Battle Royale game. The "Wild Frontier" expansion includes the first new character, Octane, and the game's first Battle Pass — a massive set of unlockable items tied to your level. At $9.50, the Battle Pass is an inexpensive way to add a lot more content to an already-excellent game...especially since "Apex Legends" itself is a free download. The first major content update to "Apex Legends" arrived this week, and i...
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AMD's CEO was at Google's streaming-video-game unveiling, and it may hint big plans for the future (AMD, GOOG)

AMD's graphics-processing unit was chosen to run Google's new streaming-video-game platform. The presence of AMD CEO Lisa Su at Tuesday's developer's conference could be a sign the two companies will work more closely in the future. Watch AMD trade live. AMD was the biggest winner on Tuesday, spiking 12%, after Google unveiled Stadia, its plan to upend the video-game industry. At its developers' conference on Tuesday, Google formally announced it would use AMD's graphics-processing units for...
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‘Astro Bot Rescue Bot’ Creator Explains Celebrated VR Game

Those who hope virtual reality becomes the next phase of video games have been waiting expectantly for a “killer app” to justify the technology’s existence. For many, Sony’s PlayStation VR game “Astro Bot Rescue Mission” was that game. Released last October,, “Astro Bot” is a PSVR platforming game in which you control a small robot […]
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Michael Rooker Joins Paramount Players’ Monster Problems

Michael Rooker joins Paramount Players’ Monster Problems According to Deadline, Guardians of the Galaxy star Michael Rooker has signed on to join Dylan O’Brien in Paramount Players’ upcoming post-apocalyptic film Monster Problems. Rooker is set to play the role of expert hunter named Clyde, who will serve as Joel Dawnson’s (O’Brien) mentor on how to survive the Monster Apocalypse. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefre...
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After several 'Fantastic Four' flops, Disney should use its upcoming Netflix competitor to revamp the franchise

The Disney-Fox merger closed on Wednesday, and Disney now owns the film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Fox made three "Fantastic Four" movies in the last fifteen years, and none were resounding successes. The 2015 reboot is an infamous disaster. Disney should not rush the characters to the big screen, and instead utilize its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. With Disney's acquisition of Fox, which closed on Wednesday, Disney now owns Fox's film studio, many of its television asset...
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Satellite giants Dish and DirecTV are taking wildly different pricing approaches to streaming. Here's what it says about the future of live digital TV.

Sling TV and DirecTV Now are taking opposite approaches to OTT growth. DirecT V Now increased its prices, which could cause it to lose half its sub scribers this year, while Sling is ratcheting up promotions to attract new customers. The differences in approach reveal the fundamental differences between the two companies and the future of live digital TV. After competing head to head for years, Sling TV and DirecTV Now, the two biggest digital live TV services by subscribers are taking opposi...
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Tencent Music [NYSE: TME] Stock Fell 11% Wednesday

UPDATE 2: Tencent Music [TME] stock took a hit Wednesday after the streamer's first post-IPO report to investors included a $127 million quarterly loss. Tencent stock closed Wednesday at $16.66 USD, down $1.91 or 10.29% and fell another 1% in after hours trading. Investors were not happy, even though the company had forecast the loss caused by a one time $221 million stock issuance to Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. More details: Tencent Music Posts $127M Loss, ...
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After Google, Walmart is reportedly building a game streaming service

USgamer reports that retail giant Walmart is working on a game streaming service, hopping on the now-heavily-burdened bandwagon that includes Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, and Sony. That’s from the media outlet’s sources, which say that the company has been in talks with game developers and publishers about it over the past few months. If the report is accurate, we may just have another major player in the game streaming space. But even if Walmart is working on this, it may well be a while ...
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Noah Centineo to Play He-Man in ‘Masters of the Universe’ Reboot

From a boy (who’s loved) to He-Man. Noah Centineo is in talks to take on the superhero in Sony Pictures and Mattel Films’ “Masters of the Universe.” Brothers Adam and Aaron Nee are directing the reboot. Mattel Films is partnering with Sony on the movie, which is based on Mattel’s beloved toy line that spawned […]
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‘Masters of the Universe’ Reboot Wants Noah Centineo to Play He-Man

Noah Centineo, the internet’s boyfriend who may or may not be a young clone of Mark Ruffalo, might be headed to Eternia. The To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before actor is being sought after to play He-Man in the Masters of the Universe reboot. This would certainly be a far cry from the last live-action version of He-Man, played by Dolph Lundgren in 1987. The Wrap broke the news about Noah Centineo joining the Masters of the Universe reboot cast as He-Man. Centineo is in talks to join the film,...
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The New Master of the Universe Could Be Noah Centineo

Have you been wondering why we haven’t heard much about that upcoming Masters of the Universe movie in a while? Maybe it’s because the filmmakers were waiting for a star to seemingly appear out of nowhere and become He-Man...which may have just happened.Read more...
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Noah Centineo May Play He-Man in Masters of the Universe Reboot Film

Noah Centineo May Play He-Man in Masters of the Universe Reboot Film By the Power of Grayskull, Hollywood may have found its new He-Man. The Wrap is reporting that Sony is in talks with Noah Centineo to headline the upcoming reboot of Masters of the Universe. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeM...
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Despite short-term questions, games software/hardware to top $200 billion by 2023

Tim Merel Contributor Tim Merel is managing director of Digi-Capital. More posts by this contributor For AR/VR 2.0 to live, AR/VR 1.0 must die Chinese investment into computer vision technology and AR surges as U.S. funding dries up There has been some negative sentiment surrounding the games industry recently, with stock prices of public games companies in question in both the U.S. and China. While being contrarian to market senti...
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Tencent Music [NYSE: TME] Stock Falls 10.3% Wednesday

[UPDATE] Tencent Music [TME] stock took a beating Wednesday after the streamer's first post-IPO report to investors included a $127 million quarterly loss. TME stock closed trading on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday at 16.66 USD down $1.91 or 10.29%. Investors were not happy, even though the company had forecast the loss caused by a one time $221 million stock issuance to Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. More details: Tencent Music Posts $127M Loss, 664M Mon...
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What latency feels like on Google’s Stadia cloud gaming platform

After peppering Google employees with questions regarding Stadia’s latency, pricing and supported devices to mostly no avail, I got my hands on one of their new controllers and pressed play on the Doom Eternal gameplay they were showing off on a big-screen TV. Things started off pretty ugly. The frame rate dropped to a fast-paced PowerPoint presentation, the resolution dipped between 4K crispness and indecipherable blurriness and latency seemed to be as much as a half-second. As the Google em...
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How big is 'Fortnite'? With nearly 250 million players, it's over two-thirds the size of the US population

"Fortnite" is stronger than ever, with nearly 250 million players. That's double what Epic Games revealed in June 2018, when just 125 million players were registered. It looks like the competition over Battle Royale isn't slowing down. The biggest game in the world — "Fortnite" — is showing no signs of slowing down.  That's clear from the latest statistic to come out of "Fortnite" creator Epic Games: More than 250 million players have registered accounts, Epic Games revealed on Wednesday. Bet...
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The creators of 'Fortnite' now have more than 85 million people using their store to buy games on PC

Epic Games, the company behind 'Fortnite,' has welcomed more than 85 million users to its PC gaming store since December 2018. Much of that success can be credited to "Fortnite." Since July 2017, a total of 250 million players have played "Fortnite" on PC, video game consoles, and smartphones. Steam, the most popular platform for PC games, has 90 million monthly users and 47 million active players each day. The success of "Fortnite" has helped the game's creators carve out a major stake in th...
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Tencent Music [TME] Stock Falls 9.3% After Earnings Report

Tencent Music stock was taking a beating on Wednesday after the streamer's first IPO report to investors. Tencent Music had posted a $127 million loss. As of early afternoon, TME was trading on the New York Stock Exchange at $ 6.86 USD, down $ 1.71 or 9.21%. Investors were not happy, even thought the company had forecast the loss caused by a one time $221 million stock issuance to Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. More details: Tencent Music Posts $127M L...
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The Three Things Google Stadia Needs to Conquer the Gaming Industry

Google Yesterday Google announced its long-anticipated streaming game platform, Stadia. In the news post we called it an “invasion” of gaming: this combination platform and delivery service has the potential to compete with consoles, PCs, and mobile games, all at once. Google’s ambition is huge, but it’s appropriate to the task. The game industry as we know it is stagnating in terms of innovation, but its biggest corporate players are well-entrenched and experienced. If Stadia is to compet...
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Will ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ Follow ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and Change History?

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood trailer is here, and it’s a blast. The latest film from Quentin Tarantino is a star-studded affair, and based on this trailer, it’s going to lean heavily into comedy. That may seem like an odd choice, since the film features both Charles Manson and Sharon Tate, one of the victims of the Manson Family. But I have a theory – a theory I’ve had for a while now, and one that I feel stronger about after watching the trailer. I think Tarantino is going to take the sam...
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AMD's CEO was at Google's big streaming video-game unveiling, and it may hint big plans for the future (AMD, GOOG)

AMD's graphics processing unit was chosen to run Google's new streaming-video-game platform.  The presence of AMD CEO Lisa Su at Tuesday's developer's conference could be a sign the two companies will work more closely in the future.  Watch AMD trade live. AMD was the biggest winner on Tuesday, spiking 12%, after Google unveiled Stadia, its plan to upend the video-game industry.  At its developer's conference on Tuesday, Google formally announced that it would use AMD's graphics processing u...
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Shadow Game Streaming Review: Powerful Niche Service, but Skip the Hardware

Shadow Shadow wants to sell you a dream: a super-powerful, always-connected computer that you can access from anywhere and with any device. That computer is meant primarily for gaming, but since it’s running Windows, it can also do anything a normal PC can do. And at a basic level, Shadow does that. The service works, and the experience is surprisingly good… so long as you’re accessing it from another computer. Move to a phone, a tablet, or even Shadow’s first-party Ghost hardware, and thi...
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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Trailer: DiCaprio, Pitt, Robbie and More Star in Quentin Tarantino’s New Film

Quentin Tarantino is back, and he’s brought one hell of a cast with him. Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood goes back to LA the summer of 1969, with the specter of the Manson Family lurking in the background. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt lead a lineup that includes Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, and Luke Perry, in his final role. Watch the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood trailer below. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has to be the most anticipated ...
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Teaser Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

"That was the best acting I've ever seen in my whole life." Sony has unveiled the very first teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's latest movie, his 9th feature film, titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This one is set in Los Angeles in 1969, right smack in the middle of Hollywood (as the title hints), taking us back to the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age. The story involves a faded TV actor and his stunt double who embark on an odyssey to achieve fame and success in the film indust...
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Beta Release of Adobe DNG Converter 11.2.1

I recently learned that Adobe quietly dropped a beta version of the free DNG converter to help people with newly released cameras (since the last official update in Feb) gain support for their raw photos in Lightroom and Camera Raw. I can’t remember the last time that happened, and I thought it was pretty cool for them to make this available in between official updates. The following cameras are supported by this version of the converter: Canon EOS RPPanasonic LUMIX DC-FZ1000M2 (DC-FZ10002...
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Spotify rival Tencent Music posts maiden quarter loss of $130M on one-off costs

Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the Chinese answer to Spotify that Tencent spun out and floated on the New York Stock Exchange in December, reported a net loss of 876 million yuan ($127 million) in its first set of quarterly results since going public. The loss, which TME forecasted in its prospectus filed ahead of the IPO, is mainly due to a one-off 1.52 billion yuan ($221 million) share-based charge related to equity issuance to label partners Warner Music Group and Sony Music Enterta...
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Nintendo, Sony Fall After Google Unveils a Gaming Service

Nintendo dropped as much as 4.6 percent and Sony declined 4.5 percent Wednesday, the biggest intraday drop for both stocks in six weeks. Stadia lets developers put games on a streaming platform that will allow players to access the action through the web, skipping expensive consoles or personal computers, Google announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
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Disney is set to swallow Fox, to become biggest studio in town, with loads of content

Scheduled to close just after midnight EDT Wednesday, The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s filmed entertainment assets makes the Burbank-based Mouse House, for years the most successful movie maker in Hollywood, by far the biggest of the five remaining major studios. “This is an extraordinary and historic moment for us — one that will create significant long-term value for our company and our shareholders,” Robert Iger, Disney’s chairman and CEO, said in a statement Tuesda...
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Google just unveiled Stadia, its ambitious attempt to upend the video game industry and take on Xbox and PlayStation. Here's everything we know (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google just announced a huge new gaming initiative: A Netflix-like video game streaming platform named Stadia. The service is intended to run high-resolution, blockbuster games on any device that runs Google's Chrome — from smartphones to computers to TVs and tablets. Alongside the announcement of Stadia itself, Google unveiled a new controller and a new game development studio. After years of rumors and speculation, Google officially detailed its plans to enter the video game business on Tue...
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