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"Acoustic tweezers" use sound waves to levitate bits of matter

Since the 1980s, researchers have been using sound waves to move matter through a technique called acoustic trapping.Acoustic trapping devices move bits of matter by emitting strategically designed sound waves, which interact in such a way that the matter becomes "trapped" in areas of particular velocity and pressure.Acoustic and optical trapping devices are already used in various fields, including medicine, nanotechnology, and biological research. Sound can have powerful effects on matter. Aft...
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This Synth Demo Will Make You Experience Feelings You've Never Had Before

Musical product demos aren’t known for producing masterpieces. Typically, they feature a fine technical musician running through a few unnotable bars of a song while they emphasize a specific feature of the gear. Then there’s Realitone’s demo for its Realivox Ladies software which features a segment of sound that…Read more...
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Yes, you can see sounds — it's called cymatics

Sound can be visible. What's more, sound can draw exquisite, regular patterns on a physical surface.If you ever tried playing on a wine glass or tracing squeaky circles along the rim of a thin champagne flute at a boring (albeit boozy) party, you have officially passed one of the most impressive physics courses there is. What is so incredible about playing with glass (except the spectacular sound effects, of course)?If the alcohol percentage in the glass allows it, let us look at what happens in...
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Ouija-Book / Ouija World / Robyn Coburn

Added image and story to the bottom of: Retired, somewhat; announced in a discussion, saved here:Retirement, spiritual retreat, cocooning... New sound file on the Robyn Coburn page! "The Early Years," presentation from the 2005 Live and Learn Conference in St. Louis (There is a player on that page, and here's a direct link.) photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd [Author: Sandra Dodd]
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United Airlines agrees to purchase 15 Boom supersonic airliners

United Airlines is the first official U.S. customer for Boom Supersonic, a company focused on making supersonic commercial flight a reality once again. Boom unveiled its supersonic sub-scale testing aircraft last year, and intends to start producing its Overture full-scale commercial supersonic passenger jet beginning in 2025, with a planned 2029 date for the beginning of commercial service after a few years of flight testing, design refinement and qualification. United agreed to purchase 15 of ...
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Eating noises make you crazy? You have misophonia

Some people are driven absolutely bonkers when they hear other people eating or even breathing. Such people likely have a condition called "misophonia," or "hatred of sound."fMRI brain scans reveal a surprising cause for the condition.Maybe it's happened to you. You're sitting there quietly munching away on something, and suddenly, you feel someone's eyes burning into you. When you turn toward the stare, you encounter eyes filled with rage. "What?" is your likely response. That "what" is the so...
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Why are cicadas so damn loud?

Yesterday, my father-in-law in Ohio delighted by daughter here in California with a recording from his front porch of the insane din of cicadas. She couldn't believe the volume. Why are they so damn loud? Above, Dr. Samuel Ramsey, "Your Friendly Neighborhood Entomologist," explains why the insects get together in huge gatherings and make so much noise. — Read the rest
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Your voice might reveal personality traits

A new study finds a deeper voice is associated with self-reported extraversion, dominance, and casual sex. It was the first study on the topic to objectively measure voice pitch.The authors suggest that hormones like testosterone might explain their findings.We make snap decisions about other people based on information that we can gather quickly. One of the many ways that we do this is by making bold conclusions about other people's personalities based on their voices alone. Various studies de...
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3 Productivity Tricks for Presenters

Does it seem harder to get things done around this time of year? Something about the return of warm, sunny days always does something to my productivity. And it’s not something positive. Around this time of year, I find myself struggling to get things done. And I know I’m not alone. One of my favorite writers, Shauna Niequist recently shared this on her social media: “Good morning from the land of writing deadlines [which] means one thing and one thing only: time for unrelated projects! Let’s or...
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For the first time, you can hear the sound of NASA's Ingenuity helicopter flying on Mars

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter (left) and Perseverance rover (right). NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA's Perseverance rover recorded the hum of the Ingenuity helicopter flying on Mars. For the first time, you can hear the sound of controlled flight on another planet. Ingenuity is about to fly to a new airfield to carry out more experimental flights. See more stories on Insider's business page. A ghostly hum has been echoing across the plains of Mars' Jezero Crater. It's the soun...
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The problem with our noisy planet

Noise is a belittled threat that disrupts the functioning of people, animals, even plants. It causes stress, provokes aggression, increases the risk of heart disease. Blocking the issue of noise can bring catastrophic consequences for us.Morning coffee. I set up my laptop in the garden. All I can hear is the morning chirping of birds. Nothing to bother me. Suddenly, the roar of a chainsaw tears into the idyllic scenery. Actually, it's two chainsaws, which the new neighbours are using to massacre...
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A guide to hearing amplifiers - how they work, how to use them, and why they aren't hearing aid substitutes

Hearing amplifiers or personal sound amplification products can enhance the sound experience for those without hearing loss. Johner Images/Getty Images Personal sound amplification devices, or PSAPs, amplify sound waves for those who have normal hearing, or hearing thresholds of 20 dB or better in both ears. Unlike hearing aids, hearing amplifiers are not personalized for each user or clinically prescribed, but offer a number of customization settings and potential mobile app integration. ...
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This Browser-Based, Endlessly Evolving Acid Music Generator Is My New Work-From-Home White Noise Machine

Working from home during the pandemic has been a challenge for someone used to a dead quiet house. While I typically rely on white noise to help me concentrate, it’s now been replaced with David Whiting’s Endless Acid Banger: a browser-based sequencer that generates random but very listenable Acid house music.Read more...
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Pioneer's Studio Speakers Won't Fit On Your Desk, but They Sure Sound Amazing

When Pioneer initially described their new DJ monitors, the VM-80s, I was convinced they’d be a great addition to my desk audio setup. Pioneer makes great, solid speakers, and these new monitors—essentially $289 standalone speakers that can be installed in any configuration—looked like just the trick to get some solid…Read more...
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Why professional violin bows are so expensive

Read the original article on Business Insider [Author: [email protected] (Taryn Varricchio,Emily Christian)]
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These Headphones Offer Solid Active Noise Cancellation for Those on a Budget

Urbanista isn’t a household name. Founded in Sweden, the company makes low-cost, high-design headphones for folks who don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on options from Apple, Bose, or Beats. Their latest product, the Miami, is a pair of active noise-canceling headphones with 50-hour battery life and a tempting…Read more...
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How to Soundproof Noisy Windows so You Can Get Some Damn Sleep

I recently moved to a new apartment on a street that serves as an artery for commercial trucking in my area of Brooklyn. I’m particularly sensitive to noise pollution, and this permanent cacophony isn’t just caused by the rumble of big rigs: Every facet of urban life seems to seep its way into my bedroom. It’s as if…Read more...
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The Happenstance at the House on the Hill

During the grind of lockdown, musicians exchanged notes on modes of creating through the barrier The post The Happenstance at the House on the Hill appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Neanderthals could produce and hear human speech, new study finds

Neanderthals are emerging as having been much more advanced than previously suspected.Analysis of ear structures indicated by fossilized remains suggests they had everything they needed for understanding the subtleties of speech.The study also concludes that Neanderthals could produce the consonants required for a rich spoken language. Neanderthals' image has undergone quite an upgrade in recent years. Where we once we thought of them as knuckle-dragging just-slightly-more-evolved apes, we now ...
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Apple Hearing Study Finds 1 in 5 Participants Experienced Hearing Loss

Apple introduced the ability to track your noise level exposure on the Apple Watch back in 2019. The company also launched three clinical research studies alongside that feature, including one to examine hearing health. Now, a little over a year later, Apple’s sharing some preliminary results in time for World Hearing…Read more...
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For the first time, we have an audio recording from the surface of Mars - take a listen

The first high-resolution, color image sent back by the Hazard Cameras on NASA's Perseverance Mars rover after its landing on February 18, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA's Perseverance rover landed on Mars on Thursday. Microphones attached to the rover recorded audio from inside the Jezero Crater, where it landed.  A Martian breeze can be heard, the first sounds recorded on Mars' surface.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. For the first time in history, we have an au...
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Building and playing a violin made of nails

What in blue blazes is a nail violin? Just what it sounds like. An instrument made of tuned nails that you can bow. Bonus: It doubles as a sort of kalimba. Image: YouTube
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How to Find Your Voice, With Hollywood Vocal Coach Denise Woods

This week we’re fine-tuning our instruments with help from Hollywood vocal coach, Denise Woods. Denise has been a professional vocal and dialect coach for over 20 years and has worked with stars like Will Smith, Halle Berry, Rachel Weisz, Jessica Chastain, and Mahershala Ali, to name just a few. Listen to hear Denise…Read more...
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Human noise is threatening ocean life

"Anthrophony" is the sound made by humans (or the things that humans have created). Unfortunately, human-generated noise in the ocean—from sonar to pile drivers—is harming dolphins, whales, narwhals, and other species. Meanwhile, climate change, as it impacts coral reefs, also screws with the natural ocean acoustics that help fish find food. — Read the rest
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These Cheap Noise-Canceling Earbuds Give AirPods Pro a Run for Their Money

In a world in which Apple is now selling $549 headphones, and the major players like Bose are sure to follow suit with equally pricey devices, it’s refreshing to find a pair of earbuds that offer solid noise cancellation, excellent design, and a great price.Read more...
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