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Here’s what countries are doing to try to contain coronavirus

BANGKOK — Saudi Arabia cut travel to Islam’s holiest sites, South Korea toughened penalties for those breaking quarantines and airports across Latin America looked for signs of sick passengers Thursday as the new virus troubled a mushrooming swath of the globe. With the illness pushing its way into a sixth continent and the number of sick and dead rising, the crisis gave way to political and diplomatic rows, concern that bordered on panic in some quarters, and a sense that no part of the world w...
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Disneyland is this family’s business with more than 100 years of service

Vin Reilly has a framed black-and-white photo in her office showing her grandfather paddling a canoe carrying Walt Disney around the Rivers of America that serves a constant reminder of her family’s more than 100 years of service to Disneyland. Three generations and seven family members of the Reilly clan have worked at Disneyland with at least one family member on the payroll every year since the Anaheim theme park opened in 1955. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter and find out what’s new an...
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What Are the Oldest Companies in the World?

When entrepreneurs start a business, their goal is for it to keep running forever. With that in mind, have you ever wondered about the oldest company in the world? A new and incredible infographic (with some great graphics) from thoroughly answers that question. If you say the oldest company is 100, 200, 500, or even 1,000 years old, you would still be short by another 400+ years. The Kongo Gumi construction company in Japan has been in business since 578. That is 1,428 ...
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A Day at the Compassion Center Through the Eyes of the Children

Have you ever wondered what the child you sponsor experiences at the Compassion-assisted child development center? Take a peek into child development centers in Colombia and Sri Lanka! Read the full article: A Day at the Compassion Center Through the Eyes of the Children
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JetBlue is waiving fees for canceling or changing flights because of the coronavirus, the first US airline to do so for all routes

JetBlue is offering free flight cancellations or changes on all newly-booked flights, as people grow increasingly worried about traveling during the deadly coronavirus outbreak. JetBlue is the first US airline to offer such a policy on all routes, though some other airlines are offering similar conditions to people who booked flights to the worst-affected areas. The virus has now spread to at least 40 other countries, leading to fears of an industry slowdown. JetBlue said its policy applies to...
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MLS Owners Predict League Will Surpass MLB, Premier League

NEW YORK (AP) – Three days ahead of the Major League Soccer’s 25th season, owners, executives and players gathered for a day of unbridled optimism and hyperbole. Los Angeles FC lead owner Larry Berg predicted MLS will surpass Major League Baseball in popularity during the next 10 years and Inter Miami managing owner Jorge Mas maintained it will be of higher quality than the Premier League and La Liga by 2045. MLS anticipates soccer’s status in the U.S. will be boosted when the Americans co-host ...
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5 must-see monuments and 5 luxury hotels to stay in

In the ancient world, the Greeks had made a list of seven places any sight-seeing tourists in the Hellenic world should make the effort to see. Since the days of the Greeks and the Romans, the only monument in this list that still stands is the Great Pyramid at Giza. Our world offers more unique […] The post 5 must-see monuments and 5 luxury hotels to stay in appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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The key to understanding Bernie Sanders

The key to understanding Bernie Sanders Fresh off a stunning series of victories in Nevada, New Hampshire, and (probably) Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders celebrated by telling the media about the political triumphs – of Fidel Castro. The Democratic presidential front-runner told 60 Minutes on Sunday that he’s “very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba, but, you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad, you know? When Fidel Castro came into off...
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Kids Around the World: Where I Get My Water

Find out where these 13 kids from around the world get their water in these beautiful photographs that show the need for more accessible safe water. Read the full article: Kids Around the World: Where I Get My Water
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Board Question #92876: Dear Ardilla Feroz, I'm going on a weeklong Patagonia tour ...

Q: Dear Ardilla Feroz,I'm going on a weeklong Patagonia tour in March and would love to hear any advice you have on where to go, what to bring, and what to do! -Soon-to-be international explorer A: Dear explorateur,Hey, congratulations! I think you'll have a lot of fun. And sorry! This took too long to be actually useful.March should be the ideal time to visit Patagonia--you'll be arriving in early fall, with fewer crowds, pleasant temperatures, and the possibility of fall foliage.My personal ...
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It was always pointless to short Tesla — and that's still true, even with the stock at epic highs (TSLA)

In 2017, I argued that it was pointless to short Tesla.  Shares were then at around $400. Following a recent, epic rally that's taken Tesla to nearly $1,000 per share, the short case has returned, despite traders getting burned. But it's a still a bad idea to short Tesla. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Several years ago, when Tesla stock went on a tear and ripped through a 2014 high of about $300, I wrote a story about why shorting the company was a terrible idea. "Here's...
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Where We Are

We woke up this morning to the news that President Trump is calling his purge of supposed disloyalists within the government good for America AND demanding that Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg recuse from any cases involving Trump. It recalls the brilliant long-running episodic Slate series: “If It Happened There” The conceit is simple: “American events are described using the tropes and tone normally employed by the American media to describe events in other co...
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Genetic resistance to lethal virus found in key farmed fish species

Resistance to a deadly disease that is affecting the second most farmed fish in the world has been found to be mainly due to differences in genes between families of the same fish. The breakthrough could help protect stocks of Tilapia fish, which is an important food source in Africa, Asia and South America and worth nearly $10 billion to the global economy.
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What to Know for Visiting Argentina

The South American country of Argentina is a fascinating and diverse place with plenty of memorable experiences, whether you’re looking for arts and culture, nightlife or anything in between. If you’re considering a trip, take a look at these travel tips for travelling in Argentina and get some helpful advice to make the most of your visit. San Martin Square Plan your itinerary Argentina is a massive country. In fact, it’s roughly 60 percent of the size of Europe and contains everything from...
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The Truth About What to do in the Amazon Rainforest

“To survive here,” the voice said through the dark. “You have to be big. You have to be clever. Or you have to be poison.” The voice belonged to Ralf, our native-born guide to the waterways and canopies of this slice of the Amazon rainforest. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab.
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Carnival festivals around the world: Join the parades and parties in 2020

It's Carnival -- that time of parades, parties and overindulgence before Lent. See how people are enjoying festivals around the world from South America to Europe.
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Ecotourism and indigenous stewardship

Ecotourism is generally hailed as the best form of tourism for environmentally conscious travelers. When the idea of a retreat into nature complete with wildlife observation and beautiful amenities is sold to customers, it is certainly easy to see why this may be preferable to other forms of tourism. Hence, it makes perfect sense that […] The post Ecotourism and indigenous stewardship appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Mangrove Capital’s Mark Tluszcz on the huge mHealth opportunity and why focusing on UX is key

Mangrove Capital Partners’ co-founder and CEO Mark Tluszcz is brimming with enthusiasm for what’s coming down the pipe from health tech startups. Populations armed with mobile devices and hungry for verified and relevant information, combined with the promise of big data and AI, is converging, as he sees it, into a massive opportunity for businesses to rethink how healthcare is delivered, both as a major platform to plugging gaps in stretched public healthcare systems and multiple spaces in b...
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Northeastern Brazil: a cultural stew of culinary delights!

Rich in geographical and cultural diversity, Brazil is a delightful destination for those who love to eat and experience knowledge and flavors on a culinary journey through different regions of the country to stimulate the senses of sight, smell and, above all, taste. In fact, over more than 500 years of history, Brazilian cuisine results […] The post Northeastern Brazil: a cultural stew of culinary delights! appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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A million children left behind as Venezuela crisis tears families apart

As the country battles economic collapse, parents have been forced to migrate, leaving their offspring in the care of family, neighbours or sometimes aloneIt has been four months since Isabel Carrasco skipped her crumbling country, entrusting her daughters to a neighbour to join modern South America’s largest ever exodus.Carrasco’s destination was Guyana, although the woman now raising her children isn’t sure which part. Continue reading...
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Otherworldly images from the Puna

The Puna de Atacama is the high plateau of the Atacama Desert that stretches across northern Chile and Argentina. Last August, during the South American winter, we visited this eerie Mars-like landscape, where volcanoes, sand, and salt mingle. In the middle of the Puna sits one of Argentina’s highest villages, Tolar Grande, with an elevation of 11,500 feet. Surrounding it are some of the tallest peaks in the Andes, many soaring well over 20,000 feet high. We stayed in the village for a few ...
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What to find in the Plaza Grande of Quito

The Plaza Grande or Plaza de la Independencia, is located on Av. Venezuela between Chile and Espejo. It is one of the biggest attractions of the colonial center of Quito. In it some of the architectural jewels are discovered which were fundamental pieces so that it has been declared by the United Nations, as Cultural […] The post What to find in the Plaza Grande of Quito appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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America’s Favorite Family Destinations in the South

America’s Favorite Family Destinations in the South America’s Favorite Family Destinations in the South – Beyond the long lines and pricey tickets of Disney World and Universal Studios Florida, the American South has a wealth of destinations that offer the perfect combination of attractions, accommodations, and activities for a great family vacation. Places where families can relax, reconnect, and make memories that last a lifetime. Here are five of our country’s favorite family vacation destina...
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How to Organize a Low-Cost Holiday: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this guide, I will guide you through all the steps helping to organize a low-cost holiday — everything you need to know from when to book the flight and what type of travel insurance to take out. And, each step will be accompanied by a paragraph with a close look at the issue. Ready to travel more? FLIGHTS Let’s start this guide with one of the most important things or at least the one that will determine the beginning and end of your holiday. Are you sure you know the tricks to save some ...
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Modern veggie burger, ancient roots

Amanda Cohen’s veggie burger at her latest venture, Lekka, is, as she puts it, “sort of a secret.” The coy restaurateur, known for her vegan tasting menu restaurant Dirt Candy, will only divulge to me that a collaboration between Cohen and a historian, during which she prepared 900-year-old Chinese dishes, inspired the recipe. A little research, however, reveals that Cohen’s veggie burger is based on yuguanfei, a vegetarian, mock-meat likely invented during the Song Dynasty. “Rice cultured wi...
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South American volcano showing early warning signs of 'potential collapse'

One of South America's most prominent volcanoes is producing early warning signals of a potential collapse, new research has shown.
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South American volcano showing early warning signs of 'potential collapse', research shows

One of South America's most prominent volcanoes is producing early warning signals of a potential collapse, new research has shown.
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What to Know for Visiting Mexico

Mexico is a vast country that offers a lot of diverse travel experiences, from gorgeous sun-drenched beaches to ancient cultural sites and vibrant cities with excellent shopping and dining. If you’re planning a trip, take a look at these travel tips for travelling in Mexico and advice to make the most of the visit. Arena Mexico Be prepared for the weather Though Mexico is often thought of as a hot country, you’ll wish you knew that the climate varies from region to region. Mexico is huge, so...
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7 of Bogota’s best restaurants

Surprisingly close in size to New York City, the massive Colombian city of Bogota has — culturally, artistically, and gastronomically — never felt more alive. Just as the country as a whole is shedding its past image, some exceptional Bogota dining venues are transforming the image of Colombian cuisine thanks to their superlative chefs – […] The post 7 of Bogota’s best restaurants appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Giant, car-sized turtles once roamed South America, and scientists have the fossils to prove it

The colossal, long-extinct beast lived 5 to 10 million years ago and measured at 9 1/2 feet - roughly the size and shape of a mid-sized car.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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