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Monks turn to Christ in South Asia

South Asia (MNN) -- Global Disciples has a big vision—to see the least reached and unreached people groups of the world have the chance to encounter the Gospel. One way the ministry works towards this vision is by training national leaders in how to share the Gospel. These leaders can then train others to do the same. Monks and Discipleship Training In South Asia, God showed up at one training event. Global Disciples’ Tim says a man named Elijah was leading a training event when a Buddhist...
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MOVES- #UAE's Dhabi Group chief executive resigns | Reuters

MOVES-UAE's Dhabi Group chief executive resigns | Reuters:The chief executive of Dhabi Group, owned by a prominent member of the royal family in Abu Dhabi, has resigned. Adeel Bajwa who took over as chief executive of the diversified investment group in 2016, told Reuters on Sunday he had resigned and planned to take up a new and challenging assignment.Prior to being the chief executive of Dhabi Group, he was general counsel and board member of several of the group’s companies. Bajwa was involve...
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New Zealand mosque shootings: everything we know so far about the Christchurch attacks

Four people are in custody after 50 people were killed and 20 more were seriously injured in shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. New Zealand Police said there had been "multiple fatalities" following what they described as a "tragic series of events" in the Canterbury region on Friday. Follow this developing story live here What has happened in Christchurch? Officers first responded to reports of shots fired in central Christchurch at about 1.40pm local time (12.40a...
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Foreigners among those targeted in New Zealand mosque attack

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) — Several of those killed or wounded in the shooting rampage at two New Zealand mosques on Friday were from the Middle East or South Asia, according to initial reports from several governments. The live-streamed attack by an immigrant-hating white nationalist killed at least 49 people as they gathered for weekly […]
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Author Tanaz Bhathena talks her new novel THE BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT

In Tanaz Bhathena’s new YA novel, The Beauty of the Moment, Susan is new Canada. She’s not used to the cultural freedoms in this new country, she’s used to live in Saudi Arabia. Susan is reserved, wary of boys and determined not to get her driving license.  She is very bright and her parents have high expectations of her. They want her to be a doctor although in secret she wants to be an artist. Then she meets Malcolm, and her world spirals into a completely new direction. Article by Lucas Maxwe...
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Some Notes on Voting, Ethnicity, Religion and Race

Over the last few days, as part of his continued attacks on Jewish Democrats, President Trump has insisted that American Jews are streaming out of the Democratic party. We have a century of statistics on these issues. In fact, the exact opposite is happening. In 2012, 2016 and 2018 the percentage of Jews voting for Democrats has gone up in each cycle, from 69% in 2012 to 79% in last November. But I thought this was a good opportunity to look at Jewish voting demographics in the context of the in...
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NAMA Digest: Developments at Oyo, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and more

A quick roundup of the developments in the Indian and international digital, tech and business ecosystem. Developments in the digital ecosystem Oyo will pump in $200 million in its India and South Asia business to focus on expansion and customer experience, the company said in a statement. It has... ...
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The Juggernaut is a subscription media company for the South Asian diaspora

Everyone and their dog seems to have an email newsletter today, but what happens if and when yours takes off? Some have gone down the paid route, but another credible alternative is to turn it into a subscription media business. That’s a route that The Juggernaut, a new pay-to-play publication targeted at the Indian diaspora, is going down now. The company is part of the current Y Combinator cohort and it is looking to make a mark by giving a voice (and insight) to the South Asia diaspora wit...
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DIFC's wealth and asset management sector hits at $424bln | ZAWYA MENA Edition

DIFC's wealth and asset management sector hits at $424bln | ZAWYA MENA Edition:The size of the wealth and asset management sector at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) stands at $424 billion, equivalent to roughly 30 per cent of the combined gross domestic product of all GCC countries.Essa Kazim, governor of the DIFC, which is the leading financial hub in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region, said on Monday that over the past 15 years, the centre has grown into what is toda...
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Keeping the Peace in South Asia

As India looks ahead to its approaching election, the world’s biggest democracy should take care to draw the right lessons from the crisis. The great temptation for Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be to exploit and even inflame the country’s mood of militant nationalism. Modi, leader of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, has boasted that a tough “new India” won’t be bullied.
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Why Pattaya is an Excellent Destination for an Economical Getaway

Traveling is by far the most rejuvenating experiences for any individual. Most of us have incredibly difficult routines and we do need our own breaks. For young couples and solo backpackers budget is often a problem since the exotic destinations are often quite expensive or do not have much to offer. Not everyone can afford a luxury vacation in Bora Bora or the Caribbean Islands. Moreover, the main holiday season in the west often clashes with extreme weather conditions that limit the choices f...
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ITB: The world’s leading travel trade show makes its way to South Asia in 2020 with ITB India

Messe Berlin, one of the world's leading trade fair companies, announced today that it will be organising the inaugural ITB India in 2020. The 3-day business-to-business travel trade show and convention will take place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India, from 15 to 17 April 2020. The show will bring together key travel industry leaders and buyers from cities across India, and international exhibitors from the MICE, leisure and corporate sectors. ITB India will also have a Ho...
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Bravo! World’s Worst Air Quality is in..India (Gurugram wins the top position)

7 of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India, according to a new study showing South Asia’s battle with deteriorating air quality and the economic toll it’s expected to take worldwide. Gurugram led all cities in pollution levels in 2018 and three other Indian cities joined Faisalabad, Pakistan, in the top five (via). For how long will we continue to ignore this? When is it ‘too late’ to fix this? Visit the collection The Electric Vehicle Revolution in India to know everything ...
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South Asia Is Smothered in Toxic Air, Report Finds

A global study from Greenpeace and a software company found that India, Bangladesh and Pakistan had the most polluted air.
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Debt Collectors: Debt Collection

My question involves collection proceedings in the State of South Asia Hello, My father is owed money by a small business and intentions of payments have been made through checks, however, when my father went to the bank to deposit the check they turned out to be bounced checks and this has happened several times. My father's fear is that the company may have filed for bankruptcy because of their lack of payment, which has been dragged out for 3 or 4 months, and the owner's mention of economi...
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Pakistan releases Indian pilot in an effort to defuse the Kashmir crisis

The captured Indian pilot at the center of one of the gravest military crises in South Asia in years was released from Pakistani custody in a dramatic night-time handover at a border post between the two countries on Friday.
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Pakistan returns Indian pilot downed over Kashmir

A pilot shot down in a dogfight with Pakistani aircraft returned to India on Friday, after being freed in what Islamabad called a "peace gesture" following the biggest standoff between the two countries in years. But fresh violence raged in Kashmir, with seven people killed in the Indian-administered part of the tinder-box territory, suggesting that the crisis may not be over yet. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, shot down on Wednesday over Kashmir - divided between the nuclear-armed rivals ...
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On the Pakistan-India Dangerous Escalation

Make Peace Not War War should never be an option. Sane people in South Asia must wake up to the fact that war only results in greater misery than almost every single alternative As a Pakistani American who has many Indian friends and who has hired Indians in a professional capacity, it took me years to wean off negativity towards India— not uncommon on both sides of the border. You can say what you want. But the fact remains that the two people have much more in common than either has with any ...
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From Suicide Bombing to Captured Pilot: A Timeline of the Latest Crisis in Kashmir

Ever since the Partition of British India in 1947, Pakistan and India have been archrivals. The most disputed border between the two countries runs through the Himalayan territory of Kashmir, which both countries claim as their own. India and Pakistan have fought three wars in the last 70 years, two of which, in 1947 and…
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Hashtags for War Between India and Pakistan

Social media has been taken over by warmongers in the nuclear-armed neighbors.
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Pakistan 'captures Indian pilot after shooting down two jets in dogfight over Kashmir'

Two planes shot down over Kashmir border Pakistan claims to have two pilots held Sources: jets shot down in 'four-on-four' dogfight Both countries dispute each other's claims Analysis: Pakistan and India need help climbing down, or risk another war over Kashmir ​ Pakistan has claimed to have shot down two Indian jets and captured a pilot after a dogfight over Kashmir, igniting fears of an all-out conflict between the nuclear-armed neighbours.  Tensions remain high on the Asian Subcon...
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Crop residue burning is a major contributor to air pollution in South Asia

Urban emissions of black carbon from fossil fuel combustion are not always the main contributor to severe air pollution in south Asian megacities like New Delhi, shows a new study by researchers from Stockholm University and the Indian Institute for Tropical Meteorology, published in the journal Nature Sustainability.
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Tensions Between India and Pakistan Are at Their Highest Point in Decades. Here’s What to Know

In perhaps the worst flare of tensions between India and Pakistan in two decades, Indian fighter jets bombed Pakistani-controlled territory on Tuesday in a dispute over the contested region of Kashmir. The attack came 12 days after 40 Indian paramilitary police were killed in a suicide bombing on Feb. 14 in the Pulwama district of…
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For South Asian Cooks, Yogurt Starter Is an Heirloom

Homemade yogurt is central to South Asian cuisines, and home cooks hand down their distinctive starter cultures, wherever they are in the world.
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Predicting the monsoon a year ahead

With average precipitation of 35 inches per four-month season over an area encompassing most of the Indian subcontinent, the South Asia summer monsoon is intense, only partly understood, and notoriously difficult to predict. Until now.
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More water resources over the Sahel region of Africa in the 21st century under global warming

Scientists from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the projection uncertainty of Sahel summer precipitation among the climate models is closely related to the historical precipitation simulation in South Asia and the western North Pacific. They use the specified historical simulation biases to calibrate future projections and found that more water resources are available in the twenty-first century, with an increase of 119% after the calibration.
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CCNY's Nir Krakauer in monsoon research breakthrough

(City College of New York) With average precipitation of 35 inches per four-month season over an area encompassing most of the Indian subcontinent, the South Asia summer monsoon is intense, only partly understood, and notoriously difficult to predict. Until now, according to findings by Nir Y. Krakauer, a City College of New York civil engineer.
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A future of erratic weather, higher seas, and extreme heat could lead to an economic 'Great Dying' twice as severe as the Great Depression

A new book by David Wallace-Wells, a national fellow at the New America foundation and a deputy editor at New York magazine, explores how the modern world could be transformed by severe climate change: not just sea levels and wildfires, but climate conflict, crop failure and new global-warming geopolitics. In the following adapted excerpt, Wallace-Wells suggests that the economic effects may be especially traumatic. Although some people see capitalism as the primary threat to the climate, capi...
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2025: Big Bible translation boom coming

USA (MNN/WAS) --   Wycliffe Associates’ goal is a Bible in every language by 2025. Brent Ropp, who serves as their Vice President of Operations, says “It IS a thing.” He goes on to explain that with the acceleration of cluster languages, translation in parallel and the advance of the missions movement, in general, local language groups can take ownership of their own Bible translation. “The growth of the Church among bible-less language groups has come to the place now, where they are tech...
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Saudi crown prince begins Asia tour with $20 billion Pakistan investment pledge

Kicking off his tour of South Asia and China with a far higher Pakistan investment than expected, the crown prince said the $20 billion figure represents only the start of an economic tie-up that would bring the historic Muslim allies even closer. "It’s big for phase 1, and definitely it will grow every month and every year, and it will be beneficial to both countries," said the crown prince. "We have been a brotherly country, a friendly country to Pakistan.
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