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Southwest cancels hundreds of flights as it struggles to get its mechanical problems under control

Southwest Airlines continues to grapple with an "operational emergency" after an unusually high number of planes have been taken out service.
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Airlines begin waiving change fees for new winter storm

Southwest Airlines had already started waiving rebooking fees ahead of the new storm. It’s likely that others would do the same as forecasts solidified.
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FAA probes Southwest calculations of baggage weight on jets

Federal officials have told Southwest Airlines to fix the way it calculates the weight of luggage loaded on flights after finding frequent mistakes. Southwest said Tuesday that it made improvements in its methods for calculating weight and the balance of loads during 2018. The airline says it voluntarily reported the issue to federal safety officials […]
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Fond Memories: 3 Ways to Be Remembered as a Leader

Guest post from Chris Dyer: Setting the tone for those with whom you work is a must for executives in the here and now. You establish yourself as the organizational authority. You suggest what type of behavior is acceptable. And you demonstrate the work ethic that will push your company to reach its goals. But on a personal level, the tone you set as leader will, in the end, determine your legacy. What will that be, and how can you influence it? You could build your legacy o...
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Southwest Airlines under FAA investigation for aircraft weight, balance calculations

The investigation began in February 2018, and there have been no fines nor enforcement action from the investigation to date.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Southwest Airlines Reportedly Under Investigation for Miscalculating Baggage Weight

For the last year, the Federal Aviation Administration has been conducting an investigation into Southwest Airlines’ practices for tracking the weight of baggage loaded onto its jets, according to documents seen by the Wall Street Journal. The regulator has reportedly considered these weight inaccuracies to be a…Read more...
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Southwest's baggage weight data discrepancy is under FAA investigation

The US Federal Aviation Administration is investigating how Southwest Airlines tracks the weight of checked bags on its flights.
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FAA investigating Southwest over baggage weight data

Southwest Airlines is being investigated by the US Federal Aviation Administration for possible discrepancies in the weight of checked luggage being loaded on the ailrine's planes.
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Southwest Airlines Faces 'Operational Emergency' As Planes Pulled For Maintenance

Southwest pulled the planes after a CBS News investigation into its mechanics' claims they face regular pressure to overlook potential safety issues.
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Airlines begin waiving change fees for new winter storm

Southwest Airlines had already started waiving rebooking fees ahead of the new storm. It’s likely that others would do the same as forecasts solidified.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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4 Ways Internal Brand Awareness Pays Big Dividends for Marketing

Do your front-line employees, like customer service representatives and salespeople, know how to communicate your brand story? Most marketers laugh when they hear this question because they don’t have a high degree of confidence. In fact, according to my company’s research, 66% of marketing executives believe their brand message is lost by the time it reaches the front lines. A company’s marketing investment is designed to drive demand, but demand isn’t valuable unless it converts to sales at a ...
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Feds: Kealoha sent secret supportive texts to suspect she was prosecuting, Legislature advances vacation rental tax, deadly force bill dies, environmental group sues Maui over street lights, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Katherine Kealoha Feds release Katherine Kealoha’s secret texts. Former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha sent secret messages of support to a defendant in a drug-dealing case Kealoha was prosecuting, according to documents released Wednesday by federal prosecutors. Star-Advertiser.In court filings Wednesday, federal prosecutors offered new details into the investigation into Katherine Kealoha’s alleged misconduct as a deputy city prosecutor ― along with the role that city Prosecutor Ke...
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Southwest Airlines passes key FAA test, schedules more Hawaii test flights

The airline, which needs FAA approval for long overwater flights, has scheduled a test flight on Thursday from Oakland to Honolulu.
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Earning 30 Million Miles in a Year and Alanis Morissette Adds Southwest Airlines to Ironic Lyrics

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Earning 30 Million Miles in a Year and Alanis Morissette Adds Southwest Airlines to Ironic Lyrics...
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Southwest Airlines contest

If you love traveling the world, and don’t mind spending an awful lot of time on airplanes, this Southwest Airlines job might be for you. Southwest Airlines recently announced that it’s looking for influencers and storytellers to create travel content. Candidates will be asked to compete for the chance to win a grand prize of up to 12 round-trip tickets from Southwest, valued at approximately $4,800, according to USA Today. The grand prize winner can expect to travel, free of charge, to 99 d...
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15 Examples of Great Integrated Marketing Campaigns

There are many good reasons for your small business to look at integrated marketing. Getting good leads is the top marketing challenge according to HubSpot. “Integrated Marketing combines both outbound, traditional marketing with inbound marketing and other tactics to promote accelerated success in businesses,” Mark Schmukler, the CEO and Co-founder of the Sagefrog Marketing Group says. That means you can and should use social media to promote a live event where you’re highlighting your goods a...
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Last Chance on the Deal of the Year: Southwest 2-for-1 Companion Pass Deal Ends Tomorrow

Arguably the best deal in all of travel is the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. After earning 110,000 points in a calendar year from qualifying sources you can bring a companion along on your Southwest Airlines travels. Right now – and only through February 12 – Chase is offering a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass as part of the initial bonus offer on all three Southwest personal cards. And they’re offering points, too. Continue reading Last Chance on the Deal of the Year: Southwest 2-for-1 C...
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The Craziest TSA Checkpoint Story I’ve Ever Heard (Yes, Drugs Were Involved)

A woman screams "I know my rights" as she shoved past a TSA checkpoint in Orlando. I know her rights too, that's one that no court has recognized. But it's also not where the story starts to get weird, or where it stops. The 38 year old woman drove up to curbside at Orlando International airport departures on Wednesday at about 8:30 p.m. She went inside and demanded at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter "to be checked in for a flight and to have her truck parked." You can probably guess wh...
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Assigned seats on Southwest? Here's how a major change would set the company apart from other airlines (LUV)

Southwest Airlines' CEO Gary Kelly stoked the fires of speculation last month when he said that new sources of revenue were "under construction." The low-cost carrier has built a legacy on not charging for frills or assigned seats. Still, JPMorgan analysts have theorized how Southwest could boost its profit by a 'sort of assigned' seating class — and it would look nothing like other airlines' methods.  By boarding last, business flyers could save time and still be guaranteed early exit after l...
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Southwest Looking For New Services They Can Charge Extra For

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge checked bag fees or change fees, and they’ve been profitable 46 years in a row. They don’t offer assigned seats, but generate $400 million a year in early boarding charges which let customers have a better shot at the seats they want. That’s an improvement for those customers compared to the airline’s base product. While they continue to eschew bag and change fees, there’s talk of adding extras that they could charge… extra for. Continue reading Southwest Lookin...
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Southwest Companion Pass: Chase Southwest Credit Card Bonuses

Southwest Airlines offers a unique feature called the Companion Pass, which lets you pick one person to fly with free when you book either paid or award flights. If you either fly 100 qualifying one-way flights or earn 110,000 qualifying points in a calendar year, and you’ll earn the Companion Pass for the remainder of that year plus the following full calendar year. For example, if you earned it in February 2019, you would have the benefit for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020. You can change ...
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No-frills Southwest may start charging for some frills

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly piqued investor curiosity recently when he said new ways to generate revenue are "under construction.'' The discounter barely has a toe in the big pool of money that rivals collect from so-called ancillary fees for, say, food bought on board or preferred seating....
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Discounts to insurance: Many ways seniors can save on travel

By David Koenig, The Associated Press Most seniors have more free time for leisure activities including travel, but money is tighter when the paychecks stop at retirement. Retirees who want to travel can make those trips more affordable by taking advantage of senior discounts and through less obvious strategies. Many of the tips offered by travel experts work just as well for anyone, regardless of age, but could be especially valuable for seniors. Among them: — When traveling by air, be flexible...
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Why to Consider NOT Taking Advantage of the Best Deal of the Year (Southwest 2-For-1 Travel Offer)

I once sat on a Southwest Airlines flight where a passenger in the row ahead of me complained to his seatmate that he flew so much he earned a companion pass -- but with that much flying there wasn't enough time for him to find a companion. The companion pass is perhaps the best deal in travel, but it isn't useful to everyone. Continue reading Why to Consider NOT Taking Advantage of the Best Deal of the Year (Southwest 2-For-1 Travel Offer)...
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No bag fees, no problem: Southwest Airlines takes in $642 million in other fees in 2018

The airline is the only carrier to offer two free checked bags and no ticket change fees, but priority boarding fees and other fees bring in big bucks.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Legislature mulls tourism tax revamp, Airbnb under fire, Senate may subpoena prison chief, interim Honolulu councilman approved, online porn fee considered, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Produce at Hilo Farmers Market ©2019 All Hawaii News Growing Our Own: Hawaii Still Lacks Enough Local Food Production. Gov. David Ige has a vision for sustainability but progress has been slow. Civil Beat.State Lawmakers are considering legislation to revamp how tourism taxes are distributed to the counties. House Bill 983 would provide 23.1 percent of the Transient Accommodations Tax or TAT to the counties.  House Bill 631 would allow each County to establish its own surcharge on the TAT...
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Southwest to start flying to Hawaii

Although Southwest Airlines has been planning to launch flights to Hawaii since 2017, their efforts have been delayed — until now. The first test flight between Oakland, California, and Honolulu, Hawaii, took place yesterday. First @SouthwestAir jet lands in Honolulu! It made it! Aloha and wooohooo! — Chris McGinnis (@cjmcginnis) February 6, 2019 The Southwest Boeing 737-800 aircraft flew without any commercial passengers — only airline employees and US govern...
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Love Southwest Airlines? You could fly for free as a 'Storyteller'

If you've got an Instagram account, you could fly for free on Southwest Airlines as a winner of its Storyteller Contest.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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12 Best Books About Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is the oldest, most cost-efficient, and most effective way to create customers and grow any business. Research from just last week from Marketing Charts shows that word of mouth remains the most likely way that consumers make purchase decisions, and that effect is even stronger among younger consumers, per a study I conducted last year. Despite its importance, word of mouth is somewhat under-represented in the business book genre. When working on our own book about word ...
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Interim Honolulu councilman chosen, LoPresti challenges state Senate election results, Southwest Airlines closer to Hawaii route, Big Island council advances tax hike, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Surfing Waikiki PC: Tor Johnson Hawaii Tourism Authority State lawmakers consider commission to tie surfing back to its Hawaiian roots. Has the sport of surfing strayed from its roots? A State Surfing Commission would help connect the culture. KITV.Former state Rep. Matt LoPresti is asking the state Supreme Court to reconsider his challenge of election results in his close contest for a state Senate seat, saying he recently learned the Honolulu City Clerk included 126 invalid ballots in ...
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