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We’ve Got A File On You: Melanie C

It’s impossible to overstate just how important the Spice Girls were to pop music in the 1990s. The UK quintet’s 1996 debut album, Spice — which recently turned 25 years old, commemorated with a deluxe reissue called SPICE25 — went multi-platinum in 27 countries and sold 19 million copies in one year, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. The Spice Girls were so monumental, their collective charisma so magnetic, it’s easy to forget that Melanie Brown (“Scary Spice”), Melanie Chis...
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Watch Chris Martin Cover The Spice Girls With Mel C

Coldplay have been out there playing shows over the last few weeks, before and after releasing their latest album Music Of The Spheres. On Friday night, they were in Seattle covering Pearl Jam. And last night, they made their way down to Los Angeles to perform at the Hollywood Bowl for the 8th annual We Can Survive show, which also featured Black Eyed Peas and Shawn Mendes. Chris Martin played a couple songs in the middle of their set solo and on acoustic guitar, and he brought out Mel C to cove...
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The Spice Girls Are Back. Global Partnership with Universal Music Group!

Universal Music Group’s Bravado Division Announce Exclusive Global Partnership With The Spice Girls!  Global pop and style icons the Spice Girls, the biggest selling girl-group in history, and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced a new exclusive worldwide partnership through UMG’s Bravado division, the leading provider of consumer, lifestyle […] The post The Spice Girls Are Back. Global Partnership with Universal Music Group! first appeared ...
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Alan Cumming: ‘My favourite movie? I always say Spice World’

From Cabaret to Hamlet, Alan Cumming has relished every role he’s played. In this extract from his uproarious memoir, he reveals what made Stanley Kubrick cross and the amazing gift the Spice Girls gave himTom Cruise and Stanley Kubrick were standing before me. I had met Tom briefly when he had come to see me in the stage show of Cabaret in London, but this was my first encounter with Stanley, who was peering at me over his glasses. “Hey, Stanley, I’m Alan,” I said, proffering my hand to this ol...
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‘My God, we were mobbed so much!’ – how we made Overload, by Sugababes

‘Some people thought our vocals sounded sarcastic. I felt like I was just being a normal teenager, moody as hell’We made Overload at Mayfair Studios in Primrose Hill. We were running between two rooms, recording the poppier stuff for our debut album, One Touch, with Matt Rowe, who was famous for his work with the Spice Girls. And then, in the other room, working on Overload with [co-producer/writer] Cameron McVey and his team. The writing process was pretty organic, everyone adding lyrics and me...
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Spice Girls Partner With Universal Music Group’s Bravado for 25th Anniversary Merch, Retail Licensing and Distribution

In celebration of the Spice Girls’ 25th anniversary, the group has partnered with Universal Music Group’s Bravado for a wide-ranging deal spanning merchandising, direct-to-consumer products, touring, brand and retail licensing and distribution on a global scale. The girl group — comprised of original members Mel B, Emma Bunton, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham […]
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Spice Girl among stars to begin phone-hacking claims against Murdoch empire

Melanie Chisholm, Boyzone’s Shane Lynch and S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt latest to allege voicemail interceptionA group of 1990s pop stars are among the latest individuals to launch phone-hacking cases against Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, as the scandal that has dogged the company for more than 15 years continues to rumble on at the high court.Melanie Chisholm from the Spice Girls, Shane Lynch from Boyzone, Hannah Spearritt from S Club 7, and Steps’s Ian Watkins and Lee Latchford-Evans have rec...
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Mel C has beautiful message for fans following Dancing with the Stars debut

Spice Girls star Mel C is one of this season's contestants on Dancing with the Stars,...
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Geri Horner rides a motorbike in the chicest mini dress and heels

Geri Horner is one seriously stylish lady. The Spice Girls star turned up the heat to cheer...
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Spice Girls' sparkling engagement rings: Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and more

From sequin dresses to expensive jewellery, the Spice Girls have been surrounded by sparkle...
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Geri Horner celebrates special event with the sweetest photo of her children

Geri Horner was in a celebratory mood on Friday as the former Spice Girls singer celebrated...
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Victoria Beckham enjoys luxurious 'girls night' with daughter Harper Seven in Miami

It's no secret that former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham shares an incredibly close...
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Money talks: why is selling out OK now?

It’s an argument that’s raged for decades, taking in everyone from the Who to Nirvana to the Spice Girls, but a recalibration of what that term means has changed everythingIn the Guide’s weekly Solved! column, we look into a crucial pop-culture question you’ve been burning to know the answer to – and settle itIn 1992, Kurt Cobain told Rolling Stone: “I don’t blame the average 17-year-old punk-rock kid for calling me a sellout.” Nirvana had moved from indie label Sub Pop to Geffen, a major, to re...
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Spice Girl Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement

The other Spice Girls were thrilled by the news.
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Geri Horner has the best response after Emma Bunton marries Jade Jones

On Tuesday, former Spice Girls singer Emma Bunton surprised her fans when she revealed that...
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Weekend Event Guide: Unity Ride, Goth Night, Wonder Woman, Spice Girls and more!

Everyone is out riding these days. Hi everyone! The Weekend Event Guide is here again, and today it has especially been dedicated to diversification: to the younger ones and to the folks who have been young for a longer time; to the pro’s and to those willing to learn; to the colorful and to the dark; to the singles and to the tandems; and even more! Friday, July 9th WTFNB Unity Ride – 7:00 pm at Arbor Lodge Park (N) “Join us for a 12.5-mile ride from Arbor Lodge Park in North Portland t...
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Spice Girls Fans Celebrate 25 Years of ‘Wannabe’ as a Cultural Phenomenon That Had to Be

Few pop songs signal their intent as brazenly as “Wannabe.” Beginning with the patter of Mel B’s footsteps as she steps up to the microphone followed by a hearty laugh, the Spice Girls’ all-conquering debut single is 2:53 minutes of pure joy. Ricocheting from girl-power declarations to vaguely suggestive rapped verses, there’s a loose zaniness […]
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Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell cause a stir with iconic photo for major milestone

Thursday marked a very special day for former Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and Geri Horner,...
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The Spice Girls at 25: The story from A to Z

Easy V doesn't come for free, but this guide to the Spice Girls' career will cost you nothing.
Tags: News, Spice Girls

The Spice Girls at 25: Here's the story from A to Z

Easy V doesn't come for free, but this guide to the Spice Girls' career will cost you nothing.
Tags: UK, News, Spice Girls

Melanie C reveals daughter's hilarious reaction to Robbie Williams 'romance'

Spice Girls singer Melanie C has touched upon her former romance with fellow pop star...
Tags: Spice Girls, Robbie Williams, Melanie C

Mel C says Spice Girls 'would be fools' not to tour again

Two years after the Spice Girls performed their sellout reunion tour, Melanie Chisholm -- better known as Mel C or 'Sporty Spice' -- has hinted that the 90s girl group will returning to the stage.
Tags: Cnn, Spice Girls, Mel, Sporty Spice, Melanie Chisholm

Mel C: Spice Girls 'would be fools' not to tour again

Two years after the Spice Girls performed their sellout reunion tour, Melanie Chisholm -- better known as Mel C or 'Sporty Spice' -- has hinted that the 90s girl group will returning to the stage.
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Spice Girls are releasing first song since 2007 titled Feed Your Love to celebrate 25th anniversary

As well as the vocals of Geri Horner, 48, Melanie Chisholm, 47, Emma Bunton, 45, and Melanie Brown, 46, the new song - a slow, soulful...
Tags: Spice Girls, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Geri Horner, Melanie Chisholm

The greatest ever songs of the summer – ranked!

From Don Henley to Drake, we rate the hottest sounds of the seasonFor a fleeting moment Brooklyn’s the Drums were the skinny jean-sporting indie band du jour. This is their crowning moment, all pogoing bass, petal-soft whistle riffs and a lyric about waking up on a sunny morning and running to the beach. “Oh mama I don’t care about nothing” feels like a very summer 2021 mantra, too. Continue reading...
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Victoria Beckham strikes a power pose in leg-lengthening jeans and Spice Girls tee

Victoria Beckham just made Spice Girls fans very happy with her latest announcement. The...
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Gwen Stefani could be a lost member of the Spice Girls in incredible picture

Gwen Stefani rose to fame as the frontwoman of No Doubt, before launching a successful solo...
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‘Cruella’ star Emma Stone on making Disney villain likable and that fake-news Spice Girls story

Emma Stone, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Mark Strong discuss how Disney's "101 Dalmatians" prequel fits in...
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The Spice Girls' epic homes revealed: Victoria Beckham, Geri Horner, Mel C and more

Stop right now, these homes are seriously amazing...
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'Girls5eva' is Tina Fey's answer to Y2K nostalgia

Record labels of the late 1990s and 2000s curated a seemingly endless march of girl groups in matchy-matchy outfits, all vying to be the next Spice Girls or Destiny's Child. But after a fall from the top 10 of "TRL" or the afterglow of "Making the Band" fame, what happened to these ephemeral pop stars?
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