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The spirits of Christmas: drinkable homemade gifts – recipes

Festive tipples for family and friends with whom, in better times, you’d usually share a Christmas drinkThis will keep for three weeks in the fridge, so it’s not one to leave under the tree in the run-up to Christmas. Continue reading...
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Most Americans who believe their home is haunted don’t care enough to move

A survey by showed that 62 percent of respondents would be unlikely to purchase a home that was rumored to be haunted. However, 56 percent who believe their current home is haunted have not thought about moving.
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9 places to buy alcohol online now and get it delivered right to your door

Here's how to get alcohol delivered right to your door whether it's your favorite wine, beer, or spirit. Many regions have statutes limiting alcohol delivery so check your state's laws before you shop, and if you place an order, be sure an adult who is 21 years or older can sign for the package.Due to the novel coronavirus, some companies are experiencing delays and have implemented increased health and safety features so take those into account when ordering. See more: The best places to buy al...
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8 places to buy alcohol online now and get it delivered right to your door

Here's how to get alcohol delivered right to your door whether it's your favorite wine, beer, or spirit. Many regions have statutes limiting alcohol delivery so check your state's laws before you shop, and if you place an order, be sure an adult who is 21 years or older can sign for the package.Due to the novel coronavirus, some companies are experiencing delays and have implemented increased health and safety features so take those into account when ordering. See more: The best places to buy al...
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18 places to buy alcohol online — from general online liquor stores to monthly wine delivery services

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Drizly Buying a cool craft beer, nice bottle of wine, or handle of liquor no longer requires going to your local liquor or grocery store. Online delivery services make it less stressful, more convenient, and more fun to buy the alcohol you want.But depending on what you're looking for, some companies will be better than others, so we broke down 18 popular delivery services into three sections: gene...
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Real estate company offers home exorcism service

According to, an online service for people who want to sell their homes without an agent, conducted a survey of 5,000 Americans to gauge their belief in ghosts and haunted houses. They claim that 55% of those surveyed admit to believing in the supernatural and 61% wouldn't buy a house they suspected was haunted. Inspired by their research, partnered with an "exorcist" to offer remote ghostbusting. From The free service will be facilitate...
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The chemist who made big bucks hoaxing ghost photos

The mid-19th century was the heyday for séances, mediums, and psychics. In Boston, a chemist and silver engraver named William H. Mumler saw an opportunity to mix the hot new technology of photography with paranormal activity to make some big bucks. So he announced that if you sat for a picture in his studio, your dead relative might just turn up for the photo opp. Mumler's secret? Ye olde magical double exposure that he stumbled upon after accidentally taking a self-portrait on an already-used ...
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Ghost boxes, psycho-phones, and other devices for listening to spirits

Dating back to the 19th century, occultists, engineers, and hoaxers have employed new audio technology to communicate beyond the grave. This includes wax cylinders, white noise generators, AM radios, hacked phonographs, and other curious contraptions. Even Thomas Edison got in on the phone, making a machine to communicate with the spirit world. He later admitted it was a joke but, of course, his phonograph does enable anyone to hear from those who have passed on (and left a recording behind). ...
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The Best Celebrity-Owned Wines and Spirits

Who hasn’t wanted to throw back a drink or two with their favorite celebrity? Lucky for you, you can actually join them for happy hour. Well, sort of. Plenty of stars have their own wine and spirits lines. And we’re not talking endorsements — these brands are either owned by famous faces, or the star […]
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Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

A limited-edition tribute to the traditional Irish pot still style, Kilbeggan’s Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey draws inspiration from recipes used at the historic distillery in the late 1800s. With a mash bill of malted barley, raw barley and 2.5% oats (a nod to Ireland’s oat-growing past), the liquid is only the second to be distilled and matured entirely at Kilbeggan Distillery since its restoration …
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Your New Go-To Winter Cocktail: The Negroni

Some cocktails seem to pair particularly well with the seasons of the year. A mint julep in spring, a margarita in the summer, a hot toddy in fall. But what’s a good drink for the winter months? While there are a number of worthy candidates, for my money, the Negroni makes the perfect wintertime cocktail.   The floral gin takes you out of the doldrums of the bone-chilling weather, the bitter Campari brings you right back into the season, and the sweet vermouth blends it all together for a d...
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Cooper & Thief’s Complex, Non-Traditional Wines

Using unconventional barrels, the brand crafts a niche product worth savoring Unlike more traditional winemakers, the team behind Lodi, California’s Cooper & Thief prove particularly fond of breaking conventions, all while employing centuries-old techniques. The wines they produce can still file under well-known categorical styles—Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Red Blend—but the spirit with which they produce wines could not be more different than conventional …
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Six Unexpected Beer-Based Cocktails

From the subtle to the spicy and sweet, lager-based drinks from NYC bars and restaurants Whether seeking a cocktail with lower potency or searching for a different flavor profile, beer-based drinks provide an effective alternative. Effervescent, refreshing, and complex because they’re unexpected, these recipes range from spins on classics to entirely new concoctions—some are spicy, while others lean toward sweet. Best of all, most can …
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CH Japan: Touring The Yayoi Shochu Distillery

Tasting a protected appellation of the liquor only produced on the Amami archipelago Sometimes considered Japan‘s national beverage, shochu outsells sake in its homeland and the most popular version has been listed among the 25 best-selling spirits in the world. A distilled liquor, shochu carries a 500-year history in Japan. (It’s also related to Korea’s soju.) During our CH Japan excursion to the island of Amami …
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Delicious Botanical Variations From Six Lesser-Known Gin Brands

Tasting different bouquets from Kyoto to Durham, North Carolina There is no singular superior gin. The divisive botanical spirit serves many purposes for many different people—and within many different drinks. It’s the workhorse in the G&T, the heart of the martini, the key collaborator in the negroni and much more. Separating each gin from the next is the botanical blend used during its distillation, and …
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Vintage Photoshop Or The Spirit Photographs Of William Hope In The 1920s

William Hope (1863 – 8 March 1933) was a pioneer of so-called “spirit photography” (spirit photography is a type of photography whose primary attempt is to capture images of ghosts and other spiritual entities, especially in ghost hunting). Based in Crewe, England, he was a member of the well known spiritualists group, the Crewe Circle. On 4 February 1922, the Society for Psychical Research and... Source
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Exploring the Tradition and Allure of Ming River Baijiu

A deep dive into the history, process and delights that surround the Chinese spirit We’re sitting around a large table in central Chengdu, the fog-drenched capital of China‘s Sichuan province. Between bites of diced rabbit buried in a mountain of red chilies, guests empty thimble-sized glasses of a sweet clear liquid called baijiu with shouts of “Ganbei!” This is a traditional celebratory feast: each individual …
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Types of moonshine around the world

Illegal liquor is a lot like a good hole in the wall restaurant. No matter where you’re at, you can find it if you know the right people to ask. Moonshine, as it’s known in the US, has a storied history as the liquid that changed the hills of Appalachia, built fortunes for Prohibition-era mobsters like Al Capone, and made a star out of Popcorn Sutton. It’s far from a stateside phenomenon, though. The tradition of fermenting and distilling whatever grain, sugar, or fruit is cheaply available ...
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The Spirit of Experimentation: Westward Whiskey

We tour the brand’s facilities in Oregon Straight ahead, through the front doors of Westward Whiskey‘s new distillery, there are dozens of bottles in varying shapes and sizes with an assortment of labels tucked into a glass case. These are the Portland brand’s archive bottles, stretching back to when they were originally founded in 2004 as House Spirits Distillery. There’s a small-batch bourbon whiskey, an original …
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This distillery helps you make delicious, carbon-negative cocktails

Do you ever think about how your happy hour is affecting the environment? Manufacturing alcohol in the United States creates harmful carbon dioxide that can wreck the earth’s system of natural resources, and a massive amount of the materials needed to package and distribute alcohol (bottles, plastic caps, etc.) end up in the trash. Los Angeles-based Greenbar Distillery, however, is changing the game entirely with its carbon-negative company model. One of the world’s largest selections of USDA-...
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Lunar New Year Limited Edition Gift Box

One of the most beloved single malts, The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old, will come for a limited time in a double-bottle collectible Lunar New Year package that honors the Year of the Pig. It’s the second annual release in this series, with specific labels and packaging incorporating red and gold accents. The liquid is the one many already know and love, guided by notes of …
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10 of the best cognac distillers, tours and tastings, France

Exploring Cognac and the Charente region gives an insight into a brandy rich in history – with a barrel full of tastings on offerCognac is one of France’s most iconic products, yet little of it is consumed at home: 98% is exported. Authentic cognac can only be produced from a specific region but this vast vineyard stretches from the grand town of Cognac itself inland across the Charente region and over to the Atlantic coast. It is a delight to explore, with winemakers, distillers and the famed m...
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Nomadic Distillery Amass Launches its First Gin

An exploration of LA’s spirit scene has led to a delicious tipple Unlike most spirit brands, Amass is taking a nomadic approach: opting to travel from city to city, working with preferred distillers on small-batches of premium spirits. The brand’s first release, a gin from Los Angeles, was crafted by Morgan McLachlan, co-founder of The Spirit Guild. McLachlan had a hand in every step of the gin’s …
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The Taste of Celebration in Gem & Bolt Mezcal

We visit Oaxaca to discover the alchemy behind the brand and its gracious smoky flavor Gem & Bolt founders Adrin Adrina and Elliott Coon shared a childhood in a community of creators in the mountains of Virginia, where plant medicine was part of everyday customs. Long before their life in Mexico, they made damiana elixirs as a way to “share herbal knowledge through the celebratory …
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10 of the UK’s best new distilleries

The UK now has more than 300 distilleries producing whisky, gin and vodka – and offering tours, tastings and more. The Guardian’s drinks writer gets into the Christmas spiritsOne of the UK’s newest distilleries, owned by industry giant Halewood, that makes itsgin with organically grown botanicals. It also does a rose petal and a Valencian orange gin. The four floors of the Grade II-listed building – a former bank – include a working distillery, a make-your-own-gin lab, two bars (one focuses on r...
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Port Wood Reserve

The Dalmore’s Port Wood Reserve, first finished in white American oak barrels and then doubly finished in Graham’s Port pipes, boasts an incredible richness with notes of dark purple fruit and roasted nuts. The port pipes lend a unique profile to the single malt scotch and make this one of the most palatable, and complex, alternative-finished spirits on the market; and, it’s one of the …
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September Scotch: Willam Grant & Sons’ Fistful of Bourbon

One of Scotland's most acclaimed master blenders delivers an American whiskey For all the exquisite and under-serviced single malts aging right now across Scotland, why would a publication expend words in a column dedicated to Scotch on a new bourbon? Because there’s simply so much binding both categories together in the just-released Fistful of Bourbon. From the innovation division of family-owned, global spirits powerhouse William …
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First, Then: Elevated Beer and Shot Combinations

The pairing doesn't have to be a battle between the poor and the poorer Dive bars and specials go hand in hand. Yet, even some of the newest, most carefully conceptualized bars offer specials to appease the common drinker’s insatiable desire for the sweet release of liquor and the habitual task of sipping a beer. While most bars offer adjunct lagers and well liquors, the …
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How to Make Homemade Gin in the Instant Pot [Updated With Safety Warning]

Updated on 08/25/18 at 1:02 pm ET: Though we were able to make make this recipe without incident, it turns out that cooking high-proof alcohol in your Instant Pot is not safe, as it generates a flammable vapor that could be ignited by the heating element in the appliance. According to Laura Pazzaglia of Hip Pressure…Read more...
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How to Make Homemade Gin in the Instant Pot

Gin may be flavored vodka, but it’s the best of the flavored of vodkas. However, since the only requirement for calling something “gin” is that the primary flavor is “juniper,” you can make your own with a simple infusion, and you can use the Instant Pot to do so very quickly.Read more...
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