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Adding Variety to Your Travel Snacks

When you travel, you need to remember to eat regularly. But then, when there’s no grocery store nearby, and the food options either look horrifying or are hours away, what are you supposed to do? While you’ll most likely never be in such a state of starvation that you consider doing something crazy, sometimes, the hunger pangs can turn a fun trip into a far less enjoyable one. Snack packs are the most obvious and efficient answer. Think about it. You can pack exactly what you like to eat, and i...
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Everything You Need to Know about the Steak Houses in Miami FL

If you have chosen to move to Miami FL, you may be disappointed to know that Miami is not strictly about steaks and similar things. However, that should not mean you will not be able to find the best steak houses in Miami. Let us check out a few best steak houses in the region so that you can find it easier enough to get the best for your taste buds. If you are a meat lover, you won’t be able to stay away from it for a long time. So, if you are in Miami and looking for the Miami FL best steak h...
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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Getting a Payday Loan

The best thing for a consumer is to live a debt free life. But with the current economic conditions, this is never easy. This is because a majority of the population consists of low-income earners, and their salaries may not be enough to cater for their monthly expenses. Hence, most people apply for loans to fill the financial gap. In case of unexpected situations, there are people who opt for a payday loan. The loans can be a great relief if you are faced with a situation that requires urgent ...
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Why 2019 Should Be the Year You Choose to Cruise

The landscape of cruise ships has changed drastically over the last couple of decades, and this shift is particularly noteworthy over the last five to ten years. The first significant change is reflected in the average age of the cruise passengers – sitting on the deck of a gigantic cruise liner used to be an activity reserved for seniors and well off retirees. Surprisingly, the age of the average passenger has fallen to its lowest, most of it comprised of people younger than 45, which indicates...
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How to Plan For Your Cruise Itinerary

Gone are the days when people would get seasick by being out on the open waters. Modern cruise ships are so stable and boast a range of activities to keep you entertained all throughout your trip. What’s more, there are so many destinations to explore and a myriad of cruise ships, that the odds of you ever getting bored are slim-to-none. Here is our step-by-step guide to planning your cruise itinerary. 1. Pick a destination The first step to planning a cruise is to decide where exactly y...
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4 Considerations to Make When Planning a Trip Abroad

Travelling abroad is a unique and thrilling experience. It allows you to escape the comforts of your everyday life and the culture you have grown so accustomed to. In another country, you are able to meet new people, try different foods, marvel at unimaginable landscapes, and experience works of art from other cultures. It can be tempting to impulsively book your dream escape to a paradise island in order to relieve your persistent travel itch. However, traveling abroad can prove to be stressfu...
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Great Tips for Traveling With A Dog

If you are planning to go on a road trip it is important to realize that traveling with your pet involves much more than simply loading him or her in your car’;s back seat and driving off, particularly if you will plan to be away for an extended period or will be driving long distances. Here are a few tips to ensure that you have a safe and smooth road trip. Keep all pets secure and safe in a properly ventilated carrier or crate. There are various hard plastic, wire mesh, and soft-sided carrier...
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Sponsored: Quick-delivery home offers ‘gorgeous’ exterior, design upgrades

The Craftsman home is on a corner lot at Cedarcroft and has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage.
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Sponsored: High-rise over Pike Place Market transforms urban living

Each of the 340 homes at West Edge boasts seamless design, luxury finishes, spa-quality bathrooms and fully accessorized gourmet kitchens.
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Sponsored: Development presents neighborhood’s future while honoring its past

A March 30 sales debut will feature a new release of studio, urban-one, one-, two- and three-bedroom flats that range in size from 464 to 1,065 square feet.
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Sponsored: Building bridges, with the help of college scholarships

From a small Washington town to one of the world’s largest cities, Caleb Huffman is on a quest to connect with others.
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Sponsored: Soft skills for a solid future: Why communication skills are key to career success

Most soft skills rely on what are conventionally perceived as communication abilities.
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Sponsored: Following a dream around the world

Nam Nguyen studied on seven continents and brought back inspiration.
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The Top 4 Tips for Choosing Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are great for those who want to get away, yet still want all of the comforts that home provides. The thing is, there are a lot of vacation rentals out there. And unlike shopping for a home, you rarely get the chance to see a vacation rental in person before committing. So how are you supposed to know which one to choose? The vacation rental you choose can make or break how much you enjoy your trip, so it’s very important to take your time with the decision and to know what...
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Sponsored: Chelan Valley brims with sunshine and wineries

Soak up stunning views, savor an unexpected sweet or chuckle at a cheeky history and wine labels.
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Sponsored: Erik Estrada relishes his ‘ringmaster’ role

Host makes the most of "America's Greatest Game Shows" audience enthusiasm, and has plenty of fun along the way.
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Places to Visit in Europe – Underrated Cities In Europe Worth Visiting

When people think about their European vacations , they often picture Paris or London as the backdrop to their overseas adventures. While Paris and London are amazing cities in their own right, they are far from the only incredible places to visit on your next trip to Europe. Take a gamble on one of these underrated cities, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Places to Visit in Europe – 10 Underrated Cities Salzburg, Austria Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. I...
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Best Places to Travel for Your 21 Birthday Celebration

Congratulations, you’re finally turning 21! Your 21st birthday is a milestone where you officially reach the legal drinking age. An occasion of this magnitude requires grand plans! It’s not surprising that most people want to live it up and celebrate their first boozy birthday in a memorable manner. And there is no better way to spend your big day than to go on a birthday getaway. Birthday trips offer unique memories and ensure that your birthday celebrations last longer than one day. Espec...
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A Relentless Focus on the Customer Gives San Francisco’s 360 Payments a Winning Edge

Sponsored Post Fintech sales can be tough, but Lisa Coyle of 360 Payments has found her stride The aim of 360 Payments is to change the fabric of the payments industry by partnering with customers to provide honest and streamlined payment solutions. We chatted to Lisa Coyle, Co-CEO of 360 Payments, to find out how her customer-centric approach has helped to drive her success. The mission of 360 Payments is to remove the stigma of credit card processing by delivering honest and pain-free payment...
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Top 5 Things to Do in the Bahamas with Kids

When you think of Bahamas holidays, you might think of luxury resorts for adults and honeymooners. It’s true, the Bahamas is a stunning location and there is no shortage of luxury resorts or romantic sunsets. But thanks to its safe calm beaches and seemingly endless child-friendly activities, the Bahamas is also a great holiday destination for families. While it’s not a budget destination, there are plenty of great deals to be had, and going all-inclusive can make a trip to this stunning collec...
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DIY Family Board Book For Kids

If you have a toddler, one of the things you probably noticed as they crawled out of babyhood was their sudden ability to recognize people in photos. We have some larger photos that go down our hallway, and all of the sudden, our daughter Lola was saying “Da-da” and pointing at Todd in the photos every time we went from one side of the house to another. She was still at the age where we weren’t sure if she was fully recognizing her grandparents when they would come to visit, but she found a sma...
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Top Tips on How To Prepare For and Adventure Hiking With Baby

Having a baby can be a wondrous and rewarding experience, but it comes with compromise. There’s less things you’ll be able to do on a daily basis and nearly everything that happens will be colored in some way, shape or form by the fact that you have a little one at home. That doesn’t mean you need to give up some of your favorite hobbies, though. One of the quickest things people abandon upon becoming parents is hiking and the great outdoors. I’m here to tell you that although it will be more...
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Score Simple Skincare Products For 50% Off at Walgreens This Week!

Simple Coupon March 2019 – Walgreens shoppers, are you or your daughters in need of SIMPLE-fying your skincare routine with trustworthy, easy solutions for sensative skin? Now through March 23rd, Simple Products are on sale for Buy One Get One 50% off with your Balance Rewards card. In addition to this in-store sale, we’ve got... Read More Read more about Score Simple Skincare Products For 50% Off at Walgreens This Week!
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5 Ways to Re-enchant Your World

This post is written by Paul M. Gould, author of Cultural Apologetics, a new book, video lecture series, and course, and is sponsored by Zondervan Academic. T he dominant way of perceiving today can be described as disenchanted. For many, the world is not seen in its proper light. We think the world is ordinary, or every day, or mundane. But this is not what the world is actually like. In reality, the world is deeply beautiful. It is mysterious. It is sacred. It is a gift. Wha...
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How To Prepare For Hiking With A Baby

Having a baby can be a wondrous and rewarding experience, but it comes with compromise. There’s less things you’ll be able to do on a daily basis and nearly everything that happens will be colored in some way, shape or form by the fact that you have a little one at home. That doesn’t mean you need to give up some of your favorite hobbies, though. One of the quickest things people abandon upon becoming parents is hiking and the great outdoors. I’m here to tell you that although it will be more...
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3 Tips For Safer Driving In A Rental Car

While driving in and of itself puts you at inherent risk, there are certain situations where you statistically have a greater chance of getting in a car accident . Two of these times are when you’re driving an unfamiliar car and when driving in an unfamiliar area. For people who love to travel, this situation could present itself pretty frequently. So to help ensure that you don’t wind up getting in a car accident the next time you’re driving a car for hire, here are three tips for safer dri...
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5 Air Travel Tips You Need to Know in 2019

With 4 billion people traveling by plane in 2017, you can say it’s a pretty hot commodity. With that much traffic, you will want all the air travel tips to cut down on your headaches and save a bit of time. Here are your top 5 air travel tips you will want to put in place in 2019. 1. Don’t Accept the First Voucher If you are traveling at a busy time, you may notice that your flight is overbooked. If you are a lucky individual, you will already have your seat. The flight crew then will offer v...
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Find the best tenant and maximize the ROI of your rental

You have a pool of tenants. They all meet the same criteria: good credit, stable income, and no criminal history. How do you narrow down your choice? After all, the best way to maximize the ROI on a rental property is to find a great tenant and keep them in the rental.
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Now accepting beta testers: YourHomeBenefit

“Do you know anybody looking to buy or sell a home?” This is the age-old question Realtors use to ask their network for referrals. After all, an agent’s sphere of influence accounts for over 60% of their business.
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The irreplaceable human

Reflect with me for a moment about the most customer-centric companies in this .com era. Their mantra and purpose are driven purely by the end result: the customer experience.
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