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4 Steps Songwriters Should Take Now To Prepare For The Music Modernization Act

In 2018, the Music Modernization Act was passed into law. Hailed as a harbinger of justice, songwriters hoped the law would help restructure the digital music economy in such a way as to make things more equitable for artists. The reality is a bit more complicated, but change is coming, and songwriters will want to be prepared. Here are four steps they can take to brace for the coming shift. ____________________________ Guest post by Patrick Healy of Berklee Online's TakeNote When th...
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Opendoor appoints new batch of executives, board members

The new leaders — none of whom have backgrounds in real estate — have previous experience working at Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and in the venture capital industry.
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Sony Launches Spotify Data-Driven Personalized Merch For Bring Me The Horizon

Sony has launched a line of customized merch created by Spotify data for the fans of UK rock band . The ‘Amo in color’ initiative connects streaming with physical merch utilizing Spotify data to generate unique T-shirts based on fans' listening habits. The dedicated website directs fans to log in using their Spotify credentials and choose six songs from the album. Fans’ Bring Me The Horizon Spotify listening data is then matched against the loudness and energy of those tracks, drawing on...
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Spotify Helps Bring Me the Horizon Fans Customize Their T-Shirts

Grammy Award-nominated Sony Music Entertainment artists Bring Me the Horizon are adding a dash of Spotify to the process of enabling their fans to purchase customized T-shirts. Fans of the band can go to the Amo in Colour website and login with their Spotify credentials, after which they will be prompted to choose their six...
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The best car songs for 2019

Who better to share the road with than a bevy of sweet tunes? To aid you on this journey filled with miles and music, we've compiled a list of the top 55 best songs about cars and driving.
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Confirmed: Nike has picked up Russell Wilson’s Tally/TraceMe in a rare acquisition

Nike has long been synonymous with premium sneakers and other sports gear, but now the company could be extending its brand into another area — digital media — thanks to the rumored acquisition of a Seattle-based startup. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that the multibillion-dollar sports giant has acquired TraceMe, which originally built an app to let fans engage with sports stars and other celebrities before later pivoting into a service called Tally, a platform aimed at sports teams, bro...
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Source: Nike has picked up Russell Wilson’s Tally/TraceMe in a rare acquisition

Nike has long been synonymous with premium sneakers and other sports gear, but now it seems that the company could be extending its brand into another area — digital media — thanks to the rumored acquisition of a Seattle-based startup. TechCrunch has learned from a source that the multibillion-dollar sports giant has acquired TraceMe, which originally built an app to let fans engage with sports stars and other celebrities before later pivoting into a service called Tally, a platform aimed at spo...
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Agency Brief: celebrating National Coming Out Day; scrutinizing Publicis' poor financials

As America awaits a decision from the Supreme Court in one of the most critical LGBTQ-rights cases in history (the high court will decide if men and women should be protected by law from workplace discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity), the U.S. today celebrates exactly what the plaintiffs are fighting for: the freedom to come out. According to a new study from Kantar, a full 46 percent of LGBTQ employees across all industries in the U.S. remain closeted. Reasons incl...
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Windermere has a unique new way to reach millennial clients

The nation's sixth-largest real estate holding company launched a Spotify channel this week.
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How to stop Spotify from opening on startup on your Mac computer, in 2 different ways

You can stop Spotify from opening on startup when you turn on a Mac computer in two different ways.  This will likely happen by default, but you can stop Spotify from opening on startup by turning off the option in your Mac computer's System Preferences, or in Spotify's settings.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you have the Spotify app downloaded to your Mac computer, chances are you've noticed that the app opens every time you startup your computer.  This is a default...
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We Rank Hard Rock/Metal Artists by Spotify Monthly Listeners For The Last Month

We have begun tracking how many monthly listeners hard rock and heavy metal artists have been getting on Spotify. Where... The post We Rank Hard Rock/Metal Artists by Spotify Monthly Listeners For The Last Month appeared first on Metal Injection.
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This Week in Photography: East of the Mississippi

  Part 1: The Intro I was wondering what to write about this morning. No strong pull in any direction. (Which is rare.) So I dropped into a kneeling-Japanese-meditation-pose I learned in Aikido. I calmed my mind, focused on my breathing, and at first, tried to figure out what my psyche was interested in. The last few stories from London? A new book from the pile? Anything about Chicago? But I quieted those thoughts, because why else meditate? After a few minutes, I opened my eyes, and the first ...
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Kendrick Lamar Compilation for Mixtape Friday

Last week, we highlighted J. Cole as he’s one of two favorite artists of this generation. This week, we’re highlighting the other one and it’s none other than Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar has released four studio albums and the Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City being his breakout project. Kendrick has also released a countless number of mixtapes, collaborations and features over the years. Kendrick hasn’t released a new album in over two and half years. Damn was the last album he dropped, and it went ...
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Data Metrics for Indie Musicians: What Role Do They Play?

Thanks to the ubiquity of social media and streaming, artists have been given new ways to reach their audiences at the literal click of a mouse. But these platforms offer artists more than just easy access to fans. Each one harbors a goldmine of data. _______________________________ Guest post by Carter Wilson from Berklee College of Music: Music Business Journal Introduction Since the rise of social media and other online platforms like YouTube and Facebook, artists have been ab...
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Record labels are still ripping off artists…and getting away with it

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from an A&R person at a global dance music label. It was a pretty standard email along the lines of “hey we like your song, would you be interested in licensing it to us?” which I’ve received before and usually they amount to nothing. This often happens when A&R’s use those online tools we all know and love that show when a song is picking up traction in Spotify playlists in particular. Anyway I replied saying that I’m always open to collaborations as I ...
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Get ready to see more looping videos on Spotify, as Canvas launches into beta

Spotify is opening up its Canvas feature to more artists, the company announced this morning, which means you’ll see a lot more of those looping videos on the app starting soon. The feature has been in limited testing before today with select artists. When available, you don’t just see the album artwork behind the player controls — you see a moving, visual experience that plays in a short loop. So far, Canvas has had mixed reviewers from Spotify users. Some find the looping imagery distracting w...
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Amazon Music arrives on Apple TV

Amazon Music is now available on the Apple TV, including both the Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV HD running tvOS 12.0 or later, Amazon announced this morning. The launch is yet another example of the eased tensions between the two rivals, who finally came to an agreement to support each other’s streaming media services on their respective platforms. With the new Amazon Music app for Fire TV, customers will gain access to millions of songs and thousands of playlists and stations, including Am...
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Vice News Sells Spotify Three Podcast Series (EXCLUSIVE)

Vice Media, in another bid to diversify its revenue mix, struck a deal with Spotify to distribute three podcast series exclusive on the streaming platform. Vice News will produce the trio of original podcast series, combining long-form narrative, talk, and investigative journalism, covering the 2020 U.S. election and current events worldwide. The deal follows Vice […]
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Tencent Puts Select Music Behind Paywall, Promises More

Chinese music streaming giant Tencent Music Entertainment is experimenting with driving revenue by making some content exclusive and unavailable to its ad-supported users. It's a practice once popular in label circles but vehemently opposed by streaming leader Spotify. According to Music Business Worldwide’s Tim Ingham, Tencent Music Entertainment has introduced paywalls for some content across its streaming platforms in China. TME, which operates Q Music, Kuwo, and Kugou, is the dominant ...
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How Universal Music Group plans to grow—through video

Subscribe to us on iTunes, check us out on Spotify and hear us on Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRadio and Pandora too. This is our RSS feed. Tell a friend! Reports of the music industry's imminent demise, it turns out, had been largely premature. After having gone through secular decline for 15 years, the music industry has now been enjoying four straight years of growth, according to the industry trade group IFPI.  Leading the pack has been Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest label ...
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Power of Women: The Music Executives Moving the Needle in 2019

The outgoing president of the Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, will forever be remembered by his declaration that “women need to step up.” And ascend they did: From female artists who dominated the airwaves and streaming charts (Ariana Grande, Lizzo and Lady Gaga, just to name a few) to execs (Epic Records’ Sylvia Rhone, Sony Pictures’ […]
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A Growing Number of Astrophysicists Are Leaving Academia To Work For Tech Startups

Space scientists are abandoning the heavens to help you decide what to wear and watch and listen to. Whether it's stars or Stitch Fix, it's all about machine learning. Wired: Chris Moody knows a thing or two about the universe. As an astrophysicist, he built galaxy simulations, using supercomputers to model the way the universe expands and how galaxies crash into one another. One night, not long after he'd finished his PhD at UC Santa Cruz, he met up with a few other astrophysicists for beers. B...
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Find Spotify in Google Maps now to soundtrack your journey

There’s no better cause for a long stream of music than when you’re on a long journey, it’s also a good time to use Google Maps for directions. Google understand how important music is when you’re on a trip somewhere. But when you’re using Google Maps you’re not usually in a position to be switching across to your music player and back, especially if you’re driving! Google have integrated Spotify into Google Maps so that streaming and directing yourself at the same time can be seamless....
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Spotify Updates Video Targeting Apple On Same Day As Siri Integration: 'It's time to play fair'

[UPDATED] Instead of using yesterday's announcement that Siri now included voice control of Spotify to make nice with Apple, the streamer seemingly doubled down on criticism of its much larger tech rival. "Apple comes between you  and the music you love to listen to" "We love Apple. But we don't love it when Apple comes between you and the music you love to listen to," declares an updated video posted by Spotify yesterday. In fact, the "years" that it took Apple to allow Spoti...
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Daily Drive brings Spotify’s radio-style experience for drives to Germany

Driving down the Autobahn or riding on the Höllentalbahn just got a lot more personal with personalised Daily Drives now on Spotify in Germany. Spotify have just launched their Daily Drive playlists in Germany. The playlist combines a personalised stream of music based on your tastes and combines it with short podcasts of “relevant, timely world updates” to re-create a radio-style experience perfect for commuting and long trips. The US equivalent takes short podcast episodes from Wall S...
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581 I'm tired of the restrictions my mono husband puts on me

After four years, listener Newseeker is tired of asking her husband's permission every time she wants to go on a date with her partner of three years. How long should she accommodate his slow pace? 0:00 Introduction and host chat If you’re under 18, visit We have new FAQs! The Discuss, distract, do exercise to help deal with event-based jealousy When to come out We’re slowly uploading episodes 1-40 on our LibSyn page to the archives of 2005 4:00 Poly in the news Poly paren...
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Stream transfer feature moves your music around the house using Google Assistant

This new Google Assistant feature lets you move podcasts, music and videos from one Google device to another throughout your home.
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Bridging The Entertainment Gap Between China, The US

While music streaming is undeniably a global business, a lot of artists are missing out on certain international revenue opportunities owing to cultural and geographic differences, such as those that exist between the US and China. Fortunately, Far East Global thinks they have a solution to this problem. ___________________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix Music streaming is a global business, but artists are unknowingly missing out on revenue due to cultural ...
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Music Business Is Being Re-Defined By Generation Z

While for years millennials were the target demographic of most music business marketing, Generation Z has since risen up as the primary stakeholder in the contemporary marketplace, which is in turn reshaping how artists, labels, and companies market themselves. _____________________________ Guest post by Alyssa Golden of the Berklee College Of Music - Music Business Journal Introduction Consumer commerce has long emphasized marketing to millennials due to the peak of purchasing ...
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