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How to search for and within playlists on Spotify on your computer or mobile device

You can search playlists on Spotify using your app's search function.  It's easy to search for and within a playlist on Spotify on the desktop or mobile app.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Thanks to Spotify's search features you can easily search both for and within playlists when using the app. Searching for playlists looks the same as searching for any song, artist, or album. Once you enter your search, scroll to find the "Playlists" category and select from all the p...
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5 truly useful features Samsung's cheaper Galaxy Buds Plus have that Apple's AirPods are missing

Samsung's new $150 Galaxy Buds Plus offer several features not found on Apple's standard $159 AirPods, like additional ear tips, an equalizer for adjusting sound, and a fit that forms a tighter seal and blocks out noise more easily. But Apple's AirPods do have some advantages over Samsung's new earbuds. They can, for example, trigger Siri hands-free, whereas summoning a voice assistant with Samsung's earbuds requires touch controls. They both offer similar performance when it comes to sound qu...
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Is NetEase Music safe?

NetEase Music is one of China’s big three in streaming, with over 800 million users. Is the streaming service safe for users and artists? China’s restricted and monitored internet has sparked much controversy over the last few years, but is your information safe on NetEase? We never ask for or send any of your personal information to our partner stores. We only require your music, metadata and a PayPal email address to safely send revenue directly to. As for NetEase’s users, the service is...
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How to enable a private session on Spotify and hide what you're listening to from your Friend Activity

When you start a private session on Spotify, your followers won't be able to view what you're listening to in their Friend Activity. You can enable this setting on both desktop and the Spotify mobile app. On your desktop, click the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner to switch to a private session. On the mobile app, navigate to the Social category in your Settings. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While one of Spotify's main draws is the ability to share mus...
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How to add Spotify music to your Instagram story in 5 simple steps

It's easy to add Spotify music to your Instagram story, though doing so requires access to both apps. In the Spotify mobile app, choose to share your music and then select Instagram Stories. This will open the social media app and allow you to make adjustments to your story before posting. Sharing on Instagram allows your followers to see what you are listening to, and provides a direct link back to the Spotify app for others to find the song. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more storie...
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How to view your Spotify queue on desktop or mobile, and edit it

You can easily view your Spotify queue on a computer or mobile device. To view your Spotify queue, tap the queue icon in your "Now Playing" bar. You can edit and add songs to your queue at any time. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Checking your queue on Spotify is as easy as one or two clicks — depending on if you're using the desktop version or mobile app. The queue icon is found in the "Now Playing" bar, which is always visible on desktop. However, on your mobile device...
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How to download albums on Spotify to listen to them offline, using the desktop or mobile app

You can download albums on Spotify for offline listening with a few clicks or taps. You'll need to be subscribed to Spotify Premium, however, before you can download albums or playlists. When you download a song, album, or playlist, it'll only become available for offline listening on the specific device you downloaded it on. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you have Spotify Premium, avoiding ads isn't the only benefit you get in exchange for your monthly fee.  Spotify P...
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How to free up space on your iPhone so you have enough storage for all your apps and photos

You can easily free up space on your iPhone by deleting unneeded apps, photos, and files from your device. You can check how much storage space you have available on your iPhone by navigating to the "General" section of your Settings app. If you don't want to delete files or data from your iPhone, you can instead upgrade your iCloud storage and store your data there. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The next time you upgrade your iPhone, you may never have to worry about ru...
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How to accept a Spotify Family Plan invite, and share premium access with your entire household

Before you can accept a Spotify Family invite, you'll need to make sure that you're either at the address that the owner of the account has set as "Home," or at least know the address. Once you're in the right location, you just need to click or tap a link to accept a Spotify Family Plan invitation. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Spotify Premium is popular for a number of reasons: it's inexpensive, doesn't include ads, offers a wide variety of music, and more. However, at...
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UK’s 2021 work visa for European DJs, musicians poses challenge to cultural exchange

Europe’s cultural integration has made it an oasis for electronic music and music exchange. That makes new hard-line British policy a potential setback. The bright spot: by announcing the policy now, and introducing legislation, there is an opportunity for examination and (hopefully) change, before the policy becomes law. Updated: already, here’s one action for change. The Musicians’ Union is fighting for a passport for artists. You can add your name to the petition and, if you choose, don...
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How to find your 'Liked' songs on Spotify in 2 ways, and keep track of all the music you love

To find your "Liked" songs on Spotify, you simply need to open up one of your "Liked Songs" playlists. These playlists are created automatically for all Spotify users, and contain every song you've "Liked." There's one playlist available for songs you've "Liked" while browsing for music normally, and another playlist for songs you've "Liked" while listening to a Spotify radio station. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There are millions of songs on Spotify, so it's not hard ...
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Marina Kaye Goes ‘The Whole 9’

We’d be better off if we had more tracks like The Whole 9 flooding the streaming platforms. It’s simple, the French singer-songwriter Marina Kaye delivers the goods – the video is well crafted too. The video has already clocked 300k YouTube streams since it’s release on Feb. 10th. Her first track Twisted landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Europe with tastemaker support from Wonderland Magazine, Hotpress, and Celebmix. I would love to see this 22 year old have more U.S. presence. Give it a st...
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24 products people waste too much money on that you should stop buying immediately

Some items we're used to buying every day can actually be a huge waste of money. Store-bought greeting cards, physical books, cable TV, and premium gasoline are just a few examples. Bigger purchases, such as a boat or a time-share, often aren't worth the cost either. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories . Waste not, want not. We make so many purchases that we don't always realize what we are buying — and how we could be saving money. If we take a step back and think about a...
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How much is Spotify for students?

Spotify Premium’s $9.99 a month is in-line with most other major streaming competitors, but if you’re a student, you can get a little more for a lot less. Spotify Premium give you access to their full catalogue, ad-free and offline. In the US you can get a student premium account for half the price of a standard account at $4.99 and you’ll get Hulu and SHOWTIME thrown in at no extra cost. UK pricing is also at £4.99, but with no bonus content. For further savings, check out Spotify’s...
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Rapper Yung Gravy Brings ‘Minnesota Nice’ to Twin Cities: Concert Review

There has always been a place for humor in rap, with a lineage reaching back to the Beastie Boys’ debut album or 2 Live Crew’s raunchy records in the eighties. The caveat for “funny” rap being that if you go the humorous route, you need to have your bars land right, and to do so […]
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I tried the new wireless earbuds Samsung launched to challenge Apple's AirPods — and found 3 things I loved about them and 2 ways they fall short

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Plus offer clear sound, a comfortable fit, and convenient integration with Spotify at an affordable price. But they do lack some features found on alternatives from Apple and Amazon that are similarly priced. For example, they don't support the ability to launch voice commands hands-free, like Apple's second-generation AirPods and Amazon's Echo Buds.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The wireless earbuds space has become increasingly crowded in the yea...
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BTS Leads Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist Rebrand

Spotify has launched a global rebrand of its popular New Music Friday playlist, which this week features BTS, The Weeknd, Noah Cyrus, Trippie Redd, Kenny Chesney, Rei Ami and others. The revamped playlist, which has 43 versions worldwide, has more than 3.5 million followers in the US and eight million globally. New elements include a […]
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Spotify Refreshes New Music Friday

Spotify gives New Music Friday a makeover. With 3.5 million followers, the playlist remains one of the most popular which highlights tracks by established artists and emerging talent. The playlist which launched in 2014 will be given a celebration with new cover art and New York and Los Angeles billboards. Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist became a-much-needed-force that helped artists reach a new level of audience. The playlist helped launch Billie Eilish, Tones and I, Lil Tecca, as well as...
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The One Club Partners with Spotify for 2020 Portfolio Night All-Stars

The One Club for Creativity , the world's foremost non-profit organization recognizing creative excellence in advertising and design, has announced a partnership with   Spotify   to serve as exclusive sponsor of the club’s 2020   Portfolio Night   All-Stars   program. Long recognized as the world’s largest advertising portfolio review program, Portfolio Night is a fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment that takes place in dozens of cities across the globe o...
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Spotify team up with Resident Advisor to send listeners to gigs

Spotify are looking to drive support for local venues and send listeners to more gigs with Resident Advisors help. Spotify are one of the largest digital music platforms in the world and Resident Advisor are “the largest global platform for independent music scenes”. Together in a new partnership they’re looking to connect Spotify listeners directly with gigs they’ll be interested in. The partnership will see Resident Advisor’s access to local gigs and venues to provide even more access t...
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Apple may let people pick alternative default apps on the iPhone, marking a radical change of philosophy

Apple is reportedly considering giving iPhone users a degree of flexibility over their default apps. Bloomberg reported that iPhone users could potentially pick alternatives to the Safari mobile browser and Mail email app as their default services. It would be a radical change for a company that has always tightly controlled the iPhone experience. Currently, Apple treats its own apps as the default in a number of ways: for example, when someone opens a web link sent to them on an iPhone, it au...
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Deezer start hosting live gigs around the world

Deezer are taking some of their most popular playlists such as Rocket, Popstar and Certified on the road, inviting artists to perform in different cities worldwide at their ‘playlist parties’. Deezer will hand pick artists from some of their top playlists to perform intimate invite-only shows they’re calling ‘LIVE’. They’re hoping to span multiple genres, starting with their Rocket playlist this week in Paris, featuring Circa Waves & Twin Atlantic. If you’re not one of the lucky few ...
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Spotify are looking into lyrics that play as you listen

Following in the footsteps of Apple Music, Spotify are testing live lyrics that you can follow as the track plays. People are reporting that their Spotify app has suddenly started showing lyrics that scroll in real-time to the track. It looks like Spotify are currently testing the feature in beta for select listeners. It’s been a long time coming for Spotify to integrate song lyrics into their music streaming platform somehow. From the listeners who are showing lyrics on their Spotify a...
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Apple may allow third-party apps to be set as default in iPhone soon

Till date, in typical Apple fashion, default apps on their iOS platform have always been locked to Apples own pre-installed offerings like Apple Music and Safari. Now, Apple is apparently discussing bringing the walls down a bit and let third party apps to be set as defaults by users. Currently, on iOS, when users open a link, it automatically opens in Safari, even if the user wishes to open them in Google Chrome Firefox. Similarly, when a user needs to share something via mail, Apple defau...
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At Tock, this restaurant group owner and former trader is building a Spotify for reservations

Tock, a nine-year-old, Chicago-based culinary reservation service, has never had the kind of brand-recognition that other companies in the space have enjoyed, from publicly traded OpenTable to Resy, the New York-based company that was founded in 2014 and acquired last year for undisclosed terms by American Express. That’s because Tock long focused on a white-label service for its customers, many of them high-end restaurants like French Laundry that, with Tock’s encouragement, began years ago sel...
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Royal Philharmonic Research: How Technology Is Bringing Classical Music A Bigger Audience

‘Technology is playing a huge role in shaping the future of how people engage with orchestral music,’ says James Williams, managing director at the RPO. ‘At the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, we see it as an essential role to respond to this change, and to evolve and develop – be it through online content or programme notes that appear live on your phone. Indeed, last year we reached around 17m people worldwide through Spotify alone, and these numbers continue to grow each year.’ – Rhineg...
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How to change a playlist's name on Spotify using the desktop or mobile app

You can change a playlist's name on Spotify at any time. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the Spotify app allow you to change playlist names. To change a playlist's name, you'll need to be the owner of the playlist. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Playlist titles can be a form of self-expression, but sometimes inspiration just doesn't strike and you end up with something like, "Happy playlist" or even just a string of random letters. If you use Spotify, you don't ha...
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Apple Might Let You Change Your Default Apps, Other Giants Could Finally Get a Fair Shake

Potentially yielding some bitterly-contested ground, Apple is thinking about allowing its users to replace their default essential apps like Safari, Mail, and Apple Music with third-party apps, Bloomberg reports. [Muted golf clap.] This comes less than a year after the Supreme Court paved the way for app-related…Read more...
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Spotify Unveils Ticketing Partnership With Dance Music Platform Resident Advisor

Spotify today announced a ticketing partnership with influential dance-music website Resident Advisor with the goal of “supporting music communities around the world by increasing attendance to thousands of local venues and parties.” The program will connect Spotify users to events by artists via localized event listings promoted within the application. The program is similar to […]
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A day with YouTube prankster Adam Saleh proved that the internet's A-listers have reached celebrity status

YouTube has given everyday people a way to make money off of videos on the platform since 2007, allowing a flurry of creators and users to turn online video into a full-time job. Since then, YouTube's most elite and popular creators have been able to achieve levels of fame and wealth akin to that of high-profile celebrities and models. One of those stars is Adam Saleh, a 26-year-old vlogger based outside of New York City who's known for recording pranks with his friends and documenting life wi...
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