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Derelict East German Amusement Park Will Become (Another) Berlin Arts District

“Some €45 million has been raised for the project, which was first proposed in 2014 after the city, through the government-owned company Grün Berlin, took over the park’s management. The former Spreepark, as the theme park is known, spans 56 riverside acres that are currently fenced off as old rides and amusement sites sit in various states of disrepair.” – Artnet
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The Abandoned Spreepark Will Open Its Gates Once Again

photo: Tonkberlin / CC Berlin, are you ready for the Spreepark to finally (legally…) open its gates again?! You probably heard some stories of this abandoned amusement park in the Southeast of Berlin, but we got the real crazy sauce for you. So, why was it abandoned and how come no-one ever tore it down? And how can you get in there to see some of the crazy old rides of the park? Let’s start from the beginning. The Spreepark Berlin was an amusement park in the north of the Plänterwald in...
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There's An Abandoned Amusement Park In The Middle Of Berlin

The place that today is called Spreepark was first developed in 1969 in what was then East Berlin, eight years after the rise of the Berlin Wall.
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Game-Changing Projects for Berlin’s Future

Germans are famous for their grumpiness – and sometimes it feels like the new expats are adapting it quicker than they would admit themselves. While gentrification is a real issue, we cannot stay entirely focused on that, because that leaves us with no time to support new initiatives with the potential to have a really positive impact on our city. Today, we are presenting 5 such ideas from the minds of our local visionaries – the future may not be as dim as you’ve thought! Radbahn Berlin – t...
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5 Charming Cafes & Restaurants in Berlin by the Water

Wondering how to spend the weekend if the weather does you a favor and is nice ever again in the future? Look no further as we’ve gathered for you some of our favorite cafes and restaurants by the water; because, what’s a better summer setting than this? Whether a lake or a riverside, these places are absolutely perfect for summer strolls, and God knows how we miss those. So next chance the weather gives you, grab your friend, your boo, your mom, and be where life is nice! You will find us there...
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