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Top 3 Summer Trends You Have To Start Wearing Right Now

The peepers are peeping, the birds are chirping, and the trees are budding! Spring has definitely sprung here in New England I couldn’t be happier! I feel like I stay locked indoors for months on end because I just hate the cold weather, so once spring finally arrives, I bust outside like a kid out of school when the bell rings. FREEEEDOM! My other favorite thing about spring is looking forward to SUMMER TRENDS! You ladies know I’m all about fashion, so naturally, I’m really exc...
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What is Fashion FOMO and How Can You Stop It?

Do you ever worry your kids aren’t fashionable enough — that you’ll neglect to predict a new trend or overlook a hot sale? You might be suffering from fashion FOMO, but don’t worry — there’s a cure.  Fashion FOMO is just like regular, old FOMO — a fear of missing out — but rather than worrying about missing an event or experience, it focuses on the contents of your closet. It’s a nagging feeling that other people are wearing cooler clothes, finding better deals, and curating a trendier ...
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10 super cute summer backpacks that help you say buh-bye to a long winter

Oh hi, it’s me, your handbag-obsessed friend in NYC, now looking for cute backpacks for summer. As I virtually window shop my way across the internet I’m seeing lots of cute, colorful backpacks that are on trend for 2021 and my “add to cart” finger is getting itchy. I’m not surprised that backpacks are in for […]
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Oversized handbags for spring and summer: Go big or go home! (Or, “go big and also stay home” works too.)

Oversized handbags are trending and well, hallelujah, the world has finally caught up with New York City! See, we don’t have cars (or trunks or gloves compartments) in which to stash our daily lives, so we just carry our entire lives with with us at all times in oversized handbags all day long. Totes, hobos […]
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Blazer Styles: How & When to Wear Them

Once winter is behind us, we start looking forward to putting away the parkas and overcoats and heading outside with something a little lighter. Spring is the perfect time to break out the blazers as an ideal addition to any outfit. The days of a blazer only being associated with professional attire are long gone, and this highly versatile piece can add a boost of sophistication and fashion-forwardness to any ensemble. Think of it as the cosmopolitan older sister to your favorite cardigan....
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Orlando Bloom’s Eyewear Collection for HUGO BOSS

© 2021 Choosing the best eyewear is essential to make a fashion statement about yourself. If you have high standards for your eyewear needs, Orlando Bloom Glasses by BOSS can be for you. The HUGO BOSS ft Orlando Bloom eyewear collection is among the most demanded fashion collaborations of spring 2021.  In the latest Boss eyewear campaign, Orlando Bloom stated that “The smallest detail can change everything.” His statement has a lot of truth in it. These days, eyewear is more...
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Top Men’s Fashion Trends For Spring-Summer 2021

This winter was long. Like, really long! And we can’t be happier about the coming warmer days, more sun and more time outside.  Every spring gets even more exciting with the newest fashion trends and this year most of the men’s trends are quite simple to implement for every guy (meaning, they’re not completely crazy!). Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your wardrobe and prepare for the most exciting time of the year. Here are the top men’s fashion trends for spring-summer 2021. ...
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How To Style Your Hat Like A Pro

There were times when a hat got considered stylish and made a classy statement! Men and women wore hats as a part of their attire, which made a huge difference. And there came the point in the clothing and design industry where people were not wearing their hats. It’s 2021, and the good news is that people have started to get back to the habit of wearing a hat again.  Some of the conventional American hats are making a comeback. There are service providers that are making the best new-a...
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6 Spring Fashion Trends College Students Are Obsessed With

It is natural for a student to want to be fashionable. In fact, students are setting the trends while at the same time adapting to trends incredibly fast. In the quest to be unique, students pick up fashion faster than anyone else. Visit for the best homework assignment help to ease pressure on your academic work and allow you to focus on fashion and other personal projects while in college.  Fashion by its nature is fluid. What is trendy today will be out of vogue tom...
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Spring Fashion Trends for 2021 (PSA Stackable Rings Are Gonna Be Huge!)

Every year we look at all the Spring fashion trends and hope that there will be something that’s actually wearable for the average woman. Busy moms aren’t about to traipse around in thigh-high white go-go boots or drop their kids off for school with a giant feathered hat on. Big baggy jeans and stackable rings we can do though! For once, there are finally a few spring fashion trends we can get on board with! Here are the top trends you need to try… Stackable Rings ...
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Why You Should Buy a Wax Cotton Coat This Spring

There are few things more British than the wax cotton coat – a magnificent combination of history, tradition, class, and fashion. This style has been worn by figures as diverse as James Bond to the Queen of the years. Perhaps more than anything, these light coats and jackets are suitable for a range of different seasons and their waterproofing makes them the ideal choice for a rainy day. Fishermen and farmers love these coats as they make them feel a close bond with their heritage. In a...
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How To Find The Best Skechers Shoes For Spring

If you’re searching for sneakers that are both comfortable, stylish, and perfect for physical activity, Skechers might offer just what you’re looking for. With these tips and tricks, you will be able to find a perfect pair of Skechers for you! What are Skechers? Not familiar with the Skechers brand? Nothing to worry about! While Skechers is a relatively new brand, established in 1992 in Manhattan Beach, California, it has already gained much renown across the world. With plenty of ...
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4 Reasons You Need Sheepskin Uggs Even In The Summer

There are plenty of different uggs on the market that are sold at different price points and made from various materials. While there are some great options available, none will truly compare to natural sheepskin. You may not know this, but genuine ugg boots are made in Australia and produced from 100 percent Australian A-Grade Double Faced Sheepskin. They only use the highest quality sheepskin to give their customers the best ugg experience they possibly can. But what actually ma...
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Top 3 Summer Accessories You Need Right Now

This past weekend was the unofficial beginning of Summer, so it’s time to add to your warm-weather wardrobe! We all know how important accessories are, but adding a few key summer accessories to your closet for the warmer weather can really transform your summer outfits and make them feel season-appropriate. While trends come and go, there are a few standout styles this year that are great adds in the name of fashion. Here are 3 summer accessories that are must haves this year:  90’...
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How To Avoid Fast Fashion & Pick Clothes That Will Last

If you want to be a responsible, environmentally conscious consumer, then you need to be buying clothes that will last a long time. According to The New York Times, one of the worst things for our environment has been the advent of fast fashion. What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion consists of cheaply made clothing that capitalizes on trends. These clothes and shoes are cheaply made and manufactured then sold at a low price point. Fast fashion apparel brands and retailers include ...
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5 Chic Trends to Try Out This Summer

With June just around the corner, it’s totally time for a closet revamp. From chic accessories to retro heels and from unexpected hues to reinvented pantsuits, the warm season ahead brings with the freshest new trends. Make room in your wardrobe for these next hot picks, perfect for summer.  Pearl Chokers The classics have taken a modern route. Meet the freshest way to wear the gems of the sea: pearl chokers. Paired up with your beach attire, a tee and denims...
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5 Ways to Find Fashion Inspiration

Even for expert fashionistas, finding fashion inspiration for new outfits can be tricky. You could have the biggest closet in the world, but without a little fashion inspiration, it isn’t easy to make something new out of your old things. It’s more likely you’ll be tempted to clear out your collection and start over rather than work with what you have.  While there’s nothing wrong with being an “outfit repeater,” here are just a few ideas to find some fashion inspiration for your next b...
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Top 5 Fashion Trends in Women’s Rainwear

Shopping for functional clothes doesn’t entirely tick the fashion sense of most women—especially when it includes bland and boring clothes such as raincoats. Before this time, women rainwear has been considered as an inelegant brand of fashion due to its bland styles, colors and high level of seasonality. However, in recent years, the fashion world has witnessed the inception of brands that have been able to create a mind-blowing style of raincoats and jackets by effectively fusing fas...
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How To Pair Jackets With Spring Dresses

A jacket is one of those outfits we need to have in our wardrobe. Whether you are a big-bodied or a small-bodied individual, you will find one that fits you perfectly. They are designed in such a way that allows your body to move easily. Wearing a jacket in any way adds style and personality.  No matter what the temperature is simply paring a jacket with spring dresses is enough to look decent and stylish. You don’t need to wait for warmer weather to start wearing your favorite spring d...
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We Got The Blues (In Every Hue)

Media hype about scary viruses got you feeling low? What better way to perk up your day than shopping online from the warmth and safety of your home?! Pantone’s color of the year is Classic Blue and I must say, I got the blues! !function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),,element.src=""+e,d.body.appendChild(element)),w.hasOwnProperty(g)===!0&&"complete"===d.readyState&&w[g].init()}(window,"shopthepost-script"...
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Spring Jacket Styles to Get You Out of Your Outerwear Comfort Zone

When you traffic, as I do, in writing about menswear for a living, you find yourself in a near constant state of déjà vu. Have we done a primer on how to wear turtlenecks with a suit? you wonder, before a quick Google search reveals that, yes, you have. What about the best white jeans for winter? (Again, yes).Read more...
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Top 7 Women’s Fashion Trends For 2020

People had prepared for the 2020 fashion glam since the past year. As the year began, various women’s fashion trends launched with the year. However, of those trends, here are the top ones we’re loving. 1. The Vintage Jumpsuit April 2016 2020 came with a bomb of the jumpsuit fashion reawakening. Interestingly, this is not the regular body-tight suit; it is the utilitarian suit with a waist belt. Sleeveless styles, halter neck, collared necks or and styles where the sle...
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How To Master The Art Of Accessorizing

The way you dress can say a lot about who you are. Not only do your clothes help you express your creativity, bring out your individuality, and display your social status, they are also the first thing that introduces you to someone you have just met. Before you have even had a chance to say hello or extend your hand for a greeting, most people have already formed an opinion about you based on what you are wearing at the moment. Hence, your clothes are not something you can afford to no...
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Spring Fashion: Fun Prints You’ll Love Wearing

Blooming flowers, baby animals, chirping birds and fuzzy caterpillars escaping detection on tree branches–it’s spring! Usually, floral prints are the stars of the spring fashion scene and this year is no different–there will certainly be florals. However, the world of prints has broadened and diversified so much that there’s now something to suit everyone’s tastes–male, female, adult, child, teen and senior. Oh, and likely pets too! Here are a few of our favorite prints for spring 2019:...
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Twinning done right, with mom + me shoes from KEDS x Rifle Paper Co.

I’m not necessarily a mom-and-me-outfit kind of mom, but these new adorable mom and me shoes from Keds have me ready to go matchy-matchy with my four-year-old right tis second. Because Keds + Rifle Paper Company + twinning with my preschooler before she gets too cool to match me anymore? Yes! CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: […]
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Hot trend alert: Adidas Stan Smiths are back, and it’s 1972 all over again!

I’ve been spotting the iconic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers all over the feet of NYC’s young and fashionable — and okay, not-so-young but still pretty fashionable — and I am loving it! I’m not much of a high heel gal, and it’s so great that comfy sneakers (that aren’t painfully expensive) are in style again, […]
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Why POP light-up sneakers for kids are the hottest thing in kids’ shoes right now.

First, I have to get this out of the way: POP Shoes are not for families who get sticker shock at the price of high-end kids wear. But if you are down with designer stuff here and there, splurge on birthday or holiday gifts, need some crazy cool shoes for a Bar Mitzvah boy or […]
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Look closely at these new Vans: Yes, those are horses!

If you’ve got a horse lover in your home, I strongly suggest you click immediately over to Vans and snag a pair of these Vans x Molo horse sneakers. Yes, the design may look abstract at first, but if you look closely, you’ll see that this super rad pattern created in collab with the popular […]
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Shopbop Spring Sales Event Of The Season!

I’m all about trends and that’s why I’m so excited Shopbop is having their big sales event of the season! Many trends come and go but rompers, swimsuits, and sweatshirts are always here to stay with some exciting new styles each season. During Shopbop’s big sales event is precisely when you should stock up on these items! For 3 days only, you can get: 20% off order under $500 25% off order over $500 Don’t forget to click here to see exclusions and use Coupon C...
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8 Ways to Develop Your Own Personal Style

Not everyone is a natural at styling themselves. In fact, there are probably more people who are at least semi-clueless about how to dress in a way that demonstrates a sense of personal style. If you feel stuck in a rut with your current wardrobe or you look around at some of your peers and wish you could put together outfits as easily as it seems they can, know that it is within your grasp to develop your own personal sense of style. But first, you’ll need a few pointers about how ...
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