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Astronaut's photo shows a rare 'sprite' in Earth's atmosphere caused by lightning shooting up toward space

A sprite captured from the ISS. ESA/NASA-T. Pesquet Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut on the ISS, photographed a flash of red light in the upper atmosphere. The phenomenon, called a sprite, can be seen above a thunderstorm. The picture is a "very rare occurrence," Pesquet said. An astronaut onboard the International Space Station has captured a rare image of a red "sprite" above Europe while recording a timelapse from space.The picture, which was taken on September 9, is a "very rare occurren...
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NASA finds more evidence of Jovian sprites

New data from the Juno spacecraft gives more evidence that sprites arcing hundreds of miles occur in the atmosphere of Jupiter. These transient luminous events, or TLEs, were captured with UV sensors. Via JPL: Scientists predicted these bright, superfast flashes of light should also be present in Jupiter's immense roiling atmosphere, but their existence remained theoretical. — Read the rest
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A NASA spacecraft circling Jupiter has captured the planet's colorful electrical outbursts — sprites and elves — for the first time

An illustration of the lightning phenomenon known as a sprite on Jupiter. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI NASA's Juno spacecraft has discovered that Jupiter's atmosphere produces lightning-like electrical outbursts called transient luminous events. On Earth, these colorful lights occur during thunderstorms, when lightning strikes produce red tendrils called sprites or glowing disks called elves high above the clouds. Scientists predicted that Jupiter would have sprites and elves too, since it has li...
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Satellites Track the World's Longest Lightning Bolt

Using satellites and ground stations, scientists have documented an epic lightning flash from 2017 that zipped above three states in the U.S. Southwest. Incredibly, scientists say discoveries of even bigger “megaflashes” are likely.Read more...
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Characters based on tiny procedurally-generated sprites

Cartoonist Eric Beadu took these mangled, procedurally-generated 8x8 random sprites and interpreted them as fully-fledged cartoon characters. Now someone has to animated the rest of each character's sprites by hand! The sprite generator is; Eric accepts commissions.
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