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Adult Swim Festival 2021 Reveals Full Line-Up: Rick And Morty, Aqua Teen, And More

Get excited, y'all! It's the return of music, comedy, and mayhem from your couch thanks to the 2021 Adult Swim Festival. The two-day festival will run through Adult Swim's YouTube channel and will feature exclusive extras on HBO Max. The full programming lineup has finally been released, and it looks like it's going to be a banger. This year's festival will take place on November 12–13, 2021, and will feature panels on some of Adult Swim's most popular shows like "Rick and Morty," "Squidbillies,...
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‘Squidbillies’ Fires Actor Stuart Baker After Social Media Posts About Dolly Parton, Black Lives Matter

Stuart D. Baker has been fired from the Adult Swim animated series “Squidbillies” after posting comments about Dolly Parton and the Black Lives Matter movement on social media. Baker, who performs under the name Unknown Hinson, posted on his Facebook profile about Dolly Parton voicing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In doing […]
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We’ve Got A File On You: Jason Isbell

There were all these other lives Jason Isbell could've led. He could've never left Drive-By Truckers, and spent a steady career as one of the band's several singer-guitarists. He could've easily wound up someone who wrote songs for other artists in the background, or become a reliable studio hand. He could've never gotten sober, in … More »
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Hear Stephen Malkmus’ Cover Of The Squidbillies Theme

Stephen Malkmus is the latest musician to cover the Squidbillies theme song. The Adult Swim animated show has already had Bob Mould, Steve Earle, Against Me!, Ty Segall, and "Weird Al" Yankovic cover it this season alone. "It was fun to listen to all the different takes on the theme … More »
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“Weird Al” Yankovic Covers The Ramones’ “Beat On The Brat” & The Squidbillies Theme Song

Dr. Demento Covered In Punk is a new compilation from veteran radio host Dr. Demento, the man who launched "Weird Al" Yankovic's career. A press release outlines the conceit: "over thirty different, never before released, all-new 'punk' cover versions of 'mad music and crazy comedy' songs famously heard on the airwaves of the legendary Dr … More »
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Ty Segall shares new single "My Lady's on Fire" & cover of 'Squidbillies' theme

Ty Segall has been releasing a series of digital singles this fall and the latest of these is "My Lady's on Fire," which has become a live favorite recently. It's a pretty, late-'60s style rock ballad, complete with a horn section... [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Hear Ty Segall Cover The Squidbillies Theme Song

Ty Segall is the latest artist to put his own spin on the Squidbillies theme song, like many other musicians before him, most recently Against Me!, Bob Mould, and Steve Earle. Hear his take on it from the latest episode of the show via Pitchfork below. [videoembed size="full_width" alignment="center"][/videoembed] … More »
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Against Me!, Bob Mould & more covering 'Squidbillies' theme this season (listen)

Other artists who will provide their take on the Squidbillies on upcoming episodes include Ty Segall, Camper Van Beethoven, John Prine, and "Weird Al" Yankovic. Continue reading… [Author: Jeremy Nifras]
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Hear Bob Mould, Steve Earle Cover The Squidbillies Theme

The long-running Adult Swim show Squidbillies has a proud history of getting big-name artists to record versions of its theme song; in recent years, people like Father John Misty, Neko Case, and Kurt Vile have done it. With the show's eleventh season looming, punk rock survivor Bob Mould and country-rock veteran Steve … More »
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