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Man Who Pointed Gun At Peaceful Protesters Compares March To Storming Of Bastille

Mark McCloskey, the man in St. Louis, Missouri, who aimed a rifle at peaceful anti-police brutality protesters as his wife Patricia swung her tiny pistol around on Sunday evening, painted the situation as some kind of French Revolution in miniature. During an interview Monday on local NBC affiliate KSDK, McCloskey claimed that the protesters had broken the gate in front of Portland Place, the gated community where he resides, which prompted him and his wife to retrieve their guns while orderi...
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Missouri couple point guns at protesters

A couple in St Louis, Missouri stood in their yard and pointed guns at protesters.
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Trump Retweets Video Of White Couple Waving Guns At Anti-Police Brutality Protesters

President Donald Trump retweeted a video on Monday morning showing an unidentified white couple brandishing their firearms at anti-police brutality protesters in St. Louis, Missouri, who were peacefully marching toward city Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home. The video was ABC News’ clip of a man pointing a large rifle at the line of protesters while his female partner swings a tiny pistol next to him. A couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to ...
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Trump retweets video of white St Louis couple pointing guns at protesters

Clip shows man and woman pointing weapons at people staging protest against US city’s mayor US politics – live coverageDonald Trump courted controversy on Monday – and perhaps sought to deflect attention from reports about Russia placing bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan – by retweeting news footage of a white couple in St Louis, Missouri who pointed guns at protesters marching for police reform. Related: Trump deletes tweet of supporter shouting ‘white power’ after outrage Continue read...
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Congress to be briefed on Russian bounties plot as Trump denies knowledge – live

Trump: I was not told about plot because it was not credibleGlobal deaths from coronavirus pass half a millionSt Louis couple point guns at protestersSign up to our First Thing newsletter 1.23pm BST New York Times media columnist Ben Smith’s is about the Washington Post under editor Marty Baron and its struggles with a changing news landscape, and as usual it may seem pretty Inside Baseball if you’re not in the media. But it does lead off with a remarkable story concerning Brett Kavanaugh....
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St Louis couple point guns at protesters

Social media clip shows man and woman pointing weapons at people staging protest against US city’s mayor A white couple pointed guns at protesters in St Louis, Missouri, as a group marched toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation.A social media video showed the unidentified armed couple standing outside their home on Sunday evening in the Central West End neighbourhood shouting at protesters, while people in the march moved the crowd forward, urging participants to ignore them. Continue...
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The evolution of the Corvette from America's sports car to a global powerhouse

For almost 70 years, the Chevrolet Corvette was a front-engined sports car. It was a great performer, but was missing that one last element that'd make it competitive in the global sports-car market. The 2020 Corvette is now mid-engined and a worthy international competitor. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories Despite the generous offering of American muscle cars available to buyers today, there's only one considered to be America's sports car. That car is the Chevrolet Corvett...
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New insights into epigenetic modifications

Scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Rome, in collaboration with Tim Bestor at Columbia University in New York and John Edwards at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, show for the first time how DNA methylation instructs cells to repress parts of their genome by inducing the assembly of a silencing complex. Their work was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Mexican restaurant shamed for racist piñata

Camila's Tex-Mex, near St Louis, Missouri, installed a piñata in the shape of the Covid-19 virus with a caricaturized face of a Chinese man on it, reports The Riverfront Times. The backlash was swift and severe, and the restaurant took down its Facebook page in shame, but not before trying to pass off the caricature as being Hispanic: According to the customer who originally posted the photos to Facebook, employees allowed people into the restaurant Monday night due to poor weather conditions, ...
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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: St. Louis, Missouri

Photo submitted by Nick Hand, “Taking my newly custom painted Giant TCX Pro out for its first ride. Painting was done by TW Carbon out of St. Louis, MO.” We always love seeing photos from where you are riding and are happy to share them with our readers around the world here on the Pic Of […] The post Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: St. Louis, Missouri appeared first on Bikerumor.
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‘They Said in Some Ways COVID-19 Is Worse Than The War In Iraq’: Showtime’s VICE Correspondent Gianna Toboni On Healthcare Workers Battling COVID-19

(CBS Local)– On Sunday, May 10, VICE on Showtime will give viewers inside access to what a hospital battling COVID-19 looks like. Correspondent and producer Gianna Toboni talks with healthcare workers and their families as they battle this unprecedented global pandemic in the country’s epicenter of New York and New Jersey. While Toboni has been all over the world to cover stories, this one stands in a category all by itself. “I was talking to my brother and sister-in-law, who are both doctors in...
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How the Corvette went from America's sports car to a global powerhouse

For almost 70 years, the Chevrolet Corvette was a front-engined sports car. It was a great performer, but was missing that one last element that'd make it competitive in the global sports-car market. The 2020 Corvette is now mid-engined and a worthy international competitor. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories Despite the generous offering of American muscle cars available to buyers today, there's only one considered to be America's sports car. That car is the Chevrolet Corvett...
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Maxine Waters says on House floor her sister is dying of coronavirus

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on the House floor Thursday said her sister is dying after contracting COVID-19. Waters spoke Thursday in support of Congress' $484 billion coronavirus relief bill, which replenishes the small business loan program and provides funding for hospitals and for coronavirus testing. During the floor debate, Waters revealed her sister is suffering from the disease and dedicated the relief package to her, The Hill reports. "I'm going to take a moment to dedicate th...
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Rep. Maxine Waters Says Her Sister is Dying of Coronavirus

Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat and chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, said that her sister is dying of coronavirus in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. “I’m going to take a moment to dedicate this legislation to my dear sister who is dying in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri right now, infected by the coronavirus,” Waters said Thursday (Apr. 23) on the House floor ahead of a vote on a $480 billion COVID-19 relief package. Rep. Maxine Waters: "I am going to take a...
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Arkansas can enforce surgical abortion ban amid pandemic, federal court rules

State directive seeks to postpone medical procedures not considered urgent during outbreakA federal appeals court has allowed Arkansas to enforce a ban on most surgical abortions, as part of a state directive aimed at postponing medical procedures not deemed urgent during the coronavirus outbreak.The ruling from the eighth US circuit court of appeals in St Louis, Missouri, lifted a federal judge’s order which had allowed abortions to continue. The new ruling does not affect abortion induced thro...
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Photos show the precautions US cities took to 'flatten the curve' during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic

The Spanish Flu of 1918 was one of the worst pandemics in history, eventually killing 50 million people worldwide. The virus hit in three waves, with the second during the fall of 1918 specifically spelling devastation on US soil. Cities across the country shut down churches and schools, required residents to wear masks, and erected makeshift hospitals to help fight the disease. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A century before the coronavirus disease — known as COVID-19 — ...
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MassChallenge + Stadia Ventures Team Up for Sports Tech

This story was originally published on on April 9, 2020Written by Jon Nordby, MassChallenge Texas in Houston and Bill Powell, Stadia Ventures In the face of catastrophe, innovators turn challenges into opportunities. As the world faces a global health and economic crisis, now, more than ever, is the time to double down on innovation strategies — and that starts with collaboration and nurturing productive partnerships. With a new track focused on the emerging field of Sports Te...
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Oscar-Winning ‘Hair Love’ Producer Lion Forge Signs Animation Deal With China’s Starlight Media

It’s a classic Hollywood underdog story: a rising animation studio produces an animated short that goes viral, and which goes on to win the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Lion Forge Animation has had a banner year with the Oscar win of the acclaimed animated short Hair Love, and they’re continuing that streak with a new multipicture deal with China’s Starlight Media, the company behind Crazy Rich Asians. Lion Forge Animation has entered a joint venture partnership with China’s Starlight Medi...
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Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes to threaten Tennessee Valley into Thursday night

A complex storm system is expected to bring an elevated threat for severe weather across the Ohio and Tennessee valleys into Thursday night, including the risk for tornadoes.This comes amid the ongoing cleanup efforts after deadly tornadoes swept through the Nashville metropolitan area less than two weeks ago.Warm and humid air building in from the Gulf of Mexico will set the stage for severe thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon and into Thursday night from Little Rock, Arkansas; to Cape Girardea...
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Trump retweets video of Biden labelled by Twitter as ‘manipulated media’

Edited footage, first tweeted by president’s social media director, makes it look like Biden inadvertently backed Trump’s re-electionThe first video to be labelled by Twitter as “manipulated media” was tweeted by Donald Trump’s social media director and retweeted by the president himself.Dan Scavino tweeted the footage on Saturday, mistakenly saying it came from a speech by Joe Biden in St Louis, Missouri. In fact, the former vice-president and Democratic frontrunner was speaking in Kansas City....
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Researchers found a cure for diabetes (in lab mice)

More than 34 million Americans have diabetes, approximately 10% of the population according to the American Diabetes Association. To date, the most common treatment has been to manage the disease with a carefully controlled diet and regular insulin shots, if needed. But a cure may be on the horizon. A research team led by Jeffrey Millman at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri found last year that infusing mice with stem cells could offer a better treatment option. Building on that resea...
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St. Louis shooting leaves 6-year-old boy dead and 9-year-old girl critically injured

A 6-year-old boy was killed and a 9-year-old girl left critically injured when someone opened fire on their car in St. Louis, Missouri, Saturday afternoon.
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How to have big gay fun at the biggest Mardi Gras events in the U.S.

Do you know the gay history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Or that the 2nd largest Mardi Gras in the U.S. is in St. Louis, Missouri? Here is some insider's info on having a great time this weekend
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United States: St. Louis, Missouri Enacts Ban-The-Box Law For Private Employers - Seyfarth Shaw LLP

St. Louis has become the third locality in Missouri to enact a "Ban the Box" law, joining Kansas City and Columbia.
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Petitions of the week

This week we highlight petitions pending before the Supreme Court that address, among other things, whether the phrase “crime involving moral turpitude” is void for vagueness, whether an alien who is detained under 8 U.S.C. § 1231 is entitled, after six months of detention, to a bond hearing at which the government must prove to an immigration judge by clear and convincing evidence that the alien is a flight risk or a danger to the community, and whether the Supreme Court should recalibrate or r...
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United States: St. Louis Enacts Ban-The-Box Ordinance Applicable To Private Employers - Littler Mendelson

The City of St. Louis, Missouri enacted a ban-the-box ordinance prohibiting employers within the city from basing promotions or hiring decisions on an individual's criminal history or a related...
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My Dual Avalanche/Blues Fandom

What team you root for is usually determined at a young age, influenced by your parents and where you were born. It’s easy to choose a team when you come from a big market location. What do you do when you’re from a city that didn’t have a hockey team when you were growing up? Do you keep allegiance to the team you were raised with? Or do you switch sides if you move to a new city? Fandom Background My parents were born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri but moved to South Florida before ...
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Quick-hitting dose of snow to bring slippery travel to southern Plains early this week

An injection of cold air on the backside of a storm system will be potent enough to produce a swath of snow and slippery travel across the southern Plains Monday night through Tuesday.The cold plunge will cause snow to fall in areas that start out the week with high temperatures in the 50s and 60s F.Winter storm watches were already beginning to spring up across the region early Monday morning. "An area from the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma through western Kansas can expect slushy travel ...
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NHL All-Star Game to Feature Women’s 3-On-3 Event

A person with direct knowledge of the plans confirmed to The Associated Press that women’s national team players representing the United States and Canada will compete in a three-on-three event at the NHL All-Star game in two weeks. The person spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity Monday because the NHL isn’t scheduled to announce its plans until later this week. first reported the news Sunday night. It’s unclear when the three-on-three scrimmage will be held during the we...
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Next big storm to target central US with a variety of hazards

Forecasters are monitoring what they say will be the next multifaceted storm to target the central United States at the end of the week. The storm is expected to bring a variety of hazards to travelers as precipitation will vary from rain to ice to snow amid the midsection of the nation.Prior to late week, motorists will also need to be wary of several quick-hitting snow events that will sweep through the Midwest. The late-week storm will first bring accumulating snowfall to places such as Se...
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