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St. Vincent Shares Essay About Actor’s 10th Anniversary

Over the weekend, St. Vincent's sophomore album Actor turned 10 -- we looked back at it as an inflection point for Annie Clark's career and indie music as a whole. Clark has just written an essay of her own, which she sent out via her newsletter, reflecting on the recording process … More »
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Kelly Lee Owens – “Let It Go”

Since releasing her self-titled debut album in 2017, London-based producer Kelly Lee Owens has gone on to remix St. Vincent and Björk. And today, she's shared a new single as the latest installment of Adult Swim's ongoing Singles series. More »
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Kelly Lee Owens – “Let It Go” & “Omen”

Since releasing her self-titled debut album in 2017, London-based producer Kelly Lee Owens has gone on to remix St. Vincent and Björk. And today, she's shared a new single as the latest installment of Adult Swim's ongoing Singles series. More »
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Sleater-Kinney Signs With Mom + Pop Music

The band Sleater-Kinney has signed to the independent label Mom + Pop Music, which will release their new St. Vincent-produced album later this year. No release date or title has been revealed for the group’s eighth studio album and first since their comeback, 2015’s “No Cities to Love,” which was released on the Sub Pop […]
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Fantastic minimalist embroidery portraits of musicians, writers, and artists

My dear pal Barbara Rushkoff embroiders fantastic minimal portraits of musicians and other artists, writers, and thinkers whose work has inspired her over the years. I love the seeming simplicity of her illustrations that still beautifully convey the essence of her subjects! Also, the name of Barbara's Instagram account has me in, er, stitches: yr_resting_stitchface Above: Robert Smith of The Cure. Below: Billie Eilish, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of the B-52's, Nilufer Yanya; Mark Hollis o...
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Actor Turns 10

When revisiting the major albums of 2009, the year begins to look like an inflection point. A simultaneous culmination of a burgeoning scene while still only a prologue of the unforeseen dominance some of these artists would later achieve. Whether in revisiting the ’09 albums that hold up, crucial moments like the compilation More »
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22 hottest peppers in the world

There’s a good chance you’ve come across a way too spicy pepper in your life. Maybe you sought it out; maybe it snuck up on you in a salsa. Either way, that fiery burn is seared in your memory. But unless you’re an extreme heat seeker, that pepper you tried is far milder than the peppers that reach the top of the Scoville Scale. The Scoville Scale is an objective scale used for measuring the spicy heat of peppers and other hot foods. Items on the scale are ranked by their Scoville Heat Units ...
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St. Vincent And Carrie Brownstein Are Making A Tour Comedy

St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein are both great songwriters and larger-than-life guitar heroes, and they have both done a whole lot to bridge the parallel worlds of music and comedy. They're old friends and collaborators, too. Brownstein and her Portlandia partner Fred Armisen worked on St. Vincent's "Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood" … More »
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The 50 best songs about Europe – ranked!

Brexit is delayed – so voyager avec nous on a trans-European tour of music, from Paris to Berlin via Finistère. Tout le monde à bord!Poor old Lloyd went to Amsterdam and all he got was double pneumonia in a single room. And, by the sounds of it, his love life is going horribly wrong. Just don’t ask him about the price of medicine (obviously he didn’t get his European health insurance card). It’s enough to make anyone go No Deal, really. Continue reading...
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Saint Waldetrudis: A Model for All Christians

The history of the Catholic Church overflows with thousands of saints, each one a model of virtue and sanctity; an image of Christ in the world.  Most are priests or religious; however, many saints were married, offering a different model of holiness for Christ’s flock. Then there are saints like Saint Waldetrudis, whose feast falls on April 9 (she is sometimes called Waltrude or Waudru). Waldetrudis falls into a more select group of saints: those who were married and then later became a member ...
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Apple’s Defending Jacob Rounds Out Cast

Apple’s Defending Jacob rounds out cast Right as production is set to begin in Boston, Apple’s upcoming limited series Defending Jacob has rounded out its all-star ensemble cast of series regular roles with the additions off The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Cherry Jones, American Gods‘ Pablo Schreiber, Timeless‘ Sakina Jaffrey and Get Out‘s Betty Gabriel, according to Deadline. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAut...
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Jenny Lewis – “Red Bull & Hennessy” Video (Feat. Beck, St. Vincent, Jeff Goldblum, More)

Last week, Jenny Lewis released her long-awaited new album On The Line. And shortly before its release, she pulled off a cool stunt -- an online listening party/fundraiser, modeled after the variety shows and telethons of the '70s, that raised a bunch of money for the the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s … More »
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Concert Review: Yoko Ono Earns a Wide-Ranging, All-Female Salute at Disney Hall

Yoko One was — is — nothing if not an artist of many facets, as someone who started out in the most avant-garde corners of the visual and performance art worlds and ended up having a flair for conventional pop songwriting. Both sides, the disrupter and the sentimentalist, were celebrated in a wide-ranging tribute concert […]
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Weinstein Co. Sued Over Trademark Infringement in Bill Murray Film

A horse-racing announcer has sued the Weinstein Co., claiming that the company infringed on his trademarked phrase in a 2014 Bill Murray movie. Dave Johnson is the man behind “And down the stretch they come!,” which he began using while calling races in Illinois in the 1960s. The phrase took off when Johnson moved to […]
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The Duchess of Cornwall looks cool in pink in St. Vincent with Prince Charles

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in St Vincent and the Grenadines, as...
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The quiet night amidst the resurgence

Sometimes you just come across a bad game of basketball but that can be a blip. The resurrection of top tier basketball in Killarney is moving along nicely, just for one Saturday there was a reminder of the work that is still ahead. In his second missive from the Kingdom of Kerry, Emmet Ryan watched St Paul’s take on Sligo All Stars To non basketball people in Ireland, KIllarney being back is all that matters. They remember the name of the town with the start of the boom back in the 1970s and 1...
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Taraji P Henson: 'Hollywood didn't grasp my talent'

Harvey Weinstein obstructed her rise – now, with her new film What Men Want, she is calling the shots. But what does she make of her Empire co-star Jussie Smollett’s hate-crime controversy?On a December morning in Los Angeles, the sun blazes down on a large and abundantly decorated Christmas tree in the parking lot at Paramount Pictures. It is upstaged, though, by the actor Taraji P Henson, who swans past wearing an ensemble that calls to mind the futuristic fashion of the 1970s: steampunk sungl...
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Livestream Jenny Lewis’ On The Line Listening Party & Variety Show

In a few weeks, Jenny Lewis will release her much-anticipated new album, On The Line. Tonight at 9 PM EST, she shares "Jenny Lewis’ On The Line Online," her three-hour live listening party and variety show, co-hosted by Vanessa Bayer and Tim Heidecker. Special guests include St. Vincent, King Tuff, David … More »
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Ocean cities add 'blue' to green engineering

As urban areas grow in population and footprint, many coastal cities are creating land where there once was ocean. This so-called “reclaiming” of land is not new — in fact, civilizations have been building land on top of bodies of water dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. However, urban planners and city dwellers are increasingly looking for ways to build more sustainably without damaging ecosystems and without increasing flood risk. A new trend, called blue-green infrastructure, marries ecos...
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New St. Vincent video: Masseduction

Video: St. Vincent – “Masseduction” From MASSEDUCTION, out now on Loma Vista. St. Vincent just won the Best Rock Song Grammy for “Masseduction” and now she released a video for it. She was up against songs by Greta Van Fleet and Ghost so you know this is a very good rock song. But you knew … Continue reading New St. Vincent video: Masseduction → Read more at Glorious Noise...
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Grammys 2019: Performances Ranked Worst To Best

2019 might be some kind of cosmic turning point in the history of the Grammys: The first show where the conversation was more about who didn’t perform than who did. Ariana Grande’s fuck-this-shit refusal to play ball with the notorious Grammy-production dumbfucks revealed just how completely this was a show in … More »
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Here are 5 very queer moments from last night’s Grammy Awards

Pansexual, bisexual and gender fluid rockers owned the night along with jaw-dropping gay fashion and a steamy lesbian-tinged duet.
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Why the 61st Annual Grammy Awards Telecast Was the Queerest, Fiercest, and the Best Yet

None Even if you didn't watch it, you knew that this year's Grammys were like any other's year's Grammy Award telecast: it was simply far, far too long.Yet that wasn't the only negative to be noted on the ceremony's 61st iteration. This time around, there were far too few awards were given out during the televised portion, several acceptance speech winners were played off (and twice abruptly cut off), one of the night's big winners wasn't even there (Childish Gambino/Donald Glover), and Recordi...
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St. Vincent – “Masseduction” Video

One of the unquestionable highlights of last nights Grammy Awards was the unlikely spectacle of St. Vincent and Dua Lipa, styled to look just like each other and showing way more chemistry than you'd ever expect from a thrown-together Grammy performance, twining each other's respective songs "Masseduction" and "One Kiss" together. This was … More »
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Grammys 2019: Dua Lipa Performs With St. Vincent

St. Vincent won two Grammys tonight. Her song "Masseduction" snagged the award for Best Rock Song and her LP by the same name won Best Recording Package. She performed at the ceremony alongside Dua Lipa, who won Best New Artist. More »
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