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7 Hiking Trails to Experience at Kicking Horse Resort

If you’re a skier or boarder from Alberta or British Columbia there’s a high probability that you’ve been to Kicking Horse Resort, one of Canada’s world-class downhill skiing destinations. While it’s renowned for its spectacular alpine setting, long runs and abundant snow in winter, it’s equally beautiful in summer. From the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola enjoy sweeping Rocky Mountain views. Then look way down and you’ll see the Columbia River Wetlands snaking through the valley bottom....
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Jimmy Page lends 'Stairway' guitar to the Met

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page discusses loaning his instruments to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, including guitar on which he wrote "Stairway to Heaven." (April 2)            [Author: AP]
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MASTODON To Release Cover of LED ZEPPELIN's "Stairway to Heaven" In Tribute To Late Manager

Holy cow, this sounds like it's going to be amazing. The post MASTODON To Release Cover of LED ZEPPELIN's "Stairway to Heaven" In Tribute To Late Manager appeared first on Metal Injection.
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This Week In Music Commentary

This week commentators from inside the music business weighed in on hustling their way to a debut streaming chart-topper, why the legal battle surrounding Stairway to Heaven is so different from the one surrounding Blurred Lines, and what it takes to promote a tour when you're cash strapped. Evaride Talks Hustling Their Way To A Debut Streaming Hit [INTERVIEW]  Stairway To Heaven Isn't Blurred Lines How To Promote A Tour Before And During It With No Money [Kosha Dillz] [Author: Ow...
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Stairway To Heaven Isn't Blurred Lines

In response to a what was, for some, a less than ideal outcome to a recent court ruling from the 9th circuit that "Stairway to Heaven" had not in fact infringed upon the song "Taurus" by Spirit, copyright lawyer Rick Sanders weighs in on why the ruling may not be so bad for copyright law after all. _________________________ Guest post by Rick Sanders of Techdirt A few weeks ago, we wrote about the 9th Circuit overturning the district court's ruling in a copyright case questioning whe...
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Stairway To Heaven Is Not Blurred Lines (techdirt)

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the 9th Circuit overturning the district court's ruling in a copyright case questioning whether the song "Stairway to Heaven" had infringed on the song "Taurus" by Spirit. We were less than pleased with this result, as we felt the original ruling was correct. Copyright lawyer Rick Sanders disagreed with part of our analysis and made some really great points in a two part blog post series, which he's graciously allowed us to repost in slightly edited form here. Par...
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Why Led Zeppelin is back in court

An appeals court threw out a jury's decision that Led Zeppelin's 1971 hit "Stairway to Heaven" is not substantially similar to Spirit's 1968 song "Taurus," which will send the battle back to court.
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US court opens new legal 'Stairway,' overturns Zeppelin case

The court in San Francisco overturned a 2016 judgment by a jury which found no proof the classic 1971 Zeppelin song breached the copyright of "Taurus," written by Randy Wolfe of a Los Angeles band called Spirit. Wolfe's trustee, Michael Skidmore, filed the case in 2015 on behalf of his late friend who long maintained he deserved credit for "Stairway" but drowned in 1997 having never taken legal action over the song. The case is "remanded for a new trial," the higher court panel ruled Friday in...
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Stairway to court: US judges order new Led Zeppelin plagiarism trial

Two years ago the band was cleared of stealing its Stairway to Heaven riff, but now a San Francisco court says jurors were misledA US appeals court has ordered a new trial in a lawsuit accusing Led Zeppelin of copying an obscure 1960s instrumental for the intro to its classic 1971 rock anthem Stairway to Heaven. Continue reading...
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Jury Verdict Thrown Out in Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Lawsuit

An appeals court on Friday vacated the jury verdict in the “Stairway to Heaven” copyright infringement case and ordered a new trial, finding that the district court judge gave faulty jury instructions. The ruling reopens the battle over whether Led Zeppelin borrowed from the 1968 song “Taurus” when it composed the classic rock anthem that […]
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Jury verdict tossed in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright suit

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A U.S. appeals court has thrown out a jury’s verdict that Led Zeppelin did not copy an obscure 1960s instrumental for the intro to its classic 1971 rock anthem “Stairway to Heaven.” A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled Friday that a lower court judge […]
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The Basie-ites: 1956 and '60

Count Basie held onto his band throughout the 1950s and into the '60s because he didn't hold on tight. Rather than insist his musicians play only with him, Basie let them record as leaders or behind other artists whenever the band had extended time off. As a result, virtually all of his bandmembers recorded alone and together during this period. [Photo above of Basie guitarist Freddie Green] One of these groups that splintered off from the band to record was known commercially as The Basie-ites...
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The Basie-ites: 1956 and '59

Count Basie held onto his band through the 1950s because he didn't hold on tight. Rather than insist that musicians play only with him, Basie let them record as leaders or behind other artists whenever the band had extended time off. As a result, virtually all of his bandmembers recorded alone and together during the '50s and early '60s. [Photo above of Basie guitarist Freddie Green] One of the groups that splintered off from the band to record was known commercially as The Basie-ites. This ad-...
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The self-contained Fusion electric guitar lets you truly rock out

 As a hard-core rocker and roller I find that my gear has to be ready to rock and/or roll at a moment’s notice. There is no telling when I’ll have to lay out a face-melter during jury duty or blast out some Stairway while giving plasma at the local blood bank, and I often note to friends that I enjoy rocking and rolling all night and part of every day. Are you in the same rocking boat? Read More
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Greta Van Fleet: From the Fires

My first exposure to Greta Van Fleet was through the last 30 seconds of "Highway Tune". I've listened to Led Zeppelin since the early 1990s, but I couldn't place the song. My initial thought was that it's a lost track I missed off the recently expanded remasters. When the song finished and the DJ said it was Greta Van Fleet, I wondered who they are. They are three brothers and a friend from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Joshua Kiszka supplies lead vocals, Jacob Kiszka provides lead guitar, Samue...
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Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Music Lessons • Did Led Zeppelin Steal? • Mess With Song Form • More

This week on MusicThinkTank we looked at ten ways to engage and motivate students, whether or not Led Zeppelin stole Stairway to Heaven, how to mess with song form, and more. Sudhir Singh | 10 Ways To Engage And Motivate Students In Music Lessons Andrea C | Did Led Zeppelin Steal Stairway To Heaven? Jeremy Young | Photay On Being Terrified By ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ And How To Mess With Song Form Justin Ralph | Crowdfunding Your Album: 11 Dos & Don'ts ...
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Too many tourists, not enough doctors; lawsuit over abortion choices; Honolulu police chief drama drags on; Hawaii County hiring questioned; black band coral disease resurfaces, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu Spam Jam © 2017 All Hawaii News Too many tourists? Sustainability was the theme of this week’s “global summit” put together by the Hawaii Tourism Authority. Hawaii Public Radio.Hawaii anti-abortion pregnancy centers went to court to argue that a new law violates their right to free speech and religion. Associated Press.Hawaii’s doctor shortage is worsening, except on the island of Kauai, according to the most recent data by the University of Hawaii Physician Workforce Assessment....
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Book Notes - Jason Tougaw "The One You Get"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Bret Easton Ellis, Kate Christensen, Lauren Groff, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Jesmyn Ward, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Winner of the Dzanc Nonfiction Prize, Jason Tougaw's memoir The One You Get is a smart and moving exploration of the self. Siri Hustvedt wrote of the book: "Tougaw's intelli...
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Happy in Hawaii, officer in Navy corruption scandal sentenced, layoffs at Honolulu newspaper, media sues over police commission secrecy, police stun the wrong man, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Children dive in Hawaii © 2017 All Hawaii News Hawaii has been named one of the happiest states in the United States, according to a new report by the personal-finance website WalletHub. Pacific Business News.The state's tax revenues are up 8.9 percent for the first two months of fiscal year 2018, according to the Hawaii Department of Taxation. Pacific Business News.Hawaii’s Pacific Command took another blow to its reputation Monday when a former deputy chief of staff for U.S. Special Ope...
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Cooking Channel September 2017 Highlights

CELEBRITY CHEFS AND FOOD STARS SHARE THEIR FAVORITE MEALS ON THE BEST THING I EVER ATE Plus: Don’t Miss New Episodes of Big Bad BBQ Brawl Has Recipes for Sweet Treats and Late Night Eats New York – August 8, 2017 – Cooking Channel celebrates food near and far this September with season premieres and all-new episodes of fan-favorites. First, the country’s biggest food stars and celebrity chefs are sharing their favorite meals on the season premiere of The Best Thing I Ever A...
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Bunk Bed, Full over Full w/ Stairway Cappuccino + 2 Extra Drawers (walnut creek) $930

Our children have got their own rooms and don't need this bed. Built-in Stairway instead of ladder for easy access to the top bunk. Can be assembled so that Stairway is on either left or right. Can be separated into two full size beds. Please keep [...]
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The Beauty of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in 20 Photos

“You’re skiing at Kicking Horse” my friend Judy says to me. “You do know it’s a big gnarly mountain, don’t you.” “Oh yes” I reply. “Last year I tried a run from the top and couldn’t see the tips of my skis for over half the run.” So it was with some hesitation that I returned to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. I admit I was nervous. Usually I’m not a wimp but this mountain scares me with its high preponderance of advanced, super advanced and are-you-kidding-me runs. My goal apart from discovering...
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Why There’s Never Enough Time

I have this dream, and maybe you do too, of one day having enough time. It always feels like I’m in a particularly time-squeezed period of the year, or of my life. The state of having enough time seems like a real place but we but never seem to be there. Once I finish this project, once Christmas is over, once the move is done, I’ll have time. But right now, there’s not enough time to do everything. Quite a bit gets done, but something is always falling behind: emails, bookkeeping, self-improve...
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2nd Floor Office Suite, Piedmont Ave (oakland piedmont / montclair) $1800 500ft 2

2nd Floor Office Suite on prime Piedmont Ave, Oakland About 500 square feet, made up of 3 separate rooms and bathroom. Lots of sunlight, windows facing garden Stairway to second floor, no elevator. Would like skincare business, hair or psychothera [...]
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Stairway to Heaven, Blurred Lines & the Unpredictability of Music Copyright Infringement

When does one pop song infringe the copyright of another pop song? US case law on the topic – which more or less mirrors Canadian law – shows the unpredictability of how music copyright infringement determinations are made. In two recent high profile US cases, one jury found for the plaintiff where the two songs had almost nothing in common (Gotta Give it Up and Blurred Lines) whereas in the other case, the jury found for the defendant even though there was significant borrowing from the plainti...
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Inspiration Leads To Lawsuit: Ed Sheeran Sued For Two Songs Sounding Similar To Old Songs

Popular singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has been slapped with two lawsuits on the somewhat arbitrary grounds that his songs have stolen 'the heart' of compositions written Matt Cardle and, once again, Marvin Gaye, recently in the legal news following the infamous 'Blurred Lines' case. ________________________________ Guest Post by Mike Masnick on Techdirt There's a fairly long history of lawsuits over songs sounding too "similar" -- from the lawsuit over George Harrison's "My Sweet Lor...
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REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review

In this revisitation of the past week's music industry news, we look back at why the Ke$ha/Dr. Luke lawsuit highlights so much of what is wrong with the industry, Spotify's new cartoon series, Led Zeppelin's mass of legal fees in the wake of the 'Stairway' case, and more. Liv Buli's Weekend Reading List The Kesha-Dr. Luke Lawsuit Exemplifies Everything That Is Wrong With The Music Industry Spotify Debuts "Deconstructed" Cartoon Series [VIDEO] Led Zeppelin On H...
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Led Zeppelin On Hook For $800,000 In Legal Fees For 'Stairway' Case

Led Zeppelin may have won their court case with the estate of Spirit's Randy California over the origin of the iconic "Stairway to Heaven," but it is proving to be a rather expensive victory,  Still, it's nothing compared to the many millions that a loss would have cost... _______________________________________   Members of Led Zeppelin and their music publisher have lost a bid to recoup almost $800,000 in legal fees, following their victory in a much-publicized plagiarism trial e...
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Led Zeppelin lose fight to recoup legal fees from Stairway trial

The judge in Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven copyright trial rejects the band's attempts to recoup $800,000 in costs.
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Led Zeppelin loses fight for legal fees in 'Stairway' case

LOS ANGELES (AP) " Led Zeppelin may have won the copyright war over its creation of "Stairway to Heaven," but it lost its battle Monday to recoup nearly $800,000 in defense fees.Judge R. Gary Klausner ruled that the band's songwriters,... [Author: [email protected]]
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