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Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 212: Hotel History: Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California (1888) | By Stanley Turkel

Hotel History: Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California*. The renowned Hotel del Coronado is a grand example of elegant Victorian architecture providing one of the most beautiful and popular beach resorts in the United States. The Del was conceived by two mid-western businessmen, Elisha Babcock, Jr. and Hampton L. Story who bought the entire undeveloped 4,100 acres on the peninsula of Coronado for $110,000. Babcock was a retired railroad executive from Evansville, Indiana and Story the ow...
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Nobody Asked Me, But…No. 164: Hotel History: Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, Whitefield, New Hampshire* | By Stanley Turkel

One of America's great resort hotels, the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa had its origin in the post-Civil War period. On a rainy night in 1865, a group of travelers en-route to Montreal, was stranded when their stagecoach overturned in Whitefield, N.H.. The driver found shelter for his wet passengers a half-mile away at the home of William and Maryjane Dodge who welcomed them with overnight lodging and a home-cooked breakfast. On that morning, the spectacular views of the Presidenti...
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Nobody Asked Me, But…No. 132; Hotel History: Ellsworth Milton Statler | By Stanley Turkel

In 1950, the hotel industry picked the late E. M. Statler as the "Hotel Man of the Half Century," even though he had been dead for 22 years. Statler's impact on innkeeping was so great, no one else even came close. While many considered Statler the premier hotel figure, he was not a typical executive. A plain, rugged man who started to work at age 9, he continued to wear $20 suits and $4 shoes even after he became successful, and resembled Will Rogers more than Rudolph Valentino. When Sta...
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