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Actor William Shatner debuts country songs at Grand Ole Opry

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Actor William Shatner boldly went where no “Star Trek” captain has gone before when he took the stage for the first time for the Grand Ole Opry radio show to sing from his new album of country songs. Shatner made his Opry debut on Friday night in Nashville, Tennessee, on the […]
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Continues to Atone for Past Sins With “Saints of Imperfection”

How can every episode of this season’s Star Trek: Discovery be the best episode ever? Just last week, I thought “An Obol for Charon” was at the top of the pack. But somehow , this week’s episode, “Saints of Imperfection,” is just as amazing, if not better, thanks to the writers’ amazing ability to rewrite the wrongs that occurred in the first season. Let’s get into what went down this week. Culber is Back! Can you believe it! I can’t believe it! But I don’t care! I’m just glad D...
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Star Trek: Discovery's Stars Reveal More About Last Night's Big Surprise

Star Trek: Discovery’s stars finally got a chance to talk more in depth about a big plot kept secret for a while.Read more...
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‘Star Trek’ Animated Series for Kids is Coming to Nickelodeon

There’s already a new Star Trek animated series in the works for CBS All Access that will let Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan play with the support crew on the lower decks of one of the least important ships in Starfleet. But CBS Television Studios is really keen on wringing out the Star Trek brand for all it’s worth, so there’s a different kind of Star Trek animated series in the works elsewhere. CBS is teaming up with Nickelodeon to develop a new Star Trek animated series that will be gear...
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‘Star Trek’ Animated Kids Show in the Works at Nickelodeon

The new “Star Trek” universe could be expanding beyond CBS All Access. Variety has learned that CBS Television Studios and Nickelodeon are negotiating for a new “Star Trek” animated series aimed at kids. Plot details on the new series are being kept under wraps, but it hails from writers Kevin and Dan Hageman. The Hagemans […]
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On Star Trek: TNG, those aren't Captain Picard's hands holding his flute

Sir Patrick Stewart doesn't play the Reskian flute, or any flute for that matter. The trick worked on me at least, because I hadn't noticed even after seeing this episode several times over the last 26 (!) years. From Wikipedia: ...As neither Stewart nor Hughes could play their instruments, it required a number of camera techniques to be used in order to disguise the musicians playing just off screen. Husband and wife duo Natalie and Bryce Martin played the piano and tin whistle respective...
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Star Trek: Discovery Nearly Forgot One Important Detail on Its Original Series Uniforms

And it turns out, a little bit of CG magic is what saved the day.Read more...
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Jeff Bezos Nudes, Self-Aware Fish, and Brain Zapping: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

A good rule of thumb if you’re going to threaten to publish nude photos of the richest man on the planet unless he says you’re not working with the Saudi government is: Probably don’t do that! And if for some reason you are reckless enough to do that, you probably shouldn’t do so in writing!Read more...
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Zachary Quinto Still Hopeful ‘Star Trek 4’ Will Happen Eventually [TCA 2019]

At the beginning of 2019, news came that a fourth Star Trek film featuring the younger crew of the USS Enterprise had been shelved. The culprit was reportedly contract disputes involving Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth. However, not everyone is giving up hope on the sequel coming together. Star Trek franchise star Zachary Quinto was on a Television Critics Association panel for his upcoming AMC series NOS4A2. After the panel, /Film asked if he was surprised to learn Star Trek 4 was on the back b...
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Saru From Star Trek: Discovery Gives Sensible, Practical Workplace Advice

Just don’t take his lunch.
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Star Trek: Discovery Inspired This Fan to Produce Some Amazing Sketches and Paintings

Art begets art. And, in this case, a love for Star Trek inspires some beguiling sketch work. Read more...
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“An Obol for Charon” May be the Best Episode of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Yet

This latest Star Trek: Discovery episode, “An Obol for Charon,” was a real emotional doozy. This has got to be one of the best episodes of Discovery so far. While prior episodes have entertained while setting up the overall mystery of Red Angel, “An Obol for Charon” took a break from the story to give us everything Star Trek is all about. Let’s get into what made this episode such a great summation of Star Trek ’s mission statement. Discovering new life The problem for ...
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This Week's 'Star Trek: Discovery' Is All About Friendship—And Death

And it continues the welcoming trend of a Star Trek show that feels like Star Trek.
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A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Brings Out Star Trek: Discovery's Best

Pretty much every other episode of Star Trek is a good “Hey, everything’s broken?” or “We encountered a thing and everything’s broken?” type of episode. On the latest Discovery, basically five of those episodes happened at once—but after pulling themselves out of multiple wringers, the crew might be in better form…Read more...
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What We Know About Every Star Trek Show in the Works Right Now

After years and years on the back burner, Star Trek is truly ascendant on television once more. Although for now we just have Star Trek: Discovery, soon enough CBS wants us watching tons of new space exploration shows. While we’re not quite at five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred Trek shows just yet, there’s…Read more...
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Watch: Extended 'Star Trek' Fan Film 'Temporal Anomaly' Launches

"There's been some kind of anomaly. The crew has vanished. Can you resist?" For die-hard Trekkies only. A new Star Trek fan film has finally launched, after nearly six years in development. Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly is a feature-length (two part) fan film made by Samuel Cockings, described as a "love letter to all of Star trek! The first fan film to combine all of the eras into one project." This throwback to Trek series of past brings various timelines together into one story. It was orig...
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Composer Michael Giacchino to Direct an Animated ‘Star Trek’ Episode

Michael Giacchino is known as one of the best composers working in film and television today, but the prolific musician is beginning to flex some different creative muscles. After making his directing debut last year with a short film, Giacchino will head to the final frontier and direct a Star Trek episode for CBS All Access. Read more about the upcoming Michael Giacchino Star Trek episode below. Not content with dominating the field of music and winning three Grammys, an Emmy, and an Oscar,...
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Adds a Building Block to Its New Season With “Point of Light”

At first I thought this week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Point of Light,” was a little all over the place. But the more I reflect on this, I think this episode should be thought of as a building block. Did it make a lot of narrative sense? Maybe not. But does it set the stage for what’s going down the rest of the season? Absolutely. With that said, let’s talk about the building blocks we were privy to this week. Spock, Michael and the Red Angel Something we’ve already known c...
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Real-life version of Star Trek’s ‘replicator’ 3D prints full objects in seconds

A new type of 3D printer ditches layer-by-layer printing in favor of using projected light to print entire objects at once. Here's how the innovative new approach to 3D printing works. The post Real-life version of Star Trek’s ‘replicator’ 3D prints full objects in seconds appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A Brief History of the U.S.S. Enterprise's Pre-Kirk Voyages

The original Enterprise’s voyages to explore strange new worlds, and to seek out new life and new civilizations under the auspices of its most famous captain, are a legend Star Trek fans are more than familiar with. But Kirk wasn’t Enterprise’s first captain. Now that the famous ship has shown up on Discovery, here’s…Read more...
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Extras for an Hour, Voyagers for a Lifetime: 'Live Long and Evolve'

None Those were the days. Father and son huddled around a glowing TV screen, eagerly awaiting the next Star Trek episode. It was our ritual. The two of us would gather at a set time, sprawling on a tattered sofa with an armful of snacks: pastries, popcorn, maybe even ice cream. For an hour our lives were suspended; we were no longer citizens of planet Earth—neither pubescent grade schooler nor certified civil engineer. For an hour, we were extras aboard Captain Jean-Luc Picard's USS Enterprise...
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Patrick Stewart Was Going to Turn Down the Picard Spin-Off Until He Heard the Pitch

The upcoming Picard Star Trek spin-off series almost didn’t have its beloved captain at the helm. It was announced in August 2018 that Patrick Stewart would reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in an upcoming Star Trek series for CBS All Access, but it turns out it took a little wrangling for the actor to boldly return to the role. The last time we saw Patrick Stewart as one of the most beloved TV characters of all time was in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, after which he had no intention...
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6 Things We Learned From TCA 2019: Day 2

CBS and CBS All Access took their turns at the winter Television Critics Assn. press tour on Wednesday (with a bonus appearance from PopTV’s upcoming publicist drama, “Flack,” starring Anna Paquin). Only two panels were devoted to new upcoming shows — including Super Bowl leadout competition show “World’s Best” and limited series “The Red Line” […]
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