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Nerding out over sci-fi spaceship designs at the Spacedock

When I was a teen devourer of sci-fi, I was obsessed with the spaceship designs on paperback book covers. I would buy any novel or short story collection, however sketchy the contents seemed, if I dug the ship on the cover. Conversely, I would pass over well-regarded books if I thought the spaceship art was crappy. Sometimes, the covers would make a more lasting impression on me than the contents. I can't imagine how high over the moon teenage me would be for YouTube channels like Spacedock. Thi...
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Star Trek: Picard's Latest Guest Star Momentarily Broke My Brain

Star Trek: Picard is a show that takes us further into the franchise’s future than any previous Trek series before it (well, until Discovery takes the crown by a century or nine). But it’s also a show about familiar faces, and catching us up on beloved characters. So much so, that one guest star in this week’s episode…Read more...
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An impressive deepfake video of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in 'Star Trek' shows how far the technology has come

A new deepfake video puts Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk into an episode of "Star Trek." Deepfake technology works by training an algorithm on images of a person's face then transplanting their face onto footage of someone else. Bezos is a "Star Trek" fan, and even had a cameo in 2016's "Star Trek: Beyond." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Another amazingly convincing deepfake has hit the internet. Uploaded by deepfake YouTube account The Fakening on Wednesd...
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Daily Crunch: Twitter threads are getting easier

Twitter is rolling out a “continue thread” button, ViacomCBS has big plans for its streaming service and Morgan Stanley acquires E-Trade. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 20, 2020. 1. Twitter adds a button so you can thread your shower thoughts Twitter is adding a new feature for mobile users to make it easier to link dispersed tweets together. Per 9to5Mac, the feature — which Twitter tweeted about yesterday — is slowly rolling out to its iOS app. (At the time of writing we spotted it in...
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On Star Trek: Picard, Lying to Yourself Is What Keeps You Human

There’s a lot going on in “Stardust City Rag.” We’ve got the return of Voyager legend Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. We’ve got a costumed caper that feels ripped right out of Star Trek’s cheesy core. We’ve got big twists in Star Trek: Picard’s ongoing mysteries. But above all, we’ve got a realization that our crew have…Read more...
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Let’s Celebrate the Best Unconventional Romantic Leading Men

Throughout cinema, there have been many kinds of leading men. Some are the charming prince types that sweep us off our feet, while others are the bad boys that we know are no good (but maybe have a heart of gold?). There’s a leading man for all seasons. But there is a specific group of actors that have gone unrecognized in the ways of pulling viewers’ heartstrings – men who don’t fit so cleanly in those established templates. Here, we’ll examine the talented gents that need to be recognized for...
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10 Truly Great Movie Kisses That Deserve More Love

There have been quite a few memorable smooches throughout cinematic history. From the kiss that left us on the edge of our seat to the ones that made us melt, particular kisses continue to make us dream. But (as is the case with most artistic things), there have been a few swoon-worthy moments of emotion that have gone under-appreciated within the movie fan community. It’s Valentine’s Day, so it seems only fitting to give some much-needed-shout outs to a select few. So grab your favorite box of...
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3D Printers Are Finally Starting to Work More Like Star Trek's Replicators

Transporters? Spaceships that can travel at the speed of light? Star Trek introduced us to many fantastical technologies that have us looking forward to the 23rd century. But we might not have to wait that long for all the tech Captain Kirk had to play with, as 3D printing has taken another big step toward making…Read more...
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Star Trek: Picard Gives Us a Tale of 2 Very Different Romulans, and Picard's Hubris

Star Trek: Picard may have finally begun its quest in earnest last week, but Jean-Luc is not quite done navigating the mistakes of his post-Starfleet past. “Absolute Candor” provides that aplenty in the form of another new crewmember for team Picard—one who draws interesting parallels to one of the show’s current…Read more...
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There’s More to Life than Logic

Elite, logical brainpower. Some believe that’s all that is needed to successfully solve problems. Critical thinking does play a central role in getting to good answers. Without a logical and disciplined process to actively “conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate” what we plan to do, biases and privilege can unconsciously and negatively influence decisions and shape outcomes. While logic and reason are good, they aren’t enough. Especially if leaders want inclusive decisions that ...
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We Live in the Future (Thinks Out Loud Episode 274)

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. We Live in the Future (Thinks Out Loud Episode 274) – Headlines and Show Notes When you look around, do you feel like you’re living in a futuristic utopia? Or does it feel more like a dystopian future to you? In either case, it’s clear that we already live in the future. Whether you see a world filled with global access to instantaneous information, improved medical treatments, and declining poverty, or one filled with info...
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Star Trek: Picard's Showrunner Opens Up About the Sunglasses and Swears

Star Trek: Picard is in the midst of its dynamic debut season and fans have noticed a few, well, interesting choices the series has made so far. Showrunner Michael Chabon is breaking down the intent behind the F-bombs, earbuds, and sunglasses, and diving into the history of Star Trek on network television and human…Read more...
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Having learned nothing, Space Force turns to the internet to name its members

President Trump's newly minted Space Force is crowdsourcing the internet to help find a name for its members.
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Star Trek: Picard Finally Finds Its Crew, in Those That Starfleet Left Behind

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard have carefully laid the groundwork for a future where the Federation, tired and beaten back by tragedy after tragedy, is embroiled in an existential crisis. Now, one of its most tireless advocates, the veil lifted from his eyes, is ready to do something about it—and has…Read more...
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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the Problem With Nostalgic Blockbusters

(Welcome to The Soapbox, the space where we get loud, feisty, political, and opinionated about anything and everything. In this edition: here’s the problem with our biggest movies relying too heavily on nostalgia.) The end of any particular year in film and the beginning of the next – to say nothing of the transition between two entire decades – affords us the opportunity to introspect and pinpoint certain filmmaking trends and tendencies that stand out from the crowd, that recur over and ...
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The Word “Robot” Originated in a Czech Play in 1921: Discover Karel Čapek’s Sci-Fi Play R.U.R. (a.k.a. Rossum’s Universal Robots)

When I hear the word robot, I like to imagine Isaac Asimov’s delightfully Yiddish-inflected Brooklynese pronunciation of the word: “ro-butt,” with heavy stress on the first syllable. (A quirk shared by Futurama’s crustacean Doctor Zoidberg.) Asimov warned us that robots could be dangerous and impossible to control. But he also showed young readers—in his Norby series of kids’ books written with his wife Janet—that robots could be heroic companions, saving the solar system from cosmic supervilla...
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Actor Duncan Regehr Discusses His Glorious Moment as Star Trek’s ‘Sex Candle Ghost’

“Sub Rosa” was a very strange episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, an old-school gothic adventure featuring a haunted candle, a ghastly Casanova, and just enough scifi nonsense to keep the whole thing from being magic. Read more...
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Meet the Artifact, Star Trek: Picard’s Decommissioned Borg Cube

In the new status quo of Picard’s modern timeline, the Borg, for our protagonists, at least, aren’t an immediate threat. But they are certainly a presence. Meet the Artifact. Read more...
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Star Trek: Picard’s pilot is available free on YouTube and Pluto TV

For a limited time, those on the fence about Star Trek: Picard can watch the pilot episode free on YouTube.
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Star Trek: Picard’s pilot is free on YouTube right now, but likely not for long

For a limited time, those on the fence about Star Trek: Picard can watch the pilot episode free on YouTube.
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Watch the first episode of Star Trek: Picard for free on YouTube

CBS's All Access streaming service costs $6 a month and it's the only (legit) way to watch the new series,  Star Trek: Picard. But to give you a free taste in the hope you'll sign up, the first episode of Picard is on YouTube. Image: YouTube
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CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Available For Free!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Available For Free! Fans of the long-running Star Trek franchise can rejoice as the new chapter in the universe, Star Trek: Picard, is not only scoring rave reviews from critics, but CBS has debuted the pilot for free for audiences on YouTube for a limited time! Check out the acclaimed pilot here! RELATED: Star Trek: Picard Featurette: A New Chapter Begins Star Trek: Picard will tell the next story of Picard’s life, taking place after ...
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First Episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Available for Free on YouTube for a Limited Time

Do you want to watch Star Trek: Picard, but you’re too cheap to pay for a CBS All Access subscription until the entire series is available for you to binge watch in a single week? Well, we have some good news. The first episode of Picard, starring Sir Patrick Stewart as the legendary Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard, has been made available for free on YouTube for a limited time. Watch Star Trek: Picard for Free ? In Picard, we find the Starfleet Captain retired and living at his fami...
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On Star Trek: Picard, Everyone But Starfleet's Got Their House in Order

Star Trek: Picard’s premiere re-introduced us to a world where the Federation feels more beaten back and weary of its ideals than it has in years—even than when it was actively at war. Its second episode reveals this weariness has rendered its finest champions frustratingly aimless, to the advantage of friend and foe…Read more...
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You Can't Stream 'Star Trek: Picard' on Linux Without This Workaround

It’s 2020, and you think that it would be easy to stream any content you want on any device you want—especially that brand-new Picard series on CBS All Access. If you’re an ubergeek who loves both Star Trek and Linux, you’re out of luck. Thanks to the joys of digital rights management, or DRM, you’re unable to use CBS’…Read more...
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A History of Star Trek's Uneasy Relationship With Androids

Sci-fi has been fascinated with sentient synthetic life since its earliest days, but Star Trek, in particular, has had quite the tumultuous history with its own consideration of androids and their place in its far future. From classic interpretations of sinister ‘bots to one of the franchise’s most beloved characters,…Read more...
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iPad Launch Blindsided Windows Team, Reveals Former Microsoft Executive

The launch of the iPad ten years ago was a big surprise to everyone in the industry -- including to Microsoft executives. Steven Sinofsky, the former President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, shares Microsoft's perspective as well as those of the other industry figures and press on the iPad: The announcement 10 years ago today of the "magical" iPad was clearly a milestone in computing. It was billed to be the "next" computer. For me, managing Windows, just weeks after the launch of Microso...
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Surprise: The Space Force Logo is Not a Rip-Off of the Star Trek Logo

After President Trump Tweeted this on Friday… …the internet erupted with outrage (of course), stating that the new Space Force logo was a rip-off of the StarFleet Command United Federation of Planets logo used in the Star Trek franchise. Here they are side-by-side:The truth isn't so simple. The Space Force logo is an evolution of the Air Force Space Command logo, its predecessor. And as SlashGear points out, that earlier logo was designed way back in 1982:The Starfleet logo everyone's pointi...
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‘Star Trek: Picard’ breaks streaming records on CBS All Access

CBS’ streaming service, CBS All Access, credits a trio of high-profile events — including the premiere of its new Star Trek series, “Star Trek: Picard,” as well as the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, not to mention a busy month of football — with helping it to achieve a new record for subscriber sign-ups in a given month. The company says January 2020 surpassed the service’s previous record in February 2019 for subscriber sign-ups. In addition, last week was the second-best sign-up week ever, closely...
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Jeri Ryan and Sir Patrick Stewart Discuss the Legacy of Star Trek, Spandex, and Being Memes

Nerd fame is a strange thing. The sheer passion with which people relate to you, or to something you’ve created, is a lot to handle, even for the most seasoned actor or creator. For the cast of a phenomenon like Star Trek, it must be even more overwhelming. Read more...
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