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Picard sings "Make it so! Make it so! Make it so!"

Behold the quintessential Star Trek christmas joke song, arranged by James Covenant: Bonus: "All I Want For Christmas is Q", by John C. Worsley:
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The Classic Star Trek Episode That Inspired Avengers: Endgame

The 2019 film "Avengers: Endgame," directed by The Russo Bros., and overseen by "showrunner" Kevin Feige, saw the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there have been absolutely no films or television shows about that timeline or those characters since. The series definitively ended with Iron Man sacrificing himself, and Captain Steve America went back in time to grow old. What a fitting ending to the series! But put aside my flippant jibes.In a recent viewing event called a Vudu Viewing Pa...
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Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Finally Releases Worldwide After Fan Backlash

For better or for worse, fan outcry works more and more often these days. The latest entity to bend to consumer will is Paramount+, who will be releasing the fourth season of Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman's "Star Trek: Discovery" series sooner than previously announced. Initially, the latest season to the sci-fi series was only to air in Canada and the United States, as the Paramount+ services did not extend overseas at the time (the show's first three seasons did run internationally, but on a ...
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Star Trek: Enterprise Ending Explained: Those Were The Voyages...

"Star Trek: Enterprise" -- originally just called "Enterprise," - was once considered by many Trekkies to be the black sheep of the pre-Abrams era. While it still had many of the same creative people working behind the scenes (the show was created by longtime Trek honchos Rick Berman and Brannon Braga) it deliberately struck a different tone, exploring the early, raucous days of Starfleet: before the formation of the United Federation of Planets, before the writing of The Prime Directive, way ba...
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Movies Like Avatar That Are Just As Visually Stunning

At the time, "Avatar" was a box office phenomenon the likes of which the film industry had never seen. It shouldn't have surprised anyone: Director James Cameron had proven himself a titan of that particular arena back in the '90s, unleashing one groundbreaking, blockbuster event film after another, and he'd worked for over a decade developing this ambitious sci-fi project -- an epic that wasn't based on any previously existing material.The road to production wasn't easy, as Cameron's latest for...
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Star Trek: Discovery is tearing the streaming world apart (ars technica)

Enlarge / Pictured: Oyin Oladejo as Lt. Joann Owosekun, Sonequa Martin Green as Burnham, and Emily Coutts as Lt. Keyla Detmer of the Paramount+ original series Star Trek: Discovery. (credit: Michael Gibson | ViacomCBS) Dan Leckie has been a Star Trek fan since he pressed play on a VHS tape of the original TV show during Christmas of 1991. Leckie, from Aberdeen, Scotland, was instantly hooked on the sci-fi series and its subsequent iterations and regularly attends conventions to meet up ...
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The 14 Best Sci-Fi Shows On Amazon Prime

Even before television had the technology to do justice to the ambitious, creative stories that would capture the imagination of audiences throughout the 20th century, science fiction had long been one of the most popular genres on the small screen. By taking a close look at a strange new world, we are often able to better understand our own. And in the case of early television, using science fiction was a way to address socio-political issues without running afoul of censorship efforts ("We're ...
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Ten TV Series That Can Help You Be Your Best Self

Most of us have watched more TV than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic—while depression and anxiety went through the roof as isolation and layoffs have taken their toll. That was true for those who worked in show biz. Even as viewership spiked, television production slowed almost to a halt. Actors, directors, editors, writers, location managers, camera and boom operators, grips, and gaffers were stuck at home, just like the rest of us, surrounded by disease, facing uncertain economic futures....
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Paramount Delays Latest ‘Transformers,’ ‘Star Trek’ Movies

Paramount has announced its upcoming “Transformers” and “Star Trek” films have been delayed. “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,” a prequel in the sci-fi action franchise, has moved back a year. It was originally scheduled for June 24, 2022 and will now open on the big screen on June 9, 2023.  The still-untitled “Star Trek” movie […]
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Overlooked '80s Cartoon-Toy Franchises Ripe For Revival

Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and even non-Disney-owned name brands like Star Trek and Fast & Furious, it helps a film or TV series' odds to be part of a franchise that already has a certain amount of audience buy-in. This principle extends to properties that made their debut as cartoon shows with attendant toy lines during the 1980s. G.I. Joe has racked up three live-action films since 2009, including "Snake Eyes" in 2021, while the Transformers have churned out six CGI-heav...
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Brett Gray And Ella Purnell Call It A ‘Huge Privilege’ To Join ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ On Paramount+

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Star Trek Animated Movie Similar To Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Teased By Paramount Head

It's not an uncommon occurrence for a lightning-in-the-bottle genre film to come out of nowhere and almost singlehandedly influence how similar movies are made from that point onwards. "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" most definitely fits the bill, especially now that it seems to have played quite a large role in its live-action brethren fully committing to the multiverse. MCU fans may want to insist that these plans have been in the works since the beginning of time itself, but let's just sa...
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Everything We Know About Star Trek: Strange New Worlds So Far

Set phasers to hype and increase speed to maximum warp, because "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" is getting closer and closer to premiering with each passing day and we couldn't be more excited to see it. Through its ups and downs, "Star Trek: Discovery" has successfully accomplished its mission of introducing fans to a whole new crew to fall in love with as we follow along on their journeys through space (and, in its most recent seasons, time).What CBS and Paramount may not have anticipated, how...
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Edgar Wright Would Like To Play The 14th Doctor On Doctor Who [Exclusive]

Edgar Wright told me to write that headline.We're supposed to be talking about "Last Night in Soho," the director's stylish new horror movie (which I enjoyed very much), but I can't help myself. I've spent the pandemic finally giving in and watching "Doctor Who," the beloved and long-running science fiction series about an immortal time traveler and his many adventures across the cosmos. I love it. I love it in the same way I have always loved "Star Trek," with its vast universal of infinite sto...
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The Unexpected Prop Star Trek Borrowed From Gilligan's Island

It's not unusual to hear of old movies or TV shows using recycled footage, props, or costumes. Whether it be Disney copying its own animated scenes in the 1970s, or "Blade Runner" salvaging helicopter shots and set elements from "The Shining" and Francis Ford Coppola's "One from the Heart" in the 1980s, productions have had to sometimes adopt a makeshift approach: utilizing whatever random resources they had available. This was the case with two classic TV shows from the 1960s, "Star Trek" and "...
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Babylon 5: What New Fans Need To Know Before The Reboot

"Babylon 5" is on its way back, and that's a big deal for science fiction. Fans fell in love with creator J. Michael Straczynski's experiment, a five year mission to tell one epic tale in a way that no other television series had yet accomplished. It paved the way for future successes like "Westworld," "LOST," and "Battlestar Galactica." It was an ambitious project for Straczynski, a screenwriter who's already made our childhoods special with "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "The Rea...
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The Daily Stream: The Halloween Tree Is A Perfect Gateway Into The World Of Ray Bradbury

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Movie: "The Halloween Tree"Where You Can Stream It: Tubi TVThe Pitch: On Halloween night, a group of kids dress up and head out to meet their friend Pipkin before trick or treating. But Pip doesn't show up, and the ambulance at his house makes it look like he may be on the verge of a tragic and sudden death. But the kids soon spo...
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Movies To Watch If You Loved Dune

Denis Villeneuve's reimagining of Frank Herbert's beloved sci-fi novel "Dune" is already cementing itself as a future classic within the genre. Villeneuve had already shown that he could take beloved sci-fi properties and reinvent them for a new generation with his masterful work on "Blade Runner 2049," and "Dune" boasts a similarly epic scale and intricate world building."Dune" takes place in a distant future where warring clans vie for precious resources. The young Paul (Timothee Chalamet) is ...
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How it feels to go into space: ‘More beautiful and dazzling and frightening than I ever imagined’

Chris Boshuizen was one of four astronauts – including William Shatner – who flew into space with Blue Origin. Here he describes the wonder of the journeyIt was a balmy morning in the west Texas desert when Chris Boshuizen stepped into Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket capsule for a journey most of us will never experience.He waved a quick goodbye to the Amazon billionaire and took his seat next to William Shatner as the capsule door bolted shut. Continue reading...
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A ray gun-like device helps scientists see plants in a different light

Researchers used a ray gun-like device, not unlike the tricorder from "Star Trek," to record how plant leaves reflect light. This light is helping scientists understand the genetic diversity of plants so they can protect them as our climate changes.
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Star Trek 4: Everything We Know So Far

It's nothing short of criminal that by far the best film from the recent "Star Trek" trilogy, "Star Trek Beyond" back in 2016, remains the last film we ever received from the franchise on the big screen. Is that a bit hyperbolic? The reality is that Paramount's obvious hesitance and uncertainty over where to take the franchise next is actually pretty understandable, as "Beyond" didn't make quite enough at the box office to offset its budget. (Which feels like a budgeting issue to me, but I'm no ...
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United States: Captain's Blog: Fly Me To The Moon - Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton

On October 13, 2021, William Shatner (aka, Captain Kirk from Star Trek) flew where few have gone before, taking a ten minute jaunt to the edge of outer space.
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William Shatner pushes back at Prince William after space trip, saying he has 'the wrong idea' about spaceflight

Blue Origin Prince William said people partaking in space tourism should focus on fixing problems on Earth first. William Shatner said the royal has "got the wrong idea" and defended space travel. The Star Trek actor went to the edge of space on Wednesday morning in a Blue Origin rocket. Star Trek actor William Shatner pushed back at Prince William over his recent comments about space tourism, saying the British royal has "got the wrong idea" about space travel.In an interview this week,...
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The Most Important Device in the Universe

You’ve probably seen it: a dual-tubed generator console that’s appeared in movies and TV shows like Star Trek (all of them, pretty much), Knight Rider, V, Austin Powers, The Last Starfighter, and even Airplane II. This prop was originally built in the 70s and in the decades since has been placed in scenes requiring an impressive piece of high-tech equipment. The video above is a compilation of scenes in which the console has appeared (parts two & three of the compilation). Tags: movies   T...
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Video shows Jeff Bezos interrupting William Shatner's emotional speech to spray Champagne

William Shatner tells Jeff Bezos about his spaceflight experience in a screenshot from Blue Origin's livestream. Blue Origin William Shatner spoke emotionally with Jeff Bezos about his trip to space on a Blue Origin rocket. Video shows Bezos interrupting him at one point to ask for a bottle of Champagne to spray. Shatner then stops speaking, though Bezos at one point said he wanted to hear what Shatner had to say. Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin sent the "Star Trek" star William Shatner to...
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William Shatner made a light dig at Jeff Bezos' playfulness on the Blue Origin flight in July: 'I don't want to throw Skittles - I want to look out the window'

Actor William Shatner (left) and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. AP Photo/Steven Senne/Tony Gutierrez/AP William Shatner took a light jab at Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos in a Today Show interview on Thursday. The "Star Trek" actor said, "I don't want to throw Skittles - I want to look out the window." Bezos had thrown Skittles with Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen on his Blue Origin flight in July. When William Shatner went up into space on Wednesday, he spent a lot of time glued to the wi...
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The only Star Trek phaser rifle ever made is up for auction. Starting bid: $250,000

The opening bid on the mind-bendingly gorgeous Star Trek phaser rifle at Heritage Auctions is $250,000. I think it will go for much more. Description: The phaser rifle from the second pilot of Star Trek's original series, September 1966's "Where No Man Has Gone Before," was designed by The Game of Life's creator Reuben Klamer, who died at 99 on Sept. — Read the rest
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Video from Blue Origin's spaceship shows William Shatner gazing at Earth: 'No description can equal this'

William Shatner gazes at Earth from the window of Blue Origin's New Shepard capsule, October 13, 2021. Blue Origin William Shatner flew to the edge of space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket on Wednesday. New video from the spaceship shows the 90-year-old "Star Trek" actor gazing in awe at Earth below. Shatner seemed to experienced the "overview effect" - a profound sense of awe, fragility, and humanity. New video from inside Blue Origin's spaceship shows 90-year-old acto...
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William Shatner in tears after historic space flight: ‘I’m so filled with emotion’

Star Trek actor, 90, says ‘I hope I never recover from this’ after becoming oldest human in space on Jeff Bezos rocket New ShepardThe Star Trek actor William Shatner declared himself “overwhelmed” at becoming the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, broke ...
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SpongeBob, Star Trek, and South Park digital tokens may soon be available as ViacomCBS enters the NFT market

Spongebob Squarepants. Viacom ViacomCBS is teaming up with NFT startup RECUR to sell digital tokens based on its shows. The media company owns franchises such as SpongeBob SquarePants and South Park, among others. Its NFT platform will be "chain-agnostic," meaning royalties can continue to be collected on resales. ViacomCBS - the owner of Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and MTV - is getting into the NFT space. The media company is teaming up with NFT startup RECUR to build a platform where f...
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