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Star Wars' Dee Bradley Baker Tells Us What He Loves About Ahsoka, Rex, and Clone Wars' Enduring Legacy

The Clone Wars is back, which can only mean a few things: One, some of our favorite Star Wars characters in the galaxy have returned. Two? It’s all about to end rather tragically for most of them. But Rex and Ahsoka will come out of the Clone War...mostly unscathed, and for the voice behind the former, their…Read more...
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Will Yoda (or Maybe Even Baby Yodas) Be a Part of ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’?

Earlier this week, Lucasfilm announced Star Wars: The High Republic, a new publishing program featuring interconnected stories told across multiple platforms and set 200 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga. The company released a trailer that gave us a behind-the-scenes look at story sessions with various writers involved the program, and now some concept art in that video has fans wondering if Yoda is going to play a role in these stories. Take a look at the screenshots and judge for...
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Help Wanted: Admiral for Disney's Galactic Starcruiser

Disney is seeking an Admiral for their Galactic Starcruiser, Halcyon. That means there's an open position for general manager of the Star Wars theme hotel at Walt Disney World, Florida. From the Job Summary: Are you ready to command a Galactic Starcruiser, the Halcyon, where you will take passengers on an adventure to a galaxy far, far, away? Be the first Admiral (GM) to manage this fully immersive, luxury resort, where guests and crew are part of a Star Wars story, including encounters...
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Huge 35,000-piece Lego Star Destroyer

Assembling LEGO's official Star Destroyer kit [Amazon] is no mean feat: it has nearly 4,800 pieces and retails for $700. But Matt Benner, aka TheBrickWiz, went 30,000 better, constructing a collossal Star Wars spaceship to put the fear of Vader into any rebel fool enough to fall into its gravity well. He even made the interior – check out the conference room (below)! Matt Benner (screengrab)
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What Disney’s CEO Shake-Up Means for Its Movie Business

After rocking a quiet Tuesday afternoon with news of leadership changes at the very top of the Walt Disney Corporation, attention has turned to respective divisions at the Hollywood superpower — and to what the side-stepping of Bob Iger and ascension of new CEO Bob Chapek might mean for the future. This includes Disney’s Goliath […]
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Disney CEO Bob Iger immediately steps down from CEO position

The Walt Disney Company announced this afternoon that Robert Iger, the company’s long-time CEO who ushered in the company’s lush franchise and entertainment platform profits, will step down immediately as chief executive. Bob Chapek, a long-time senior exec at the company who most recently held the position of Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, will succeed him. Under Iger’s tenure since 2005, Disney expanded aggressively in movies, theme parks, and other entertainment verticals...
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Star Wars announces 'The High Republic'

Marijuana legalization sweeps a galaxy far, far away? No! A new series set 200 years before the Jedi let shit fall apart.
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‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Revealed: Everything You Need To Know About Project Luminous

Last night at an event held at Walt Disney Studios, Lucasfilm revealed Star Wars: The High Republic, a new publishing program which will feature interconnected stories told across multiple publishers in a section of the Star Wars timeline not yet explored in canon. We were there in attendance to learn all about this new era and how it might change the future of Star Wars storytelling. What is Project Luminous? Initially teased at Star Wars Celebration in 2019 as “Project Luminous,” Star W...
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The High Republic, a New Era of Star Wars Storytelling, Is Here

“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire.”Read more...
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In True Star Wars Style, a Very Silly Hashtag May Have Just Revealed an Intriguing Clone Wars Secret

Only a franchise as gleefully dumb as Star Wars could drop a major tease via the medium of...secret emojis?Read more...
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How Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Long Hiatus, and The Mandalorian, Made It Even Better

There’s no way producer Dave Filoni ever thought Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be back. If he thought for a second that might happen, he certainly wouldn’t have spent the last six years telling fans what he had planned to do. He also probably wouldn’t have resurrected several of the show’s major characters in…Read more...
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All of the Coolest Stuff at Toy Fair 2020

If there’s one thing this year’s Toy Fair made obviously clear, it’s that kids these days have it good when it comes to toys. Advances in tech, plus a neverending stream of slick superhero films, and resurgent ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia means all the toys you grew up with are now cooler than ever. Read more...
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Nerding out over sci-fi spaceship designs at the Spacedock

When I was a teen devourer of sci-fi, I was obsessed with the spaceship designs on paperback book covers. I would buy any novel or short story collection, however sketchy the contents seemed, if I dug the ship on the cover. Conversely, I would pass over well-regarded books if I thought the spaceship art was crappy. Sometimes, the covers would make a more lasting impression on me than the contents. I can't imagine how high over the moon teenage me would be for YouTube channels like Spacedock. Thi...
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No Mandalorian? No problem: How to fill the Star Wars void in your life

Fill that Death Star-sized hole with these books, animated series, and challenges
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No Mandalorian? No problem: Here’s how to fill the Star Wars void in your life

Fill that Death Star-sized hole in your life with these recommendations for all Star Wars fans.
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New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Coming From ‘Sleight’ Director and ‘Luke Cage’ Writer

According to a new report, Lucasfilm has hired Sleight and Sweetheart director J.D. Dillard and Luke Cage and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. writer Matt Owens to develop a new Star Wars movie. Here’s what we know so far. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that a new Star Wars movie is in the works from Dillard and Owens. THR says it’s still unclear if Dillard will direct should the project move forward. It’s also currently undecided whether this movie will be released theatrically, or made specifica...
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Lucasfilm Hires Sleight Director J.D. Dillard to Develop a Star Wars Movie

Lucasfilm Hires Sleight Director J.D. Dillard to Develop a Star Wars Movie For a while, it’s been looking as though the future of Star Wars rests squarely on television. But now that the Skywalker Saga has wrapped up, Lucasfilm is in need of a new story to fill the franchise’s void on the big screen. And it sounds like they’ve just taken the first steps toward making that happen. Via The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has tapped J.D. Dillard to develop a new Star Wars film. Unfortunately, it...
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A new Star Wars movie is in the works from Sleight director JD Dillard

It is unclear whether the film will appear on the big screen or on Disney+
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New ‘Star Wars’ Movie in Development With ‘Sleight’ Director, ‘Luke Cage’ Writer

Lucasfilm is developing a new “Star Wars” feature film with “Sleight” writer-director J.D. Dillard and “Luke Cage” writer Matt Owens, Variety has confirmed. The project is still in its very early stages, and all further details — characters, location, time period within the “Star Wars” creative galaxy — remain a mystery. That includes whether Dillard would […]
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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Breakdown: The History and Details That Enrich “The Bad Batch”

It’s been a long road waiting for these last twelve episodes of Star Wars:  The Clone Wars, but now that we have them, it’s time to look at the lore they’ve drawn from or added to. This first episode, “The Bad Batch,” takes place shortly after the beginning of the Outer Rim sieges and I would guess between six and eight months before Revenge of the Sith . So far, this is almost as close to the end of the war as we’ve seen on the show, though that will all change by the end of the season. ...
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Seems Like Star Wars: The Clone Wars Will Cross Into Revenge of the Sith After All

Star Wars fans know Revenge of the Sith begins with the end of the Clone Wars. So, most people assumed The Clone Wars TV show would end before that, or at least right at that moment. But if there’s one thing you should never do in the world of Star Wars producer Dave Filoni, it’s assume anything.Read more...
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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Returns and “The Bad Batch” Reminds Us Why the Clone Characters Are the Real Stars

After a six-year hiatus and an open-ended conclusion, Star Wars:  The Clone Wars  is finally back and has a new home on Disney+ for its seventh and final season. Rather than the whole season getting released at once like the previous season, called “The Lost Missions,” which was dropped on Netflix in 2014, Clone Wars is doing weekly releases starting with “ The Bad Batch ”, the first episode in a new arc. The clone soldier Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) reports that the Separatists...
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Clone Wars Is Back, and Thank God, It's More Clone Wars

Some thought this day would never arrive, but here we are: after years away, thinking it was gone for good, The Clone Wars has returned. And as far as it’s concerned, it’s like it never went away.Read more...
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How The Mandalorian was shot on a virtual stage using the Unreal Engine

Until I bumped into the first video below on YouTube this morning, I had no idea that a lot of The Mandalorian was shot on a virtual set using the Unreal Engine. Over 50 percent of The Mandalorian Season 1 was filmed using this ground-breaking new methodology, eliminating the need for location shoots entirely. Instead, actors in The Mandalorian performed in an immersive and massive 20’ high by 270-degree semicircular LED video wall and ceiling with a 75’-diameter performance space, where the pra...
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Actor Dee Bradley Baker on Returning to the Front Lines

Tomorrow, something Star Wars fans thought may never happen finally arrives: For one last season, The Clone Wars will make its explosive return. But although we can’t wait to see Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan again, the show is kicking off with its focus rightfully on the rank-and-file heroes of the Republic, the clones…Read more...
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Animatronic Baby Yoda Toy Coming to Life This Fall, Along With a Slew of Other Toys and Games

America demands more Baby Yoda merch, and that’s what they’re getting. Hasbro just unleashed details on a whole slew of Star Wars–related merch, including an robotic Baby Yoda toy which moves around, makes noise, and may or may not gain sentience one day and come after you, Chucky-style. There’s also a Baby Yoda-themed Operation game, a Mandalorian version of Trouble, and more. Animatronic Baby Yoda Toy Look, I know lots of people are going to find this animatronic Baby Yoda (or The Chi...
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Disney unveils a new animatronic Baby Yoda toy for you to obsess over

New merchandise centers on Mandalorian's tiny, green breakout star
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ILM Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Production of The Mandalorian

BEGIN SLIDESHOW ILM gives behind-the-scenes look at production of The Mandalorian Fans are still waiting with bated breath for the second season of Disney+’s hit Star Wars spin-off series, The Mandalorian, but in the meantime, ILM and the streaming service have debuted a behind-the-scenes featurette showing the production that went into bringing the first season to life. Check out the featurette in the player below! RELATED: The Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date Revealed! After the stor...
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