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Re:ease doesn’t organize your desk. It redesigns it.

Here’s my desk scenario. I have a pencil holder from Amazon, a stapler from Maped, a hole-punch from Kangaro, and an off-brand planter with a mini succulent in it. It’s a collection of products I love individually, but combine them together and they end up making my workspace look like there’s a whole lot going on. That’s where the problem lies. Desk items aren’t always designed to be a part of a family. They’re just made to be good products that look wonderful on shelves, and perform well eno...
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The Darter Pen can help you with a stitch in time

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “ripped a hole in my pocket”? It implies that something is so expensive that it ripped through the pocket fabric to take all your money. Literal or metaphorical, the Darter Pen is neither. A compact, reasonably priced ballpoint pen, the Darter is the size of an AA battery, and aside from packing a Cross Matrix ballpoint refill for writing, the Darter even houses an entire sewing kit that packs everything you need for a stitch in time.An unusual looking and u...
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Reflections on letterhead collecting, with accompanying (gorgeous) samples

Steven Heller calls himself a "letterhead" -- that is, someone who collects letterhead (compare with "Deadhead"); his brief reflections on his passion for Design Observer and interesting and well-observed, but they're not a patch on the actual samples of beautiful, bygone letterhead from his collection. Letterhead collectors are not a monolithic cult. Each has his or her special needs. Some collect only corporations and institutions, other subsets are just design firms, and others are ju...
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These M-Marker’s Team Up to Help You

There are designs that blow you away with their sheer innovativeness, while there are some that make you smack yourself on the head with the simplicity of its idea and execution. Simple though these ideas are, it remains a powerful advocate of the effectiveness of a solution not being dependent on complex ideas. Featured today, the M-Marker falls in the latter category.In the bulk of stationary that designers carry around, markers occupy a huge chunk of it. Let’s not add the cumbersome nature of...
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This notebook was designed for crowded workspaces!

Are you even a designer if you don’t constantly fight the compulsive need to buy any pretty looking stationery you see, only to give in after a few moments? That got real, didn’t it? Well, I’m fighting the compulsive need to buy myself the Sidekick notebook, designed by the guys at Triangle Notebook.The Sidekick is quirky, but has logic to it. An A5 notebook looks small on your desk, but open it and it doubles in size, becoming an A4, and occupying precious real estate on your desk. The Sidekick...
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The Ever-lasting Pen!

The ManualPen pairs simplistic design with precision engineering, this results in a pen that creates a truly unique writing experience. By being machined out of a single piece of metal with exceptional levels of precision, it has allowed ManualPen to compose of just two parts, the solid metal body and rechargeable cartridge.This led to the need for a unique fixing mechanism; a slightly bent clip securely holds the cartridge in place to eliminate any unwanted movement, whilst ensuring it can st...
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Swipe Right to open your Holiday Gifts!

Our generation is so used to swiping at things that it only seems natural that something like the Nimble Cutter would exist! Cleverly named, the Nimble is a thimble that sits on your finger, but instead of preventing needle pricks, this little bad-boy comes with a blade that’s capable of being the best cutter you’ll ever own. Convenient in its design, the Nimble’s silicone cap shape allows it to comfortably rest on any finger. A tiny blade on the tip lets you simply slide across surfaces you w...
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Do you ever wonder what paper clips looked like 150 years ago?

If you do wonder what paper clips looked like in eras long gone by, Clip Art (clever wordplay alert?) is a wonderful history lesson in paper clip design. The series features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records. While we’re pretty happy now in 2018 with the stapler, or the default paper clip (Clippy from Microsoft Office, if one remembers it), the Clip Art is a series worth collecting and admiring, especially for the way it captures how subtly diffe...
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Be careful with these scissors!

Playful as ever, Qualy’s Cactus Scissors give the stationery tool a bit of character. Designed to look like a potted cactus, the scissors come nested in a cactus-shaped body (sans the spikes, of course) that sheathes the blades. Pull it out and you’ve got yourself a regular, working scissor that you can use either in the kitchen, at your workplace, or just for hobby-work. The cactus plant even comes with its own pot that serves as a storage area for paper clips, stapler pins, thumbtacks, or ot...
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17 feminist gifts that honor our activist women friends after a long, hard year

While our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide is up and running with hundreds of gift ideas, there are still a few very specific types of people on our lists that you might be shopping for to. In my case, I’m thinking of all the incredible, engaged, active, activist women who worked tirelessly this past year, fighting […]
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The winners in a massive roundup of the 100 Best Pens are surprisingly affordable

The writers of New York Magazine's Strategist tested "dozens upon dozens of gels, rollerballs, felt-tips, ballpoints, and fountain pens" and published a ranked list of the top 100 pens in existence. While the number one pen is a pricey $55 Rollerball, the rest of the upper echelon is surprisingly affordable: number two is the $8 OHTO Needle Point Knock Ballpoint Pen Horizon Eu 0.7mm Ballpoint Silver Body ("you’ll be amazed at how small you can write with this thing"); while number 3 is the ...
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Notes on the Culture: Why Is Japan Still So Attached to Paper?

Washi is to the Japanese something like what wine is to the French — a national obsession and point of pride.
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A Welcomed Redesign for An Old-school Device

In schools and colleges, there is one vital item of equipment that is yet to see an update, as its form has remained unchanged for years. This is of course, the calculator. However, this may no longer be the case, as TouchCal gives it a welcomed redesign!Taking inspiration straight from modern smartphones, the minuscule, black and white LCD screen has been replaced by a large, high-resolution touchscreen that covers the top portion of the device. A clean UI is now present where clunky buttons on...
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Wedding Invitations + Calligraphy: Define Your Stationery Style

We know you know... Your wedding invitation sets the stage for your wedding. It's the first glimpse your guests will hold in their hot little hands. Give them something to drool over! But the options are endless. Save yourself some wedding planning stress ~ seek the help of an expert. They will guide you through the entire process: Save-The-Dates, Thank You Notes, the Full Invitation Suite... paper and printing style choices, edge options, flat card vs folded, fonts, calligraphy style, ink color...
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The Vacuum-based Sketch Marker that Promises to Never Dry Up!

I remember an anecdote back in school where NASA was bamboozled by a problem where their astronauts couldn’t use conventional ballpoint pens in space because of the lack of gravity. They spent a lot of time and money before developing the astronaut pen, a pen that contained a pressurized ink chamber that was capable of writing anywhere, anyhow, and even in the absence of gravity. This technology led to the development of gel pens that we so commonly use today. One could draw quite a few parall...
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The Calendar Every Industrial Designer Needs

Chances are, the Perpetuum calendar’s jagged shape looks reminiscent of something but you can’t quite put your thumb on it. The design takes inspiration from the architecture that emerged during the industrial age, nodding to the “sawtooth” roofs of factories built in the 1920s and 30s.The design also pays homage to the time with its construction method, in which a 3D-printed fabric base emulates the era’s move towards all things synthetic. This analog format encourages connection between object...
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40 Stationery Mockup Templates You Can Download for Free

Corporate identity projects often involve producing print designs across a whole range of stationery products, each with a consistent visual appearance that reflects the overall brand image. It can be difficult presenting your work when all you have is a pile of flat image previews for each individual design file, especially if some items are double-sided prints. Mockup templates allow you to show off your designs as neatly photographed layouts as if they were physical prints fresh from the shop...
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A New Home for Loose Change

Loose change mysteriously finds its way to the back of every sofa, into the very bottom of every draw and somehow scatters itself sporadically around the room, so having something that contains these coins is probably a worthwhile investment, right?Well that’s exactly what this alluring little product is for! The multi award-winning (iF Design 2018 & red dot 2017) Storage Box Series is more than just your regular piggybank, it’s the product of combining both a piggy bank and a small collection t...
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The perfect pencil set for Architecture lovers!

Inspired by the architecture of the city of dreams, the Graphite Towers literally let you sketch your dreams down on paper! Designed by Aruliden for the Museum of Modern Art, the Graphite Towers come precisely carved from blocks of graphite and can be used either by the tip or by the base to sketch on paper. Conversely, if you’re like me, you’ll probably keep them on your desks as keepsakes, rarely using them because they look so pretty!Designed to resemble three of New York’s most iconic buildi...
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Books About Lists

If you’re a list maker like I am, or just enjoy a well curated list, here are some books about lists you might enjoy. The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information by David Wallechinsky This is a fascinating non-fiction collection of trivia and interesting stories broken down into the following chapters: People; … Continue reading Books About Lists The post Books About Lists appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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Japanese self-sharpening mechanical pencils give the lead a tiny turn every time you lift the tip Uni's Kuru Toga Roulettes are mechanical pencils that solve a problem I've never had, which is that the tip wears differentially, eventually creating a blunt instrument (I am a clod whose draftsmanship looks like I tried writing in a zeppelin caught in a tornado, so this is not a problem for me) -- the Roulette contains a tiny gearing mechanism that rotates the lead by a quarter-turn every time you lift the tip (e.g. between words); this creates an ...
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The Infinite Memo

From the makers of this incredibly clever wearable memo, the Wemo is back with an entirely new look. The Wemo 2 takes on a flat form that you can stick on any surface, transforming it into a doodle or memo pad in seconds.Slap it on your laptop to take notes during meets or on the back of a smartphone to doodle up an idea while you’re on the move. The design utilizes an innovative combination of silicon material with the manufacturer’s proprietary coating technology which allows you to write with...
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An immortal titanium pencil for your immortal ideas

It’s been around for almost half a millennium now, and the pencil is still going strong. Even today, the most commonly used ones come with a graphite nib encased in wood, with the exception of the mechanical pencil, a much more recent innovation that allows you to extrude a graphite lead by clicking a button… but no matter how far we progress as a species, the humble pencil is always our go-to for ideating, sketching, scribbling, doodling, and noting. The Magno Ti turns that humble 500-year-ol...
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The Orbit fidget pen is everything a creative needs

I tend to fidget a lot as I do stuff. When I’m typing, my leg taps endlessly. When I’m watching something online, I need to be eating something… and at rare occasions when I find myself doing nothing, I take my smartphone out to play a game or browse a social network.If 2017 was the year of fidget spinners, 2018 is the year where we put the toy to good use, with the Orbit Pen, a pen that also serves as a fidgeting toy, allowing you to keep yourself engaged yet focused, lest you drift away and ...
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A scale that lets you measure to infinity

Borderline revolutionary, the Flip Scale is a finite tool for infinite measurements. Its incredibly clever design allows it to flip over and be used multiple times, allowing you to measure much more than a foot ruler or a measuring tape is capable of!The Flip is a three-part scale with two rotating arms and a linear scale above it. The flipping arms allow you to hold and rotate the scale when you reach the end of the measurement, and the scale itself comes with continuous markings on its front a...
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Notes on a scandal: why Trump loves to scrawl in marker pen

Trump’s remarks about Russian election interference were covered in marker pen scrawls – it’s been his favoured mode of communication for decadesIn January 2017, with the world wondering just how radical a departure the Trump presidency was going to be, people were grasping at any signs of continuity in the Oval Office. “The President, who made his mark bucking tradition during the election, is sticking with a long-standing White House pen supplier,” said one CNN article, breathing a sigh of rel...
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Peelable circuits make it easy to Internet all the things

Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Virginia are now able to create “tiny, thin-film electronic circuits peelable from a surface,” the first step in creating an unobtrusive Internet-of-Things solution. The peelable stickers can sit flush to an object’s surface and be used as sensors or wireless communications systems. The biggest difference between these stickers and traditional solutions is the removal of the silicon wafer that manufacturers use. Because the entire circuit...
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A desk knife that dares to be different

Inspired by the Japanese Kiridashi, but with a design that looks nothing like the original, the Craighill Desk Knife is daringly unique, so much so that it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.Just over five inches long and slightly thicker than a half inch, Craighill’s Desk Knife has the proportions of a chunky metal pen, but comes with truncations on its sides to reveal a Kiridashi-style blade where the two truncations taper off. This makes the Desk Knife an absolute treat to hold, as it...
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Pencil dice: a D6 in pencil form

Roll Sebastian Bergne's $3.33 pencil dice across the table to get a randomish value from 1-6. Useful for writing choose-your-own-adventures! (via Geekologie)
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Our guide to paper on your wedding day with The Firefly Method

Have you ever wondered, “what’s the difference between a place card and an escort card?” Or “do I need programs? What goes into a program anyway?” Or even “when am I supposed to get all this printed?” You’re not alone!! Although paper is one of those things that’s relatively easy to do on your own these days, it can still feel a little intimidating when people start throwing around words and phrases that are rarely used in daily life, AND when it seems like there are so many bits and pieces to ...
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