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World's Most Popular Websites [Infographic]

While we think of quite a few websites as 'popular,' an actual look at the internet's favorite sites reveals just how few really come close to making the cut, and by just how wide of a margin the web's top dogs really rule the roost. _____________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 It’s easy to think that some websites and services are huge in terms of visits, but when compared with the most popular, most pale in comparison. The following chart by Statista sho...
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Data Use Biggest Hurdle for Hyper-personalisation

Source: StatistaMarketers need access to the tools and technical know-how to use different types of data in order to implement effective hyper-personalised campaigns.  According to  , the biggest hurdle for marketers trying to rollout hyper-personalised campaigns is making data driven decisions, with just over half of marketing professionals reporting this issue. The second most frequent challenge was using more artificial intelligence in their hyper-personalisation campaigns. Both issues go ...
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Online Platform Use Has Barely Budged Since 2016

Source: StatistaWhile many tech giants have lost credibility and trust in the eyes of the public, they haven’t lost many users. Between 2012 and 2015,   experienced healthy growth in the number of U.S. adults who said they use these social networks. From 2016 to 2019, the share of people reporting their online platform use had mostly flatlined. Facebook and YouTube remain the most heavily used social networks, with nearly seven out of ten respondents using Facebook, and almost three-quarters of ...
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Americans Don’t Buy Into a Cashless World

Source: statista .com Nearly two-thirds of Americans were against a cashless society, according to a recent survey conducted by CivicScience. Mobile payment and cashless stores are popping up across the country, between stores like Amazon Go and payment options like Apple Pay.  Using these services requires access to the banking system, namely a bank account and a credit card. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in 2017 FDIC survey showed that 6.5 percent of U.S. house...
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UK: Five Ways IoT Will Change Retail - Gowling WLG

IoT is becoming increasingly prominent in our daily lives. According to Statista, the global IoT market is set to grow to $8.9 trillion by 2020, highlighting the level of investment in the technology by both consumers and businesses.
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3 Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Paid Members

When you create a beautiful, practical website that you believe holds value, it’s easy to assume that the visitors who trickle in will automatically be stunned by what they see and make a purchase. Impulse buying is definitely a thing, but if you’re going to reach the sales and conversions you want, it’s going to take a lot more than a functional website. The reality is that if you want to make money from your online business, you need to know how to market it to your audience. Learning to lever...
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Where Buying a House is Least Affordable for Residents

Source: StatistaNew official statistics on the affordability of housing has revealed the areas where homes are the most and least affordable. In this chart, we look at the places where getting onto the property ladder is the toughest. When compared to the average annual earnings of residents in the area, property in Kensington and Chelsea is the least affordable, where putting a roof over your head will cost 45 times more than your salary.  This is a lot higher than anywhere else in the coun...
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13 Email Marketing Statistics That Are Shaping 2019 and Beyond

Email has been around since the 1970s, but it’s still extremely effective, even with younger audiences. It’s sure to remain an integral part of your marketing strategy this year and into the future. The following email marketing statistics prove how you can use email to reach your marketing goals in 2019 and beyond. 1. 82% of Marketers Send Emails With Subject Lines of 60 Characters or Less AWeber analyzed 1,000 emails from 100 top marketers to determine how experts send emails. The researc...
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20 Southern California hospitals make Newsweek’s list of world’s top 1,000

Twenty Southern California hospitals have been named among the top 1,000 in the world, across 11 countries, in a list compiled for the first time by Newsweek in collaboration with Statista Inc., a global marketing research and consumer data company. Three of those area hospitals — Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica — are ranked among the top 100 globally. Newsweek and Statista evaluated hospitals using data charting hospital rec...
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The Worst Ways To Build A New Brand On Social Media

by Manish Dudharejia, President and Founder of E2M Solutions Inc Building up a reputation and presence as a new brand is difficult. However, there is a right way to do this and a wrong way. Unfortunately, many new businesses make quite a few mistakes as they start to build their brand on social media. These missteps could stand in the way of growth and success – both in the immediate future and a long way down the road. Building your brand on social media requires much more than simply knowing ...
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Digital Marketing 101: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Small business owners know digital marketing is no longer secondary to traditional print marketing and advertising and is a great way for them to get more bang for their marketing bucks. (In fact, 95% of small businesses plan to increase spending on digital marketing this year.) But to get the best results, it’s important to understand digital marketing and keep up with digital marketing trends. Digital Marketing 101 What is digital marketing? It’s often thought of as “online marketing,” but ...
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Europe’s high-growth ecosystem is strong, and weathering global storms

Around 10 years of ecosystem development has left European high-growth companies in a much stronger position counter their global rivals, according to new research from the FT and Statista dubbed the FT 1000. And in the realm of tech startups, they continue to create the software which is, famously, eating the world. Despite trade wars, Brexit, and a European economic slowdown, tech companies in Europe are still thriving. In fact, some are positively booming. Key companies names in the list incl...
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Millennial tech workers are paying $5,000 for a 1-week luxury retreat to feel younger, and it shows just how bad ageism in Silicon Valley really is

Luxury retreat Modern Elder Academy caters to tech workers who feel they are lagging behind technology because of their age, reported Nellie Bowles of The New York Times. The tech industry, particularly in Silicon Valley, is known for hiring younger workers — even some millennials who work in tech feel "old." Modern Elder, which helps guests navigate the midlife, is just one example of a rise in health and wellness as a luxury trend. Does 30 signal old age? In tech, the answer might be yes. J...
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Future interior design will make you feel like a wizard

Imagine a house where the walls change color depending on your mood, or your tablecloth changes shape when you’re having a dinner party. A house where every item, from your cushions to your lampshades, interact with you. This might sound like something out of Harry Potter, but such magic interior design could become a real part of our lives in the near future. Many homes are already smart. Research from Statista predicts that by the end of 2019, more than 45m smart home devices will be installed...
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Saving for the Long Term

With 2019 in full swing, New Year’s Resolutions germinate in the minds of people everywhere. These resolutions run the gamut — everything from physical health and mindfulness, to personal relationships, professional aspirations and money top the dockets of hope that only a New Year can bring. According to Statista, people had their priorities straight in 2018 (at least, when they made the commitment). Eating healthier, getting more exercise and saving more money each tallied 37 percent of answe...
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Apple Music are definitely closing on Spotify, but they’re safe for now

Since launching in 2015 Apple Music have often been viewed as the main contender for Spotify’s crown in music streaming. At the end of 2018 it looked like the gap between Apple Music and Spotify’s subscribers was rapidly closing. It’s been almost 4 years since Apple Music launched and they have seen exponential growth whilst Spotify have been steadily adding to their already giant audience – putting the services head to head in the race for number one in Western music streaming. In earl...
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Spotify Is Widening Lead Against Apple Music [CHART]

Late last year the headlines were that Apple Music was gaining on Spotify.  But while Apple Music does have real traction in the US, when looked at globally. Spotify is widening its lead. As this Statista chart illustrates, the gap between the two has gradually widened from 20 million when Apple Music was launched to more than 40 million subscribers by the end of 2018. You will find more infographics at Statista [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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Is Facebook Still the Most Effective for Social Advertising?

In the lush landscape of social networking sites, advertisers are left asking themselves which platform will reach their target audience while generating desired business results. It is no secret that Facebook has seen its fair share of scrutiny related to data and security breaches, leading to Mark Zuckerberg answering questions from the Senate commerce and judiciary committees on privacy, data mining, regulations and Cambridge Analytica. Despite recent issues, Facebook advertising usage remain...
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The blockchain industry is sexist and still sucks at diversity

Diversity is a term that’s thrown about often, and sometimes rather vacuously, but the fact of the matter is that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industries need more of it. According to Statista, female employees make up between 26 percent (Microsoft) and 43 percent (Netflix) of the workforce at major technology firms – unsurprisingly the numbers drop further when it comes to jobs where technology is a core function. These stats are disheartening, but the problem is felt more acute...
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3 Tips for creating your first ECommerce Store

As time goes on, more and more people are determined to become self-employed bosses of their own. Working nine to five is becoming a thing of the past as fewer people are settling for routine jobs and more are opting for setting their own hours and working from home. Thanks to the internet, eCommerce stores are gaining more popularity around the globe and online shopping increases every year. Pew Research found that 80 percent of people in the U.S. shop online, and that number is set to increase...
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Digital in 2019: Global Internet Use Accelerates

We Are Social and Hootsuite’s latest collection of Global Digital 2019 reports reveals that internet users are growing by an average of more than one million new users every day, with all of the original ‘Next Billion Users’ now online. The number of people using the internet has surged over the past year, with more than one million people coming online for the first time each day since January 2018. It’s not just internet users that have been growing either, as the extensive new collection...
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3-Gun Goes Virtual with 3-Gun Nation VR

New 3-Gun Nation VR game launches for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows MR headsets. U.S.A. –-( There’s no denying the impact video gaming has had on society. Since the early days of Atari, kids would spend hours playing Space Invaders, Asteroids and Pac-Man. Fast-forward 30 years. Today’s gaming industry is quite simply astounding. Of course, the X-box and Playstation platforms rule the roost with Fortnite, God of War, Red Dead Redemption making millions of kids late with the...
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No Clear Leader in Cybersecurity Market

Source: Statista In the cybersecurity market, no single company has been able to pull ahead and dominate the global arena. According to IDC, Cisco has consistently hovered around 15 percent of the global market share of security appliance vendors, trailed most recently by Palo Alto Networks. Check Point has made a strong showing as well, consistently occupying a tenth of the global market for cybersecurity. Still just under half of the global market for cybersecurity was occupied by a collectio...
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Always On: Media Usage Amounts to 10+ Hours a Day

Source: Statista It’s no secret that people spend a lot of time with their smartphones and other electronic gadgets these days. How much time that actually is, is astonishing nonetheless: according to Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report, Americans aged 18 and older spend roughly ten and a half hours a day watching TV, listening to the radio or using their smartphones and other electronic devices. Considering that most people are awake 16 to 18 hours a day, 11 hours of electronic media usage s...
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2018’s top 10 Android apps in the U.S.

Source: Statista The top ten Android apps in the U.S. last year had a combined download figure of 179 million. According to Priori Data, at the top of the list was Facebook Messenger with 27 million. The trending app TikTok came in second, with an impressive 21 million. Instagram rival Snapchat somehow managed to beat its main competitor – recording 19 million compared to 17 million.
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America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions

Source: Statista Some professions have a better reputation for honesty than others. Mistrust is pretty common in everyday life, whether its questioning a doctor’s honesty or ethics regarding a diagnosis or blaming the salesperson when your “new” used car breaks down after one day and 30 miles on the road. So that raises the question: what professions do Americans regard as the most honest and ethical today? Gallup examined the issue and released an interesting poll showing that nurses are the mo...
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Majority of Americans Support Facial Recognition

Source: Statista Facial recognition is making inroads into more aspects of our daily lives – and a majority of Americans seem to be okay with that. As a survey by the Center for Data Innovation shows, most Americans agree with the use of the technology in a security context. 54.3 percent agreed that airports should be free to use facial recognition for safety screenings. 54.8 percent of respondents said that facial recognition shouldn’t be limited if it added to public safety. Less people would ...
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Smart Speakers Make Inroads Into American Homes

Source: Statista When Amazon announced the Amazon Echo in 2014, many people laughed at the idea of voluntarily letting the world’s largest online retailer put a “listening device” in your home. And yet, the Echo, and Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa with it, became a major success, pioneering the smart speaker market in the United States and internationally. According to a recent statement, Amazon shipped more than 100 million Echo devices since 2014, making it the leader in the highly contested ...
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The Most Connected Web Pages in the World

Source: Statista Search engines pull results based on the relevance of a certain web page. A web pages relevance is tied directly to how many other reliable web pages include backlinks to their site. The crux of search engine optimization relies on strengthening these ties between the most sited and linked to pages, fortifying the bonds and making a certain page ever more connected and, as a result, more relevant. Google, Facebook, and YouTube are the behemoths of the internet, with the largest...
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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Firing an Employee

  Have you ever been in a situation where you have to make tough business decisions? Of course, right? You can’t separate making tough decisions from the world of business – it’s part of the job description. But it’s one thing to choose between adopting a new business strategy, going public or cutting back on projects because of financial constraints and actually firing an employee most especially where you and other members of your team have grown fond of the unproductive employee. Maybe you ha...
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