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How to see your Audience in Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists give artists and labels let labels customise artist pages, view real-time analytics and more. Here’s how to analyse your Audience. The Audience section displays a timeline of your total number of listeners, streams, and followers. This enables you and your team to get a sense of how you are doing on Spotify over time, to demonstrate to potential partners how your audience has grown or to compare your latest release to your previous one. You can also understand how pe...
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4 key questions to challenge your views on genetic engineering

A review of Pew Research studies reveals the views of Americans on the role of science in society.4 key questions were asked to gauge feelings on genetic engineering, automation and human enhancement.Americans are split in how they view technology and many worry about its growing role. The Pew Research Center published a fascinating roundup of studies that revealed the opinions of the U.S. public on a number of key science-related issues. The researchers wanted to find out what people thought...
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Number of Female Seiyuu Higher Than Ever

Seiyuu Grand Prix Magazine has shown that the number of female voice workers in Japan is higher than ever before, having nearly quadrupled over the past 19 years. The magazine published a supplement named “Voice Actor Directory 2020–Female Version”, which listed 907 seiyuu, along with photographs and vital information such as their birthdays, hometowns, hobbies […]
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Sales statistics for December 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for December 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page. If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to [email protected] and our friendly support team will be happy to help. The post Sales statistics for December 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Bl...
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Microsoft Excel doesn’t have to be scary. This $29.99 training breaks it all down.

The Complete Microsoft Excel and VBA Bundle offers full Excel 2019, 2016 and 2013 training.The package also shows how to use VBA, Excel's key programming language.The $300 package is on sale now for just $29.99.If you’re looking to save time and be more efficient, Microsoft Excel is a very useful tool to get you there. For organization and data management, there’s probably never been a more impactful day-to-day aid than Excel. But just like anything else, you’ll only get out of Excel what you pu...
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How Trump Is Running to Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat, Again

Even if he decisively loses the national vote, the Electoral College can put him back in the White House.
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MyAnimeList Labels Flood of Positive Votes for Ishuzoku Reviewers as “Vote Brigading”

Users of MyAnimeList are recognizing penis-measuring anime Ishuzoku Reviewers as one of the greatest works of all time, or possibly proving the validity of the Streisand Effect. In spite of (or perhaps thanks to) being cancelled by both Funimation and Tokyo MX, the ecchi anime appears to have won the hearts of Western anime fans, […]
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What to do when selling your music online

So you’ve finished your album and published it via RouteNote, but now what? With tens of millions of tracks on stores and streaming services, you need to stand out and promote your content to make sure it’s seen and heard. We have some handy tips to making sure your music makes the impact it deserves. Track your tracks – RouteNote makes it easy to keep an eye on your statistics and earnings. Find out which stores and countries are streaming and buying which tracks the most.Customize your S...
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80% of Japanese Parents Believe Gaming Time Should be Restricted

A survey has revealed that four fifths of parents in Japan think that there should be strict limits on the amount of time young children spend on video games, with concerns being voiced about the effects of excessive gaming on health and education. The survey (questioning 1,178 parents with elementary school children and younger), which […]
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Made in Abyss Film Garners ¥122 Million in Opening Weekend

Made in Abyss: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei has allegedly achieved a moderate degree of success in its opening weekend, with it being suggested that 65,693 tickets were sold and ¥122,824,000 in revenue was made; surveys also showed that fans were extremely satisfied by the film. The Made in Abyss movie, which was released on January […]
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Sales statistics for November 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for October 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. We apologise for the delays this month and are grateful to everyone for their patience and understanding whilst we overcame the unexpected delays in statistics and payment. If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to [email protected] and our friendly support team wi...
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Tenki no Ko Accrues $3 Million in 2 Days in the West

Tenki no Ko has proven to be as popular Makoto Shinkai’s previous film Kimi no Na wa as the film has secured $3 million in just two days since its Western debut, making it the highest grossing film for GKIDS. Debuting in the West on January 17th, the film played across 486 theaters in North […]
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Childhood Obesity Is a Major Problem. Research Isn’t Helping.

Something is missing with many study methods.
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Japanese Suicides Reach Record Low

The annual number of suicides in Japan has fallen below 20,000 for the first time since records began to be kept in 1978. In addition to having the lowest number of suicides – a mere 19,959 – in terms of absolute numbers, 2019 also saw the tenth successive drop in relative terms; the death rate […]
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Video Dynamically Tracks Most Sold Manga Over the Years

A rather astounding video has surfaced online supposedly tracking the amount of manga sold for each of the top 10 franchises over a 10 year period, proving highly informational in regards to the franchises that have climbed and fallen within the past decade. Hits such as Full Metal Alchemist, Shingeki no Kyojin, and One Piece […]
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Famitsu Reveals International Dragon Quest XI Survey Results

The first issue of Weekly Famitsu’s magazine for 2020 has included the survey results to a questionnaire from mid-December of last year, which asked international players of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age and Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age-Definitive Edition several questions. A total of 4,222 people from […]
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"So while Biden’s in a reasonably strong and perhaps even slightly underrated position, it’s slightly more likely than not that Biden won’t be the nominee."

"Sen. Bernie Sanders has the next-best shot, with a 22 percent chance at a majority, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 12 percent and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 10 percent. There’s also a 14 percent chance — about 1 in 7 — that no one will win a majority of pledged delegates by June 6, which could lead to a contested convention. The model works by simulating the nomination race thousands of times, accounting for the bounces that candidates may receive by winning or losing states, along wi...
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‘A Different Era’: Anti-Semitic Crimes, and Efforts to Track Them, Climb

Attacks have been traditionally underreported, but fighting the scourge in hate crimes begins with better data, experts say.
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70% of Japanese Adults Regard Spanking as Acceptable Discipline

A nationwide survey has revealed that over two-thirds of adults in Japan have a positive view of spanking their children as a form of discipline, with the West likely being the polar opposite. The survey of Japanese men and women, ranging in age from their twenties to their seventies, has shown that 70.6% of parents […]
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Comiket 97 Breaks Records Again With 750,000 Attendees

The semi-annual Comiket event has continued to aggrandize with every passing year as Comiket 97 has once again broken records in attendance, accumulating about 750,000 visitors over its four day spread – 20,000ish more than the previous Comiket 96. The information was passed through the official Comiket Twitter account, detailing the number of participants for […]
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Why are so few people born on Christmas Day, New Year’s and other holidays?

Christmas and New Year's are days of celebration in many parts of the world when people gather with family and friends. One thing many typically don't celebrate on those days is a birthday.That's because Dec. 25 is the least popular day in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand to give birth. In England, Wales and Ireland, it's the second-least popular, behind Dec. 26, when Brits celebrate Boxing Day. So why do people have fewer babies on holidays like Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's – the sec...
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Top 20 Franchises That Will Have the Most Doujinshi at Comiket 97

With Comiket 97 approaching in only a few days, website ASCII did a count of all participating doujin circles and the franchises they will be contributing to, unveiling one never-ending franchise and its ridiculously profitable gacha game to be seemingly immovable from the top spot every event. A graph of the top most represented franchises […]
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Japanese Birthrate “The Lowest Ever”

Japan’s slow demographic suicide seems to be continuing unabated, as the number of live births fell to its lowest level since records began in 1899. A mere 864,000 babies have been born in Japan in the last year, down from the previous year’s total of 918,400. This will be the first time that fewer than […]
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Most Elementary School Boys Still Want to Become YouTubers

Publishing company Gakken Holdings unleashed the 2019 edition of their ranking that compiles the occupations elementary school boys most want to take up in the future, exposing that the majority desire to walk the easy road of YouTube, generating money by simply playing video games, eating, or “reacting” to things. It was alleged that this […]
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33% of Japanese Bosses Find Working With Gaijin Stressful

Over one third of Japanese managers with foreign-born subordinates say that working with gaijin gives them severe stress, with some wishing they could quit. The survey by employment agency Persol Group showed that 34.3% of managers with foreign workers suffer from intense stress due to the challenges of dealing with gaijin in the workplace. Perhaps […]
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Sales statistics for October 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for October 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. The post Sales statistics for October 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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“Hentai” Among Top Searched Terms of PornHub in 2019

One of the world’s largest porn video hosting websites, PornHub has held its annual “Year in Review” segment presenting its users the most interesting statistics connected to the website’s operations in 2019. As dictated by trends from previous years like 2018 and 2017, “hentai” almost found itself as the top most-searched term on the website […]
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Chinese Auto Market Still Struggling, but There’s Good News for Japan

China’s car market, officially the world’s largest, is bracing for its second year of negative growth. November was the fourth consecutive month of declining year-over-year sales, representing an improvement from October despite volume dropping 4.2 per cent below last November’s tally. Unfortunately for China, the downward trend has not been the exception, but the rule. […] The post Chinese Auto Market Still Struggling, but There’s Good News for Japan appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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71% of Top Steam Games Now Contain Loot Boxes

According to an article published by questionable website The Guardian, researchers have indicated that over 71% of the top-selling games on Steam contain some form of loot box mechanic. The cited research indicating a high rise of loot boxes over the years: Research by academics at the University of York indicates that the prevalence of […]
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Japanese List Otaku Interests They Would Tolerate in a Relationship

Japanese matchmaking company Partner Agent has conducted a survey with 1,500 Japanese male and female netizens asking a number of questions relating to having a potential otaku partner. The survey mostly focused on otaku interests that participants would be willing to tolerate for the sake of their hypothetical lover, mentioning material like anime, manga, video […]
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