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Inside the High Stakes Missions of NASA’s Oldest Deep-Space Probes

On Aug. 20, 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 2 probe on a mission to explore the outer planets of our solar system.Twelve years later, having scanned Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the 1,600-pound spacecraft completed its initial mission.But it kept going. And going. And going. Nursed farther and farther into space by a small team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, Voyager 2 is now more than 11 billion miles from Earth, making it the second-most-distant man-made object from ...
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Pre-Possessory Interests in Patent Law

by Dennis Crouch A newly canonical case in property law texts is Popov v. Hayashi, 2002 WL 31833731 (Cal. Super. Dec. 18, 2002).  The case involves a Barry Bonds record-setting home run baseball.  Alex Popov almost caught the ball, but as it entered his glove he was immediately engulfed by the crowd of fans who were deemed an “out of control mob, engaged in violent, illegal behavior.”  The ball came-out and Patrick Hayeshi (who was also knocked to the ground) picked up the ball and took possessi...
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NBA All-Star Game Honors Life and Legacy of Kobe Bryant

(CHICAGO) — It has become one of the NBA’s most revered traditions: On the morning of the NBA All-Star Game, the league pays tribute to retired players with what is called the Legends Brunch. It brings together about 3,000 guests, and every year a recent retiree with ties to the game’s host city is honored. When the game was in Los Angeles two years ago, the NBA wanted to honor Kobe Bryant. He declined. He couldn’t attend. His reason: his daughter Gianna Bryant had a game that morning. “Tha...
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Heisler: Kobe Bryant and David Stern, twinkling in the All-Star heavens

Kobe and David, partners forever … Most All-Star Games are only, or barely, that. This one is different, with the NBA honoring David Stern, its former commissioner who had stepped down in 2014 and passed away Jan. 1 at 77, and Kobe Bryant, who died 25 days later at 41. Bryant and Stern were longtime partners … the showman and the show … as this event showed. Stern’s wizardry turned his All-Star Game into the three-day pageant that all leagues now feature, as surely as he guided the NBA through r...
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How a space snowman called Arrokoth is shedding new light on planetary origins

The space snowman that was the focus of a close encounter with NASA's New Horizons probe last year is helping scientists answer a cosmic question: How did the building blocks of the solar system get their start? "This is a game-changer," said Alan Stern, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute and principal investigator for the New Horizons mission. Stern and other members of the New Horizons science team shared their latest findings about the snowman-shaped object now know...
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Team Talks Introducing the First Deaf Doctor to Primetime TV

When “Grey’s Anatomy” introduces Dr. Lauren Riley in its Feb. 13 episode, “Save the Last Dance for Me,” it marks more than just Shoshannah Stern’s debut on the long-running drama: Dr. Riley is also the first deaf doctor on a primetime network series. To tackle the groundbreaking character, Stern teamed up with “Grey’s Anatomy” showrunner […]
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How Andre Mellone reinvented Carolina Herrera’s NYC flagship

You founded your Studio Mellone firm in 2012 after working for architect Robert A.M. Stern and designer Mark Hampton. How did you go from luxury residential to fashion retail? The minute I started my company, my good friend Thom Browne asked me to do a store. I said, “Thom, I’ve never done a store before.”...
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What to Watch: Hollywood’s biggest night, a Nazi drag queen and voguing, Mexican style

Oscar-nominated film ‘Judy’ Stepping out on a movie date this weekend? Netflix and chillin? Whatever your entertainment needs, we got your back (and hopefully your mind) with Queerty’s weekly “Culture Club” column with some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting, and what to drink while you watch. The Catch: The Academy Awards Event television may seem like a thing of the past, but if the Superbowl didn’t already prove it, the Oscars provide ample e...
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High-Profile Housing Bill Fails To Pass California Senate

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers have failed to pass the most ambitious proposal yet to combat a growing housing crisis in the nation’s most populous state, voting down legislation Wednesday that would have overridden local zoning laws to let developers to build small apartment buildings in neighborhoods reserved for single-family homes. Senate Bill 50 was meant to address an estimated shortage of 3.5 million homes that has driven up rents and contributed to a growing homelessness ...
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High-Profile Housing Crisis Bill Fails to Pass California Senate

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — California lawmakers have failed to pass the most ambitious proposal yet to combat a growing housing crisis in the nation’s most populous state, voting down legislation Wednesday that would have overridden local zoning laws to let developers to build small apartment buildings in neighborhoods reserved for single-family homes. Senate Bill 50 was meant to address an estimated shortage of 3.5 million homes that has driven up rents and contributed to a growing homelessnes...
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Controversial housing bill SB 50 falls short in Senate vote

A controversial zoning reform bill supporters hoped would help ease the state’s housing crisis failed in the Senate on Wednesday, following a two-hour debate and two excruciatingly close votes. But thanks to the passionate opinions on both sides of the measure, Senate Bill 50 could come back for another vote Thursday. Still, after falling three votes short, it faces a significant hurdle. “It’s not over until the session’s over, so theoretically there’s a chance,” David Garcia, policy director fo...
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Yang’s Pet Issue Could Outlive His Campaign

(Bloomberg) -- When Andrew Yang started thinking about a long-shot bid for the U.S. presidency, he asked Andy Stern, the former president of the Service Employees International Union, out for lunch in Greenwich Village.Back in 2017, Stern was perhaps the most prominent advocate for the idea of giving every American $1,000 each month. The year before, he had written a book called “Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream.” It hadn’t made...
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Kobe Bryant timeline: A look at the life of the Lakers legend

Make shift memorials as fans mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant with make shift memorials in front of La Live across from Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 26, 2020. Kobe Bryant and 8 others died in an helicopter crash in Calabasas. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG) A young fan hods up a sign as fans gather around make shift memorials as they mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant in front of La Live across from Staples Center, home of the L...
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In ‘My War Criminal,’ the Bad Guy Controls the Conversation

Jessica Stern’s new book recounts her series of meetings with Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader who is serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity.
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David Stern’s Life, Career To Be Celebrated At Memorial Service; Kevin Johnson Won’t Be Attending

NEW YORK (CBS13/AP) – Former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson will not be at the memorial service for late NBA commissioner David Stern. In a statement, the former NBA all-star called Stern one of his best mentors. “You pushed me when I needed to be pushed, supported me when I required a softer touch, and coached me through some of the most difficult challenges I’ve faced,” Johnson wrote. Stern died on Jan. 1 at 77 after suffering a brain hemorrhage in December. Commissioner Stern, I’m sorry I c...
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Empirical SCOTUS: How Chief Justice Roberts articulates his ethos through his Year End Reports

Chief Justice John Roberts released an impassioned Year End Report on December 31, 2019, which generated much commentary. The New York Times, for instance, wrote about Roberts’ calls for an independent federal judiciary. The Wall Street Journal examined his warnings against rumor and false information. These values inherent in the report foreshadow important aspects related to the (presumably) upcoming Senate impeachment hearings, over which Roberts will preside. Although these allusions clearly...
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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

A meat-lovers guide to eating less meat. Dax Shepard is listening. Remembering David Stern. Martin Scorsese is letting go. And more.
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Alexander: NBA’s David Stern helped revolutionize sports economics

The world according to Jim: • The legacy of David Stern, as chronicled in numerous stories this week following his death on New Year’s Day, is fairly straightforward. In three decades as NBA commissioner, he had a huge hand in transforming the league from a struggling enterprise that couldn’t even get its marquee event on live prime time TV to a multi-billion dollar industry with a worldwide footprint. But he was instrumental in one particular impetus for the NBA’s rise even before he became the...
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Stern Was A Big-City Guy And A Friend To The Small Markets

NEW YORK (AP) — David Stern had been NBA commissioner for barely a year when the Knicks won the 1985 draft lottery, sending Patrick Ewing on the way to New York. Skeptics cried conspiracy, that the league rigged the result to bail out the faltering franchise in its largest market. Stern would shrug it off, knowing he wouldn’t do anything illegal to help the Knicks, or any of the big boys. He did far more for the little guys. Cities like Sacramento and New Orleans needed Stern more, and his effor...
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Heisler: Farewell to David Stern, the icon who invented the modern NBA

To get the clichés out of the way first … David Stern didn’t invent the NBA. He became commissioner in 1984. The league had been around since the 1940s, albeit with humble origins in places like Fort Wayne and Tri-Cities that led Wilt Chamberlain, to sneer at it as “a bush league” on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Nor did Stern create Michael Jordan. That, of course, was James and Deloris Jordan. Nor did Stern save the NBA after the post-Jordan crash that followed Michael’s 1999 retirement wit...
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Fox Helps Kings Rally From 20 Down To Beat Grizzlies 128-123

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – De’Aaron Fox scored 10 of his 27 points in the final five minutes and the Sacramento Kings overcame a 20-point deficit in the first half to beat the Memphis Grizzlies 128-123 on Thursday night, ending an eight-game losing streak. Buddy Hield had 26 points and seven rebounds to help the Kings win for the first time since beating Golden State on Dec. 15. Richaun Holmes added 18 points and seven rebounds, and Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 16 points. The Kings allowed 42 points ...
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David Stern’s impact remembered before Thursday’s Clippers-Pistons game

LOS ANGELES — David Stern remained in the thoughts of those who showed up to work at Staples Center on Thursday, a day after the world learned of the death of the former NBA commissioner. The man who helped expand the league, including influencing the direction of both the Clippers and Lakers franchises, died Wednesday, three weeks after he was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. He was 77. “To be drafted into the NBA, and play in the NBA, it’s always (a dream) to shake the commissioner’s hand...
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Many Felt David Stern’s Wrath. He’ll Be Missed Anyway.

Stern built a rapport with many of the people around him despite a dictatorial management style that probably wouldn’t fly today.
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Magic Johnson says David Stern's response to HIV announcement changed the world

David Stern's death Wednesday brought a flood of tributes from NBA greats and others influenced by Stern the commissioner and Stern the man.
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How David Stern Navigated Race in the N.B.A.

Stern was known as a fierce negotiator who was considerate of the racial implications of overseeing a mostly black league, though he also faced criticism for some of his decisions.
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For Magic Johnson, David Stern was 'a history maker' who allowed him to continue to play following HIV announcement

David Stern's death Wednesday brought a flood of tributes from NBA greats and others influenced by Stern the commissioner and Stern the man.
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David Stern Earned His Tough Reputation in Battles of Labor and Race

Stern was known as a fierce negotiator who was considerate of the racial implications of overseeing a mostly black league, though he also faced criticism for some of his decisions.
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LeBron James on David Stern: 'He definitely should have something named after him'

LeBron James remembered former NBA commissioner David Stern as a 'great visionary.' Stern passed away Wednesday at the age of 77.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Former NBA Commissioner Remembered For Helping Keep Kings In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has passed away at the age 77, surrounded by family. He’s known as the superman of Sacramento. Stern is fiercely celebrated for keeping the Kings in the Capitol after two re-location attempts. The Kings CEO released a statement saying, “His impact on the league will leave a lasting imprint around the world and his fierce support of the team and this community is the reason why the kings stayed in Sacramento.” Mayor Darrell Steinberg tweete...
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How David Stern Rescued the NBA and Turned Basketball Into a Global Force

David Stern’s worst day in his 30-year tenure as NBA commissioner was also his best. On November 7, 1991, Stern took an early plane from New York City to Los Angeles, to sit by Magic Johnson’s side at a press conference as Magic told the world that he was HIV-positive and retiring from basketball. Like many people, Stern figured that Johnson was going to die. And on that flight, he thought about how people within basketball would react to the fact the he was lending his support to someone w...
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