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Savoey The Best Thai Seafood Restaurant in Terminal 21 Pattaya

( = || []).push({}); We have not visited Pattaya for many years and recently we revisited the beach city. There is a new shopping mall and it is the Terminal 21 Shopping Centre Pattaya. It is owned by the same owner of Terminal 21 Bangkok. The concept is the same but this mall is bigger than the one in Bangkok and almost twice the size. The are two ‘planes’ outside of the mall, a small private jet and a commercial size airplane. If you are look...
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Chang Sensory Trails 2018 – Annual Thai Food Festival With Chang Beer

Returning for the third year in a row, Chang Sensory Trails—the annual Thai food festival organised by Thailand’s award-winning beer, Chang—lands back in Singapore after a world tour in London and Los Angeles to bring a weekend that celebrates everything we love about Thai cuisine and culture through the culmination of Singapore’s finest Thai restaurants, art, music and not forgetting, refreshing Chang beer. Chang Sensory Trails is the perfect festival for all Thai food lovers to experience and...
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Crying Tiger Grilled Steak

Suea Rong Hai SPICE LEVEL: MEDIUM PREP TIME: 5 MINUTES, PLUS 30 MINUTES TO MARINATE • COOK TIME: 5 TO 10 MINUTES, PLUS 10 MINUTES TO REST NUT-FREE Nobody really knows why the tiger is crying (perhaps the sauce is too spicy for him?), but this popular classic from the northeastern Isaan region is delicious and a quick-and-easy way to make grilled steak far more exciting. It is the sauce that makes this Crying Tiger (without it, this is simply grilled beef, or nuea yang), and it’s normally served...
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Beerthai House Restaurant – Off-The-Radar Thai Eatery At Golden Mile Tower

Many people head down to Golden Mile Complex—also known as Little Thailand in Singapore—to satisfy their Thai food cravings for that place is home to many eateries serving authentic Thai cuisine. Golden Mile Tower, located just next to Golden Mile Complex, also has a few eateries that are worth checking out. Beerthai House Restaurant is one of them. It offers a selection of affordable Thai main dishes, desserts and drinks. // The Pad Thai (S$7+) is served with generous portions of frie...
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Grilled Sticky Rice & Salmon Cake

An Indonesian snack similar to Lemper. The difference is that Lemper is using either chicken or beef, Lalampa always uses fish meat such as tuna or salmon.These can be served warm or room temperature. Cooking The Rice 400 g short grain rice/glutinous rice/sticky rice, soak in water for 2 H250 ml ...By: klinongContinue Reading » [Author: klinong]
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Hong Kong 2016

Friends! I did it!! We decided to take the plunge and do a big Asia trip this year. We meant to go two years ago, but a lot of things came up and I was really, really scared about the flight. I mean, I still was, but I survived it. And that probably means I'm stronger for it. Right? If you're wondering, the flight from Toronto to Hong Kong is about 15-16 hours depending on lots of sciency things that I can't explain. That is a long time to be stuck in a vehicle with little arm and leg space. Th...
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Presenting the Quieter Side of Pattaya

People have an obsession with beauty. I don’t know when it first occurred to someone that being around or possessing beauty was something that would give them undeniable joy. Pattaya is one of those paradoxes that stands on the edge of beauty; an almost unbelievable oasis that sparkles with natural beauty in the daylight, then gets rowdy, full, and almost claustrophobic when the sun sets. It was easy getting used to the wonderful bits of Pattaya – its sun-kissed beaches, tepid climate, and laidb...
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