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5 Pro Secrets To Getting Accepted At A Photo Stock Agency

Have you ever thought about selling your images through a photo stock agency? Here are 5 pro secrets to getting accepted. Trying to sell your images can be a very frustrating exercise. Unless you plan to be a full-time photographer, it is unlikely that you will have the time to market yourself and your images. If you don’t market yourself then buyers are not going to find your images.   There is, however, a way to make money without having to go full time. I am talking of course about being a s...
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A Quick History Lesson – The Evolution Of Stock Photography

Within the commercial world of photography, there is a myriad of different niches in which any photographer can develop their career, and stock photography is perhaps the easiest market to access. But it’s also a very crowded place. Being aware of trends and being able to deliver unique and fresh work will always be the best card to play if you want to become a successful stock photographer. Basically, stock photography is a vast catalog of photographs with specific usage licenses for an array o...
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Creative and Authentic are the Stock Photography Trends for 2018 According to Polling

Stock photography gets a bad rap for its stilted models, but is all of that about to change? Whether you’re a commercial photographer trying to develop a multi-season, multimedia ad campaign or a stock photographer grinding away on the major websites, you probably want to know what consumers and clients are looking for – after all, staying on the cutting edge is what keeps you and your art relevant, right? In an effort to predict what consumers will be looking for in terms of stock photography f...
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