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'That thing is definitely cooking': Tornado touches down in Kismet, Kansas

A tornado formed near Kismet, Kansas, on July 1, with the National Weather Service confirming the funnel hit the ground.         [Author: Storyful]
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Horse rescued after ending up a mile off Ireland's coast in Atlantic Ocean

A lifeboat crew came to the aid of a horse that had bolted over a mile out into the Atlantic Ocean from a beach in Donegal, Ireland.         [Author: Storyful]
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Fourth of July fireworks came early to New York thanks to Macy's secret displays

Macy's has staged several secret fireworks displays across New York up until the Fourth of July to keep crowds from gathering during the pandemic.         [Author: Storyful]
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Family fishing on lake saves young bear with head stuck in plastic container

The family was on their way back from a fishing trip when they spotted the bear.         [Author: Storyful]
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Trader Joe's shopper kicked out after 'yelling in defense' when criticized for no mask

This woman said she felt threatened when a fellow customer cursed her out for not wearing a mask at a Los Angeles Trader Joe's.         [Author: Storyful]
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Macy's kicks off July Fourth fireworks series

Macy's department store staged the first of what it says will be several small fireworks displays ahead of July Fourth, on Monday, June 29.         [Author: Storyful]
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St. Louis mayor says names, addresses of people who want to defund police in Facebook Live

The demonstration came after St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson read aloud the names and addresses of people who want to defund police.         [Author: Storyful]
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Adorable bear cubs find themselves playing on family's deck

Two playful bear cubs surprised a family vacationing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.         [Author: Storyful]
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Couple points guns at protestors as group went to mayor's house in St. Louis

The demonstration came after St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson read aloud the names and addresses of people who want to defund police.         [Author: Storyful]
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Rainbow appears over New York City after summer thunderstorm

A rainbow appeared over New York City after a brief summer thunderstorm on June 28.         [Author: Storyful]
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This 400-pound black bear had a fun day at the Oregon Zoo playing in a wading pool

This playful 400-pound black bear enjoyed a dip in this 300-gallon wading pool at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.         [Author: Storyful]
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This curious dolphin tried to befriend some feisty dogs on a boat in Isle of Hope, Georgia

This dolphin just wanted to make friends with a few dogs on a boat in Isle of Hope, Georgia, but they were not as excited.         [Author: Storyful]
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Denture-swiping dog couldn't be prouder

A curious Jackapoo broke into a bedroom drawer and tried on his owner's mother's dentures.         [Author: Storyful]
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Growing Bighorn fire prompts additional evacuations in Arizona

The Bighorn fire in Arizona's Pima County has burned over 31,000 acres and prompted additional evacuations on Thursday, June 18.         [Author: Storyful]
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Couple reunited after 90-year-old wife spent over a month in hospital for COVID-19

Don Hoffman was waiting on his wife of 67 years with a bouquet of flowers.         [Author: Storyful]
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Police officer stops to fix fallen American flag outside of local business

When he noticed the flag holder was broken, he knew what to do.         [Author: Storyful]
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New Jersey police officers pull unconscious man from burning car

A pair of fishermen, an EMT, and two police officers rescued an unconscious man from a burning car in Atlantic City, New Jersey.         [Author: Storyful]
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Bear takes a swing at a coyote on a Canadian golf course

Golfers spot a bear chasing a coyote around trees on a British Columbian golf course.         [Author: Storyful]
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Couple calls police on man writing 'Black Lives Matter' on his own property

A couple called police on a person of color who was stenciling "Black Lives Matter" in front of his own property.         [Author: Storyful]
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SeaWorld Orlando reopens with new guidelines after being closed for months

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay reopened to guests with new restrictions to safeguard against the spread of illness.         [Author: Storyful]
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Firefighting aircraft drops retardant on Bighorn Blaze near Tucson, Arizona

The Bighorn wildfire, which had been burning for several days near Tucson, Arizona, had scorched thousands of acres of wilderness as of June 11.         [Author: Storyful]
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New Orleans man gives stranded neighbor much needed lift in canoe through flooded streets

A man came to his stranded neighbor's aid after more than five inches of rain fell in the area, the National Weather Service reported.         [Author: Storyful]
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Seattle dads throw own pride parade with help from their two kids

The dads said they took the day to educate their kids on current "protests and others fighting for equality."         [Author: Storyful]
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64,000 endangered green turtles seen nesting in one of the biggest gatherings

This is the endangered green turtles' biggest gathering since the start of the Raine Island Recovery Project in the Great Barrier Reef.         [Author: Storyful]
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'Crazy': June snow blankets parts of Colorado after wintry storm

Snow fell in parts of Colorado on June 9 as unseasonal weather struck the state.         [Author: Storyful]
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5-year-old boy with prosthetic legs walks to raise money for hospital that saved his life

Tony Hudgell had his legs amputated when he was a baby. Now he's helping the hospital that saved his life.         [Author: Storyful]
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'I'm here to protect you': Police officer comforts scared, young girl at Houston protest

This Houston police officer comforted a young girl at a protest for Black Lives Matter after she asked him a very tough question.         [Author: Storyful]
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Damaging tornado spins through downtown Orlando, Florida

A tornado spun through downtown Orlando, Florida, on June 6.         [Author: Storyful]
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2,000 foot wide landslide drowns coastal homes in arctic sea, lucky dog saved

A massive 2,000 foot wide swath of land shifts and crumbles as homes are shoved into arctic waters off the coast of Norway.         [Author: Storyful]
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Massive Black Lives Matter banner painted on street leading to White House

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser also renamed a portion of the busy road Black Lives Matter Plaza.         [Author: Storyful]
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