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Streamlabs launches a ‘link in bio’ website builder that includes tipping

A number of online creators and influencers have adopted mobile-friendly “link in bio” websites, like Linktree, to point their fans to their social profiles or other content they want to promote. Today, live streaming software company Streamlabs launched its own product in this market with its new mobile website builder Willow. Its tool differentiates itself from others in this space by integrating a tipping feature directly on the landing page. “Link in bio” websites have grown in popularity be...
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News Post: PA League

Gabe: The Penny Arcade iRacing league has grown to over 150 drivers now and our weekly races continue to be totally rad. Last night was especially crazy and I encourage you to check out the VOD because it was such a wild race but also because we’re working on some new tech. My eldest son Gabriel has discovered a real passion for setting up and producing our streams. He was elbows deep in Streamlabs yesterday working on some new features for the Gabir Motors show and even though we had a few hicc...
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Twitch breaks records again in Q2, topping 5B total hours watched

Twitch had already broken viewership records in the first quarter of 2020 amid coronavirus lockdowns, surpassing 3 billion total hours watched in a single quarter for the first time. In the second quarter, it appears that Twitch has broken that record and several others once again. According to a new report from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet, Twitch saw a massive 62.7% increase in hours watched from Q1 2020 reach 5 billion hours watched in the second quarter. This figure was also up by 83.1% yea...
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Twitch launches an esports directory to cater to growing streaming audience

Twitch is doubling down on esports in this new era of social distancing as a number of traditional sporting events have been cancelled. The company this week introduced a new esports directory on its site that will make it easier for viewers to find live matches, information on players, games with active competition leagues, a directory of players and more. The goal, Twitch says, is on making Twitch easier to navigate with regard to this sort of gaming content — particularly at a time when it...
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Facebook is about to launch its dedicated gaming app and sped up the launch because of the pandemic

Facebook will launch its gaming service in app form on Monday as it looks to capitalize on the industry's current boom. Facebook Gaming lets users watch and create gaming-focused live streams, and also includes some casual games. The social media giant told The New York Times that the coronavirus pandemic led the company to accelerate its work on a number of gaming projects. The app is set to compete with the likes of Amazon-owned Twitch and YouTube. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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Logitech-Owned Streamlabs Expands Streaming Software to Mac

Logitech-owned company Streamlabs, a provider of live streaming tools, has today expanded its software to the Mac. Streamlabs OBS is available on macOS in an open beta capacity, allowing live streamers on Mac to access customization tools for creating professional broadcasts, engaging with audiences, and monetizing content on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, and other streaming platforms. According to Streamlabs, its goal was to build powerful streaming software for Mac that blends a user-f...
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Twitch’s loss of top streamers impacts hours watched and streamed in Q4 2019, report says

The loss of several big-name streamers is finally taking its toll on Twitch, according to a new report from StreamLabs and Newzoo out today. In August 2019, top streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, announced his intention to leave Twitch for Microsoft Mixer. Several others have since defected as well, including competitive gamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek who went to Mixer in October, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop who left in November for YouTube Live, and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang who also left in Novemb...
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Mojichat is partnering with Streamlabs to create customized emotes of streamers

Mojichat, the Los Angeles startup which makes full-body, animated emojis, is launching a partnership with Streamlabs to offer gamers an opportunity to sell customized emojis to fans and potential sponsors. Viewers can create customized Mojichat emotes that can be displayed in chat boxes next to their names, that will appear in-stream if they donate to gamers, or be integrated into a livestream in front of viewers. The partnership driven by Streamlabs exclusive agreement with Mojichat, is desi...
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Ninja’s new streaming deal has been a mixed bag for Mixer and Twitch, data shows

New quarterly reports showcase how Ninja has impacted popular streaming platforms Mixer and Twitch, two months after he left the latter for the former.
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Beginner’s Guide To Twitch Streaming – Part 2

This second entry into our beginner's guide series will focus on adding a few additional scenes and source types to add a bit of variety to your stream. While we do plan to cover the more advanced features of streaming setups in future guides, you won't find us discussing the pros and cons of encoder types here. The post Beginner’s Guide To Twitch Streaming – Part 2 appeared first on
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Beginner’s Guide To Twitch Streaming – Part 1

Do you want to be the next Ninja? How about the next Dr Disrespect? Maybe you want to try out your stand-up routine on random Internet strangers before hitting up the local comedy club. Whatever the case may be, streaming to Twitch, or another similar platform, can seem like a daunting task at first. Thankfully this doesn't have to be the case, and we are here with the first in a series of articles dedicated to getting you up and streaming. The post Beginner’s Guide To Twitch Streaming – Part 1 ...
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YouTube is closing the gap with Twitch on live streaming, report finds

Twitch continues to dominate the live streaming market, with approximately 2.5 billion hours watched by viewers in the third quarter of 2018, according to a new industry report out this morning. While YouTube still trails, it’s begun to close the gap with Twitch, it appears. YouTube’s live streaming platform, YouTube Live, started the year with 15 percent of the overall live streaming market’s viewership, but by September 2018, it had grown to roughly 25 percent of all live streaming hours viewe...
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How to Power Up Your Twitch Stream with Streamlabs

Streamlabs OBS is a modified version of OBS designed with streamers in mind. It adds support for themes and widgets, improving the look of your stream and adding support for many useful features, such as showing donations and subscribers on stream, displaying live chat on stream, and displaying sub goals and sponsor banners.
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Twitch solidifies its lead with viewership up 21% in Q1, while YouTube Gaming drops

Twitch further solidified its lead in the game streaming market in the first quarter of the year, with gains in both average concurrent viewership and peak concurrent viewership, while the number two streaming site, YouTube Gaming, saw losses on both fronts. According to a new report from Streamlabs, which has visibility into the market thanks to its software platform used by hundreds of thousands of streamers, Twitch viewership was up by 21 percent in the quarter, growing from 788K average conc...
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Twitch’s extensions come to mobile

Twitch’s extensions – the tools that allows streamers to customize their channel pages with interactive experiences, including leaderboards, polls, schedules, and more – are now available on mobile. The game streaming company announced this highly requested feature at the Game Developers Conference this week, along with the launch of a web app for developers that will allow them to test extensions against production APIs across a variety of views – like the broadcaster’s live view, for exampl...
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YouTube Gaming grew its streamer base by 343% in 2017, Twitch by 197%

 YouTube Gaming, Google’s rival to game-streaming site Twitch, is starting to pick up traction. According to a new report from Streamlabs, Twitch continues to dominate the live streaming space, but YouTube grew its monthly active streamer base by 343 percent over the course of 2017. Twitch, by comparison, grew 197 percent. Streamlabs has visibility into the live streaming market by way of… Read More
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Twitch’s concurrent streamers grew 67% in Q3, as YouTube Gaming declined

Amazon-owned game streaming site Twitch is continuing to see solid growth, according to a new report from Streamlabs, which found that Twitch increased its numbers of concurrent streamers on the platform by 67 percent in the third quarter of 2017. That growth is being attributed, in part, to Twitch’s newer initiatives focused on allowing smaller streamers to generate revenue from… Read More
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Twitch and League of Legends still dominate streaming, but YouTube is catching up

 Twitch and other game-streaming sites are big business, that much is established, but everyone’s waiting for things to sort of max out, and some thought that might have happened earlier this year. But the latest quarterly report from Streamlabs indicates there’s still plenty of room to grow, and that Twitch doesn’t have a stranglehold on the market — well, not a… Read More
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Streamers flock to YouTube Live, but the money (and crowd) is still at Twitch

 YouTube Live is making impressive strides in catching up to incumbent Twitch, but it has a long way to go yet. On the bright side, it doesn’t look like they’ll run out of road: streaming looks to be a fairly sustainable business. Read More
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