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“Transmetropolitan”: Photographer Omi Kim Explores Neon Streets Of Cyberpunk Japan

Spectacular street shots by Omi Kim, a multi-talented photographer, content creator, and urban explorer based in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Omi focuses mainly on urban and street photography. He explores streets of Japan to capture striking cinematic photos. More: Omi Kim, Instagram h/t: Source
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The Pro's Guide To Nailing The Perfect At-Home Manicure

Whether you prefer French tips, a gel finish, or powder dip nails, making time for a professional manicure is an indulgence — and not all of us have the time, money, or patience for a refresh every week. But thanks to beloved brands like O.P.I, Essie, and Sally Hansen stocked plentifully at most drugstores, Instagram-worthy nails are, well, at our fingertips.Formulas are better than ever overall, but when it comes to painting your nails yourself, the wrong techniques and bad habits can lead to ...
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NYC to name streets after Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang Clan, and Woody Guthrie

The New York City Council voted to rename streets after hip-hop artists Christopher Wallace (aka the Notorious BIG) and the Wu-Tang Clan and folk musician/activist Woodie Guthrie. If Mayor Bill de Blasio gives his final approval, a block in Brooklyn where Notorious B.I.G. was raised will be called Christopher Wallace Way, Staten Island will have a Wu-Tang Clan District, and part of Coney Island's Mermaid Avenue will be renamed Woody Guthrie Way to celebrate his 1940s home. From Rolling Stone: ...
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Why we should get rid of jaywalking laws

Jaywalking shouldn't be a crime. Everyone does it; it's part of the self-governing behavior of urbandwellers, and is so routine that I've suspected it plays a crucial role in a city's everyday mobility. Countries that don't criminalize jaywalking have lower rates of people killed in traffic. Even the police in many US cities would seem to agree that jaywalking laws are silly, because they ignore a ton of jaywalking. The exception? Black Americans -- they're dramatically more likely to be char...
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Who Are The Masters, Pt 3: Whose Streets

After arresting dozens in St. Louis, police chanted Whose Streets? Our Streets! Police are supposed to serve the public, so who are the masters? The post Who Are The Masters, Pt 3: Whose Streets appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Purdue Pharma Not off the Hook for Everett’s Opioid Crisis

Purdue Pharma Not off the Hook for Everett's Opioid Crisis The post Purdue Pharma Not off the Hook for Everett’s Opioid Crisis appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Michigan’s Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Forced to Close Their Doors

Michigan's Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Forced to Close Their Doors The post Michigan’s Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Forced to Close Their Doors appeared first on Legal Reader.
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UPDATED: Michigan’s Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Forced to Close Their Doors

Michigan's Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Forced to Close Their Doors The post UPDATED: Michigan’s Marijuana Dispensaries May Be Forced to Close Their Doors appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Couple Buys Exclusive San Francisco Street, Rich Residents Sue to Avoid Paying Rent to Park

This is one of those stories that is bound to provoke a range of emotions. It involves a homeowners’ association, rich and powerful property owners, real-estate speculators and parking. None of those first three are likely to engender sympathy but in this case you sort of have to root for the little guys, the speculators. […] The post Couple Buys Exclusive San Francisco Street, Rich Residents Sue to Avoid Paying Rent to Park appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Enter 10-15: Desire

Jake Gaudet, Sam Eisenhaur, Parrish Isaacs, Jon Karhu, Jeremy Ellenberg, John Garoutte , Jesse Gomez, Joey Leon, Max Eisenhaur, Jake Fournier Film / edit – Parrish Isaacs additional film / edit by the crew Crass – Walls
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This Never-Ending Parade of Snow Plows Is Easily the Best Way to Clear Snowy Roads

If you’re from a place where it snows a lot (I’m not), and where people don’t annoyingly complain about how cold it is all the time (not me), and are totally prepared for the winter months (also, not me), you’re probably not as surprised as I am about this seemingly never-ending stretch of badass snow plowers…Read more...
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Montmartre by Night

Montmartre, high above Paris, is delightful by day, full of photo ops, but it’s even more enchanting by night. I thought it would be pretty deserted once the sun was set but there were people everywhere, probably because it was a very mild night.  Tried to get an iconic shot of the stairs just lit by street lamps but they seemed too bright to me.  The stairs in front of Sacre Coeur were packed with people and there was live music being played.  A glimpse of the cathedral.  I’ve seen photos of th...
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Assumptions about homeless people

Photo: Kid Clutch 1. “They’re all criminals.” This is one of the most dangerous generalizations that we can make about homeless populations because it prevents non-profit organizations and the general public from feeling sympathy towards this demographic. The truth is that homeless people commit fewer crimes than those who are not homeless. And those who have committed a crime, are usually guilty of only status crimes which include loitering, trespassing and sleeping in public. Think about it...
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Watch a Huge Crowd of People Miraculously Make Way for an Ambulance to Get Through

I think parting the Red Sea is easier than getting a huge crowd of people at a festival to make way for an ambulance but hey, miracles do happen. This horde participating in a Ganesh Visarjan in Pune, India is proof of that. The street was smothered with people but when an ambulance van started approaching, the street immediately opened up so that it could drive through. We’re talking about a mob realizing what’s going on and clearing out in seconds, it’s unbelievable.Read more...
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Strangest Streets in the World

In the event that you ever thought your neighborhood was odd, then devour your eyes on these unfathomably abnormal lanes from around the globe. From terrifyingly soak grades to unthinkably convoluted intersections, a few boulevards have gotten to be vacation destinations in their own ideal for their sheer preposterousness. Ebenezer Place, Scotland This minor road is home to only one location which comprises of the front way to the bistro of Mackeys Hotel. Potentially the main road on the plane...
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Why the Hell Is This Manhole Cover Levitating?

A huge storm drenched Phoenix and flooded the streets earlier this week. That’s already bizarre, but the weirdest thing to come out of that storm that happens once a century in the desert is this floating manhole cover. The 150-pound metal plate looks like it’s kind of dancing? Or at least, it’s bouncing around the street in an attempt to levitate.Read more...
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Watching Workers Paint Letters on a Street Is So Soothing

I’m not sure what impresses me the most in this video of workers painting the street. Is it the perfect angles drawn free hand with a tool that’s essentially a stick with an open box at the end? Is it the dude dropping the hot thermoplastic into that box, while his partner is drawing the letters? Or is it the exquisite, ballerina-like footwork of the two workers who make sure not to step on the letters they just made?Read more...
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Book Notes - Matthew Binder "High in the Streets"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Bret Easton Ellis, Kate Christensen, Lauren Groff, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Jesmyn Ward, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Matthew Binder's novel High in the Streets is an impressive debut engagingly set in the city of Los Angeles. Heavy Feather Review wrote of the book: "Matthew Binder could ha...
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Look How Much Better a City Can Be When It Designs for People Not Cars

It’s a common argument when a city wants to take away space for cars : “This isn’t Amsterdam.” But guess what, Amsterdam—where half the traffic movement in the city center is by bike—wasn’t always Amsterdam, either. The image above serves as proof proof that better street design can improve daily life, not just for people on bikes but for all residents.Read more...
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Watch these crazy brothers shred Barcelona in the best unicycle video ever made

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Filmmaker Raphael Pöham and his twin brother Elias Pöham teamed up with brothers Josef Sjönneby and Martin Sjönneby to create the most impressive unicycle video ever made. Watch the team of brothers ride the streets of Barcelona combining impressive tricks with creative filming techniques.
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More in the Marais

I have to say one of the reasons I enjoy being back in Paris is that I never have to get in a car and drive someplace. I mostly take the metro, but also the bus. When in the bus, there may be heavy traffic or lots of stops at stop lights but I’m not as annoyed as I get when behind the wheel. Anyway, I took the metro to the Saint Paul metro stop as my photos showed in the last two blog postings. Here are a few more outside of the Village Saint Paul. I always take photos of Citroëns. They don’t...
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UK floods: man explores flooded York by canoe

Video gives a unique perspective of York as a man travels along the flooded streets by canoe [Author: Joe Daunt]
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If your San Francisco street isn’t more than 30 degrees, it isn’t steep!

I searched online for a list of the steepest streets in San Francisco and found five near me. All are over 30 degrees steep, the kind where you slip inside your shoes and the sidewalks are often stairs. I have no idea how many times I stared in disbelief wondering how someone thought building these […]
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The world's most expensive streets

On the 80th anniversary of Monopoly, take a whistlestop tour of the world's "Mayfairs" [Author: Telegraph Staff]
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Isil threatens slaughter in the streets of the West

'Jihadi John' threatens to bring slaughter to the streets of the West as he announces the death of American aid worker Peter Kassig [Author: Ben Farmer] [ ]
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