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Far From Suburbia: Volkswagen’s Atlas Basecamp Concept

Volkswagen will bring a modified version of the Atlas to the New York Auto Show this week, aimed to appeal to outdoorsy types. VW calls it the Atlas Basecamp Concept, claiming it offers “a go-anywhere attitude to the brand that is already synonymous with road-trip culture.” That seems like a fair assessment. While the Atlas […] The post Far From Suburbia: Volkswagen’s Atlas Basecamp Concept appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Shorties (Charles Portis's Novel The Dog of the South at 40, Tracey Thorn on Her New Memoir, and more)

The Ringer reconsidered Charles Portis's novel, The Dog of the South, first published 40 years ago. Tracey Thorn discussed her new memoir, Another Planet: A Teenager in Suburbia, with the Los Angeles Times. February's best eBook deals. eBooks on sale for $2.99 today: The Hospital by Ahmed Bouanani President Carter: The White House Years by Sunflower Bean visited The Current studio for an interview and live performance. The Los Angeles Review of Books interviewed author Gabino ...
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Tracey Thorn: ‘Not everything you do is cool’

Everything But the Girl’s Tracey Thorn on performing, her parents and her second memoir, Another Planet• Read an extract from Another Planet: A Teenager in SuburbiaYou mined your teenage diaries a little in your first book, Bedsit Disco Queen. Did you find something different going back to them this time?When I wrote Bedsit Disco Queen, I think I tried to present a slightly cooler version of myself. Implying that I’d only bought these records and that I’d immediately bought a guitar and formed a...
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The suburbs are the spiritual home of overconsumption. But they also hold the key to a better future

Suburban affluence is the defining image of the good life under capitalism, commonly held up as a model to which all humanity should aspire.More than half of the world's population now lives in cities. Yet with the global economy already in gross ecological overshoot, and a world population heading for more than 11 billion, this way of living is neither fair nor sustainable. To live within our environmental means, the richest nations will need to embrace a planned process of economic “degrowth"....
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Rental Review—2018 BMW X3 sDrive30i

Before we go any further, I just want to point out one thing — I hate the BMW X3. I loathe even the idea of it. I grew up on the E30 3 Series and the E23 7 Series, both of which were in my father’s driveway well before most people in Suburbia knew what […] The post Rental Review—2018 BMW X3 sDrive30i appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Sample pages from Liz Suburbia's new comic book anthology, Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake

Artist Janelle Hessig (who was a guest many times on Boing Boing's retired Gweek podcast) has launched a comic book publishing company in Oakland called Gimme Action. Tomorrow Gimme Action is releasing a new comic anthology by Liz Suburbia (who wrote and illustrated the excellent Sacred Heart in 2015). Suburbia's anthology is called Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake, which includes all seven issues of Liz's mini-comic Cyanide Milkshake. As Janelle describes it, "the book takes you on a journey f...
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Shorties (The Books That Defined the 2000s, An Excerpt from the New Beastie Boys Book, and more)

Literary Hub listed books that defined the 2000s. The Guardian shared an excerpt from the new Beastie Boys Book. Mike D and Ad-Rock discussed the book with Morning Edition. Largehearted Boy's aggregation of 2018 "best books of 2018" lists has begun! 60 lists are currently featured, with a couple thousand more to come. William Boyle reviewed Cat Power's new album, Wanderer, at the Oxford American. October's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $1.99 today: Free Food for Millionai...
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How “Walking Tacos” and Suburban Walking Paths Help Me Find God

When the leaves begin to change to the colors of fire in less temperate places around the world, here in my southern California suburbs, the changes are more slight. A cool breeze. Light jackets. The morning taking just a few minutes longer to start its day. The evenings cooling off enough for our family after-dinner walks. One early fall evening, we take to our suburban walking paths for “walking tacos,” a meal where we stuff chip bags full of taco meat, lettuce, and salsa and eat it right out ...
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13 Trends I'm Wearing This Fashion Week — & Beyond

You've probably heard the cliché rhyme that comes with traditional weddings: s omething old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (and "a sixpence in your shoe" if you're really throwing it back). Well, Fashion Month is the biggest month of the year for any fashion editor, and it just so happens I have my own version of this little checklist for the days — okay weeks — ahead. Except mine has a little more to do with statement trends, eye-catching accessories, and street style-w...
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Wild and Unsettling Comics You Should Read After Revisiting ‘Fight Club’

(Welcome to Comic Book Drive-In, a series where comic and movie fans Jazmine Joyner and Rosie Knight recommend brand new, ongoing, and completed comic book series that tie into classic films and new releases.) Welcome back to Comic Book Drive-In! Thanks for joining us on our journey through celluloid and sequential storytelling. In our third edition, we’re revisiting one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented films in contemporary canon. David Fincher’s Fight Club is a searing satire abo...
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‘Summer of 84’ Trailer: A Serial Killer Terrorizes Suburbia in This Riff on Classic ’80s Movies

You may not recognize the name RKSS, but the filmmaking collective comprised of François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell made some waves with their futuristic feature debut Turbo Kid, which was a cult favorite on the indie circuit a few years ago. Now they’re back with a new film called Summer of ’84 that takes a deep dive into the nostalgia of the 1980s. The premise is simple: a group of teenage boys ride bicycles through idyllic suburbia while trying to figure out if one of th...
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Netflix Canada July 2018 New Releases & Titles

Here’s a full list of all of the television shows and movies coming to Netflix Canada this July 2018: July 1, 2018 A River Runs Through It Barbie Dolphin Magic Counterfeiting in Suburbia District 9 Dogtown and Z-Boys Hitch Hot Fuzz Jawbreaker Kung Fu Panda 3 Now You See Me 2 Paul Blart: Mall Cop Return to the Blue Lagoon Swiss Army Man The Boss The Exorcism of Emily Rose Within July 2, 2018 Dance Academy: The Comeback July 3, 2018 The Comedy Lineup – Netflix Original Good Girls – Netflix O...
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"For years, an unwavering certitude of industry, think tanks, demographers, policy-makers and city planners everywhere has been that humanity is moving to the city,:

"We just needed to figure out how to house, employ and feed everyone in a condensed space. Yes, but... in a mea culpa at Brookings, William Frey, a demographer, said that, based on new census data, he has changed his mind on what he thought was a mass urbanization trend. He still thinks that cities will attract 'young people — especially well-off, affluent millennials and post-millennials. But this won't be most cities... And, for this younger generation, what I see is more clustered development...
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Power to the People: When big-block engines suddenly showed up all over the place

A potent 600-horsepower 427 Cammer looks like it belongs in the Fairlane’s engine bay. The shock towers had to be modified and the master cylinder moved to shoehorn the engine in. A dual quad intake used in factory drag-racing cars tops off a rare engine. Photo by Charlie Lillard. [Editor’s Note: Martyn Schorr’s Day One: An Automotive Journalist’s Muscle-Car Memoir takes readers through muscle-car history like few others can: From the perspective of somebody who drove, tested, raced, and wrote ...
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The Daily Edit – Rollacoaster: Justin Campbell

Rollacoaster Magazine Fashion Stylist : Morgan Pinney Photographer: Justin Campbell Heidi: What type of direction did you get from the magazine? Justin: I love working with Rollacoaster because they give you a lot of creative freedom. The concept we came up with was this idea of “Summer in Suburbia.” Describe the shoot, it looks like you two were simply hanging out.  Cameron and I have shot a lot together, (below is an image from a previous shoot) so in a sense it felt like ...
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In The Predator's Debut Teaser Trailer, the Hunt Sets a Crash Course for Suburbia

It’s a real jungle out there, even in the suburbs. The debut trailer for The Predator is here, and things aren’t looking too good in this neighborhood.Read more...
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"I'm a very special human being. Noble. And splendid."

Says Burt Lancaster to Joan Rivers in "The Swimmer."The movie came out 50 years ago — in May 1968. I saw it at the time, when I was 17 and interested in figuring out what the adults viewed as high-class film art.And I DVR'd it when I saw that it was on Turner Classic Movies this week, and Meade and I ended up watching it straight through last night.We laughed at it a lot — the Marvin Hamlisch music, the nature photography, the endless observation of the torso of Lancaster, the taking seriously o...
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"This article is sad to me. It looks like the patrons are mainly women desperate for something that can never be found."

"Also: Those 'cute' little quail eggs come from the most brutal factory farm warehouses filled with small, suffering birds forced to live in filth and being driven insane in tiny crammed cages - and all this misery and abuse to feed an empty, futile lifestyle."That's the top-rated comment on "'You can never have too many mimosas’: How brunch became the day-wrecking meal that America loves to hate" (WaPo). In the article, there is such contempt:Brunch is its own kind of religion. Or at least a pa...
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Suburbia gone sour: the melancholia of Melbourne's milk bars – in pictures

Milk bars – or corner shops – were once an icon of Australian suburbia. Many were established by immigrants half a century ago, but recent gentrification has seen them replaced by restaurants and chain stores. Designer Jimi Connor has documented their declineSee the whole Australian cities week series here Continue reading...
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Boomburbs: Sydney's urban sprawl seen from above – in pictures

When Andrew Merry exhibited his hypnotic aerial images of Sydney’s new suburbia in 2006 many people could not believe they were taken in Australia. A decade on, he looks back on the seriesAustralian Cities Week: how you can get involved Continue reading...
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2017 Jeep Compass Limited Review – Jeepness Distilled for Suburbia

I’m certainly an outcast among automotive journalists. So many in this line of work absolutely fetishize the Jeep brand. Mottos like “It’s A Jeep Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand” and “If You Can Read This, Roll Me Over” flow through reviews and tweets like a lifted CJ on thirty fives. I’ve never really seen the appeal. […] The post 2017 Jeep Compass Limited Review – Jeepness Distilled for Suburbia appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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"This home on Plymouth Drive in Sunnyvale, Calif. recently set the highest price per square foot ever recorded by the Multiple Listing Service."

"The two bedroom, two bath home - 848 square feet in size - sold in two days for $2 million. It had been listed for $1.45 million. That means it sold for $2,358 per square foot, which is the highest price per square foot in Sunnyvale recorded by MLS Listings which has data going back to Jan. 1, 2000," Mercury News reports.Here's your living room:I Google street-viewed all of Plymouth Drive in Sunnyvale. It's the kind of boring suburban street anyone not knowing anything more about the location w...
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"A path is little more than a habit that comes with knowledge of a place. It is a sort of ritual of familiarity. As a form, it is a form of contact with a known landscape."

Wrote Wendell Berry, quoted by Etienne in last night's "Winter Road Café," after Bunk said "Hey, this photo..." "... appears to be a bike path, not a road."I love the Berry quote, and thanks to Etienne for bringing it to us. It perfectly explains why I, using that photograph and needing a title for the "café," could not bring myself to use the word "path," even though I knew for sure — what you were left guessing* — that it is the thing most people call a "bike path."**___________________* Dan...
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The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle

The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle AoiroStudio Feb 22, 2018 Currently in Sweden, I had the honour to assist earlier today to the World Premiere of the new Volvo V60, right in the heart of Suburbia of Stockholm. I was part with many others in participation of a non-traditional way to unveil a new car. If you think about the traditional way of a conference hall or a motor show. It wasn't the case at all. We ha...
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In WaPo's world, everything's dismal, including the loss of a depressing suburban shopping mall.

Look at this array of downer headlines on the front page right now. Even the Iran uprising gets portrayed in a negative light. Click to enlarge:I'm used to MSM portraying suburban shopping malls as soul-sucking places for boring people who don't know how hopeless they are, but when a shopping mall dies, they don't say, good, these places were always a blight on American small-town life, they bemoan the loss, as if whatever happens in Trump's America must be bad. The challenge is just to figure o...
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Here's what could happen to America's hundreds of dead malls

As one of the first postwar suburban shopping centers in the US, the Northgate Mall in northern Seattle defines classic mall architecture. Its architect, John Graham Jr., pioneered the dumbbell, big-box shape for malls, in which two rows of stores face each other and a department store anchors each end. Graham also gave Northgate a grocery store — which later became a food court — and a huge parking lot. In the decades that followed, malls around the country copied Northgate's layout. It became...
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Tonight in L.A.: Morrissey, Cut Copy, Hamilton Leithauser, Lawrence Rothman, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Thee Commons, Buyepongo, Dream Machines, William Patrick Corgan, Stabbing Westward, Lupe Fiasco, Caught a Ghost

Happy Morrissey Day — Los Angeles shows for Friday: ► Morrissey does the first of two sold-out nights at the Hollywood Bowl, with Billy Idol supporting. ► Cut Copy play the Shrine behind their new album “Haiku From Zero,” with De Lux, Palbomen II and Cooper Saver supporting. ► Hamilton Leithauser, just signed to Glassnote Records and with a new album on the way in 2018, headlines the Fonda Theatre, with Courtney Marie Andrews opening. ► Lawrence Rothman headlines the Bootleg Theater behind his n...
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SYFY locks cast for Deadly Class pilot based on graphic novel

SYFY has commissioned a pilot for a TV adaptation of the graphic novel Deadly Class, and has set the cast of series regulars and already locked in some guest stars as well. Deadly Class follows a disillusioned teen recruited into a storied high school for assassins. Maintaining his moral code while surviving a ruthless curriculum, vicious social cliques, and his own adolescent uncertainties may prove fatal. Set against the backdrop of late 80s counter culture, Deadly Class is a coming of age jou...
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This Week’s Shows: Nov. 6-12

Upcoming Los Angeles concerts: Morrissey, Tropicalia Festival, Cults, the Story So Far, Superet, Los Angeles Police Department, Kacy Johansing, the Shacks, GospelbeacH, DALES, Bruno Major, Bernhoft, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, the Front Bottoms, Rhye, Midnight Opera, L.A. Salami, Pell, Mr. Carmack, La Bouquet, Son Little, Unwritten Law, Noah Gundersen, Lizzo, King Krule, Cloakroom, Janelle Kroll, Sur, David Ramirez, Max Frost, Hiss Golden Messenger, Doe Paoro, Twinkids, the Sounds, Hot Snakes, Hotel...
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BUGGING IN: What To Do When TSHTF and YOU Live In Suburbia

Your electrical power fails due to a storm, terrorist attack, EMP or other catastrophe. Hyperinflation leads to an economic collapse and food and medical supplies stop flowing to the cities. A pandemic spreads death around the globe. This book offers specific, practical advice and instruction, as well as general guidelines you will have to tailor to your unique circumstances, to help you keep your family as relatively secure as possible. You will learn what to stock up on, what skills you shou...
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