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Success stories - V.A. Wait Times Now Shorter Than for Private Doctors

From New York Times on 01/22/19 Wait times for an appointment at Veterans Affairs hospitals have decreased since 2014 and are now, on average, shorter than those in the private sector, a new study shows. Researchers used V.A. data to calculate wait times for about 17 million appointments. The public sector data came from a survey conducted by a physicians’ search firm in nearly 2,000 medical offices in 30 major and midsize metropolitan areas. The study, in JAMA Network Open, covered f...
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How Top-Industry Leaders Achieve Success By Finding Inspiration Where Others Don’t Look

Inspiration can be found nearly anywhere. Many people focus on the individuals who have built a mega company from a concept they came up with in their garage, but there are more success stories out there than Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniak’s. For unique sources of inspiration, start looking outside of the limelight. Look for Inspiration Where Others Don’t. We all like a good underdog story. A single mother who worked her way through college and started her own business. A young boy who grew up...
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Rock–Paper–Scissors: 3 Traditional British Firms That Still Dominate

It’s a sign of the times that digital enterprises often dominate entrepreneurial headlines. However, it’s a mistake to think that traditional companies selling established products are old hat. The quality… Read more » The post Rock–Paper–Scissors: 3 Traditional British Firms That Still Dominate appeared first on
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From Techstars Startup Weekend to $970 Million Valuation: has raised more than $300M and registered more than 100,000 pet sitters. “ W ithout Techstars Startup Weekend, there would be no,” says founder Greg Gottesman. Back in 2011, the Seattle-based venture capitalist had a terrible experience boarding his dog at a local kennel. He was determined to create a better way for pet parents to find quality care for their animals, and Techstars Startup Weekend Seattle gave him the perfect opportunity to test his idea and meet ...
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Top 10 Entrepreneurs Reveals Their Success Stories

You're reading Top 10 Entrepreneurs Reveals Their Success Stories, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Life gives chances to those who look for them. People say that success happens suddenly, to some extent that is a truth, success is a matter of moments, but to achieve those moments people with courage and valor strive day and night without giving value to themselves. They give imp...
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From Arrival to Retirement – An Immigrant Family’s Success Story

I wrote this post a few years ago, but found it in the archives and thought it deserved some attention.  Check it out! Calvin and his spouse Beverly immigrated to Canada in the early 1970’s (both in their mid-late 20’s).  While people move to different countries all the time, the couple came to Canada under a number of challenging circumstances.  They arrived with very little understanding of the English language and into a city that was predominately English speaking.  They had very little mon...
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How Francesca Nicasio Went from 0 to $400 per Article

Francesca has always loved writing. So when she graduated from college in 2009 she knew that she wanted to write for a living. She moved to LA and applied to all the movie studios in the hope of landing a job as a screenwriter only to realize that no one wanted to hire a recent college grad with no previous work experience. However, Francesca didn’t give up, and today she is an established writer who makes a living doing what she loves. How did she go from being unable to get paid for writing t...
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Going for Financial Independence in a High Cost City

This is a guest post from Amanda who has an inspirational financial story to share.  Their single-income family of four currently lives in Vancouver and building wealth through the traditional methods of saving and investing.  Here is their journey towards financial freedom by the age of 50. When FT asked if I’d like to share our story, I jumped at the opportunity. I hope that in sharing our journey to financial independence, I’ll have more opportunities to connect with and learn from other re...
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Books-A-Go Go & First Book: 10 Years Later, One Million Books

Betty Metz, Founder and President of Books-A-Go-Go. “I had no idea what I was doing,” says Betty Metz, Founder and President of Books-A-Go-Go. Luckily for kids in Jacksonville, FL and later all over the world, she figured it out. During the past 10 years Betty and Books-A-Go Go have distributed more than 1 million books to kids in the United States and in 25 different countries. It all started with one person looking to make a difference in the lives of children in need. “I moved from Pittsburg...
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An Interview With Sam Hurley: The World\'s Friendliest Digital Marketer

An amazing interview I had with Sam Hurley, regarded as the world's #1 Digital Marketing Influencer. Sam is a lateral-thinking digital marketer holding solid experience in both agency and client-side settings. He is the founder of the eagerly-anticipated: OPTIM-EYEZ platform.17 Vote(s)
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An Update on a Great Success Story!

Earlier this year, I posted this success story about a young photographer named Christian Knutti from Youngstown, OH, who started Real Estate photography when he was a senior in high school. Just recently I got an update from Christian so I thought I’d pass it along: Hi Larry, I just wanted to let you know […]
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10 Awesome and Easy Ways of Making Huge Income Online in 2017 - Just Money Web

Making money online isn't as difficult as we all paint it to be. Anyone can make a real income online. Well, I am not saying it's going to be an easy path, but with the right information at your fingertips.  It's super possible to make tons of money on the internet. Do you want to discover how gre17 Vote(s)
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This 31 Year Old Raised $1.3M To Help You Be More Efficient

In Episode #706, Nathan interviews Vinay Patankar. He's the CEO of Process Street, the simplest way to manage your teams' recurring processes and workflows. Vinay sets up new clients, onboard employees and manages content publishing with his tool. 16 Vote(s)
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5 Surefire Ways To Escape Inferiority And Mediocrity In This Automation Age

You're reading 5 Surefire Ways To Escape Inferiority And Mediocrity In This Automation Age, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Have you ever imagined why it’s hard to achieve your desired goal? Ever wondered why your life is operating below the standard you’ve always wanted. However, we are in an age where everyone is so occupied with tech advancements, social media and w...
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Everything You Should Know About Skype\'s Repositioning Strategy!

The good old skype has retired. Microsoft has launched a new generation of skype with all the features (and a positioning strategy) to compete with the existing players of the IM market. There's a lot to learn from this repositioning.17 Vote(s)
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How A Cash Flow Crisis Turned This E-Commerce Brand Into A $22M Giant

This is the story of Dazadi, an e-commerce brand that rode a wild growth curve up to its first small summit, only to end up hemorrhaging marketing dollars under the assumption that it would all be made back. As the co-founder and CEO of Dazadi, Jason Boyce, puts it, "You really don't know what y16 Vote(s)
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How to Leverage an eBook Creation with Cardsmith

Writing a book or E-book, or creating any kind of info product can be a tedious process. It's not hard to loose sight of tasks or subtasks. I am introducing a down-to-earth tool to you that helps you to leverage your planning and organization process.17 Vote(s)
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Two Overlooked Uses for Testimonials | Sales Tips

Our team spends a lot of time working with our clients on compelling value propositions and client testimonials. There are two ways to use client testimonials that are often overlooked that I think are some of the most powerful uses …Read More »
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The 8 Laws Of Success

You're reading The 8 Laws Of Success, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. David Essel's 8 Laws of Success The “Law of Attraction” excites Americans with dreams coming true, like imagining "checks in the mail ", so that we become millionaires or, by having a vision board, we will somehow magically attract our soulmate. It taps into the emotional side of many people who love to...
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How to Become Insanely Well-Connected

How to become a genuine and highly-connective networker, how to propel your career forward with each interaction (while doing the same for others), do's and don'ts for getting responses from influencers in your industry, and how to regularly measure your performance in this area so it becomes a com18 Vote(s)
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How brands from China teach us an important lesson in branding

While China has proven that they can make almost anything cost effectively, they have yet to build a global brand from scratch. 16 Vote(s)
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Two Weeks of This Workout Brought Me Within Inches of a Perfect Pull-Up

I’ve been doing that pull-up program we posted two weeks ago, and guess what? It works. At the beginning, I could do about half a pull-up, and now I can get my nose up to the bar. I also more than doubled the amount of time I can hang from the bar with my arms flexed. Here’s how I did it.Read more...
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In the brand game, there are four levels of brand loyalty, including one to avoid

As with video gaming, there are several levels of brand success, and there's one level that will drag you down.17 Vote(s)
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A Real Estate Photography Success Story from Boston

Marek Biela, a long time PFRE reader in Boston was recently telling me about his real estate photography business. Marek describes his business as follows: I started a Real Estate Photography business in Massachusetts over 6 years ago. I would say that it took me about a year to realize that if I want to […]
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How We Developed a Foolproof Process to Create Content

Looking for a simpler, faster way to create new and valuable content? Read some great tips, and get some good resources here.16 Vote(s)
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This Small Business Owner Is Bringing Patient Care to the Next Level—Here’s How

Dawn Stratton has been in optometry for just about 23 years now. And when you ask her what those 23 years were like, she'll say: "A journey." A journey that, like for all optometrists, started with long, grueling years of optometry school.16 Vote(s)
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A Great Success Story that I Have to Pass On!

Last week, I ran across a real estate photography success story that I have to pass along. Success stories like this keep me going and are my major form of payment and I’m sure they help beginning real estate photographers too. This success is about Christian Knutti in Youngstown, OH. Christian told me: I wanted […]
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Growth Hacking Strategies: How 43 Founders Landed Their First Customers

Looking for inspiration? 43 Founders reveal the growth hacking strategies they used to land their first paying customers, and gain traction in the market.22 Vote(s)
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Brand damage: Be careful, it can come from the most unexpected places.

For all the hard work and positive experiences that go into building a brand, seemingly innocuous little actions can cause inordinately damaging results.18 Vote(s)
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Wellness Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs and Health Experts

Entrepreneurs are widely viewed as visionaries; the women and men who dare to gaze beyond what is, at what could be. But when you’re busy envisioning potentials (and managing the trillions of real world details of running an actual business) it can be easy to overlook things that are a little closer to home. Things like your own mental and physical well-being. You’re busy! We get that. But at the end of the day, neither you nor your business will thrive if you neglect your health. So we’ve comp...
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