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senjutobiirama:“There’s something I wanted to give you. My...

senjutobiirama:“There’s something I wanted to give you. My signals.”
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sgwrk: go suga-san go

sgwrk: go suga-san go
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akechisgoro: hs yearbook awards meme:haikyuu!! + nicest smile...

akechisgoro: hs yearbook awards meme:haikyuu!! + nicest smile asked by @krshima
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eisorus:chaotic uncle suga

eisorus:chaotic uncle suga
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dorky-thighchi: Daichi has a point. I thought suga’s really...

dorky-thighchi: Daichi has a point. I thought suga’s really calm and collected character but his sudden outbursts, dorky side and joining his underclassmen antics made him one of the chaotic characters in HQ.
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dorky-thighchi: “What the heck man? Shouldn’t you be asking me,...

dorky-thighchi: “What the heck man? Shouldn’t you be asking me, the vice-captain?”“You always get too carried away, so no.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. REFRESHING SUGAWARA KOUSHI!! 
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New Boss May Test Voice of America’s Credibility

Over 280 million people a week depend on the V.O.A. for news. Its independence is why it is so trusted.
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V.O.A. Directors Resign After Bannon Ally Takes Charge of U.S. Media Agency

Amanda Bennett and Sandra Sugawara told Voice of America employees that they had offered their resignations to Michael Pack, a conservative activist pushed by President Trump.
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VOA to be run by Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Trump CEO pick Michael Pack, so two top VOA directors just quit

• Voice of America's director and assistant director resign • White House April 10 newsletter falsely accused VOA of using taxpayer dollars to "promote foreign propaganda" • Two miserably failed right-wing filmmakers are taking control of VOA, four months before the 2020 election, and they're bringing Sebastian Gorka in. What could possibly go wrong? Two top officials at Voice of America have resigned after Trump's pick for CEO Michael Pack took over the federally funded international news n...
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VOA Directors Resign After Trump Appointee Takes Over Parent Agency

Top editors at Voice of America News, an independent global multimedia broadcaster funded by the U.S. government, resigned on Monday following the Senate’s approval of President Trump’s appointee for the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the federal agency overseeing VOA. Earlier this month, the Senate approved conservative documentary filmmaker Michael Pack to head USAGM for a three-year term in a 53-38 vote. Pack’s nomination was in limbo for two years, partly due to Democratic concerns regardin...
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Voice of America director, deputy resign amid Trump clash

The director of Voice of America and her deputy resigned Monday following recent clashes with the Trump administration that have sparked fears about the independence of the U.S. government-funded news organization. Amanda Bennett and Deputy Director Sandy Sugawara announced they were leaving the organization as Trump ally and conservative filmmaker Michael Pack takes over leadership of the agency that oversees VOA. Bennett and Sugawara told the staff in an email obtained by The Associated Pres...
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U.S.-Japan Trade Deal Takes Effect With Second Round in Doubt

(Bloomberg) -- A trade deal between the U.S. and Japan that cuts tariffs on some agricultural products and industrial goods took effect Wednesday, with little indication the two sides would meet a pledge to soon start a new round of talks broadening the pact.Under the deal, Japan reduced tariffs on beef, pork and additional U.S. agricultural products to the same levels it grants other trading partners in the Trans-Pacific Partnership regional trade agreement. Japan failed to secure its goal of r...
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Report: Japan’s Trade Minister Sugawara offers to resign

TOKYO (AP) — A report says Japan’s trade minister has offered his resignation after his office was accused of violating election laws. Kyodo news agency reported Isshu Sugawara had made the offer Friday. His office has been accused of violating Japan’s election law by overseeing an office that illegally offered condolence money to supporters. Prime […]
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Trump weighs six-month window for EU, Japan to curb U.S. auto sales

President Donald Trump will give the EU and Japan 180 days to agree to a deal that would “limit or restrict” imports into the U.S. of automobiles and their parts in return for delaying new auto tariffs, according to a draft executive order seen by Bloomberg. According to the order, which people familiar with the matter say Trump is expected to sign this week, the administration has determined that imports of cars into the U.S. present a threat to national security because they have hurt domestic...
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"I’d noticed soon after starting the job that whenever I got angry at the same things as everyone else, they all seemed happy."

"If I went along with the manager when he was annoyed or joined in the general irritation at someone skiving off the night shift, there was a strange sense of solidarity as everyone seemed pleased that I was angry too. Now, too, I felt reassured by the expression on Mrs. Izumi and Sugawara’s faces: Good, I pulled off being a 'person.' I’d felt similarly reassured any number of times here in the convenience store."From the novel "Convenience Store Woman" by Sayata Murata, which is a fun, very fas...
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Kitano Tenmangu

Autumn colors Mystique Checking the grounds Outside the main area Lanterns Inside the main area Local cows Wishing for help with exams and other things The entrance way Passing through the main gate School excurisions Colorful backdrop A few repairs being done Autumn colors Plenty of wishes for passing exams Great time of year Yellow with red Related posts: Dazaifu Tenmangu Dazaifu Tenmangu is a Shrine built over the grave of... Nijo Castle, Kyoto Nijo Castle...
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